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The following story is fiction about role reversal sibling spanking.  The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Case of the Apple Green Panties


It was a school holiday and their parents were at work so twelve-year-old Penny and her fourteen-year-old brother were at home alone.  Penny was going to the movies that evening with her friends and had decided that it was to be an Apple Green outfit for the event.  She was a careful girl so after she did the laundry, her chore for the day, and put her stuff away leaving Kevin and her parents' stuff on their respective beds, she began to prepare her outfit for the evening.

She hadn't any problem getting her blouse and her Apple Green skirt from the closet nor her Apple Green socks and Apple Green hair ribbon from her dresser but she could not find her Apple Green panties.  "Strange." she thought, "Perhaps I missed them when sorting the laundry."  She went to check.  They were not hidding in either of the machines.  Nor were they with her parents' stuff.  Since she could not have lost them as that would have meant returning home somewhat naked they must be with her brother's stuff.  She was shocked that he had put everything away before getting to his chore of the day cutting the grass.

Quite puzzled, she got her lunch and was sitting at the kitchen table when Kevin came in.  She, naturally, inquired if he had seen her Apple Green panties perhaps mixed in with the laundry this morning.

"Nope!" he replied with a tone that implied that he certainly did not have any interest whatsoever in them.  Then he added: "If I come across them I'll let you know."

Penny remained puzzled as she ate her lunch.  She watched as Kevin got his own food.  She was keenly attuned (unlike society's mistaken belief) to the appearance of boys' and young men's crotches.  Her brother was wearing his old sweat pants which were a bit snug.  Something was different.  Usually he wore boxers (sharing the current disdain of his peers for briefs) and occasionally he went commando but in either case there was not really a bulge in his pants.  Today, however, there was one like he was wearing something else.  She could think of only three possibilities – a jock strap, tightie-whities or panties.  He did not own either of the first two therefore he must be wearing her Apple Green panties.© YLeeCoyote

She confronted him.  He stood up and denied it as they stood nose to nose.  Although she was younger she had started her growth spurt and was already ​sixty-two inches​ (​158 cm​) as he was for he was only poised for his growth spurt.  "Don't lie to me.  I know that you are."

"Nonsense!" he said and stepped away.  She reacted quickly by yanking down his sweat pants which had an elastic waist to reveal all.

"Ah!  Those are my Apple Green panties." she shrieked.

He was busted.  And he knew he was busted.

Kevin yelled and bent down to pull up his pants but Penny stymied him by stepping on them which also hobbled him.

"You are in real trouble, Kevin.  When Dad hears of this he is surely going to have you get Grandpa's heavy leather strop and wait with it for him in the garage until he comes to roast your worthless butt.  I can't wait to hear your screams.  You probably won't be able to sit for a month."

"Please sis don't tell him.  Please."

"You refuse to wear boys' briefs but you steal and wear my panties.  You're really in for it."

"Please don't tell." he begged truly fearful of his granddad's strop.

"You deserved to SPANKED HARD." She said as she slapped his naughty bottom.  "You definitely need to be spanked really hard."

"Isn't there another way?"

Penny stepped around so that they were nose to nose again.  After a pause, she said "If you get over my lap for a good hard spanking then I won't tell."

"But…." he started and she cut him off.

"No one-T buts about it.  Your two-T butt is getting spanked.  You may choose by me or by Dad and his strop."  She paused and added "So decide."

Kevin stood silent for a bit.  It is hard to think when you're angry, embarrassed and ashamed because your little sister caught you wearing her panties.  "OK.  You can spank me." he said assuming it wouldn't hurt as much.

Penny was faster on the uptake and quickly ordered "Go to your room, put the chair in spanking position.  Lose your sneakers and sweats and wait in the corner with your hands on your head."  She gave him a spank and repeated "Go!"

Kevin pulled up his sweats and rushed up the stairs.  Once in his room he moved his desk chair into position and got into the corner.  He was quite relieved that she wouldn't tell and he would not suffer the dreaded strop. «How hard can a little girl hit after all?» he thought.

A few minutes later she was sitting on the chair anticipating giving her naughty big brother his well-deserved spanking.  "Come here Kevin." she ordered with new found authority.  "You have been a very naughty boy, Kevin.  You have more than earned this spanking.  Any resistance and the deal's off and I will tell Dad."

Without any further warning, she quickly yanked her Apple Green panties down to his ankles causing him additional embarrassment from the exposure of his privates.  He should have expected this but had not.  "Now over my lap, boy." and she helped him into position.  After getting a firm grip on his waist, she began to spank.

Kevin was immediately relieved for her spanks were very gentle compared to those from Dad.  Penny had intentionally started easy so she could turn her big brother's bottom nice and pink, handprint by handprint.  It was only when that had happened that she pulled her old-fashioned hairbrush that she had inherited from Grandmother out of her back pocket.  She gave him a couple of hard WHACKS and he reacted from the pain with yells and much wigging.  The Apple Green panties flew across the room.  A bit of a push and he slipped off one thigh and she put her leg over his legs locking him in place.

Then she started to really spank with rigor.  The pink quickly all turned to deep Apple Red and the howls intensified.  Over and over the heavy oak hairbrush landed forcefully on Kevin's ever reddening bottom.  His yells were soon accompanied by tears and sobs as the pain overtook him.

It seemed to be an eternity before she stopped the horrid spanking.  When she stopped she got him up and lead him back into the corner.  He desperately wanted to rub his flaming tail but she had put his hands on top of his head and commanded "Stay."  Of course, he did not dare move.  Kevin was terribly confused and having trouble with the reality of his butt being on fire because his kid sister spanked him so terribly hard.

Penny was elated with the results and was wondering how she could gain even more control.

Things were forever changed between the siblings.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 4, 2020

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