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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of collegiate paddling and sex. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop reading now.

In "Bound and Gagged" #72 there is a picture (described in the story) by Titus with the challenge to explain what is happening.

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Caught Pledge


Jason was worried about his little brother, Kris.  The Pledge Master had given him a task: Get into the rival Sigma Mu's house and get a photo of their trophy shelf.  Kris had left about three and it now was after six; he should have been back at least an hour ago.  Jason was trying to do some research on the web when the new mail icon popped up.  Almost with a reflex action he clicked the icon and the mail window opened up.  The new item was: HELP! and it was from Kris.  Quickly he opened it and read:

Big Brother Jason,

Help!  Please help!!  The SIGMA MU's have caught me.

They say I'll be the hit of tonight's party if _you_ don't get here ASAP and alone.  Please, Sir, bring both your paddle and mine.

Please, Sir, hurry.© YLeeCoyote

Your Little Brother Kris.

P.S.  They say they will attach a picture of me and then send it themselves.

With dread, Jason clicked on the attachment and the picture opened.  His dear little bro was bent over with his neck locked into wooden frame like a pillory, wrists chained,  hands resting on a wooden stool under his chest, his legs spread with his ankles chained to stakes and a bucket tied to his ball sack.  He recognized the butt hole he had oft filled and the checks he had oft paddled.

There was little doubt what sort of party was in store with the SM's hanging in the picture.  One had a paddle and another was feeling his hard dick through his jeans.

He hoped that the SM's would be honorable and let him have his Little Bro back – unhurt.  He put on his own Xi Xi Xi T-shirt, tight jeans and boots.  Picking up the two paddles he went to save Kris.

He was meet by the SM's pledge master, Chuck.  When they entered the basement, he saw that Kris had had his head shaved but he looked OK otherwise.

Kris, as he had been instructed, spoke: "Thank you, Big Brother for coming to rescue me.  Please paddle me for failing."

Chuck then spoke: "The boy is right and it is your job to do it.  But you really should strip down so that you don't mess up your clothes."  Chuck was smirking.  Jason did not see anyway out – the SM's were calling the shots.  He stripped, exposing his body, and picked up Kris' paddle.  He would have preferred to do his back in their own house but it was better that he paddled Kris rather than that the SM's do it.

He swung the paddle at his little bro's butt and it connected with a resounding WHACK.

"Thank you, Sir.  May I have another, Sir." responded Kris automatically.

This was repeated for a while and after each swat, the SM's each dropped a coin into the bucket tied to Kris' ball sack painfully stressing it.  By the time that Chuck indicated that it was enough, Jason, like all of the guys there, was sporting a massive hard-on.  He was thinking that when he got back, Kris would get a royal grade fucking.  Chuck had his own ideas about that.  "Jason," he said smirking, "You need to take care of that", pointing at Jason's hard rod.  And the way your boy's hole is twitching I can see that he needs it also."  Jason could only see one way out and that was in.  He stepped forward and drove his shaft into the hole it knew well.  As he started to thrust back and forth, Chuck commanded: "FREEZE!" and then "You are the cause of this trouble for not keeping your boy home."

With that he picked up Jason's own paddle and gave him a hard WHACK.  Jason knew he was in for a session and that protocol required him to say: "Thank you, Sir.  May I have another, Sir." just as Kris had done.

Then each of the SM's around did the same for three rounds by which time Jason had shot his load into his little bro.  Just as he was about to get up, Jason found that he was grabbed by several of the SM'ers and his wrists tied.  The wrist straps were hooked to a rope and soon he was pulled to a standing position with his hand held high above him.  He was also pulled back so that he was not in contact with Kris and his ankles tied to stakes.  He was now physically helpless and at the mercy of the SM's.

"The punishment for trespass is the lost of head and body hair.  As you saw we have already shaved your boy's head but you had already done his body.  Therefore, you shall pay that part of the price." stated Chuck firmly.  With that one of the SM guys stepped forward and turned on the barber clipper he held.  Without a word, but a big smile, he easily removed Jason's left armpit hair.  Another guy then did the same to the right armpit.

Jason did not have any chest hair but he was proud of his big bush which has regrown so luxuriantly since he had been shaved as a pledge.  Chuck then took the clippers and slowly and carefully extracted the price of trespass.  Finally another SM guy carefully covered the clipped area with a depilatory happily stating: "We don't want any stubble, do we?"  After twenty minutes of razing, the vicious cream was washed off and the XXX guys were untied.

Jason, now as hairless as boy, was allowed to dress but the SM's tied Kris' hands behind his back and put a rope about his neck with a three-foot end to use as a leash.  Giving the end to Jason, Chuck roared: "Take your whelp home and keep him there."

As they were going out Kris whispered to Jason that he still needed a photo.  Chuck overheard the requests and laughed and took one of the two in the trophy room.

The Pledge Master thought that it was so good, that it went on the bulletin board for the rest of the year.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 30, 1999

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