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The following story is fiction and contains scenes of spanking and sex in a boys' school.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Excerpt from the School prospectus:
We recognise that every boy is different and make every effort to provide each with the environment in which he will best flourish in while maintaining strict discipline and the highest academic standards.
The entire school environment is well connected and the staff and prefects have pocket sized Remote Access Terminals for instant communications in addition to the standard laptops used by all to connect to the school's computer.

Excerpts from the School rules:
Sec.54-C: Boys in the third form or higher may select a mentor/disciplinarian from qualified sixth form boys.  The two will mutually decide on the proper methods of guidance and discipline.  Both traditional corporal and modern methods may be used.
Sec.54-E: When a boy's regular disciplinarian is not available, a boy may chose to await his return or request punishment from any of the qualified sixth form boys or the academic staff.

Excerpt from the Headmasters' Conference:
The ability to have a voice in one's discipline methods often prevents the resentment to rules frequently found in adolescent boys, especially those with the propensity to be rebellious.

Caning Fee


It was really a very stupid thing to do.  It was Saturday morning and I had bunked out of cricket practice because I just wanted to loaf by the river.  I figured it was safe since a ten-day break started officially at the end of the day and lots of guys had left early.  At worst, I would get a couple hours detention after we returned and I could use that as extra prep.

What I did not figure on was meeting a couple of townies.  Looking back it was all about silly macho games that young gentlemen get into.  They dared me and held out lit fags to me.  I could not resist when they started to call me names.  I took a drag and then when I stopped coughing, another.

"Just exactly what are you doing, Hayward!"  It was not a question when a prefect said it.  My sputtering did not help.  He took out his RAT and logged my transgression into the school computer.  He then suggested that I return to the dorm.

The stakes had changed significantly.  The reward for smoking was six.  I certainly did not need that hanging over me all through vacation which is what the case was since the Head had left this morning.  Of course, there was a deputy but Whackmann (what a misnomer) never caned anybody saying it was a barbaric custom.  I would have to wait.

My solution lay in the most hated Head Boy in the universe – Fowler.  He was known as a sadist and would have swung the cane for any and every little infraction had he been permitted to as had all his predecessors.  I knocked on his study's door.  I told him I had been caught smoking and he immediately interrupted with: "That six of the best, Hayward." and smiled.© YLeeCoyote

"I know, Fowler, but the head has left and perhaps you could...."  There were a few strange rules that permitted this.

His smile immediately grew immensely  "You want them now from me rather than waiting ten days,  Hayward?"  I nodded.  "I hit hard; very hard and if you move we start over."

"Perhaps, Fowler, you could restrain me.  You do have a reputation about how hard you swish."

I did not think his smile could grow but it did.  "Strip completely."  When I was starkers he had me bend over his desk and tied my wrists to the legs.  I was completely at his mercy.  He caressed my bum.  He gave me a sock to bite on so I could show how brave I was (and not disturb the entire school).

I heard him practising.  The swishing was fearful.  It was far too late to have second thoughts.  Then the gentle tapping as he took careful aim.  He was a perfectionist.


I would have screamed to wake the dead and jumped if not for the sox and ropes.  He placed the second one above and the third below with equally painful force and precision.  The fourth was still higher and I was practically crying.  I tried to remember why I was doing this but it did not seem to be important at the moment.  All that was important was that there were just two more to go.

The fifth one was a diagonal.  Later I would see that I he had barred the first four.  Just one to go.

This was the worst.  He put it low – right into the crease and it was most painful.  I lost it and was sobbing because of the pain.  I felt his hands on my very sore bum.  I did not know exactly what he was doing at first until he pressed against my hole with a greased finger and slipped it in.  I had not bargained for this but I was tied down.  I could have complained but since he did not ask in the first place, he surely did not care about what I felt.  He was patient and was working several fingers in to expand my hole.  I tried to relax but I couldn't.  I knew that he was going to have his way with me.

Fowler slipped in easily after his preparation and really knew how use his rod.  My attention was shifted from the painful cuts to the pleasurable pounding of my prostate.  He came before I did but he continued until he shot a second time before stopping.  He untied me and made me lick my mess off his desk.

Fowler ordered me to dress while he made the entry into the school computer.  He made me sit and have a cup of tea (with a shot of whisky in it).  "Show me what a man you are." he said.  We chatted while I rested before leaving trying not to fidget as I sat with him on my painful bum.  He was actually nice now, complimented me on how well I had taken everything.

"Next time maybe you'll be man enough not to be tied down, Hayward." he said pleasantly and shaking my hand as I left.  I reported very late to cricket practice knowing that it would be good to show off my tracks in the shower and boast about how brave I was bending over for Fowler.  I did not plan to mention either the ropes nor the extra, let's say, 'caning fee'.

While on vacation I thought a lot about Fowler.  By the time I returned to school I knew that I wanted to submit to him again just to prove ... well ... something.

I sent him a Sec.54-C request and got back a set of rules.  He expected the highest levels of work and  was even stricter than I expected.  They were rules that I would not have been able to accept from my father but I did from Fowler.  Erotic web sites were off limits as was wanking etc. which was only permitted with special permission as a reward.  He was, as I knew, very generous about using the cane.  He was challenging me and had both carrots and sticks.

My mates were certain that I was crazy but I was sure he would keep me on the right path.  Oh, he really wasn't a sadist but very strict and demanding.  I knew that I better be up to his challenge or my arse would be mush.

* * * * * * * * * *

Choosing Fowler was the best decision I ever made.  The first two months I was bending over for his cane at least once a week.  The only reason I did not go crazy from being horny was that he always made me come when he rogered me.  Especially the first month I thought about terminating our Sec 54-C relationship but did not do it.  Fowler made sure I would not do it by giving me a signed discontinuation card with the reason: "WIMPED OUT".  All it needed was my signature.  I taped it up over my study desk determined not to quit but prove that I was as much of a man as he was.

The first thing I learnt was self discipline so that I got to study much more effectively.  Slowly, I stopped fighting the world and Fowler in particular and grew internally and did well in my courses.  I was rewarded for my achievements by getting permission to wank once a week.  I quickly realised that it was more pleasurable when Fowler was doing me and I asked him to help.  He graciously agreed and he would wank me while rogering me and it was absolutely great.

One day I allowed myself to be corrupted by avoiding doing my prep.  The next day I knew that was very wrong and I went to see my mentor/disciplinarian.  "I deserve three, Fowler." I told him.

"Get into position, Hayward." he said without hesitation and not asking why.  When he was done he did not roger me and prohibited me from wanking for a week.  He refused to let me tell him why telling me.  "It is important that you know, not that I know."  It took me a while to understand that.

Fowler also said that the school's curriculum was deficient as it did not include caning so he taught me how to do it.  There weren't boys that I could cane but I practised on and destroyed several pillows.  On the last day of the year, we had a very special and private meeting.  He tested me in all the non-academic stuff he had taught me that was turning me into a man.  We were through when he asked if he had missed anything.  I told him no.  "Yes, I have.  I have not tested you on caning."  In a few minutes I understood that I was to give him six of the best like the very first time he had swished me.

"You are going to get six, Fowler.  Strip and get over the desk." I said trying to sound authoritative as I fetched the cane from the cabinet.  Next to it were the ropes that he tied me with and I got those also.  I proceeded to tie his wrists to the desk as he had mine months ago.  I was very fearful then but I hadn't any doubt that he wasn't.  I went around and caressed his bum.  My heart was racing.  I swished the air and found my position.  I remembered exactly his first caning and delivered the first cut right in the middle.  He took it far better than I did.  I relished the track marks forming.  I was not as precise as he was placing the others but it was reasonable.  Soon he sported four tracks barred with a fifth.  I delivered the six precisely into the crease.  He grunted and my heart jumped.  I was passing this test.  Of course he could not get up as he was tied down.© YLeeCoyote

I caressed his marred arse as he had mine.  Even when I slipped my fingers between his cheeks, he reminded silent.  I carried on and slid a finger into his hole and then the rest.  By now my trousers were open and my y-fronts hooked under my balls leaving my shaft free.  I then rogered him as he had me.  I never had even dreamed of this but it was wonderful.  I came twice and he did also.  I untied him and while he dressed, made some spiked tea.

We talked and I thanked him profusely for changing me so much for the better.  I even understood that my caning him was a very important thing that sealed our relationship.  I also learnt that he had had a mentor who had done for him what he had done for me.

The next school year I did something different.  I petitioned that I be allowed to continue to have Fowler as my mentor.  He was attending Uni a short train ride away and it was practical to go to him to have meetings and get swished.  I did not mention the other extras.  Of course, I could have done it unofficially but this was better.  When the Head asked my parents, Father said he approved because he's done wonders for the lad.  The next two years he continued to mentor and swish me.  My last year I was even a perfect and had a couple of lads under my tutelage.

I'm proud to say that my lads flourished under me as I did under Fowler.  I attended the same Uni as Fowler and even the same college.  We continued our relationship but with a twist – I had the same powers over him that he had over me.  We both did very well.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 22, 2008

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