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The following story is fiction about fathers spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Camping Trip Spanking Lesson


Both men were pretty much the same.  They each were forty years old with a fourteen-year-old son and a loving wife (who doesn't play any part in this story).  They met when they moved into the new subdivision and found that they were neighbors.  The two boys quickly got to be best friends and were even in the same classes at school.  They were practically interchangeable although there was one difference of significance.  Mr. Marc Dunston believed that it was right and proper to spank his son, Sam, when he was naughty.  Mr. Anthony Middlebrook did not and his son, Joey, had never been spanked (except in fun for his birthday).

It was less then a month after they had each moved that Sam and Joey managed to disappoint their fathers as boys are wont to do.  Once back at their respective homes, Joey received a lecture and was grounded for four days.  Sam was also lectured and spanked rather than grounded.  In the privacy of his room, Sam had to lower his pants and underpants and assume the position.  A couple of years earlier, he would have had to lay across his father's lap for a hand spanking but now the position was with his hands resting on the bed, bent over with his bare rump raised up high and stuck out.  After he was in position, his father then proceeded to use his belt to roast said butt and make Sam definitely regret being naughty or disobedient and resolve not to be so in the future.

As you can imagine, the boys discussed their respective punishments arguing about which was fairer and most effective.  They could not reach a consensus although that would not have made any difference in their fathers' behavior.  Independent inquiry of each man would have revealed that each man was certain, without any doubt, that his method was the proper way to raise a boy.

To some extent each boy experienced some effects of the other's punishment.  Sam missed the company of Joey when he was grounded and felt that he was receiving an additional punishment which was unfair.  This was what the military would call "collateral damage" and others "collective punishment".  Correspondingly, Joey noticed that after his buddy, Sam, had been spanked, he was less interested in doing anything since his ass was uncomfortable; one might say he "had a pain in the ass".  This lead to some experimentation so that Joey would truly understand that feeling.  Being very careful not to be found out, they spanked each other using both hands and belts.  The first time this happened, Joey was surprised at how much it hurt and then insisted that he also try it from the other side.  Sam agreed and they learnt the proper force to use to properly simulate the parental spankings and latter strappings.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

The two fathers managed to arrange their schedules to have a few days off at the same time and the four guys went on a camping trip.  Since it was just the beginning of the season, the camping area was very quiet and they took the most remote spot so that they had complete privacy as the next occupied camp site was six places away.  They pretty much did everything together for the first two days, but then the boys wanted to hike alone so as not to be under the immediate and close supervision of their fathers.  They promised to be extra careful and keep to the trail as well as to take their phones and the map.  Their fathers reluctantly consented although with dire warnings of what would happen should there be deviation from the plan.  Truth be told, however, the two men understood their boys' need to be able to grow and did not mind having some quiet time together.

The boys' planned hike was a simple one.  It would require less than two hours to ascend the trail to the nearby summit and about the same to return by the same route.  Although they hoped to see raptors and maybe a wild carnivore, their fathers knew that the latter would be most unlike since those creatures would give them wide berth.  But boys like to fantasize about exciting adventures.

The hike did not go as planned although that was not the fault of the boys in the least.  About a half hour into the adventure the boys discovered that a bridge had been washed out over the still raging stream.  Of course, they first looked for a way to cross but soon decided that they should abandon their hike.  "We can prove that we are responsible by returning early without taking any foolish risks." said Sam.

"Yea, beside since this is on tomorrow's route and we'll get into trouble then when our dads see it." added Joey.

Disappointed, they headed back to the campsite.  They were amazed for from away off, they could hear their fathers yelling at each other.  "You can't leave adults alone for a few hours without them fighting." said Joey with a big smirk and his buddy concurred.  They continued to approach and soon they were able to understand the words.  The two men were arguing about proper discipline methods and, in particular, about the appropriateness of spanking.  Each was adamant in his position and they practically came to blows.  Unseen, the two youths watched most amused at the most childish behavior which they got yelled at for doing.  They were torn between enjoying the show and stepping in which would stop it.  They were interested in the outcome as well.

As they watched and listened, things came to a head.  Marc got up. "I'll show you that spanking is effective by giving you one right now." he roared.  With that, he grabbed Tony, sat on the bench and pulled him over his lap.  Before Tony was able to resist, Marc had him well secured with one leg over Tony's and forcing his arm into a hammer lock.  Tony was yelling to be let up, but Marc was not going to do that until he was satisfied that he had made his point.

"Your dad's going to spank mine!" said Joey shocked.

"Yea, I wonder if he will cry." replied his buddy most amused.

Even though Marc was using only his hand, the thin shorts that Tony was wearing did not soften the impact and soon Tony was yelling for the spanking to stop between his howls of pain.  Marc paused and raised the spankee up without a word.  Tony relaxed a bit as he formulated his angry verbal response not knowing that the experienced spanker had a devious plan.  A few quick moves allowed Marc to open Tony's shorts and yank them down.  Then equally fast he returned Tony to the spankee's position and locked him into place and resumed spanking him.  He did not bother to put his leg over the spankee's for now he was spanking harder on a properly bare target for during the changeover he had grabbed one of Tony's own flip-flops to use.

Using the flip-flop multiplied the force of his spanks several fold.  The advantage mattered for Tony was pushed beyond his limit by the thick rubbery paddle-like implement and his howls became mixed with cries like those of little well-spanked boy.  This encouraged Marc so he said things similar to those that he said to Sam, such as: "Are you going to listen to me, Anthony Middlebrook, now?"

"Yes Sir.  I'll listen to you.  Honest.  Pleeeeaseeeee stoooop sspppankkkkking me." he whined.

"Have you learnt your lesson, Anthony Middlebrook?"

"Yes Sir.  Please stop, please."

After administering a few more hard spanks with the flip-flop Marc stopped the spanking and allowed his friend up to do a spankers' dance as he rubbed his very hot and sore butt.  "That HURT!" complained the red-tail man.

"It supposed to in order to be effective." replied the spanker.  "That why it is punishment."

The two youths were quite amazed as they continued to watch from ​fifty feet​ (​fifteen meters​) away.  They did not know what to do or to think.  Neither had ever thought of an adult being spanked, especially Joey who did have any personal experience with spanking.

The two youths quickly decided that they should not mention that they had observed the spanking and hinted (without lying) that they returned slowly after Sam explained to Joey why his father would probably rather not discuss that his spanking was observed.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of days later and it had rained all night and was drizzling in the morning.  Rather than hang out in the wet environment they packed up and headed home early.  It quickly cleared to became a bright sunny day.  It did not take long for the two fathers to become disgusted at their sons' continuing griping during the drive that they had left too early.  The two adults signaled each other that they had had enough and Marc pulled into a rest area so the boys could be dealt with.

At the far end of the rest area, Marc parked and all got out.  Both fathers lectured their sons about being juvenile pests and let them know that the penalty would be a spanking.  The boys both objected as might be expected, but to no avail.

"Sam, OVER HERE." said his father firmly.  "And, get your pants down and get over my lap."  The unspoken question was answered: "You act like a little boy, you'll get spanked like a little boy."  Slowly, Sam got into position as Joey watched knowing that he would be punished also.  He did not notice how his own father was also closing watching so that he could imitate Mark.  He hoped that he would not be grounded for more than a few days.

"Joey, you too.  Drop your pants and get over my lap.  We are going to try something different.  You are getting a SPANKING." said Tony.  Somewhat in shock, Joey obeyed.  When both boys were in position, the spanking proceeded with minimal lecturing.  Sam took his spanking quite well for he was used to being spanked and this was easier than the belt he had grown accustomed to kissing his butt.  Additionally, with his buddy there, he wanted to prove how macho he was.  Joey was at a disadvantage not having been spanked previous except in play by his buddy.  Encouraged by Marc and with helpful technical suggestions, Tony spanked his son quite hard causing him to howl and yell and by the end he was sobbing and had a hot apple-red butt.

Both boys were allowed to restore their clothing and promised not to complain any more about the trip being a bit shorter.  They both noticed the smirks of a couple of other boys in the rest area who surely must have been witnesses to their spankings.  Joey and Sam grew closer after that.

Tony decided that spanking was an effective method for he noticed some changes in his son's behavior and switched to it rather than grounding his son for punishment.  Joey did not complain about this even when he was promoted to the belt having been unhappy about how grounding seem interminable.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 25, 2012

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