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This email is more interaction between the characters of Sawyer's I, Babysitter series and my Camp Tails series.  Please refer to both if you have are not familiar with the characters.

Unknown to their friends, Gavin (11) of IB has been emailing Tom (14) of CT since after Matt's Birthday party (IB 30-34) where he got to see Tom's emails to Lee.  Gavin believed he might have a kindred spirit with this fellow spanker.  Away from the action of both series, Gavin has bragged about his personal situation, while also asking Tom some pointed questions.

The following email, which Tom writes during the CT-3 sequence and after IB-35, is Tom's answer.  Gavin has only seen Tom's emails to Lee up to the birthday party on September 26 midway into CT-2.  The effects of this email will become evident starting in IB-36.

Sawyer and I have collaborated on this piece so that it fits with both stories and thus does not violate the copyrights.  In particular he has kept control of his character to assure consistent behavior.  We will also confess that this is a plot to get you to read each other stories.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited  without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete  including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Awesome Power, Awesome Responsibility


October 7, 1999

Gavin the great, spanker of big pseudo-brother

I think that your series of emails was the most surprising that I have gotten.  I had to read them several times before I really believed what awesome power Matt's father has given you.  As you may already know, your biggest problem is to be sure that you do NOT abuse that power.  It might help to think of this power as a double edge sword without a handle which you must wield.  It can easily do great damage not only to others but to yourself.  For a boy just eleven you have a truly awesome power and thus responsibility.

I'm sorry if I sound like I'm lecturing like a parent or teacher.  I have learnt a lot since my dad put me in charge of my older brother.  The upside of this is great – I can do things that he can't for I'm not the little brother but the "big" one with first choice.  But there is a downside also.  I have to be very careful about what I do so that I don't abuse my power of him as he did with me.  At first I did, but then I realized that I did not want to be that way; it just was not nice.  It did made me feel bad inside.  Some of the guys are that way at school and they are only friends with each other.

I try to answer your questions first.
 © YLeeCoyote

What positions/implements have worked best with you two for spanking?

For quickee spankings of a fixed number of strokes with a belt or paddle, then just bending over is good.  (Pants down, always of course, as one must always spank on the bare butt.)  This can be over a chair, a couch end or just holding ones ankles.  It is much easier to swing a belt and other things effectively at a adjustable distance target then when the spankee is OTK.

For the longer ones, particularly those with lectures, intended to break the spankee to a bawling baby then there is not anything better than naked OTK.  Think back to that demo you got from Matt's dad and the first one you gave to Matt.  Here the object is not just pain but changing the mind of the spankee.  Being put OTK immediately make one start to feel like a naughty little boy making the rest easier.  After a few times the spankee will learn (i.e., get trained) to behave this way and find it harder to resist.  As you have surely notice already, a short paddle (slipper, ping pong, hairbrush) or strap can be used to protect your hand.

The mind set of the spankee is also very important.  When you first spanked Matt in Atlantic City he told you what a proper spanking in his mind must and should do – remember what you told his father he taught you then: "I shouldn't stop spanking him until he is completely broken." – create a bawling baby from a naughty boy.  Doing otherwise may not be right for Matt for that is what he knows a spanking should do.  Remember a man does the very best job he can.

How much do you spank?

Each spanking must achieve its aim (that you set – you must have a goal otherwise you are just being a brute) so that your friend Matt knows that every future spanking will also do so and he is helpless to prevent it.  He should go over your lap hoping that he will not be broken this time but at the same time knowing that you will break him if you chose to (which is almost certain).  This prevents his faking crying to avoid the punishment.  Faking, like other forms of lying, must be punished with extras.

You must adjust the punishment to fit the crime.  Taking a cookie from the cookie jar at home is at most just being naughty (disobedient) while doing the same in the cookie shop is stealing and a crime.  Taking an expensive toy from a store is even worse.  The first might merit a lecture, a few slaps on the bottom and some corner time.  The second, a much harder spanking and apologizing to the shop owner including telling that one will be spanked back at home.  The third could rate a major spanking right in the store with all the world watching an extremely naughty boy's bottom turn red and his crying.  Followed by bare bottom corner time and an apology.  Wouldn't that be horrible if your classmates were there to see this – particularly your enemies.

Using naughty/dirty words is not the crime that tracking mud onto a white carpet is.  You and Matt should make a list of "crimes" and their seriousness.  This is what the law does.  Littering is just an offence and gets a fine.  Shoplifting is more serious and is called a misdemeanor and may rate a fine or some jail time.  Really bad stuff – bank robbing and murder – are felonies and get long prison sentences or worse.

For each level of seriousness of crime, you need to have a defined punishment.  This does not mean, for example, each "damn" and "fuck" gets three strokes but a range to be a guide.  This will help prevent you from abusing your power because you are mad at him for something.  His punishment should not ever be based on your mood.  It is not fair to be stricter with him because he said no more cookies because they'll spoil your appetite for dinner or less because he let you have the cookies.  Remember that is his job and his responsibility which he must do properly.  You don't want a babysitter that does not do his job right.  I just got this cute image of you munching a cookie that he allowed you to have before dinner while spanking him for not doing his job as babysitter.

Does Joel get hard when you spank him?  What does it mean if he does?

Joel gets hard because he excited in a sexual way.  When I was eleven like you are now and Joel was fourteen like I am now, I use to laugh at how his dick got hard all the time and embarrassed him.  Now that I'm fourteen, we both have the problem like most guys our age and like you will soon.  Sometime it will be very embarrassing because of the time and place such as in class.  Joel tell me it is not very controllable when one is a teenager.  The nerves that go to the butt and the genitals are close to other and there is "crosstalk".  Get information moving on one set of nerves and it can leak and effect the others.

This does not have any relationship with sexual preferences of being straight, bi or gay.  You have probably heard the expression "well hung" used to indicate that a dude has a big cock.  This expression came into the language because when a man is hung (as in lynched) by his neck he usually gets an erection – a big erection that the mobs watched for.  Do you think that indicated he liked getting hung?

Just last week I had an awful experience.  It was in English class and I was at the front of the room to give my public speaking homework assignment.  The fates were against me that day.  Ms. Rodgers walked by me wigging her butt in her tight skirt and close enough that I could smell her perfume and scent.  Susie, the cutest girl in the entire school, was in the front and center desk.  Her perky tits were pressing her blouse out at me.  Ms. Rodgers' ass pales in comparison to Susie's in her tight jeans.  (Guess what's hard right now just talking about this?)  I made the mistake of looking at Susie as I talked.  What I noticed was that she was not looking up at my face.  Nor was she looking down at her desk.  She was looking straight ahead right at MY CROTCH.  Put this all together and I sprang a boner right there.  I was certain that it was seen by everyone in class and that they were all smirking at me.  Of course, that made it worse.  I barely got a C.  When I told Eric, he laughed, told me it did not show – MUCH – and I was just wishing that Susie had not been watching.  Adolescence is hell.

Why do you shave Joel?

This is not a simple question to answer.  Of course, there is simple answer and that is that dad told me to do it but that does not help with the why..  Before I try to give you some ideas on this, let me ask you to think back to when you were a very little boy.  When you went with your mom, she made you hold on to her hand or her skirt to be sure that you were next to her.  Then, you were allowed to walk free except when you were crossing the street and now not even that.  These changes came as you got to understand the world better.  Sure you would have learnt to be careful about cars by getting hit but you would have been injured or killed and that would not have been nice.  But even after you did not have to hold on, there were days that you were, shall we say, rambunctious and she made hold on again.  I'll bet you hated that because no one likes being babied.  It was worse when you were with a friend and he did not have to hold on but suddenly you did again.

Shaving Matt will not hurt him physically on the outside like a spanking but will hurt him inside where it does not show.  Pubes are very much an indication that a boy is becoming a man (at least physically) and we all check ourselves and each other out to see this.  Back in camp when the juniors had Timmy clip Joel's pubes they were sending a very powerful message.  This message said that you are not acting like a man therefore you are not allowed to look like a man.  Having Timmy do it actually made it worse than if they did themselves.  Then when dad had me shave him smooth, it reinforced this by adding "you have grow up right" before you have the privilege of getting them back.  Joel is constantly reminded of this all day.  Even when he is dressed and just goes to pee he reaches in and feels that he is hairless.  Of course, he sees the other guys in gym and even his younger brother with big bushes and is reminded he being punished.  The punishment is even worse because he knows that everyone knows that he is being punished this way.

Note that this is different from never having had pubes because one is developing later than one's peers.  One may be teased about it but it does not hurt the same way.

In England, not so much now but before, boys wore short pants until they were in the upper grades of high school (16+ years).  It was very much a mark of growing up to get long trousers very comparable to getting a driving licence now.  (Within the year Matt, Lee and I will be talking about that just like getting pubes now.)  Well, back to England; I once saw a movie where an English boy switched from long pants back to short pants while he was having some problem with life.  The adults saw this as wanting to be a little boy again without problems.  Just as I said above that we are all anxious to get our hair we also have the fear that we are not ready for the responsibilities they imply that we should assume.

Shaving Joel pubes seems to work with him.  I think inside he is strong enough to accept the outside change.  Dad certainly thought so when he ordered me to do it.  I don't know Matt well enough to know if it would be good for him or if he will freak out.  You and Matt may actually come to an agreement that certain crimes are appropriately punished by shaving.  He has been very honest with you about the most effective ways to administer punishment to him.

There is another thing that might be important for Matt.  Right now you both are hairless and so the situation is essentially "boy punishing boy".  He might have trouble when the situation becomes "boy punishing man" and might prefer to revert back to the former.  The reverse of this is also true.  When you develop hair the situation will change to "man punishing man" and by shaving him change it back to "man punishes boy" making you a better father substitute.

Matt's father might have good thoughts on this subject.  For example, he might think that if Matt does not show a certain level of maturity than he should not have pubes and tell you to remove them.  On the other hand, he might forbid it entirely understanding ramifications that you don't.  If you do speak to him and he authorizes it, then he should tell Matt so you don't have to discuss doing it but only, at the most, the conditions.  Some possible reasons are:

Regardless of why you shave him, Matt will probably be more submissive particularly to you so you must be sure not to abuse your power in order to increase it.  That would be very unethical.

Who knows about your being in charge of Joel?

This question is related to your next question but quite different.  We often need to talk about our lives with others.  It help us put things into perspective and understand what is happening.  We do it with parents, classmates and friends – different subjects with different people.  I would expect that Matt will need a buddy, a peer, to talk to about this.  One who he can trust not to tell others.  I doubt if that can be you or his father all the time.

We have not make the arrangement public knowledge expect to a couple of close friends.  When I spanked Joel in swim class we did not correct any inferences that our dad was directing all this and I was just doing the spanking.  Making Joel a laughing stock does not help me but only would demean me.  I really not sure how much of what Joel yelled in the locker room has spread, but even that was just that I was doing what dad said to do.

Should others be allowed to watch?

There is essentially one reason to go public and that is humiliation.  He'll not only get a spanking but others know it.  This is why my dad wanted Joel's spanking done in swim class.  For younger kids this is embarrassing but not terribly in the long run because their friends and classmates also get punished in this or other ways by their parents.  For an old kid it is very embarrassing if it is just known that he is still spanked and doing publicly will subject him to the ridicule of his peers.  In this case, he got it because he was not man enough to own up to it initially.  He could have avoided it just my saying: "It part of my punishment." without any explanations.

Even though for Matt you are his dad's proxy others will not know or care about all those details and just see it as little kid spanking a big one.  There are several different scenarios: one or two close friends; his schoolmates and strangers.
– A couple of close friends who won't tell might be a good idea.  Matt could be required to provide a witness or two for some punishments.  These witness need to understand that you are his dad's proxy and that this is a way of helping Matt grow up.
– Doing it in front of his classmates is letting the cat out of the bag.  He will be forever plagued by this and defiantly not to be done.
– Just as a parent will decide that his kid needs immediate punishment in a public place such as a zoo this can also happen with you two.  Matt will be publicly punished and know it but it will not cause him to be taunted every day since he will not encounter these strangers again.  A good example could be if you dudes are in Atlantic City again and Matt does something very dangerous such as diving where prohibited.  Then you could get him out of the water, yank down his trunks and spank him very publicly.  Possibly have him stand with his nose on a pier piling with his butt exposed.  He would remember that for a long time.  A severe punishment for a very dangerous life threatening act.

Of course, since Lee and Vincent learned of your spanking of Matt at his birthday party, they would be perfect candidates to be witnesses.  Since they have already seen you spank Matt, it can not be very traumatic for Matt for it to happen again.

Was Lee right in spanking me for borrowing the magazines at Matt's party?

Before we can consider that question, we must determine if what you did was correct.  You told me that Matt had explained to you that you were too young for those prono magazines.  That was his job and responsibility.  Not only did you disobey Matt by getting the magazines you also committed a crime by stealing them.  (Whether or not Matt should have had them is not part of this discussion.)  I don't know what the right punishment is for your transgressions, but I think that you should be punished for them.  You also need to make amends with Matt for flaunting his authority over you and certainly return the magazines.  It is not fair to expect Matt to respect your authority over him if you don't respect his over you.

The next question is was Matt an innocent victim of your crimes and misdemeanors or not.  Last summer you spanked him for having that magazine because he was underage (but you still wanted it and you are even more underage).  That was the time it should have been destroyed – if you both were acting ethically.  And should I mention that Matt also broke the rules by taking you to the Austin Powers film which you were too young for?  Matt has not been a good role model several times.  I'm sure Lee has told you about the Nolan Ryan baseball cards that Matt stole a few years ago. Both Lee and I think that stealing is setting a pretty bad example for you, as evidenced by you taking his magazines.

Both of you are guilty.  Both of you need to be punished.  I got this lovely vision of Matt over Lee's lap and you over Vincent's getting spanked at the same time some time in the future.  You probably don't appreciate it as much as I do.  I think my dad would have really tanned Joel or my butt and turned us in to little boys by loss of privileges if we did anything like that.  Considering that he had me shaving Joel for acting immaturely we probably would have lost our pubes it we had any too.  My dad has said: "Men don't steal but earn what they got."

What was your most memorable spanking?
Do I love Joel?

Surprisingly these question get a combined answer.  It was a spanking I got when I was exactly your age.  It was a rainy day and my parents had left Joel in charge of Eric and I.  Truth be said, he was babysitting us but none of us wanted to use that word.  Joel was doing his homework and Eric and I were being wild.  After a while we got the message and left Joel alone and were running all over the house.  It was great fun until I pushed Eric and knocked over the hall table.  Fortunately nothing (including Eric) broke or was hurt.  Nothing except the peace and quiet that is.  Joel came out and immediately ordered me into the corner.  He sounded just like dad and I obeyed him.  Then he tended to Eric who was crying (just a little) because I had pushed him.  Once that was all sorted out, Joel started to deal with me.

In just a few minutes, I confessed to being the cause of the, er, mishap and to having pushed Eric.  Joel, with Eric sitting next to him on the bed, looked at me standing before them for a long time.  Joel was working things out.  By then I realized that I had done some very naughty things and knew that I was going to be punished.  Joel really surprised me though.  Rather then lecture me he just asked if I knew I had done wrong.  I admitted it and went on with details.  I even apologized to Eric for pushing him.  Then Joel dropped the bomb with the following question:

"If mom and dad knew about this, do you think they will leave you with me again or get a babysitter for you?"

Eric giggled.

"And what do you think that dad would do?"

Eric giggled again for he knew the answer also.  "Spank me." I whispered.  "Do you have to tell?" I pleaded.

"No, but you need to punished."

The options were clear – tell dad and get spanked or let Joel do it (with Eric watching).  I had no idea of the long term ramifications of submitting to Joel this time but realized that telling dad was not a good thing.  "Joel, please spank me and don't tell mom and dad."

As Eric watched with a huge smile, Joel took off my T-shirt and then my jeans catching my socks also leaving me in just my briefs.  Then he pulled those down.  This was embarrassing even though we shared a bedroom and were naked in front of each other all the time.  Eric and I had been naked before each other a lot also.  Joel pulled me across his lap and I went willingly.  He rubbed my bottom a bit and then started.  He did not hit as hard as dad did but it was plenty hard enough.  I felt every single SPANK and, just like when I was over dad's lap, I cried.  Of course, I also promised to be good.

Then Joel invited Eric to help.  Eric was thrilled and gave me a lot of spanks.  He did not hit as hard as Joel had and his hand was much smaller but I sure felt them.  Then Joel finished me off and made me bawl.  He rubbed my hot red bottom for a while and then hugged me for a long time while I cried.  Even Eric hugged me.  When I stopped crying, I was parked in the corner for an hour while Eric played video games and Joel did his homework.

Then I was allow to wash up and get dressed.  Mom and dad never found out and I even thanked him and Eric for the spanking.

Joel and I became much closer after that and I believe that has made us love each other more to this very day.

* * * * * * * * * *

I think that get answers your questions although you probably have some more now.  I hope that this will help and feel free to ask anything else.  Please remember I don't know Matt and can only talk in generalities.  You might want to ask his father's advice about some of these things for you are only his proxy.

I used the subject that I did: Awesome Power, Awesome Responsibility because I want you to understand something very important beyond those words.  One of the differences between a man and a boy is how he does his job.  A man does the very best job he can over coming the obstacles in the way.  If he can not do the job, he admits it and gives up the position to another.  You have a very strange relationship with Matt.  He is your babysitter and therefore you must obey him in many ways for he is responsible for you.  But you are his disciplinarian and in that capacity you must take full charge.  It is necessary that you both keep these roles separate.

You must make sure that he surrenders control to you when it is punishment time.  You are in charge of him, like he is in charge of Vincent.  You must decide what is the right punishment – place, time, severity and witnesses.  Part of being punished is losing control of oneself.  Now that Lee and Vincent know about the arrangement, they could be witnesses when required.

Incidentally, being in charge of my older brother as if he was my kid brother has helped me mature even in just a few weeks.  I hope your being Matt's disciplinarian is doing the same for you.

Your e-addy makes me think of Alexander.  More precisely of Alexander-III (356-323 BCE) a king (336-323) of Macedonia a long time ago.  He is better known as ALEXANDER THE GREAT.  His empire stretched from west of Greece to the east of India.  The city in Egypt is named for him.  Even in Japan, his face was known from the coins that got there through trade.

Tom, spanker of big brother

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 30, 2000

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