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Young Woman Overtaken by a Storm (1799) by Chevalier Féréol de Bonnemaison is a painting in the Brooklyn Museum of Art at  It shows a young lady in a very skimpy, diaphanous silk shawl huddled up against a tree, the wind blowing her shawl about.  She's already chilly and the rain has yet to come.  Did she go out this way or disrobe for a picnic?  I don't know.  Why is she alone?  Again, I don't know.  The shawl is less than 3 by 4 foot.  In any case, I've woven a fantasy about this painting.

This story is fiction and deals with the spanking of a young lady.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Caught in the Storm


It was a fine summer day.  Even though the sun had risen only a couple of hours before it was already hot.  Juliana had a serious case of what we would call cabin fever and snuck out of the manor house into the garden.  For a change she would be alone without fawning maidservants who kept her roasting inside long gowns and from breathing with tight corsets.  It felt ever so wonderful to be outside in the garden just in her gossamer shawl.  The flowers were ever so fragrant; the grass so soft underfoot; how deliciously naughty and nice it was.  Even outside the formal garden was beautiful and delightful.

Juliana wandered further away from the manor house.  The garden seemed to go on forever.  The garden was part of the manor house's large estate so she did not worry about anything.  Occasionally, she saw a workman, presumably a gardener, so she ran so that she would not be seen.  She did not realize it, but she was getting further and further away from the manor house.  The estate was not flat and because she had crossed over a couple of hillocks she no longer could see the manor house.

Juliana saw the forest and it intrigued her.  She had ridden through it in a carriage protected by grooms and footmen but never had she actually touched it.  She went to its edge and studied the trees.  How very different from the ones near the manor house.  These were twisted and not in straight lines.  There wasn't any green grass about them either.  She went into the forest.  It was cooler and darker under the trees.  The myriad of scents was a new experience; there was not a stinky team and crew to spoil it.  She heard the bubbling of a brook and went to investigate.  The water was every so pretty flashing in the sunlight and cascading over the stones.

Soon Juliana was hungry and decided that she should return for breakfast.  She started and walked a little way.  Then she realized that she did not know which way to go.  It got dark even though it was the middle of the day.  The wind got stronger.  The temperature was dropping.  A storm was approaching.  She was scared.  She huddled by a tree.  She wrapped the flimsy shawl tightly about herself (not that it offered any protection or warmth).  She expected a wild beast to come and devour her like in the fairy tales told by her nanny.

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Back at the manor house, her maid had gone to her room to dress her for breakfast at the appointed time.  She was shocked that Juliana was not in her room, much less her bed at such an early hour.  She called a few times, searched the entire suite and then, panicked, sought out the upstairs maid, who, in turn, searched and sought out the housekeeper, who sought out the butler.  Juliana was not to be found in the house.  The butler reported to the Mistress that her daughter was missing.  That the young miss was missing was soon known throughout the manor house.  "Have you seen Miss. Juliana?" was the question on everyone's lips.

One of the servant boys reported that he had seen her in the distance.  "I did not stop to watch her for I had the vegetables to deliver.  I saw her on the top of a hillock and hurried on with my duties.  I assumed her maids were on the other slope and it isn't my place to question nor gossip, Sir."

"That's will be all, lad.  You did not do any thing wrong." the butler told him.  "Return to your duties."

The butler reported to the Young Master as the Master was away.  The searchers went out within the half hour.  The Young Master in charge was Juliana's second oldest brother assisted by the next inline and accompanied by the hunt master and several of the manservants that could ride.  Juliana's youngest brother,  Alain, was only fifteen.  His older brothers told him to stay at the house – search was man's work and not for mere boys.  This did not sit well with the almost sixteen year old who knew that he was better than his older brothers in every way and that it was only because they were older and bigger that they beat him.  After they had ridden away, he fetched his horn and took his horse from the stable.  None of the stable boys would dare to stop him and the older servants were all gone.  He did not even bother with a saddle as he liked to ride bareback.

The stable boys watched him ride off.  They were puzzled for he did not follow the others.  All they cared about was that when everyone returned from riding in the storm, that there would be much work, extra work, to do – grooming the horses and fixing the lawn; polishing boots and saddles.  The gardener was going to be furious when he saw the damage the horses did galloping on the wet grounds.

Alain had his own ideas.  If he was wrong, then his brothers would quickly find his sister and bring her home.  But if they were wrong, then she was lost in the forest and that is where he was going.  That his horse was smaller would be an asset in the forest.  He headed to where the servant boy had spotted Juliana using the path the boy had.  Although this route was less direct it was flat and firm so faster.  When he got there he did not see any of the search party.  He headed into the forest.  He knew the forest well; for many years he loved to play in it.  Now he could only walk the horse.  He called his sister's name repeatedly hoping she would answer.  After a long hour he found her; wet and shivering with cold.  She was naked for the storm had ripped her shawl from her grip.

Alain placed her over the horse's back, like she was a sack of grain, and headed to a trail nearby.  He then mounted his steed and rode out of the forest.  He repeatedly blew the horn to signal that she was found even as he headed back to the manor house as quickly as he could.  Juliana tried to get up but he ordered her to be still.  "We can go fastest this way." he told her.  He signaled repeatedly with the horn and finally got a response.  As he rode the path he looked back and could see his brothers' party.  There was not any reason to stop so he kept going.  Warmth and succor awaited her only at the manor house.

He blew his horn as he approached the manor house.  By the time he rode up, his mother, a couple of sisters and maids with towels and blankets were on the porch.  When he stopped, his mother dashed to the girl's head.  "She's OK, Mother;" he stated calmly; almost coldly, "although chilled to the bone from the storm."

Mother finished her inspection and exchanged a few words with her errant daughter.  Alain was about to lift her off the horse into the care of the maids when Mother spoke.  "Warm her derrière, Alain."

Although Alain was surprised, he didn't waste any time in doing this pleasant filial duty.  He raised his hand and brought it down hard on his sister's bottom.  Draped over the withers, Juliana could not do anything but accept each and every SPANK cheerfully delivered by her kid brother under their mother's direction.  And he gave her many hard SPANKS as their mother, their siblings and the entire household watched.  Although she worried about the audience at first, she soon just worried about the fire in her bottom which quickly put a glow to her checks and warmed her.  She yelled in pain between the sobs; tears dripped from her face.

Alain was enjoying spanking his sister.  He loved seeing how his hand left first its clear print and then how they merged into an overall pink, then red, blur.  He loved how her bottom was getting hotter with each and every spank.  He loved how her bottom flexed under his hand.  At least for the nonce he was not the little boy subject to the whims of his older brothers nor even to the teasing and taunting of his older sister for now he was putting her in her place.  He was, at least now, respected for having rescued his sister and bringing her home.  Eventually Mother ordered Alain to stop and the maids took the crying girl away.

At dinner, Father praised Alain for his cleverness and success.  He could tell that his brothers were unhappy with how the happy outcome had occurred but they could not do anything about it.  He had succeeded, rather then they, in this important mission and it would be remembered by their father for many years.

When Juliana complained that he spanked so hard, he pointed out that his larger and stronger brothers would have used the riding crops they carried so she should be glad that it was he, not them, who brought her home.  Beside they would not have found until another day – if the wolves did not first.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., November 5, 2006

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