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The following short story is fiction.  It contain scenes of a penectomy and sex between adolescent males.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

The detailed stuff about the Amazonian tribe's, "Tluclt" culture is just my imagination although the general concepts occur in many cultures in the world.  There are cultures where first cousins (children of a parent's siblings in western culture) are considered siblings and your sibling's parents are, of course, also your parents.  The candiru is however very real and feared.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Adventure with a Candiru of Amazon


It was to be the trip of a lifetime for the four of them.  The two men, twin brothers, had been dreaming about this trip ever since they started tenth grade a quarter century ago.  Many things had caused them to put it off but, at long last, this was the time.  They had even instilled the same fervor for the trip into their sons who were joyfully going.  The cousins were now almost fifteen and would be starting the tenth grade when they returned.

Their dream trip was to cross South America a journey of almost 3,000 miles (4800 km).  It started with a flight to Guayaquil, Ecuador then Quito to get to Iquitos, Peru.  Then down the Amazon (past the border of Brail near Leticia) to explore the rain forest and great river down to the Atlantic more than 1700 miles (2720 km) down river.  The river and the rain forest that they had been collecting books and reading about since forever.

And until the night of September 28 it had been an absolutely fabulous trip.  Psychologists would have used the four as the ideal example of male bonding between fathers and sons.  Even before the trip they were all very close and the two boys, Bryan and Kevin, thought of each other as brothers rather than cousins.

It had been a couple of days since their guide had turned their small boat up one of the many tributaries of the river about half way between Leticia and Manaus.  They were going to visit a Amazonian village for several days and see a coming-of-age ceremony of the Tluclt tribe.  The failure of their satellite phone did not seem important now.  The tour guide's promises were more than fulfilled because the two youths made friends with the Tluclt youths who were to be inducted.  They were invited to participate.

"It's a rare opportunity." said the guide, "It not unheard of but very rare indeed."© YLeeCoyote

The invitation was quickly accepted.  The two youths were quickly taught what they had to do.  Their fathers' cams worked overtime that evening recording the ceremony.  What a wonderful experience this was.  Surely it would be the source of enchanting tales for decades to come.

The ceremony went until past two in the morning when the three quarter moon was high in the sky.  By then the all the men were high on the local brew and youths quite tipsy.  The women and children had been banished long before.  It was the custom that the youths had until dawn before they must act like responsible men.  It was time to PLAY and PLAY HARD.  The youths were intoxicated even more on the machismo than from the strong drink.  The games were rough and tumble.  And very sexual as the testosterone charged youths manhandled each other and thrust their rampant man-shafts at each other.

Bryan and Kevin soon realized that the play was also an orgy.  Being new and different they were sort after as they had not participated in the group games previously.  It wasn't long before they saw others "lose" and get fucked and then "win" and fuck that they understood it was a free for all.  Even their high potency adolescent cocks were satisfied for the nonce.  

As dawn approached the teen pack headed for the river and a swim for they must return to the village clean – without either traces of ceremonial paint nor forest floor mud.  The river would wash them clean both literally and figuratively (without the aid of a minister).  They would see the sun rise as MEN as they walked back to the village.  They would eat with their fathers rather than the women and little children.

Both Bryan and Kevin had been warned not to swim without permission but they had no thoughts for parental rules this night.  Here, in the Amazon, they were men having fun with other men.  Swimming in the wild river was wonderful.


Until Bryan's bladder screamed that it could wait no more and right there in the river Bryan let it all out.  He would never forget this piss for the rest of his life.

At first it was the pause that refreshes until the Candiru stuck its head in.  The dreaded parasite of the Amazon.  A tiny catfish that is attracted to urine.  In a few seconds it had swum half way up Bryan's cock as he screamed in pain as the creature's spines dug into his urethra.  By the time they got him a shore the one inch monster was totally inside his penis.  They tied a vine tightly around the base of Bryan's cock to prevent it from getting inside.

They ran back to the village and the shaman.  They had seen this before and knew what had to be done.  They did not try to explain for there was a language barrier.

The guide explained that there was only one option.  It would take several hours to get back to the main river where a plane could do the evacuation and more time to fly to a hospital once they found someone with a radio or phone.  Bryan would be suffering in pain all the time.  By then Bryan's kidneys would be at risk and his cock already dead from lack of oxygen.  Letting the beast into the bladder would allow it into the kidney which would be even worse.  There was, alas, only one thing to do.

Their fathers watched in horror from a far as what had to happen happed.  Here Bryan was a man and he must do this without his father at his side.  Except for the shaman, only the new men of the village, his new friends, could be close.  If this had happened the day before he would have been just a child and the women would be there to hold and comfort him.

It was Kevin's duty to wield the machete as Bryan's closest brother.  Stoically, considering the pain and the act, Bryan placed his infested tool on top of the upended log and nodded to his brother.  Kevin raised the large, heavy sharp knife and brought it crashing down on the log severing Bryan's penis freeing him from the tiny monster.  The shaman cauterized the stump and the guide wrapped it in a bandage.

Kevin held his cousin/brother, his dearest friend/lover for a long time.  He would do so every night for the rest of their lives coupled together.

Bryan insisted that they finish the trip as scheduled.  It was his second decision as a man in the Amazon.  He had achieved his secret wish.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 27, 2002;  Revised:  December 21, 2002

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