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The following story is fiction about a girl spanking a boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired by the drawing which I found on the web without any attribution or artist’s reference.  The drawing shouted out for a story.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Caught and Spanked


PAIN!  That was the entire universe for Marvin at this time.  The sudden and complete transformation occurred just a few short minutes ago and was continuing at a high level.

At this instant Sharon was dragging Marvin by the ear and he was barely keeping up with the angry girl as she headed for…well she had not said but he had to keep up with her as his ear was doing so without any difficultly.  Several things were certain starting with that Sharon was one very determined girl and that she had blistering plans for Marvin.  The unfortunate boy knew that and was not happy about it.  He did not like the way he was being dragged with his red-hot behind and teary face in additional to his genitals on public display but he had to keep up with his ear.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a wonderful day when Marvin had gotten up several hours ago.  It was especially great because it was NOT a school day so he could get out and enjoy it.  Even his chores were minimal for the day and he had quickly dealt with them.  Even he was surprised, albeit pleasantly, that he completed them so rapidly.  He got an early start to the park.

It would prove most unfortunately that today Marvin took the back route so as to avoid the speeding autos with their noise and stink on the main streets which took him past the back of the city swimming pool.  Normally that would not have been a problem but this day there was an inverted street trash receptacle and a crate right up against the fence.  “There must be something interesting on the other side.” thought Marvin and immediately climbed up to see using the strategically placed crate as a stepping block.  This would soon prove to be a very bad choice.© YLeeCoyote

Indeed it was interesting.  Extremely interesting to a tween boy.  It was a female only area which was an extension for the female locker room.  Before Marvin could really enjoy the view actually in concept rather than in distant details he was confronted by Sharon.  “GET DOWN FROM THERE INSTANTLY, YOU NAUGHTY PERVERT!”  He turned and saw the assertive girl.  He knew Sharon from school for they were in the same sixth grade class.  She was Top Dog there and even the toughest boys tread lightly about her although they were known to bully others.

Nervous, and truth be told, even a bit scared he clambered down.  Instantly Sharon grabbed his ear so hard that he thought that she had talons rather than fingers.  And she began a long lecture – one might even say a harangue – about his horrid, shameful, disgusting and even sinful behavior.  Marvin could not say anything because of the pain in his ears (of two kinds).  Sharon sat down on the crate which caused Marvin to bend over.  She released his ear and quickly yanked his shorts down to his ankles.

In a flash he was bare-assed over her lap.  She pressed down with her left hand in the middle of his back and started spanking with her right hand.  She spanked hard and fast.  He howled in response as his tail was turning red.  He put a hand back to try to protect his tail but she grabbed it and forced it to his neck making any additional resistance even more difficult.  Soon, adding addition shame, he was crying.

The wonderful day was being transformed into one of terror and horror.  His parents had not spanked him in years and never as hard nor as fast as Sharon was doing and certainly never in public.  And now he was crying from her spanking and no longer resisting her.  He felt like he was a little boy being spanked by his big mean babysitter but the truth was very different for Sharon was not a babysitter and they were the same age.  He was very ashamed.

Sharon stopped spanking but he continued to cry.  She got them both up and once again grabbed his ear and this time lead him away from the scene of the crime.  All he could articulate was a plaintive “Please….” without any details.  She just pulled him along.

It seemed like hours that his ear was being pulled from his head as he cried before she said “I’m not finished with you yet.” which chilled his heart more than his bottom had been roasted.  With his shorts about his ankles it was hard to keep up and that along with the pain in his butt was all that he could think about.

Marvin did not even anticipate being dragged into the park until it happened.  It was still very early but not so early so that there were others about to see and laugh at the errant boy.  He could not imagine where she was dragging him to.

Marvin soon learnt where when she released his ear only to push him down on a table commanding “Stay, boy!”  She picked up a ping-pong paddle and began to swat his already hot-red bottom once again.  Marvin resumed howling again effectively telling her that she was being effective and thus doing it right.  So encouraged she continued until he was bawling loudly.

Eventually she stopped paddling Marvin and resumed dragging him. This time it was but a few steps to the games’ building and parked him facing the wall next to a chalk board.  She wrote on the board “WELL-SPANKED PEEPING TOM.”

In the half-hour he stood there with his nose at the wall, he heard many disparaging comments that made him resolve never again to peek over a fence.  A few even agreed that he had been well spanked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 27, 2021

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