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The following story is fiction; just a fantasy.  It contains scenes of females being spanked, including teen and public spankings.  If this subject is offensive or uninteresting to you or if you are a minor (i.e., child)please stop reading now.

This story is the one that inspired me to write Career Day – RevisitedMr. Kent Stoneking has kindly given his permission for this to be posted here.

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Career Day – Parts 1 and 2


Kent Stoneking

Part 1

Jerry Glavine pulled his car into the visitor's lot of the Turner Academy.  He paused a moment, gazing at the familiar building, before going inside.  Was it really a dozen years since he'd graduated?  The place didn't look changed a bit.

He entered the office, identifying himself to the receptionist.  "I'm Jerry Glavine.  I'm here to speak to Miss Cox's class."  She smiled and said, "Ah, yes, Career Day.  You're a bit early.  Please, take this pass and have a seat with the others."  She handed him a laminated visitor's pass and indicated some chairs by the wall.  Three other adults, another man and two women, were seated there.  One of the women looked vaguely familiar.

Introductions were soon made.  The others were Wendy Neagle, class of '79; Jack Smoltz, class of '81; and Marsha Maddux, who'd graduated in 1987, just a year after Jerry.  The four chatted quietly, comparing notes and catching up on old times, until the receptionist informed them, "Miss Cox is ready for you.  I trust you remember the way to her room?"

Did they ever!  Jerry led the group through the silent halls.  As they entered the classroom, he took a look around.  No, nothing had changed, he thought.  Every detail was exactly as he remembered it – right down to the schoolgirl standing in the corner, hands atop her head, plaid skirt pinned to her blouse, revealing white cotton panties.© YLeeCoyote

The four exchanged rueful smiles at the sight.  They'd all spent time in that corner, skirts up or trousers down, awaiting a dose of Miss Cox's discipline.  The strictest teacher in a very strict institution, she brooked no misbehavior from her charges and was very quick to mete out the appropriate punishment.

All eyes in the room turned to meet the newcomers, including the girl in the corner, who began frantically pulling at the pins holding up her skirt.  A stern voice interrupted her.  "Not so fast, Wilma McGriff!  Get your nose back in that corner and leave those pins where they are!"

"But, Miss Cox!" the girl pleaded.  "I don't want them to see –"

"Nonsense!" came the reply.  "They're all former students of mine.  They know what happens to naughty boys and girls in this room.  Get your nose back in the corner now, unless you want double punishment."

Jerry winced.  Double punishment – and he knew Miss Cox didn't make idle threats.  Apparently Wilma knew too, for she reluctantly turned back to the corner, putting her hands once again on top of her head.

Miss Cox turned to greet her visitors.  She was maybe a little grayer, a little more wrinkled, than Jerry remembered, but otherwise unchanged.  He still marveled that a woman barely five feet tall could control a room full of teenagers; but, he'd tangled with her more than once himself, and always come out on the losing end.

The teacher addressed her students.  "Class, these ladies and gentlemen are all graduates of the Turner Academy.  They're here for Career Day."  She introduced the four.  "We have a little discipline matter to handle first, then I'll turn the floor over to them."  Miss Cox pulled the straight-backed chair from behind her desk and placed it before the class.  She seated herself, smoothing her calf-length skirt, then announced, "All right, Wilma, it's time.  Come here."

Slowly, the girl shuffled over to her teacher, meanwhile begging, "Please, Miss Cox!  Can't you wait until they've gone?"

"Absolutely not!  Our guests deserve our undivided attention.  I will not have anyone distracted by the sight of your rump.  Now, assume the position!"

Slowly, Wilma arranged herself across Miss Cox's lap, balancing herself on her hands and toes.  Only a few inches taller than the teacher, she was slight enough to be punished over-the-knee; taller, heavier children (such as Jerry and, in all likelihood, Jack) had to bend themselves over the back of the chair.

Once the girl was in position, Miss Cox put both hands in the waistband of her panties and smoothly yanked them down to mid-thigh.  Wilma knew better than to protest; Miss Cox's discipline always involved the bare bottom.

Every one in the room, visitors included, knew what would happen next.  Miss Cox reached onto her desk and picked up The Ruler.  Jerry instinctively knew it was the same ruler that had smacked his behind so many years before, the same ruler that had undoubtedly been used on Marsha, Jack, and Wendy, most likely the same ruler Miss Cox employed when she'd started at the Turner Academy some thirty years ago.  Made of heavy wood, eighteen inches long, an inch and a half wide, and a quarter-inch thick, The Ruler had, to the best of Jerry's knowledge, no other function than that of impacting misbehaving students' hindquarters.  Of course, it was extremely effective in that capacity – as he well remembered.

As usual, Miss Cox started by lightly tapping The Ruler against Wilma's fanny, meanwhile lecturing.  "You naughty girl!  You should know better than to pass notes in class!  I hope you're ashamed of yourself!"

"Yes, Miss Cox," Wilma replied.  Draped over her teacher's knees, with her bare bottom displayed to the entire room, how could she feel otherwise?

"Are you ready for your punishment?"

The girl managed the expected response.  "Yes, Miss Cox."  Actually, it didn't matter if she was ready or not.  Miss Cox was.

Without another word, the teacher raised The Ruler high and swung, snapping her wrist at the last second.  The loud CRACK! echoed through the small room. Wilma bucked and squealed as a pink stripe appeared across both cheeks.  Jerry and the others watched as Miss Cox impassively covered the girl's spank spot with hard strokes.  Age hadn't mellowed Miss Cox any.  Before long, Wilma was howling with each impact, her legs kicking furiously.  She kept both hands on the floor, though, not wanting to reach back and earn extras.

From experience, Jerry knew the spanking wouldn't end until Wilma's tears flowed freely.  He still remembered his very first day in Miss Cox's class, when she'd had the captain of the football team bent over her chair, pants and briefs lowered, squalling like an infant as his red bottom squirmed under The Ruler.

Wilma was a little less stoic, though, and it wasn't long before Miss Cox put The Ruler back on her desk.  "I ought to make you do more corner time," she said to the well-spanked girl, "but, in deference to our guests, I'll dispense with that.  If you ever pass notes again, though, you'll get double punishment and corner time.  You may resume your seat, and I don't want to hear a peep out of you the rest of the day."

"Y-yes, M-Miss Cox," Wilma choked out, pushing herself to her feet and quickly replacing her panties over her crimson buttocks.  Jerry envied the girls' ability to get dressed so quickly after a spanking.  He'd always gotten tangled up, struggling with his briefs and trousers as the rest of the class got a good look.

As Wilma slowly, gingerly, took her seat, Miss Cox announced, "Class, these Turner Academy graduates have used the lessons they learned here to go on to successful careers.  We've just demonstrated one of those lessons: discipline.  To have a successful career, one must maintain a sense of discipline at all times.  Don't you agree?"  All four visitors nodded.  "I expect you to give them the courtesy and respect they deserve, and your undivided attention.  If not …"  She picked up The Ruler and tapped it meaningfully against her hand.

The class sat like statues, all eyes fixed on their visitors, the only sound a slight sniffling from Wilma.  Mrs. Cox smiled.  "Excellent."She turned to Jerry.  "Mr. Glavine, why don't you go first?"

"Certainly, Mrs. Cox."  The teacher's introduction gave Jerry an inspiration.  He abandoned his planned speech and began speaking extemporaneously.

Part 2

"Discipline," Jerry stated firmly, "is the very foundation of a successful career.  A solid sense of discipline will keep you focused on your task, free of distractions.  To give you an example, I'm a partner in an architectural firm, and we recently hired a new assistant …"

… Jerry glanced up from his drafting table at his phone and frowned.  The indicator light on the main line glowed steadily.  Below, a blinking red light on an alternate line indicated someone on hold.  That hold light had flashed for quite some time, longer than Jerry felt comfortable with.

He picked up the line on his extension, asking, "Hello?  Who are you holding for?"  But there was no answer; whoever had been on hold apparently didn't want to wait any longer.  Jerry hung up the phone and looked out the front window of his office at his new assistant, Julia Klesko.  As always, he had to pause a moment to get past her attractiveness and start thinking objectively.

Julia had started working for Jerry's firm right after she'd graduated from high school last month.  A remarkably pretty young woman, she sported a slender waist, long, trim legs displayed beneath short skirts, and shoulder-length auburn hair, just the shade he liked best.  She also had a keen mind and a quick wit.  Jerry felt she made an excellent addition to the office – when she kept her mind focused on the job.

Which, to be honest, wasn't as often as Jerry would have preferred.  All too frequently, he found her with the phone stuck in her ear, chatting with one of her many friends about something other than official business.  He had a sinking feeling this was one of those times.

Moving to his office doorway, Jerry eavesdropped on Julia's end of the conversation.  "Really?" she asked.  "And how much was it? … Wow! … Did they have any in my size? … What do you mean, you didn't look? …"

Didn't sound like a work-related phone call to him, Jerry decided.  He stepped up behind her.  "Julia –"

She raised one hand, silencing him.  "I always look for you when I'm shopping … What about that cute blouse I picked out for you just last week? … Well, in that case, can I borrow it?"  She snickered.

Jerry tried again, a bit firmer.  "Julia –"  She waved her hand impatiently.  "It'd go so well with my new skirt … I'd need your orange handbag, too … my blue scarf?  Get real!"

Something was seriously wrong with this picture, Jerry decided as he walked around in front of her desk.  "Ms. Klesko!  I need to speak with you.  NOW!" he interjected at the next pause.

"The boss wants me.  I'll call you back," she whispered into the phone, then hung up and folded her arms on the desk, smiling up at him.  "Yes, Mr. Glavine?" she asked sweetly.

"Who was that on hold?" Jerry responded, trying hard not to let her bright green eyes and the light dusting of freckles across her nose distract him.

She looked down in surprise at the now-blank lights on her phone ."Oh, him!  Uh, some guy.  I don't remember his name."

Jerry frowned.  "Well, what did he want?"

"I didn't get that far.  I thought of something I had to ask Tracy, so I just put him on hold for a second."

"He was on hold for at least five minutes," Jerry said coldly.

Her eyes widened.  "Oh, ah, gee.  Well, if it was important, he'll call back."

Not necessarily, Jerry thought; he may decide to call a different firm, one with a better staff.  He shook his head, then froze as he caught sight of a large parcel sitting in her "Out" basket.

"Didn't I tell you to send this out yesterday?" he asked.

"Uh, yes, but it was late, and I had to get my hair done."

"Your hair done?  We're under a very tight deadline with this project, and you delayed an important package for a hair appointment?"

She sighed.  "If you miss an appointment with Enrique, it's impossible to get to see him again."

"And if we miss that deadline, we might lose a major contract with a large commission!"

"Well, why didn't you tell me it was that important?" she shot back, her nostrils flaring.

Jerry took a deep breath.  "I think we'd better continue this conversation in my office," he said slowly, trying to keep under control.

She looked at her watch.  "Can't it wait?  It's almost time for my break –"

"You'll get your break later.  My office, now!" he snapped.

She rolled her eyes, but nevertheless obediently followed him into his office.  Seating himself behind his desk, he launched into Standard Employer Lecture #14:

"Ms. Klesko, this is a place of business, and we expect our employees to conduct themselves in a businesslike manner.  Your personal concerns are secondary to your work …"  His voice trailed off as he realized she wasn't listening.  Gazing out the window, her arms firmly crossed, she probably hadn't heard a word he'd said.

Well, he'd always felt actions spoke louder than words anyway.  He got up and closed his office door, then shut the blinds to his front window.  Julia didn't even notice until he took her wrist and pulled her to her feet.

"What do you think you're doing?" she sputtered indignantly.

"It seems you have a problem staying focused on the job.  Maybe this will help."  So saying, he sat in the chair she'd so recently vacated and pulled her across his lap.

"Stop it!  Let me go!" she protested, but he held her firm.  "Not until you've had your lesson."

Raising her skirt consumed only a second.  Lowering her pantyhose and panties took a bit longer, especially since he had to pause to pin her arm behind her back, but eventually he had her rump completely bared.

"You can't do this to me!" she squawked.

"Oh?  Just watch me!" Jerry answered dryly, picking a ruler up off his table. He measured it momentarily against her buttocks, then drew back and brought it down with a resounding CRACK!

"OW!" Julia squealed.  "That hurt!"

"Good.  That means I'm doing it right."  And he repeated the blow.  CRACK!

"OW!  Knock it off!"

"I don't think so."  CRACK!  "Not until you've learned."  CRACK!

"OWW!  I quit!"

"I'll be happy to accept your resignation."  CRACK!  "After your spanking."  CRACK!

"I'll call the police!  I'll have you arrested!  I'll – I'll SUE!"

"I look forward" CRACK! "to seeing you present" CRACK! "your evidence" CRACK! "in court."  CRACK!

"Why, you –" and, while he blistered her bottom, she blistered his ears with a steady stream of invective, making him wonder if she'd been a longshoreman in a previous life.

After a few minutes, and several dozen strokes, Julia's protests softened.  Jerry, sensing the change in her attitude, resumed his lecture between swats.

"Now, as I was saying, Ms. Klesko," CRACK! "your personal concerns" CRACK! "are secondary to" CRACK! "your work."  CRACK!  "Do you understand?"

No answer, just low moans and sobs.

CRACK!  "Do you understand, Ms. Klesko?"


"Excellent.  And that means you don't" CRACK! "tie up the phone" CRACK! "with personal calls" CRACK! "while leaving clients" CRACK! "on hold."  CRACK!

"Y-yes, sir."

"And you finish" CRACK! "all your assigned tasks" CRACK! "before leaving" CRACK! "the office" CRACK! "for any reason."  CRACK!

"Yes, sir."  A bit steadier.

"Do you think" CRACK! "you can remember all that" CRACK! "and abide by it" CRACK! "in the future?"  CRACK!

"Yes, sir."

"Very well."  He replaced the ruler on his desk and released her.  "You can get up now."

She laid still for a moment, then slowly pushed herself to her feet, rubbing her inflamed backside with both hands.  "Ah, you can take the rest of the day off, if you like," he offered.

"No, thank you, Mr. Glavine," Julia respectfully declined.  "I've got too much work to do.  I would like to take my break now, though, please."

"Of course."  She pulled up her panties and nylons and left his office quickly, pausing just long enough to pick up her purse on her way to the ladies' room.

Jerry, pleased by the change in her attitude, went back to his table and resumed drafting.  He felt confident that he'd straightened her out; if not, he knew what to do …

… "And ever since then," Jerry concluded, "Julia's been just about the ideal employee.  I caught her backsliding a bit last week, but another quick dose of the ruler brought her right back in line."  He glanced over at Miss Cox, who nodded approvingly at his mention of the ruler.  "That's all I have.  Thank you for your attention."

"Thank you, Mr. Glavine," Miss Cox replied as the students applauded politely.  "Dr. Smoltz, why don't you go next?"

End of Part 2 – Go to Part 3

© Copyright Kent Stoneking, February 13, 1998

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