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The following story is fiction about a young man being punished by two young ladies.  The story contains scenes of a strapping and directed jo.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by this image that I found unattributed in several places on the web.  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Caught in the Forrest


Tess and Lacy were long time friends and neither knew Josh when they encountered him in Caver State Park forest on a bright sunny morning.  They were enjoying a delightful walk in the woods when they spotted him laying prone just off the trail and very intent on watching something through his binoculars.  Having seen a troop of girl scouts from the trail just before the bend they were certain he wasn’t a birder since his binoculars were pointing down toward the girls camp.  They hid his pack and phone after getting some pictures of the girls and the voyeur on his phone and their phones.

“Good morning, Joshua Overin.  Enjoying the view of the little girl scouts, you Peeping Tom?” they said.  Josh was startled.  He jumped up and turned around.  They captured his super surprised expression on their phones.  “You like little underage high school girls?”  After an awkward minute he stuttered “I’m out of here.”

“You can ask at the Ranger Station for your phone and pack, Overin.  We’re sure they will make you comfortable while you wait for the sheriff.”  Josh looked where he had left his stuff and saw that it was gone.  He was frozen.

“We’re sure that we can deal with this here and now.  We know what naughty boys like you need.”

“Huh?”© YLeeCoyote

“That’s not the right reply, boy.  You say: ‘Yes, Madam.’ respectfully.”

Josh’s penis stiffened in his jeans as he repeated “Yes, Madam.” as visions of his old history teacher Mrs. Super Strict popped into his head whom he had found awesome back in high school.

“Naughty boys like you get spanked.” expounded Lacy.

“Yes, Madam.” he dutifully replied already falling under their spells.

“We would have you cut a switch but that is unlawful in the park so we’ll just have to use this.” said Tess as she pulled her heavy leather belt from her slacks.  “I’m sure you understand, naughty boy.”

He nodded a bit paler than a minute before.  He didn’t dare to try to negociate terms but just hung his head in shameful surrender being overwhelmed by their forcefulness.  Lacy pulled off his T-shirt and tossed it aside.  Tess then opened the intimidated boy’s belt and jeans.  After lowering them to his knees she also lowered his undies to fully expose the youth’s butt and engorged naughty bits.

“Now bend over and hold your ankles for your strapping.” commanded Lacy.

“Don’t get up until we give you permission.” added Tess just as authoritatively.

Tess folded her heavy belt and found the spot where the target was in position.  She raised the belt and brought it down hard on the target.  Josh gave a howl and jumped up.

“That does NOT count since you got up, boy.”

“Bite on this so your pitiful yells don’t scare the rabbits.”  When he opened his mouth Lacy shoved his wadded up T-shirt into it.  “Bite hard and get back into position, boy, and we can restart your punishment.”

Again Tess raised her belt and took aim at the now marked target.  The belt struck harder than before.  The T-shirt kept the noise down although the youth jumped again.

“Pitiful, boy.  Stay in position or we’ll never finish this.” snapped Lacy with feigned annoyance.

Josh managed to stay in position for the next cut.  “One, boy.”  Tess proceeded with another cut as the target continued to turn pink.  “Two.”

She repeated this until she reached “Six.” delighting in the painful changes in Josh’s bottom.

“You may stand, boy but no rubbing.” said Lacy, “We’ll wait a minute before you get six from me.”  But before the minute was up the girls saw that Josh was still erect.  “Get rid of that boy.  You not suppose to be enjoying this.” she said pointing to the rampant organ.

Josh hesitated.  “Go on jerk off, boy.  And make it fast or you get extras.”  Even though it was embarrassing it was also exciting and he did as he was ordered spurting within a minute which the girls found amusing.  That done Lacy commanded “Back into position, boy.” as she folded the belt and jerked the end to make it snap.  Lacy got into position on the right side of Josh as she was a lefty and raised the belt.  She brought it down hard on the already red target making it redder.  Josh yelled into his T-shirt filled mouth from the pain.

Lacy enjoyed each cut more than the previous one and was sorry that she had to stop at six noting the most satisfactory red butt was now blazing hot.  When allowed to stand he immediately grabbed his hot rump and tried unsuccessfully to rub to pain out.

As he was erect again they ordered him to jerk off a second time pleased that he responded with the required “Yes, Madam.” as he obeyed.

The young ladies lectured him about the evils of being a Peeping Tom perving on underage girls.  “No more preving, young man.” they admonished.

“Yes, Madam.” he replied.

As they left they pointed out where they had hidden his pack.  With his ass blazing hot he slowly got his clothes on and picked up his pack but his head was spinning from confusion.

Tess and Lacy were delighted by the day’s activities.  They both were happy to have found a respectful and obedient boy who was excited when dominated by them.  They looked forward to seeing him a lot more and making sure that he paid a high price for any naughtiness.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 31, 2021

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