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The following story is fiction about a youth who gets caught by his kid sister and dominated by her, her friends and other younger youths.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Caught by My Kid Sister


Spy Captured

It wasn't until I was fourteen that I started puberty.  I was the last one in my class and the other guys kidded me about being a hairless baby for they all had hair to prove that they were real men.  I was so upset because I was so late, that I even spoke to the doctor about it but she assured me (after sticking her finger up my butt) that I was well within the normal range and that I should not worry about it at all.  I just suffered after that.

It certainly did not help that my sister, Rose, a year and a half younger than I, heard our parents talking about it and then she also kidded me about it.  To make matter worse, she had hair and proved it to me by flashing her fully grown bush at me.  She said that she would show me her sex up close once I proved that I had hair by stripping for her.  But until then, she couldn't because she loved me and a hairless boy would go blind if he saw it.  She knew I knew that she was joking (lying?) but she insisted anyway.

I figured I could get a peek at her and her girl friends when she had a sleepover.  They would be in the basement and I could watch through the window.  I lucked out because Dad was stuck on a business trip and Mom thrilled that some TV show she loved was going to have marathon that evening.  She would be glued to the bedroom TV starting at seven.  I even washed the window so I would have a better view.  I had expected four bodies but at dinner Rose said that Katy wouldn't be able to make it.  Promptly at eight I was stretched out under the bushes and watching three girls through the freshly washed window.  I was very thrilled when they started to undress early but they spent a long time trying on clothes and were always in at least their underwear.  I had seen more girl skin on the beach and at the pool.

I was taken by surprise.  A rope was looped about my ankles.  The bushes prevented my free movement and it was pulled tight.  I was pulled by that rope and as I got past the bushes, I was jumped on and trussed up.  "Yell if you like, brother, but Mom will get Dad to roast your stupid butt once she learns that you're a Peeping Tom."  That made me pause long enough for a ball gag to be stuck in my open mouth and tied behind my head.  They half dragged, half carried me to the basement door and then it was a very bumpy ride down the steps.  As I lay there worrying about what was going to happen, I realized that there were four girls including the Katy who supposedly wasn't going to come.  They had set a trap and I had been caught.  Obviously, they had plans and I was sure that I would not like them.© YLeeCoyote

The first thing that they did was get me naked and bound.  They took their time getting me untangled from ropes that they had caught me with.  But they had all night and lots of supporting columns to tie me to as they untied one limb at a time to strip off my clothes.  I quickly learnt to cooperate for they cut off my air with a pillow when I thrashed about with my freed limb.  They took a breather when I was tied, spread eagle, to four columns in just my briefs, the gag and a blindfold.

I lay there for an hour before they got back to me from doing some girl stuff.  When they removed the blindfold, they were all in their pj's.  They were sort of like snug sweat suits with elastic cuffs which kept their bodies well covered.  It was clear that they had bras on also.  I saw more of them at the pool.  I got a long lecture about what a little naughty boy I was for spying – particularly unsuccessfully – and that I was going to be taught a lesson and would be punished.

I promised to keep quiet if they removed the gag.  They reminded me that it could easily be replaced if I got too loud as they removed it.  I figured it would be nice so I thanked them for removing it.  I was also informed that I was correct that there was to be an anatomy class this evening but the subject was "pre-adolescent human male" and I was the star attraction.  I was horrified but I was also a helpless prisoner.

They examined the top half of me carefully and closely so that I really felt just like a laboratory specimen.  Then they adjusted the rope so that my wrists and my ankles were together so that they could turn me over.  They examined my back and then pulled down my briefs.  They couldn't resist making a bad joke about my being broken because my bottom had a big crack.  Then they tied my legs apart and examined my butt hole.  After a quick look, they said that I did not know how to wipe after using the toilet and cleaned my crack and hole with some wet towels.  This would turn out to be just another item to use to claim that I was just a little boy.  Once I was clean, they each pushed a finger or two into me just because they could.  They did not know what they were doing but at times I got some good feeling as they probed.

It was now the time that I was most dreading.  They took their time and I was turned over and spread eagle face up.  There was not any doubt what they were most interested in examining.  I must confess that there was something erotically exciting about four girls handling my equipment and I got very hard for them.  I really did not appreciate them carefully measuring me and comparing me to some chart they found on the web which indicated that I was smallish for my age.  They did notice that I was leaking pre-come and decided that they wanted to see me come.  I was not consulted about this and Rose jerked me off.  They were impressed by how I shot and disappointed that I lost some of my hardness.

Katy said her brother had explained that a recovery period was needed when he showed off his manhood.  The explanation was comforting, but her brother was only twelve.  They examined me some more and decided that I did not have a bush that was worthwhile so they removed it.  I admit that it was not very much since it had been growing only a few months but I really liked having it.  The removal hurt because they used some Devil's device that plucked out each hair with a painful yank.  "This is so much better than shaving because it does not leave any nasty stubble and does not use harsh chemicals." said one.

"And it lasts so much longer, too."  added another one.  Just what I needed to hear – I was losing my most yearned for pubes and they are going to take even longer to grow back.  I also had a little tuft of hair in each armpit but they yanked those out also.  I was now as hairless as little boy.

Katy decided that I had had sufficient recovery time and began to jerk me off again.  I again responded even though I wished I would not and shot again.  It was not as much as the first time nor as hard and they took careful note of that.

They tied a heavy string about my sack and gave it a tug which hurt and then they tied the other end to a column.  They said if I tried to run, I would likely leave parts of me behind so I had best be a good, obedient, little boy.  They then untied me and explained that I needed to be punished for spying.  A chair was brought over and Rose sat on it.  I was told to get over her lap for a spanking.  I declined and Nancy gave the cord a hard pull.  I then did as I was ordered although reluctantly.  It was a terrible feeling being over my little sister's lap for a spanking especially in front of her friends.  If not for that cord about my balls I would have resisted but even a simple tug was very painful.  She really did not spank that hard (after all she is just a girl) but I felt like a little boy; like I had when Mother had spanked me.  A lot of those feelings came back.  SPANK.  "You have been a naughty little boy."  SPANK.  "You are going to be spanked."  SPANK.  "You will apologize to the girls."


It wasn't really hurting very much but I could not help but to yell and plead for her stop.  She kept at it for some time leaving me with tears in my eyes although I did not actually cry.  The other girls all gave me a few spanks just for the fun of it.  I was told to get up and then lie on the floor spread eagle and stay that way.  I don't know why but I was hard again.  I was told that if I moved, I would be tied again.  This time it was Tara that jerked me off.  She was more gentle than the others but she was determined to make me shoot again.  It was a challenge to her and she was encouraging me verbally.  I shot for her and she was very pleased and even gave me a kiss on the lips.

It was only then I realized that Lane was there.  He was Tara's twelve-year-old brother and two years younger than I.  "I don't think that you should kiss my sister, boy.  You're just a hairless baby."  I was horrified that he had been watching.  "I'm going to teach you a lesson, boy."  he said harshly.  He was athletic and easily yanked me to my feet and then over his lap as he sat on the chair.  He started to spank me.  His spanks were a lot harder than Rose's were.  They actually hurt and he did not say anything more.  He had decided that I should be spanked and he was doing it.  I tried to get free but he held me tight and there was always that cord tied to my balls.  I begged him to stop but he must have been having fun and kept going at my now red bottom.  This time the tears in my eyes overflowed and I was sobbing.  Lane noticed and was pleased.  "I see that you're a little hairless crybaby."  He also noticed that I was hard when he stood me up.  "You like getting spanked also."  They all laughed at me.

Nancy wanted her turn at making me shoot and I had to lie down for her pleasure.  I was a bit sore now but none of them cared as Nancy worked on my shaft.  This was my fourth come in less than an hour and she was disappointed that I hardly shot anything.

I had hoped that they would let me go but they subjected me to one more humiliation.  Tara wanted to practice her baby sitting skills so I was diapered.  They even gave me a bottle but it was cold juice rather than warm milk.  As the girls helped Tara get me diapered, I just drank the juice.  I will admit that it felt good when she oiled and powered me.  What I did not like was that they wanted to stress test the diapering job so I was ordered to pee.  I declined but they said I was not going anywhere until I did.  In order to help me to wee-wee, they tied me down again and started to tickle me.  This was absolutely terrible and I begged them to stop.  "We'll stop when you pee." they said.  They won, of course, and were delighted.

Tara now had the task of changing my diaper.  I was now pretty use to them inspecting my equipment so I just relaxed, drank a soda as Tara cleaned me up.  Again the best part was soothing oil and power.  I wanted to go then but they insisted that I stay the night (in my diaper) because I had joined the party and shouldn't go early.  A couple of tugs convinced me.  The girls encircled me and gossiped late into the night although I fell asleep.

In the morning I was horrified that I had messed and wet my diaper.  The girls were delighted and squealed that it worked.  I guessed that they had put something into my sodas to make me do that and they admitted it.  Tara changed me once again and I was made to lie face down while they dressed.  Upstairs, Rose was all sweetness and light and told Mom that I was a wonderful brother and had most kindly helped Tara practice her diapering skills.  Mom laughed and then agreed.  The girls insisted that I drop my pants and show Mom the results.  After breakfast I was allowed to go to my room to shower and dress.  I had the terrible feeling that this was not the end of things.

After breakfast, back away from Mom, Rose let me know that she lots of pictures from last night and that I had better listen to her from now on or I would be ruined and be in big trouble with the folks.  In other words, she was in charge.

Dessert Spanking

It was the third time I had been late for dinner in as many weeks.  That annoyed Mom and Dad took action.  At dinner he told me he wanted to speak with me right after dinner and I knew I was going to get it.  Of course, Rose was about and I asked if we could do this in my room where there was some privacy.  Dad quickly asked if I met the conditions to be treated as a young man rather than a boy.  Rose immediately laughed.  Dad looked at her and she had to explain .  "Sorry, Nick, I would like to say that you got a big bush but when Dad checks he will see what I saw last weekend when you so very kindly helped Tara practice her diapering skills for babysitting that you are still a hairless boy.  If I did then Mom's hairbrush would have a discussion with my tail that would be most unpleasant."  I don't really blame her but she certainly was not unhappy with the situation.

Dad said that was very nice of me but then told me to strip, and get into the corner and wait with my hands on my head.  "You certainly don't have anything to hide now from your sister." he added.  I certainly could not explain that Rose and her friends had plucked my pubes out as punishment (retribution? revenge?)  for spying so rather than getting the strap in the privacy of my bedroom, I was going to be spanked OTK in the family room with Rose watching.  The best I could hope for is that none of mine or, even worse, Rose's friends would come over and see the show.  I waited in dread for a half hour.

Dad called me over, gave me a brief lecture and then turned me over his lap.  He got the usual grip on my waist and gave my butt a gentle warmup slap.  Then he gave me two minutes of hard rapid spanking leaving me crying.  I really did not hear what he asked Rose but she led me to her room.  "Dad said to diaper you, Nicky, because you're acting like a baby."  I was shocked and mortified but there was not anything I could do except allow her to oil and powder me and then tape up the diaper.  She then put me to bed and said Dad said I was to stay there until morning when she would remove the diaper.

It was hours later that I realized I had pee and I was trapped in the diaper.  She had even put extra tape on it.  I spent the rest of the night in a wet diaper.  She was nice to me in the morning when she came to remove it and even let me shower rather than clean me up.  She made it clear that she could have changed the diaper instead.

Although our parents did not give her any power over me except to do what she did, she made me feel like they had by reminding me of the control she had from my bungled, amateurish spying efforts.

The 'rents were very pleased with how chastised I obviously was and decided that having Rose administer some of my punishment was a good idea and let me know that I might expect more in the future if I behaved like a little boy.

The idea was horrifying to me although Rose was delighted.  She rarely got punished and even when Mother spanked her, she was allowed to keep her panties on and it was done in the privacy of her bedroom.  Well, that what she gloated every time she got to watch my naked butt get turned crimson red.

Pool Party

It was a week later that it happened.  Tara called and I was invited to come swimming in her family's pool.  I really loved to swim and it was a hot day so I could not refuse.  When we got to Tara's house, Rose went inside to see Tara and I went around to the back where the pool was.  Right behind me was Tony, Katy's thirteen-year-old boyfriend and Zane, Nancy's almost thirteen-year-old boyfriend was in the pool with Lane.  Lane called us to jump right in and the girls will be out soon.  I quickly lost my T-shirt and shorts and jumped in.  The water felt fine.  It was then that I saw that Tony was naked as he dived in.  Lane immediately told me to take off my trunks because we go au naturel.  I was not anxious to do so because I was hairless and stammered incoherently.  I was quickly jumped by the three of them and my trunks were pulled off and tossed away.  "It's nice to swim with the girls that way." said Zane.  I immediately felt better about it since the girls had all seen me and this would be my chance to see them.

"Sorry, Zane, the girls have to wear suits today because Nick is still a little hairless boy." said Lane.

I questioned what the rules were and was told that its "No suits for hairless kids.  Optional suits for grownups unless kids of the opposite sex were about."  My hopes were shattered.  The others may have been unhappy about it but they had already seen the girls naked and presumably would in the future.

"There is another important rule, Nicky-boy.  Little boys must listen to the grownups and when they don't they get spanked."

"What?" I explained.  I tried to leave but they wouldn't let me.  In fact because I protested so much they decided I needed to be spanked.  My protests were useless.  I was dragged out of the pool and I then saw that all three of them – all younger than I – had nice thick, manly bushes.  As the girls came from the house, they could see the three guys getting ready to spank me.  Tony was selected and he sat on the end of the diving board.  I was flipped over his lap and he got a firm grip on my side and pressed down hard with his forearm on my back.  He was very strong and it was like being in a vice.  "Please," I cried, "I'll be good.  I promise.  Please don't spank me."

I should have kept my mouth shut for Lane said:  "He always acts like a little baby boy."  Tony and Zane laughed.  "Tara practiced her diapering skills on him last week.  She said he was most cooperative."  He paused and continued talking to me.  "Nicky, she really appreciates that you were so helpful which is why we invited you here today.  We're sorry that we have to spank you."

Then Tony administered the first spank.  It was very hard.  It was almost as hard as Dad's spanks.  I reacted with a yell and soon was crying like a little boy of eight.

When I was released, Rose took me in her arms and along with Tara mothered me.  As Rose held me bent over her lap (she had taken Tony's place) Tara gently rubbed some cream on my sore buns.  That certainly felt good.  After that they made put sunblock on me, especially on my boy parts which had not been exposed to the sun before.

When I managed not to think of pubes and sex I had fun.  Unfortunately, with the other guys naked I was constantly reminded that they were much more developed than I was.  (This still would have been true even if I had my hair although not to such an extreme.)  Because the girls were hiding their developed bodies from me, I felt bad.  I was also caught in a bind.  The girls knew that I really had pubes because they had plucked them out but if I told the guys then I would have had to admit that the girls had taken control of me on the weekend before and why.  Somehow, that seemed like even a worse option whether or not they believed me.

We had hamburgers and salad for an early dinner.  I was not allowed near the grill because I was just a little boy and only grown ups were allowed near such a dangerous device.  My burgers were also smaller and with less seasoning for similar reasons.  I was threatened with another spanking if I did not eat my greens like a good little boy should.  I believed that they meant it and did as I was told.

My crotch watching had not gone unnoticed by the guys.  Once the girls had gone inside to shower and change they let me know that they had noticed my staring.  They were not angry but were going to give me the anatomy lesson that I obviously wanted so that I could see what I might develop when I grew up.  This, they said, was an ancient custom dating back to the Golden Age of Greece when men closely mentored boys.  I said I did not need one but they insisted and I was forced.  Soon I was on my knees with close up views of their manly equipment.  They did not have any trouble raising and cocking their rods.  I was encouraged to feel their hard rods and they noted that I was also hard which they took as a sign that I was excited and enthusiastic.  Lane took me first.  He grabbed my head and when I tried to object stuck his dick right into me.  I had no choice but to accept his face fucking me and even to swallow his come.  I must admit that I was very hard while he did this as it was exciting.

They decided that I should experience even more and I was bent over the diving board.  Zane filled my mouth as Lane had and Tony got into my butt.  It was the first time and when he thrust in and out I had new and great sensations.  Lane was watching closely and reported that Tony's fucking made me shoot.  They did not say any more about it, but we all just showed by the pool, dried off and dressed.  The girls came out shortly after and we all went to the movies.  I ended up sitting between Tara, who paid attention to me, and Rose who was close with Lane.

When we were home Rose let me know all the girls knew what had happened with the guys and said that she expected that a little boy like me would submit to real men.  She just filed this information as one more reason that I should listen to her.  What she meant, of course, was it was more blackmail stuff so that I would accept her being in charge.  It turned out that the girls had been watching to see if I was man enough to fight back or if I caved like a little boy wimp.  She advised me not to object next time as they would just spank me for insolence.  The intellectual me was very unhappy at this turn of events, but I found it most exciting as I relived the day in my mind, even come a couple of times.

Devastation after the storm

As you can imagine, I was worried that someone would talk about how my sister had gained control of me.  Rose let me worry about this for several days before telling me that they had all promised to keep quiet about it.  But there was a condition.  I was stuck in my subservient role for any disobedience would allow leakage of facts (photographic ones).  I could also look forward to being kept hairless and spanked for any naughtiness.

I was, in a word, screwed.  Rose was in charge and I would be punished for any behavior she disapproved of.  One of the rules was that I could not date until I had manly hair although she and her friends would help me in that area.  I hoped that she only meant her girl friends but I feared she meant their boyfriends and Lane as well.  Yes, I was screwed and probably literally as well as metaphorically.

The big test came when our parents decided to go on a long weekend.  They skipped over the fact that I did not have pubes and still got spanked OTK like a little boy to actually consider Rose's plea that we were old enough not to need a babysitter.  "After all," she said "Nick is almost fifteen and I do babysitting myself.  There are lots of people we can call on if there is a problem.  Beside, what could a babysitter do if a pipe burst anyway?"

We got a long list of rules and I was left in charge.  Rose agreed that even if she felt I was unreasonable that we would do it my way and the issue would be worked out when our parents got home.  Of course, as soon as they left Rose took charge.  I knew that would happen but I was powerless to prevent it.  She decided that I should be naked all the time and that I was not allowed to close any doors.  I said that it did not seem right that her friends should see me naked and using the bathroom.  She promised to think about it.  Of course, I did not dare to have any of my friends over for I knew she would embarrass me if I did.

When Tara came over she explained that I would be dressed and not have to worry about being seen in the bathroom.  Tara was going to diaper me again.  I pleaded that they not do that (again) and apologized for objecting earlier but Rose was adamant.  I was required to lie on my bed and Tara slipped a diaper under me.  Then she commented that I was nice and clean and dry from my bath and she would not have clean me.  But she was generous with the oil and soon I was fully hard as her hot little hand massaged me.  It did not take long before I exploded.  After that she closed up the diaper.  Rose told me that I was not to remove it and that they wouldn't until it was used.  Well, I did enjoy coming at Tara's hands but I wish I had been in a better position.

I stayed in my room not really knowing what to do.  True, I was not naked and exposed but I did not like wearing a diaper.  The girls came to see and I asked (pleaded? begged?) that I would not have to use the diaper.  They relented and said if I would wet it, they would remove it and not replace it.  I thanked them for this benevolence and they watched as I wet the diaper.  They told me to wait for ten minutes and come ask for a change.  I did this and they took me into the bathroom, removed the diaper and washed and dried me.  As I headed back to my room, I saw Lane.  Of course, he was grinning having watched the whole show.

Rose explained that Tara and she were going out for a couple of hours so they had gotten Lane to be my babysitter.  I was sternly admonished to behave, eat my lunch and obey Lane at all times.  "Lane, if the baby gives you any trouble, just spank him." they added.

"Don't worry, Rose, I'll take good care of the little boy.  Have fun shopping." said Lane.  "I'm sure he will be obedient rather than get spanked."  It was obviously a threat and I was sure that he would like to spank me.  I realized that he could call on Tony and Zane to assist him if I resisted.

After the girls had left he examined my crotch closely.  I wanted to stop him but he threaten to spank me if I did not put my hands behind my head and stand still.  "Yes, Nicky-boy, still as smooth as a baby's butt.  Less hair than most twelve year olds have and you're fifteen.  And under your kid sister's thumb.  You really are a wuss!  I tried to explain that they had trapped me and removed my pubes.  That did not help any for he said he had watched it all.  He dragged me over to the mirror and made me look at our reflections after he had striped.  "See what a little boy you are.  Naked.  Hairless.  With a babysitter younger than you are.  Absolutely pitiful."  My head hung in shame hearing his words.  "A pussy boy."  As we stood there, Lane stripped.  He made me look again.  He stood tall and proud and his cock jutted from its hairy base while my body sagged and my little pee-pee dangled limply.

He pushed me down on my bed and got on top of me.  I could feel his hard man cock pressing at my butt.  I tried to twist free but he kept me under his control.  "Please, please don't fuck me." I pleaded.

Lane laughed.  "Of course, I'm going to fuck you.  You're a wuss; a pussy-boy.  I'm going to fuck you just like Tony did at the pool."  He paused and then asked.  "Would you like me to use some lube?"  I said yes and then he made me ask him to fuck me.  "Of course, Nicky-boy, since you asked ever so nicely."  When we got up, he saw that I had shot my load without touching my pee-pee so he knew that I must have really liked being fucked.

The afternoon was quiet until he said it was time for milk and cookies and a nap.  Stupidly, I objected.  He pulled me over his lap and spanked me.  As always when I'm in that position I feel like a little boy and behave like one.  Lane soon had me crying as he turned my tail bright red.  I had just finished my milk and cookies when Rose and Tara returned.  I had to explain my red tail and they took me to nap.  They also saw the mess I made and I had to explain how it happened but they did not say anything about it.  But I was sure that they thought that I liked being fucked as well as being jerked off.

And then the Perfect Storm

It was four months later when the next disaster struck.  Although Rose had great power over me and shared it with her friends, I thought that everything was very private.  In one way I had gained something I had not had and that was sex.  Even though I could not decide what I sort of sex nor with whom, at least I got off without using my own hand.  The price I paid for this was that I lost both my pubes and my privacy.  I also found something strange in that when I did fantasize I now thought about girls being in charge or strong and powerful young men taking me.

Somehow the folks realized that things were different.  They said that Rose and I must be growing up since we fought less and got along better.  They also felt that my behavior was better.  Although I couldn't give any reason for this, Rose suggested that she had been guiding me when she could.  That lead to questions and I gradually admitted that she was in charge when we were alone.  "It sorta of works out better that way." I said lamely.

It was a couple of days later that the proclamation came down.  "Rose is in charge of you Nick."  I objected but it did not do me any good.  "She been guiding you and you have be doing better and have not complained." they explained.  "With Rose in charge, you won't have those nasty conflict that other boys your age have with their parents.  She understands that she must be reasonable but you must do as she tells you.  Being in charge naturally includes the authority and power to discipline you."  I was devastated.

I went off to my room, lay down on the bed and cried.  Rose came in a few minutes later and comforted me.  She promised to be both fair and reasonable and said that it would be easier not having to hide things from the 'rents and that she'd do her very best to avoid embarrassing me in public.  She would only tell the six people that knew how she had taken control of me and who have kept their months closed about for months.  She gave me a hug.  I did calm down a lot and then she opened my pants and started to play with me.  I immediately got lost in that pleasure place that I yearned to be taken to so much.  When I had recovered from exploding, I asked that I be allowed to keep my hair.  She was so definite that I wouldn't I did not even beg as she explained she wanted that every time I touched myself to play or pee, I would be reminded that she was in charge.  "Everyone will just think that you are a late developer, Nicky."

"I think you'll like that Dad won't be taking over his lap in the living room letting anyone see that you are spanked like a little boy.  Likewise, Mom won't be taking her hairbrush to your cute buns."  I agreed that was an improvement.  "From now on you'll get spanked in private, usually here by me but not always."  That was a little improvement.  "But I might ask Uncle Tony, Uncle Zane or Uncle Lane to spank you since they are stronger."  I cringed twice at that especially when she called them 'uncles'.  Of course, they had spanked me already.

"And you may expect that your aunts will also make you feel great by playing with your little pee-pee like I just did and your uncles will make you feel good inside in ways we women can't.  All you have to remember is to do as you're told including school work and chores and everything will be good."

Reality struck less than a week later.  Mom complained that I had forgotten to take out the garbage and now it would stink for a week in plastic bags by the garage.  At first I thought that Dad would spank me after dinner but when Rose and I were finished with the after dinner chores she led me upstairs to my bedroom.  In the privacy of my bedroom I got a lecture from my little, but very much in charge, sister that singed my ears.  Then she stripped me and sat on my bed and pulled me over her lap.  I got a few hand spanks and then suddenly a burst of fire.  I yelled from that whack with a hairbrush.  In just a few minutes I was bawling like a little eight-year-old boy getting a spanking from his mommy.  And that exactly how I felt.  I cried for a long time and each tear made my respect for my little sister grow.  She took me to the bathroom to pee and then put me to bed.  I was well and truly convinced that she was in charge and I had better do as she says.

The End

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