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The following story is fiction about vigilantes’ justice.  The story contains scenes of strappings.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Captured and Punished on Halloween


I was not a happy puppy this day.  I was in the mall when I got the runs.  Perhaps it was Montezuma’s Revenge although I never did anything to him.  Anyway, here I was sitting on a throne in the mall enduring nature taking its course ravishing my guts particularly my butt hole.  It seemed like my tail was more on fire than from the hardest spanking I had ever gotten.

That was when I overheard the plot to vandalize the Xxx’s house in my neighborhood.  It was very clear that they were bigots from the ugly words they used to describe these nice people who were different than them.  These were not teens talking about misconceived fun but adults planning real damage.  It was horrifying to say the least.

With Halloween just a few days away I immediately thought about the news that the city council had almost banned trick-or-treating because of the vandalism in the past that had been blamed on the kids. This was not the ordinary kids’ prank but an actual hate crime being discussed.  I thought about telling the police but if they set a watch that would just scare them off for that night and they would just do it some other time and never be caught.  I got together with my buddies and we talked it over and made a plan.  On trick-or-treat night we were in place.  My buds and I are all big, strong seniors on the high school varsity teams in peak condition.

The two criminals showed up after the kids had gone home with their sweet loot.  We used our cameras to record their disgusting acts and then we pounced.  So we couldn’t be recognized, we wore masks.  Without any warning we put bags over their heads and pulled the draw strings tight around their arms near their elbows.  Also, we tied their ankles together.  They were now our helpless captives.  We dumped them in our car trunk to take them to a place where their screams would not be heard except by us.

Once under the highway, we secured them to a couple of columns.  First we tied their ankles with ropes and then removed the bags and fastened their arms so that they were hugging the columns.  We ripped their shirts open down the back just like was shown in some old sailing ship movies to prepare a poor limey for the cat-o’-nine-tails.  We even opened their pants and yanked those and their undies down as well for good measure.© YLeeCoyote

Now it was time for our fun and their painful redemption.  Unfortunately we did not have a cat so we had to make do with their belts which, happily, were heavy ones.  They got at least a hundred hard cuts on their backs and asses which they surely will remember for a very long time considering how loud their screams were.  That, naturally, was sweet music to our ears.

They were very meek as we untied them from the columns.  We tied their wrists in front before rebagging them and reloading them into the trunk with tape over their filthy potty mouths.  Our next stop was at an ATM in the deserted industrial area.  They were somewhat hesitant to make the withdrawals we ordered for restitution but a couple of hard kicks in their groins persuaded them to cooperate.  They even wrote and signed the notes of apology and confession we dictated.

We brought them back to the vandalized house and made tree huggers of them right in front.  We put the notes, the CD of their crimes and the cash in an envelope and deposited it in the mail slot in the front door of the house.

To insure that the police and DA acted we called the local TV station to check it out and document the police action and broadcast it to the community.  The cops and media also got the evidence.  As we expected the community was outraged and their day in court had the proper outcome when they were sentenced to several years in the state penitentiary for vandalism and hate crimes.

They made some noise about how they were assaulted but the police did not have any leads and soon we were forgotten as the news shifted to presidential pardons for some turkeys and the cops returned to their donuts.

The End

After thoughts

This story line raises a couple of ethical and legal issues. Did the narrator and his buddies act ethically and legally?  They could have intervened earlier and prevented the vandalism however then the preps could not have been prosecuted for a crime but only for the attempt and conspiracy.  Making a “citizen’s arrest” after the crime and turning them over to the police would be fine if it was a felony but questionable if just a misdemeanor.  The “vigilante justice” is not legal either and would be assault and battery.  Neither my muse nor our young characters considered these more arcane ethical and legal questions but just acted purposely to improve their community.

© Copyright A.I.L. October 26, 2021

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