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The following story is fiction about a youth who knows that poor grades mean a strapping from Dad.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Chadwick Must Deal with the Strap


Chadwick J. Rowen was not a happy lad.  The midterm grades had been posted and he knew that his parents would not be pleased.  There had been a letter home from the school warning about potential failures.  After that there had been talk of the strap.  It had only been talk because the promises of more and diligent study and less partying had been made.  Unfortunately, the midterm grades showed that those promises had not been kept.  The 'strap talk' would be 'strap action' this time.  Chad knew that there was not any way to avoid it.  A hot red butt would be the result

Chad was very familiar with such hot red butts for both Riley, his older brother, and he had experienced the unpleasant discussions with (not just talk of) the feared strap.  His head was filled with vivid memories of the strap.  The first was from more then two years ago.  Riley had been playing ball in the front yard and got the attention of their father when the ball hit the front of the house.  Riley had been immediately summoned while his friend was told that he was going to be punished for breaking the rules and might wait although Riley was not likely to want to continue the play after his discussion with the strap.  Chad was also summoned as the policy was that the brothers were required to witness the other's punishments.

In the privacy of their bedroom the ritual between a man and his sons took place.  Riley was very nervous as was to be expected.  Chad was told that if he remembered the protocol when his first time for the strap came, he would be rewarded with one cut less.  The first step was that the miscreant would have to agree that the 'crime' had been committed and the punishment warranted.  The second step was to strip completely.  The third, to assume the position.  The miscreant was allowed to select just bending over with hands on knees or furniture, bending over the chair or kneeling and lying on the bed.  Although in any case, he was required to stay in position for the entire punishment.

Chad then witnessed his brother's first strapping.  He got four cuts.  The strap made a loud WHACK each time leaving a stripe which quickly turned red.  Riley yelled for the first one but then their father gave him a sox to bite on and he remained quiet for the rest.  Riley was told he might get up and to carry on.  His first act was to try to rub the pain out of his hot red butt.  Chad got a cold wet washcloth and placed it on his brother's toasted tail.  He went down to tell Riley's buddy that he should split.

Chad had winced at the pain his brother was feeling and knew that in a year or two he, too, would be promoted to the strap rather than the childish OTK hand spanking method.  He had mixed feelings about that, nevertheless, that day came just as he knew it would.  Chad had discussed his option about staying with the OTK method rather than moving on to the strap.  His brother was most clear that only babies get it OTK.  Chad certainly did not want to be a baby in his big brother's eyes so, full of trepidation, he moved on to the strap.  He was twelve at the time that he stayed to see a movie a second time thus getting home late.  If he had called, permission would have been granted but he now had to pay the price for his inconsiderate forgetfulness.© YLeeCoyote

Chad had reviewed the protocol with his brother a few months earlier.  He chose to bend over a chair as Riley recommended.  Just to let him know exactly what it would feel like, Riley gave him one cut.  It hurt much more than an even a hard hand spank, but he did not feel like he wanted to cry like when he was over his father's lap.  "Yes", he agreed with Riley, "this is more manly."  Chad decided to accelerate the protocol by being ready when their father came to their room.  He immediately admitted to the crime and was ready for the punishment.  He did not remind his father of the promised one less cut as he bravely took his position over the chair.  Riley gave him a sox to bite and whispered "Be brave, Bro!"

The punishment was to be four cuts.  Each was harder than the practice one he had received from his brother but Chad managed to keep quiet by biting the sox really hard and remained in position with a tight grip on the chair.  He was relieved when Father said: "That's all, Chad." after the third cut, "You took that very well."  After their father left, Riley said he was proud of him and gave him a hug.  Chad felt good about that but the Sportscreme® Riley applied made him feel better in a more tangible way.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chad was in for a surprise when he got home.  His mom explained that his dad had to go on a business trip without warning and would not be coming home today.  She did not have to explain that this meant that the strapping would be postponed until he returned in four days.  When he went to his room, Riley was already there.  "Bro, it's a bummer that Dad's away and you have to wait for your strapping." said the unhappy boy.

"Yea, tell me about it."

"Do you think that you can catch up?


* * * * * * * * * *

It was after supper that the call to Dad was made.  There was the expected father and son discussion about responsibility, grades and the like.  Then the big question was asked.  "I don't want to wait four days for my strapping.  It is not fair."

The father agreed but did not see anyway out.  "Your Mother can not do it, so you will have to wait."

"My brother can do it," he paused and added "if you say it is OK."  Their father was quick on the response.  He took the question as a sign of maturity by his son and agreed.  He did not think that it was necessary to talk of the details for there was an implied contract in the question.

"Yes, a dozen." he said and hung up the phone.  He turned to his surprised brother.  "Yes, I want you to do it so I don't have to wait.  You know what is needed."

Chad was amazed.  He understood very well.  Riley had spanked him a couple of times when their parents were out and he was in charge.  Chad felt honored that both his father and older brother would trust him to do a proper job.

With the one exception, everything was as previously done.  This time Chad was a stand-in for his father.  He caressed the strap in a different way than ever before.  Until this moment, it was always something to be used on his or his brother's ass by their father but now he was going to swing it.  Just the thought made him feel much more grown up than his thirteen years.

He watched as Riley stripped and got into position.  He folded the strap and found the proper spot to stand so that the strap would connect most effectively with his big brother's tail.  Chad felt a strange excitement as he raised the folded strap and swung it for the first time for effect.  The report was loud.  He could hear his brother grunt into the sox he was biting on.  But most of all, he saw the red stripe form on the target because of his own actions.  He swung a second time.  The results were the same and now there were two overlapping stripes.  He realized that he did not have the control of the strap that his father had.  By the time he had finished the first six cuts, Riley's butt was uniformly red.  From his grunts, Chad knew that he was being effective. And his imprecise aim really did not matter.  He told Riley that he had a two minute break.

Riely was immediately rubbing his red hot tail.  "You hit as hard as Father, Chad."  Chad laughed at that but he was more interested in the hard rod in his jeans.  Ever since the first cut, he had been getting harder and harder.  He felt very powerful.  He had accepted a man's responsibility and was doing a man's job well.  But he had more to do.

"Back into position, Riley." he said flatly.  They both returned to their previous positions and Chad had decided that he had to continue hitting as hard as before even though Riley's tail was very hot, very red and very painful.  It was most important that he learn from his experience and concentrate on his studies.  It would be a disaster for him to fail.

He raised the strap and brought it down hard on target.  No longer could he see the stripes forming as they all had merged together.  He knew that each cut was effective because Riley was grunting very loudly but to his credit he remained in position.  As he raised the strap for the last cut, Chad thought the target was redder than he had ever seen it.  But he had decided that he would give full measure and not ease up.  Perhaps that would be kind in the short run, but it was the long term that was important.  He raised the strap and swung extra hard.  Riley yelled in pain not being able to keep his teeth clenched tightly on the sox.

Char helped his brother to lie down on his bed.  "I hope that this is never necessary again."  he said.  Riley remained silent and Chad when to the bathroom.  He needed to relieve the pressure in his groin and figured it would be cruel to do it where Riley would see.  He dropped his jeans and found that his underpants were already soaked with his gizz  He jerked off and shot another large load.  Strapping his big brother was very exciting; even more so than he had realized.  He got a washcloth and soaked it with cold water.  When he returned to the bedroom, he placed it on his big brother's flaming butt.  It did not provide much relief at all.  Chad thought that his brother had been sobbing a little.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was the next morning as they walked to school that they talked.  Riley complained that his butt still hurt from the hard strapping.  "GOOD!  It is supposed too so that you get better grades.  If you don't like it you know how to avoid it."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 12, 2009

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