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The following story is fiction about a coupe of unemployed guys who start a business to provide discipline services to parents in need of support.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and caning.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Center for Behavior Modification, LLC


Misters Marc Mandel and Felix Hurdley were both college graduates in their mid-twenties, yet unemployed.  Sitting in a local bar they were talking while crying in their beers about their miserable state.  It was not a new conversation and they come to the conclusion, as always, that their problems would go away if they were employed.  Essentially, this reduced their problems to just one – money.  Since they could not find employment, they decided that they would form a business.  That idea was excellent except they did not know what sort of business nor did they have very much capitol to invest.

Two hours later, their brains well oiled by several more beers they came up with the idea. The Center for Behavior Modification, LLC would provide the traditional (NOT old fashioned, if you please) corporal punishment that parents could, or more likely, would not provide for their children.  It was clear that such a service was needed for the many adolescents who were running wild.  They figured that single mothers would be especially happy to use the service for their larger adolescent boys.

They placed a small (limited by the cost) ad in the local paper and put up notices in many supermarkets.  In their semi-finished basement they set up a small waiting area and the main discipline room equipped with more than a dozen implements discretely stowed in a desk.  It conveniently had a private entrance and the area was zoned for in home professional business.

* * * * * * * * * *

Their first client was Mrs. Kerns who brought her eleven-year-old son, Tommy, in for treatment.  It was a classic case.  "I'm losing control of the boy.  He thinks he is too old to be spanked by a woman because is a 'man'.  Unfortunately his father is gone."© YLeeCoyote

Tommy was surprised by the little room that Mr. Mandel took him into.  It was different than other places he had been in.  It was most Spartan and traditionally masculine with a desk and chairs but except for something covered with a rough blanket and a couple of pictures, it was pretty bare.  He was told to sit in the big chair while Mr. Mandel sat behind the desk.  Mr. Mandel quickly got the conversation around to his conduct and even though he tried not to the lad kept admitting to misconduct.

Soon he acknowledged that if he had a father he surely would have been spanked like several of his friends had been many times.  "Thomas Oliver Kerns you have been a very naughty boy.  It is time for you to be spanked." said Marc as he got up and sat on the simple chair (which had been dubbed the 'spanking chair') and continued: "Over here please and we can take care of this quickly."  The boy was too surprised not to obey, rose and stepped over to Mr. Mandel who grabbed the boy's belt and opened it and quickly repeated the action with his pants.  The boy's underpants and pants were immediately yanked down before he could object.

"You can't do this." he yelled as he was flipped over Mr. Mandel's lap and clamped into place by the much stronger man.  A few hard and rapid spanks from the man immediately convinced him that he was wrong and put him on the track of understanding how his friends had been spanked and why none of them liked it.  As the spanks continued to rain down upon his fully exposed butt, the pain level kept rising and soon his objections turned into sobs and then he was crying.

Mr. Mandel stopped his spanking and raised up the crying boy.  He lead him into he waiting room and parked him in the corner.  Tommy did not realize that he was being watched by his mother as he sobbed.  Mrs. Kerns let her son stay in the corner even after he stopped crying for a while and then called him.  He was too busy wiping his tears from his face to realize that his privates were on display to his mother.  He was glad to have his pants pulled up but really would have been far happier to have done it himself rather than his mother doing it for as she did she looked directly at his privates.

"I hope that I don't have to bring you back here for another spanking, Tommy."

"Yes, Mother." replied Tommy still trying to cope with the much harsher chastisement than he was used to but already realizing that he did not want to return.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Come along boy." was what Mr. Hurdley heard as the door was opened and two people entered the waiting room.  The tone was angry and he could see on the security camera monitor that an angry man was dragging in a sixteen-year-old boy.  It surely was Mr. Jenkin and his son Stanley he decided after examining the appointment list.  He let them wait for a few minutes for as he expected the boy was ranting about being there.

"QUIET, BOY!" he snapped most authoritatively, doing his best to sound like his own father had in his drill sergeant mode when he was a boy.  "That is more than enough of that."  Being spoken to so sharply unnerved the lad and he fell silent.  "Into that corner now, boy!" he barked pointing while he had the advantage.  After a quick conversation with the man, he ordered the boy into the punishment room.

"You are here to be punished for your terrible behavior and all." he said.  "Your father has told you many times of your transgressions so I will not bore you by repeating the disgusting details.  Get your pants down and bend over that spanking bench immediately."  He could see that the boy wanted to speak so he barked: "IMMEDIATELY or you will get double."  The boy was quite intimidated just as he wanted.  Here was a man who was stronger and far more forceful than he was; not a shameful Milquetoast like his father.

Mr. Hurdley admired the tight muscular butt that was now in position for his heavy tawse.  This was a young man skirting the edge of legality and at great risk of incarceration.  "DO NOT GET UP, boy.  If you do you will get extras."  He raised his arm and brought the heavy three-tailed tawse down on the target as hard as he could.  The boy screamed and jumped up.  "Back into position, pussy boy, or we shall start again."

Somewhat slowly the boy resumed his position and the tawse kissed it once again just as hard as the first time.  He screamed again but as he was better prepared for the searing pain he managed to keep his position.  When Mr. Hurdley decided it was sufficient, the boy was transformed.  He was no longer the cocky bully he was when he entered just a half hour before.  With tears and snot on his face and his fiery red ass ablaze he was a subdued little boy.  His father lead the sobbing transformed boy, who had just learnt that he was not top dog, away.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Do you do caning?" was the question that the caller asked immediately.  "Good traditional UK public school caning?" he specified.  It was not a usual question but Mr. Mandel had been in Britain for his junior year abroad and had learnt that skill from esteemed member of a top London SM club.

"I'm most delighted to hear that." said the most pleased caller.  "I have used my hand, belts, paddle and even a few switches but, unfortunately, they have not been effective to insure proper behavior.  I feel that a visit to a headmaster with a heavy senior cane might be effective.  Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary experience or even a cane." he explained.

Mr. Mandel was quick to assure Mr. Bolton that they most certainly did provide such a service and explained that he had learnt from experts in one of London's most exclusive clubs.  Since this service was not on the fee schedule, they had to discuss the charge before the appointment was made.

It wasn't exactly what Mr. Mandel expected when he entered the waiting room for standing with his nose to the wall was tall boy in a traditional British school boy uniform complete with beanie and short grey trousers while sitting and reading a book was young man of fourteen also in a school uniform but with a prefect's badge, long trousers and, of course, without a beanie.  Mr. Mandel was glad that he had thought to wear the old academic robe he had for costume parties.  The prefect stood up and politely greeting him as Headmaster.  "Stay there while I discuss for terrible misbehavior with the Head, boy." he added obviously indicating it was time for some private discussion.

Mr. Mandel quickly learnt that the errant student was the prefect's bio-father and it was the son who was in charge of the household.  His father had spent some of his formative years in the UK and needed a proper caning which the youth did not know how to do properly.  It was agreed that a dozen of the best with a double gate was to be the punishment.

"Bolton, get in here, immediately" Headmaster Mandel called and the forty-year-old boy rushed into the head's study and stood at attention in front of the desk while staring at the floor and holding his beanie in his hand.  "Your conduct and performance are a disgrace, Bolton.  It has been decided that you are to get twelve cuts of the senior cane well laid on.  Remove your blazer and hang it up.  Then drop your trousers and pants.  Bend over the desk and grip the sides.  Do NOT get up until instructed."  As he gave the instructions, he noticed that the 'boy' appropriately did not have pubic hair.

While he got into position, the naughty boy heard the fearful swishes as the Head made several practice swings with the heavy cane.  He gripped the desk tightly in anticipation of the hard and painful cuts like those he recalled from many years ago when he had been in Britain.  The cane bit into his butt with great vengeance just like it had in the past.  The first tram line was forming as the second cut landed just a mite below the first leaving room for the others.  Prefect Bolton was watching closely and was delighted to see the marks forming and his errant father's reaction to the pain.  As cut after cut landed on Bolton's bottom the tram lines spread to cover the his bottom from top to bottom.  The howls were loud from the extreme pain.

The boy had gotten lost in the pain but the Head had kept careful count.  He placed the eleventh cut at an angle so that it crossed the others from bottom left to top right.  This was particularly painful and the boy's reaction showed it.  The final one was also placed at an angle but the reverse of the previous one to finish the double gate.  The well trashed boy was sent back to stand at the wall until the satisfied prefect decided that they should return home.

Mr. Mandel was also satisfied.  Any requests for caning was unusual and especially so for such a hard trashing.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mr. Hurdley was expecting Mrs. Carnell and her fifteen-year-old son, Mark for his next appointment.  This was a repeat client but Mrs. Carnell was not in the waiting room although Mark was.  "Mother could not make the appointment so I've brought my, er, delinquent brother for his straping." said the young lady who suppressed a harsher adjective to describ her brother.  "I've brought a note."

The note explained that she [Mrs. Carnell] had to attend to another task and she had put Ruth in charge to see that Mark got his well-deserved strapping.  It was clear that the girl was a couple of years younger than her brother.  Since all the necessary paper work had been taken care of previously, Mr. Hurdley decided to proceed.  "Strip, Mark, and get over the spanking bar." he ordered and proceeded to follow the boy into the discipline room.  Ruth followed definitely sporting a big grin.

"Make her wait outside." Mark demanded.

Before Mr. Hurdley could berate the boy for his tone and lack of manners, Ruth responded.  "Mother said 'To SEE you strapped' and that is what I'm going to do, young man.  Beside I've seen your little pee-pee many times and you have nothing worth talking about."  The boy's heavy sigh and his silence indicated that she had put him in his place.  A minute later he was naked and bent over the blanket-covered bar.

Just to be sure, Mr. Hurdley asked if he knew why he was being punished and received a grunt for a reply.  With an bad attitude like that Mark was going to get the maximum he could deliver.  Mr. Hurdley selected the extra heavy strap and got into position.  He took careful aim and swung hard.  He was delighted that Mark screamed.  Perhaps this would drive some sense into the boy where talking had failed.

Mr. Hurdley used all his skill and tricks to maximize to pain of the strapping.  He kept to a small area to deliver deep pain while waiting the precise time between the strokes.  As Mark jumped up a couple of times he was able to add three addition swings.  He was sure that the boy would remember this strapping for a very long time and behave properly.  Mark was on the verge of crying when he stopped.  He added some corner time in the waiting room.

Mark did not show his usual cockiness as he went to the corner.  Ruth said she would report what a wonderful strapping her naughty brother had gotten and was certain that their mother would be very satisfied.

Mr. Hurdley was pleased that the customer's expectations were met.

* * * * * * * * * *

After operating for six months Misters Mandel and Hurdley realized that they had a very successful business and started considering expansion.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 16, 2016

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