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The following story is fiction and it is not a guide to child raising.  It contain scenes of teens and children in dominant/submissive relationships including discipline.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story is a sequel to Double Life also in this archive.

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Casey – Really in Charge


I'm Casey.  Yes, the young lady that Danny boy talked about in his biography that he gave to Heather – his wife.  A friend of a friend saw the story posted and sent me the url.  It sure brought back memories and I decided the tell my side of the story.

I can remember the day that I first diapered Danny like it was just yesterday even though it is more than a decade ago.  Back then I really did not know what I was about but now I do – it's putting boys in their place.  But that day I was interested in diapering a boy so that I could get more babysitting jobs.  The opportunities are few for being hired at that age but most girls don't want to have to deal with the bigger boys that still need changing.  I had been browsing about the web and looked at several diaper sites and found them exciting.  I was amazed at how many boys were so immature and needed to be controlled by us girls.  They are so uncivilized that they need strict discipline all the time and I feel good helping them.

I was absolutely amazed when Alexei, my big sister's best friend, brought her twin brother over to let me practice my diapering of a boy.  When I had asked my sister Jill about getting someone I expected she would get the little brother of a friend who was five to seven years old not Danny who was over twelve; a full three years older than I.  It was not for a couple of months that I learnt that he was one of those little boys who I had been reading about.  The boy was docile and obedient.  I was surprised that his penis and other stuff were so small and hairless.  They were hardly bigger than those of seven year olds boys I had seen being changed.  Jill and her friends all had a lot of pubic hair when they were younger, even before they were eleven.

Danny was the first boy that I diapered.  It was great fun to examine his boy parts and really learn about them.  Of course, I was allowed to handle them when I cleaned and rubbed the cream in which was nice.  He was a very good boy that day.  I even regretted that we tricked him with to the suppository to make him soil the diaper for I'm sure that he would have agreed if we had asked.  Well, I did then but not now for boys are suppose to do what us girls want them to do.

Danny boy's description was pretty accurate.  What he did not know was that I was very excited to actually handle his little privates.  He really showed trust when I did that for it would have been so easy to hurt him.  The other thing he did not know was that I almost gagged when I opened the soiled diaper.  It was one of the things that I had to get used to.  The second time was even more fun.  It was just the two of us and I loved how he obeyed me.  It really boasted my confidence for he was just like some many of the boys I had read about.  I was curious enough to give him some head and was a bit disappointed when he came but did not ejaculate.  Actually, it was a good thing because it made him appreciate me more.© YLeeCoyote

It was a couple of months later that I got another chance.  Giving up going to the mall with Jill and Alexei was nothing in exchange for being able to babysit an almost teenaged boy for real.  I probably would have paid to do it.  I did not yet know of the official status Alexei had over Danny but I had seen his accepting her spanking him and then not questioning her orders when it was happening.  He had been naked and even handled by me before so that he did not feel that he had to be modest.  Also, since he was actually sick, he needed to be babied and I was more than happy to provide that care.

Danny was my first boy (although I had to share him) and he will always be very special for that reason.  Also, I dealt with him for a long time from when he was twelve until he went to college some six years later.  Alexei did not want to punish him and frequently gave me the task when he needed it.  This made the punishment more effective as I was three years younger and that emphasized how much he was a little boy.  This feeling I reinforced by putting him into a diaper when I punished him, preferably shaved when I could.

* * * * * * * * * *

My first real, for pay job was for Sally and her brother Jerry one afternoon.  It should have been easy for after a hour they were both scheduled to nap.  Five year old Jerry did not want to follow the game plan at all.  With his mother away he though he could do what he wanted.  I had to chase him all over the house for ten minutes before getting a good grip on him and dragging him to the bedroom.  I asked him if he wanted to go potty but he refused.  Sally, not even four yet, did it all by herself.  She had pulled off her dress, tinkled and pulled her panties back up and was sitting watching her naughty bigger, no, make that older brother be defiant.  I had to struggle with him to pull down his pants and his skid marked Barney briefs.  Fortunately his sneakers came off easier without his kicking me.  The pullups did not survive the battle.

Smart Sally gave me the solution when she repeated in a joyous sing-song:  "Jerry's goin' to get spanked when daddy gets home."

Jerry sassed:  "Daddy no spank."  And, I agreed with him.  I just sat down on the chair and pulled him over my lap before he knew what was happening.  "Jerry I'm not going to wait for your daddy to get home to spank you.  Jerry is going to get spanked right now by Casey."

When I spanked him, the little problem crumbled.  He was bawling after just six spanks but he got a dozen.  He did go to the potty but he did not tinkle.  "Well, then Jerry is going to have to wear a di-di." I told him.  Sally giggled.  Jerry protested that di-di's were for nighttime not daytime; he wore a pullup for daytime naps.

"Jerry wears a di-di today because he destroyed the last pullup and there are only diapers to wear." I happily told him.  I put him on the changing table and strapped him down.  He was defeated and not so much cooperated as acquiesced as I diapered him.  He did not object to being put into the crib or even when I raised the side.  Sally got the bed which she was allowed to during the day.

I did not have to think about telling their mother about Jerry's bad behavior.  Sally happily told her that "Jerry was a naughty boy and got spanked and diapered."  Not only that, but Jerry was still in his diapers because he wanted to watch a cartoon show.  He had overslept.  The show had just ended and he asked to be put into pants but mother said that she was too busy and he was going to need the diaper in an hour anyway.  Jerry was very unhappy with how Sally made fun of him for being such a baby.

As I walked home with my fee in my jeans I though about how much fun it was to dominate a boy and how even his younger sister liked it also.  That spanking has a wonderful effect.  The next time I babysat them, Jerry was a good as a boy can be.  He had objected to my babysitting again because "Casey spanks Jerry hard."  His mother told him that he would not get spanked if he was a good boy and did what he was told.  And he was for months obeying my every order.  His mom said that he objected to undressing with his other babysitters but never with me.

I would just say it was nap time and he would remove his jeans and briefs and step into the pullups I held for him.  I even had Sally help me by holding them for him and helping with his diaper changes.  He did not like this although she loved it but he did not dare to object.  I had also told him that anytime he tried to runaway from a spanking or even not cooperate, he would get extra, he was easier to control.  He learnt the protocol and followed it even though he did not like it.  Similarly, when it was bath time he would undress without complaint although a little more slowly if Sally had a friend over.  He even got used to Sally and her friends watching him tinkle.  As long has he had to wear diaper, it was easy to treat him as a baby and everyone knows that babies don't have any privacy.

He was a bed wetter until he was fourteen and had to be diapered at night.  He had been given the opportunities to put on his own diapers several times but he never got it right.  He needed a girl to do it for him so that they would not leak.  One time when he was nine and I was about to diaper him, Sally wanted to try and I let her.  She did it very well, carefully rubbing in the cream, dusting him with the powder and taping it tight after having been observing the process for more than four years.  He cringed at her baby talk but when you're lying on your back fully exposed it is not practical to really object.  Within a few weeks, Sally was diapering him every night relieving their mother of that task.

It was about two years later that he began to show signs of getting hair.  I pointed out to his mother that the hair presented several problems – applying the cream protection, increased risk of diaper rash, much harder to keep clean.  She discussed the obvious solution with her husband and they agreed that shaving was necessary for hygienic reasons.  His parents did not want to do the deed themselves so I got the task.  I was over joyed but I did not let them know and a got a bonus that first night.

He was begging me not to and actually crying when the time came to do it.  Since even his father had told him that babies who wear diapers don't have grown up hair, so he knew that there was no way out.  Of course, I let Sally help and did it just before his bedtime.  There really was not much hair but he hated to lose it.  I just covered it with his dad's shaving cream and used a disposable razor to harvest the little growth of weeds.  Although it was not really necessary, I had Sally do a second pass before she diapered him for the night.

Her bedtime was a bit later than the diaper baby's and we talked.  She said it was lots of fun and thought that she would have to do it every day like her father had to shave.  She was disappointed to learn that weekly would be to often.  Then she confided in me something she had not even told her mother yet – she had gotten hair also.  She had more than her brother had.  She also realized something that her parents did not – shaving her brother would keep him feeling like a little boy.

Over the years I babysat a lot of kids and learnt a great deal.  Once you spank a boy and put him in a diaper he knows that you are in charge and that you won't take any nonsense from him so he better behave properly.  I also found that there were some mothers that really shared my ideas.  They tended to be feminist and dominant.  They were happy to teach me techniques and told each other about me so I had more jobs than I could do.  Several of them made their boys address me as "Ms. Casey" and "Ma'am" to highlight that I was in charge even when I was only twelve and the boy was sixteen or even seventeen.  They were all into spanking and the techniques that I learnt from Tim were very useful.  Everyone one of them agreed that their boys should be shaved and I always loved doing that.  It was especially fun the first time but after I made them bawl with a spanking, they watched in horror as I ran my hair clipper through their pubes.  Nevertheless, they got erections and a few even ejaculated spontaneously.  Occasionally, I would get one who was being diaper disciplined.  Usually, they were already shaved but always after I got to them.  Their mothers were very appreciative of that extra touch.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was about noon one morning during winter holidays that Alexei called.  She was totally fed up with Danny.  He had been acting up for a couple of days and she had reach the breaking point with his antics in the mall just a few minutes earlier.  He needed some serious discipline as she put it and could I help out as she had a lot of things to do.  Here he was a tenth grader, sixteen years old and acting like he was in kindergarten once again.  She had called me because she knew that when I finished with him he would be rejuvenated in a way that she could not achieve.  I asked a few questions to be sure about the severity of punishment required.

"Danny" I heard her say, "you are to get the next bus – that's at 10:18 – and be at Casey's by 11:00 or...else.  And run."  She then thanked me and told me to send him home afterwards.

Ever since I first put a diaper on Danny four years ago, he been subservient in that special way so many teen boys are to chronologically younger girls.  I decided that I would deal with him in my room since its feminine decor would enhance his feeling of shame.  That's something he never got when his cousin Tim thrashes him.  Then it is just I did wrong and got caught and beaten – now to move on.

Danny rang my bell just at 11:02.  When I opened the door he was panting.  "The bus got caught in a traffic tie up.  Please forgive me for being late."  This is great as it means that he's knows that he got it coming.  I didn't answer as I wanted him to keep him worrying about the extras for being late and just led him to my bedroom.  Then, as he was required to, he said simply: "Ma'am, I been  a very naughty boy.  Please give me what I deserve."  I let him go on with a list of transgressions which I don't care about (that was Alexei's problem).  Then, just as I told her to do, my nine year old cousin,  Michele, spoke to let him know we were not alone.  I had told Michele about all the boys I take care of and most especially about this one since he was my first and is the oldest.  He quickly realized that Mich will be a witness and tried a simple ploy.  "I see that you have company; perhaps I should come back when you're not busy?"

Michele answered for me.  "That's not a problem Danny.  Casey has told me all about you and I have been looking forward to seeing you."  I doubt that Danny realized why she was grinning so broadly when she said that. Then she started to lecture him about his misdeeds as I told her too.  He just stood there while she scolded him feeling smaller and smaller.  She was most effective as shown by his posture.  When she started to undo his shirt I saw the horror of the realization that Mich was not just an observer but an active participant this day.  Soon Mich put her thumbs in the waist band of his boxers and yanked them off.  Yes, he was in boxers because he was allowed to have pubes although they were kept neatly trimmed.  Mitch also saw his average size equipment.  He blushed at this.

I had decided to let Mich do as much of the punishment as possible as I knew it would be more effective because she is so much younger than he is.  She sat on the end of my bed and Danny got over her lap.  The bed supported his weight and his legs dangled straight down so that the sensitive crease was exposed.  I give her the slipper and she got to work.  She covered his entire bottom with hard spanks turning it red.  Then she went for the most sensitive spots and soon he was bawling like a toddler.  Mich was really smiling at that for she knew she got through to him.  It must be devastating for a sixteen year old boy to be spanked to tears by a nine year old girl.

We let him cry for a while and then laid him on a towel on my bed.  I'm sure he expected to be diapered but Alexei had given me permission for something extra.  Mich covered his pubes with shaving cream rather than the oil he expected.  "Please, don't shave me; please." he begged.  He did stay in position for he knew that moving would earn him another spanking.  We didn't answer him with words but with the razor.  Mitch pulled it through his pubes over and over again.  Each pass caused more hairs to be sheared off.  It took a while because they were relatively long.  That was a good thing as it made him cry again.  He knew that he was being punished.

When he was smooth Mich oiled him up and diapered him.  He looked like that little boy that I first diapered five years earlier.  We dressed him and send him home.  He shaped up after that for a long time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now that I'm in college, I've given up on baby sitting little boys leaving that to younger girls.  Occasionally, I will do it for an old client who needs their high school age boy watched especially for a weekend.  The look of horror when they see me come in and their parents lay down the law (again) that they must obey me while reminding them that I fully in charge.  That includes the right to spank them, adjust their curfews, ground them for a long time and even put them back into diapers.  They know that their plans to be wild and delinquent have been totally shattered.

I also babysit some older boys who are more than twice my age.  They are the husbands of very dominant women and are totally submissive.  But these are stories for another time.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 2, 2004

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