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The following story is fiction about a youth dominated by three younger girls.  The story contains scenes of spanking, switching and sexual play.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Caught in the Woods


I was a very curious boy when I was fourteen.  You can guess what I was most curious about.  I had heard that girls would often skinny dip in the woods so on a hot day I hiked into the woods where I could see the swimming hole and the mermaids.  I was not disappointed although at the distance they were I could not see much detail.  I could definitely verify that the bodies were naked mid-teen girls but, alas, no real details.  They had tits and pubes but it was actually more interesting at the town pool where, although covered, there was clearer detail.

I was kneeling and looking through the bushes when suddenly I was grabbed about both ankles and quickly pulled a couple of ​yards​ (​meters​).  When I was yanked backwards, I fell forward on my face.  “Don’t try to run for you’re tied to the trees, boy.” they said when they dropped my ankles.  I rolled over and sat up and saw that it was a bevy of three twelve-year-old girls who had attacked me and that there was a rope tied about each of my ankles and fastened to trees.  They had used a hangman’s knot so they could just pull it tight in seconds but slow to loosen.  It was, to say the least, a very scary situation for I certainly could not run away from them.

“You have been a very, very naughty little boy spying on those ladies swimming.” said one angrily.

“You need to be punished, boy.  Punished severely!” snarled another.

“There was nothing to see.  They are too far away.” I pleaded.© YLeeCoyote

“That does not matter for you were trying.  Perving is a serious crime.” I was told in no uncertain terms by three indignant females.

“There are three options, boy.  We can take you to the police and let the courts deal with you.  Or we can take you to the proper young ladies who you were perving on.”  She paused a bit making me worry more.  “Or we can punish you ourselves.  What will it be, boy?”

Obviously, I did not like any of the options.  “You can’t do any of that.” I insisted.

“Of course we can.  How can it be wrong to take you to the police?  They know how to deal with scum like you.  They’ll probably bust your worthless balls so you won’t want to do it again.  The gangs in the reformatory will probably simply love you so you won’t need them.”  I shuddered at the mere thought of what might happen.

“Please not the police.  Please.”  I begged truly scared.  “Please.”

“What do you think those girls will do?” asked one of the others.

“They’ll be very pissed and will want to practice kneeing a pervert in the nuts to discourage him.  Maybe they will hold you under the water until you think you have drowned.”

“And repeat it several times.” added another laughing diabolically.

“If they are a gang’s girls then they will have their boyfriends mess you up.” opined the first.

This was even worse than the cops.  “No, no, no not that, please.  I’m begging you.” I pleaded practically crying and having fallen to my knees.

“I saw what my father did to my big brother for peeping at our neighbor sunbathing in her yard.  He had the reddest bottom I ever saw.  That will be one of the things.” said one with a big smile.

“You can help us with our body studies which we were planning to do.” added the second.

“Well, you’re not whining at the third option so we take it as you will submit to our punishment, boy.”

“Yes.” I said very reluctantly.

“That’s ‘Yes, Miss.’ boy.”  I was told sharply.

“Yes, Miss.” I repeated dutifully.

“Dad ordered my naughty brother to strip so that what you are going to do, boy.  Take off your T-shirt and your sneakers and socks.” the first ordered.

“Yes, Miss.” I said.  I felt strange obeying a girl especially a younger one yet it was exciting.  It was not very long before the next order.

“And now your shorts and undies, boy.”

“Yes, Miss.” I said unbuttoning them and slipping them down to the ropes securely tied about my ankles.  My mind was spinning like a top not knowing if I should be excited because of being naked with girls or petrified at what these same bossy girls might do. It even made me recalled a babysitter I had who was very exciting and extremely bossy who often spanked me.

“Hands on your head.  We want to look at you, boy.”  And look they did for at least five minutes concentrating on my junk as you would expect and they used their hands as much as their eyes.  As embarrassed as I was, it still was erotically exciting and I quickly got hard.  They were very excited, certainly generally and maybe erotically.  I heard this strange remark: “We not going to need that cucumber.”

As I stood naked with my hands on my head they had a private discussion to work things out.  I was quickly ordered to assume the position – bent over with my hands on my knees and my butt out and up.  One of them was hitting her hand with my sneaker gently.  Seconds later I felt that sneaker on my butt but not gently.  It landed with great force.  I managed to suppress the first yell.

Over and over that girl raised and swung that slipper onto my butt.  After a few swats I knew that I was being spanked for real as I was sobbing.  The slippering came to an end I was ordered back into the hands on head position.  I wish I could have rubbed my aching bottom and do a spanking dance but both were prohibited.

“Now for the switching, boy.  I found a perfect one without any trouble.” said one of the girls.  She held it up in front of me and gave it a few swings.  “What do you think of it, boy?”

I really did not know what to say.  Perhaps that it would be perfect to punish a naughty boy.  It seemed fearsome and I hadn’t even felt it on my already painful ass.  “It is awesome, Miss.” I said hoping that would satisfy them.

I guess that did it for I was ordered to assume the position again and Ms. Switch swung into action on my hot bottom.  Seconds later I knew it was more than up to the task to make me sorry for my actions and to howl.  Over and over it bit into my tender flesh not only on my butt but also my thighs.  Again it was sufficiently painful that I was crying.

She stopped and I was allowed not only to stand but to rub.  The pain remained but it was worth the try.  After a few minutes I heard: “Time for your OTK spanking, boy.”  I quickly found out that I was to lie over her lap as she sat on the ground.  Once I was in position the other two held my wrists and ankles while the spanker caressed my already red ass.

I was not prepared for the pain from her first spank and I yelled.  They all laughed and she administrated another spank with the same results.  I was ashamed to react like a little boy since it was only a little girl spanking me but I could not help myself as it hurt terribly.  It got worse as she spanked and spanked.  I was sobbing loudly in short order.

Then she changed to her hairbrush and after two hard whacks I was crying full out and in short order I was blubbering.  She had pushed me over the edge and turned me back into a little boy.  I had to believe it and it was absolutely devastating.  That terrible fact stuck with me when she stopped.

They rolled me off her lap and I just lay there.  I’m not sure if I was unable to do anything or just afraid to try.  I hoped that they were finished spanking me.

* * * * * * * * * *

They started the in-depth examination of my body.  I was completely at their mercy for I was both physically and emotionally limp.  I quickly learnt that they had come into the woods to work together to understand about the body.  They had several books and now I was going to be a real live model.

Their reference material had drawings and they began comparing me with that.  They examined me from crown to soles very carefully peering into every orifice.  I felt like a puppy at the vets hardly knowing what was happening.  I was surprised and confused that they were so through rather than just doing my male bits.  They even had a ruler and measured me.  Happily I passed muster.

Once they were studying my crotch they were super through even measuring everything.  They even put a condom on me and tested how sensitive my balls were.  (Now I understood about the cucumber.)  They were happy that I was average size for my age according to their references and had a small bush.  Then came the big study for they jerked me off.  They talked about precum and seamen and were most delighted when I provided samples.  I will confess that they were the first girls to handle my cock since I was a baby.  That was, naturally, most exciting.

They made me get on my knees with my butt up and studied my butt hole.  This was not a surprise.  I would never have expected it but they even examined my prostate which my doctor had never done.  They were hesitant at first but then realized they could use a condom to keep clean.  They used some water as a lube and ordered me to help by trying to shit.

They were delighted that I got another erection when they stroked my love nut.  Truth be told, that was new for me also.  By the time the third one got to it, I was responding very well to the stimulation and actually cummed again to their delight.  That felt very different.

They were very gentle during the study of my body never hurting me like they did when they spanked me.  They kept saying sweet things like “Good Boy.” which turned out to be mind fucking for by the time they were finished I was their obedient and docile toy although I did not know it yet.  Saying “Yes, Miss.” in response to every order had became natural.  I quickly realized that they were right to take change and punish me for my naughty behavior and it was proper that they examined me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 28, 2021

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