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The following story is fiction about a boy getting spanked.  The story contains a scene of spanking and paddling.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It is set before seat belts were required.  This was inspired by the drawing sequence that I found at «» but which is gone.   Click to open the images off-site.

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Car Trip Disaster


I had been looking forward today for a long time – at least a week.  Mom was going to the Mall with Marilyn and her mom to shop (for clothes as girls always do) and I was going to spend the day with Rusty, who is my best friend and Marilyn’s brother.  His grandma was going to watch us.  This had happened before and it was great.  The best part is that Granny makes us a surprise lunch using some old world recipes which are always scrumptious.

It did not, alas, happen that way today.

Rusty was sick so I could not play with him and his mom was staying home to care for him.  There wasn't anytime to find some other place for me so I had to go to the mall with Marilyn and Mom.  I knew it would be worse than when Mom took me shopping for it was not even to get stuff for me.  Marilyn dashed out of her house as we got there so she hopped into the backseat behind Mom who was, of course, driving so she was sitting next to me.

Marilyn said nice things and even suggested that Mom let me pick were we would have lunch.  That did not help my lousy mood very much.  Nether did it help when she tried to make conversation with me.

It was probably after only fifteen minutes of highway driving when Mom told me to behave or she would stop the car.  Stopping the car was a clear warning she was thinking of spanking me before we got back home.  I'm terribly sorry that it did not have the effect on me that such a warning should have.© YLeeCoyote

Fifteen minutes later, Mom made the feared pronouncement.  "That's it, young man.  As soon as I can I'm going to pull over and SPANK you."

I was horrified.  Not only out in public where who knows who could watch but so would Marilyn.  Mom always took both my pants and underpants down for a spanking so that Marilyn would get a close look at me.  It would be super humiliation and a lot of pain because when she has to stop the car she is very angry.  I tried to make amends.  "You don't have to stop.  I'll be good, Mom.  I promise."  I did not consider she might wait until we got to the Mall and do it there where there were a lot people to watch which could be worse.

"No need to stop, Ma'am." I heard Marilyn say.  That gave me hope for I thought it was support.  I was wrong.  Terribly wrong as she continued: "I'll take matters in hand."  That was confusing.  What could that mean?  I found out in just seconds.

Marilyn slid into the center of the seat.  Then she grabbed me and pulled me over her lap.  She started to spank me hard.  She spanked as hard as Mom did.  I really felt them even through my pants.  After only a short time she stopped.  I thought she was finished so I repeated my promise to be good.

I was wrong again for she was not done.  She rolled me so that I was lying on my side rather than my front and then she opened my belt and unzipped me.  She yanked my pants down and turned me belly down again.  Then she finished getting my pants down.  My bottom was bare and exposed.

"Keep your head down, boy.  You're toast, Toby." she giggled and the spanks came raining down again but now on my bare bottom.

Marilyn spanked hard and long.  She even spanked after I was crying.  Eventually she stopped but kept me in position.

"Very good, Marilyn." said mother.  "Finish with this, Marilyn.  I usually stop and paddle Toby but since I have such a willing helper today I can keep going."

Oh no!  That means Mom is giving her that vicious, evil paddle.

"No.  Please not the paddle.  Please." I begged.

I got an immediate answer.  WHACK!  I yelled.  The WHACKS (and yells) continued until I was a blubbering mess.  I lay there on the rear seat in pain and crying.

She stopped and I thought that it was over but then she said: “No we’re not there yet. I’m just taking a break.”  Oh joy -- more to come.

After another barrage she, thankfully, really stoped.  I just lay there bawling.

Marilyn then climbed into the front seat next to Mom.  Mom thanked her and said she a natural spanker of naughty boys.

"I've had lots of practice spanking Rusty." she explained.  That was something that Rusty never told me.

At the Mall, Marilyn took me into the Ladies' Room like I was a little boy and washed my face.  At least she did not come into the stall when she ordered me to pee.  You can be sure I was very quiet while they shopped as my roasted bottom held my attention all day long.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 30, 2018

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