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The following story is fiction and contains a scene of youth domination including spanking, shaving and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is part 2 of a series.  Click to go to  Part 1: A Most Embarrassing Spanking

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The Sad Tail of Jimmy – Part 2:
Chagrined by the Appointment of a Monitor


Jimmy was really pissed at JJ for what he considered to be blackmail.  He decided to show the threatening email to his dad with the expectation that he would tell JJ's dad and JJ would get it.  Jimmy did not read his father's response very well and was confident things would soon be taken care of so he meet his friends on Saturday afternoon.  Jimmy, along with JJ, Matt and Vito, went off to the park with plans for a movie and dinner afterwards.

The conversation got around to crimes and punishments as it often did.  Matt confessed that he had messed up a quiz and his dad was unhappy.  "Remember, a few weeks ago I told you that I talked with Dad about how I was growing up.  Well, it had a good effect.  He did not yank down my jeans and haul me over his lap in the family room with my gleeful sibs watching.  Instead, we went into his den and I dropped my jeans and bent over.  He gave me five with his belt.  It fucking hurt more than an OTK spanking but at least I got it like a man and not a baby – and in private!"

They all congratulated him on his advancement.

Vito had a similar story for he had neglected his chores a couple of times.  "Dad gave me a choice – six with the brush or the loss of a week's allowance.  I chose the former.  I fetched the brush, then dropped my jeans and got it hard.  It still stings after two days but, like Matt, I got it in private.  I just hate it when my kid sister watches and laughs at my being spanked."

"Yes, that sucks!" they all agreed.© YLeeCoyote

"What about you, Jimmy?" asked Vito.  "We heard that you got called to the principal's office."

Just as Jimmy was about to speak, JJ made a dash for the john exclaiming that he couldn't wait another second.  Jimmy took advantage of his absence to explain that he just got a talking to from his dad for that.

"Did I miss anything, guys?" asked JJ when he returned.

"Nope.  Jimmy just got a talking to." said Matt, "What about you?"

"I had a long chat with my dad abofont-family: ut honesty and how to spank lying, naughty, immature boys.  I even talked with Mr. Brockwell on the same topic.  It seems that he is unhappy with the lack of honesty of his son, our good buddy Jimmy here."  All three of them got very attentive.  "It seems that Jimmy has not been so honest with us about his spankings.  I suggested that he 'fess up to getting them but he chose not to and lied about it – again.  His dad thought that might happen and gave me this."

JJ took out an envelope and handed it to Jimmy who opened it and found a note from his father.


JJ has handed you this note because you have not been truthful with your friends.  It is apparent that you need a monitor, a babysitter if you will, to help guide you when your mom and I are not around.  JJ has most generously agreed to take on that task.  He now has full authority over you in all matters including punishments.

If you do not cooperate and obey him, then I will spank you and send you back to him to receive the punishment you refused.

I'm very sorry that this was necessary.

Your most loving Father.

Jimmy turned pale as he read the note.  JJ showed the card from Jimmy's dad that made him his monitor, a.k.a., 'babysitter', with the authority to discipline (including spanking) as needed for any and all misbehavior so that they understood what was happening.

"So you still get spanked like a little boy?  Bare assed OTK followed by corner time?"  Vito asked Jimmy.

Jimmy stared at the grass between his knees and nodded slightly.

"Tell us about your last time, Jimmy." demanded Matt.

Very softly Jimmy responded.  "Dad took down my pants and put me over his lap and spanked me.  Linda and her friend came in as he was putting me in the corner."

"That was just last week.  I dropped by while he was in the corner." JJ said to enhanced the story.

Jimmy, very red-faced, remained silent, once again studying how the grass grew.

JJ continued.  "You agree that Jimmy needs to be spanked for lying?"  Both Matt and Vito agreed enthusiastically.  Not surprisingly, Jimmy objected.  "I'll just tell your father and he'll spank you.  Your babbler mouth little sister will probably laugh her little head off watching."  He paused.  "Then when you come over to get your roasted tail toasted, my kid brother will take lots of pictures."  He paused again.  "Your call, Jimmy-boi."

Most reluctantly, Jimmy accepted the inevitable.

"Let's go, guys." said JJ leading them into the wooded area where they could have some privacy.  In a few minutes they were in a little clearing and JJ sat on a stump.  As Matt and Vito watched, JJ undid Jimmy's belt and jeans.  Then he lowered the jeans and boxer exposing Jimmy to his buddies in preparation for his spanking.

"He doesn't have pubes like he said.  That's another lie." exclaimed Vito.

"And another spanking." added Matt.

"Actually that was not a lie.  Mr. Brockwell told me to clip Jimmy's pubes a couple of days ago when he had to go out before Jimmy's corner time was up."  Matt and Vito were both surprised and shocked when JJ continued.  "He didn't think that Jimmy was mature enough to have them and I fully agree.  Until he grows up he's going to get shaved regularly."

"Little boys without pubes wear tightie-whities not boxers." snickered Vito.  JJ looked at him, smiled and nodded.

Jimmy was practically crying when the eighteen-month younger boy pulled him into position over his lap.

JJ wondered if Jimmy noticed that he had a hard-on while he was across his lap, not that it mattered, as he raised his hand and gave Jimmy the very first spank as hard as he could.  He was most delighted with the yelp it provoked and the hand print that quickly formed in pink.  Because Jimmy also jumped about, Matt and Vito each took hold of him and held him in position as JJ continued to spank his mendacious friend.  After a few minutes, JJ pulled the belt from his own jeans and made a short strap by folding it in two and wrapping it about his hand.  Jimmy really felt the strap on his roasted hot bottom.  He had been on the verge of tears before that and this drove him over the edge.

JJ lashed him hard and the three friends relished Jimmy's tears for they signified that he was reacting deeply to his well-deserved punishment.  When JJ stopped and released Jimmy, the well-spanked lad just curled up and bawled like a little baby.  The other three, stood there watching as they tended to a need they each had.  It only took a few seconds before the three all had their hard cocks out of their jeans and were jerking off.  Now they each saw spanking from a different perspective and recognized the advantage of the new aspect.

They made Jimmy get up and pull up his pants.  He was lectured about honesty as they made their  way back to the main part of the park and the john where Jimmy could wash the tears off his face.

Jimmy was certainly one sorry lad as they proceeded.  He was the oldest and JJ the youngest of the group, yet JJ was in charge of him with fearsome authority and power.  He deeply regretted his lying and tattling as both had caused him great pain.  He tried to recall if there was a termination date on the card his father had given JJ.  Of course, with his toasted tail he could not concentrate very well.  That he did not think about the future was probably better for it was not going to be nice for some time.  Contrariwise, JJ was definitely looking forward to the future with a naughty little boy to care for, to boss about and, most certainly, to spank.

JJ immediately exercised his power when they got to the mall.  He insisted that Jimmy needed to get some stuff.  The first stop was a department store where Jimmy had to select some classic briefs.  The second stop was the drug store where Jimmy selected a package of razors and some shaving cream.  Next, they all went into one of the family room johns.  Jimmy begged JJ not to do this but it was a hopeless plea.

Jimmy was made to remove his jeans and boxers and lie on the diaper changing table.  JJ wiped his pubis with a wet towel and then covered it with the shaving cream.  As Matt and Vito watched, he carefully removed the stubble he had left with the clippers a couple of days before.  To be sure Jimmy was really smooth, he repeated the process.  Both Matt and Vito agreed that he did an excellent job.  Jimmy was not happy about it at all but he did not have a say in the matter.  After he was dried off, he had to get dressed starting with his spanking new tightie-whities.

Jimmy was sufficiently upset with the situation that he did not even vote on which movie to see but let the others decide.  It did not matter for he could not get his mind to concentrate on the action at all.  After the movie, he ate his burger without tasting it.  All he could think about was how his life had been wrecked.

JJ's pep talk while they ate did not cheer him up in the least especially the part where he enlisted the assistance of Matt and Vito for the supervision and chastisement duties.  Both enthusiastically agreed to be assistants especially when they learnt that they would also have spanking power.

That evening, Jimmy got (with his father cc'ed) an email from JJ.  It contained some rules of behavior for him.  Besides specifying that he pay more attention to school and reiterating the underwear rules, he now had an earlier curfew and bedtime.  He did not sleep well that night.

Jimmy soon learnt that a pre-teen was a lot less forgiving than a mature adult especially about minor transgressions.  JJ was on his case constantly and when he was busy he made sure that Matt or Vito would be there.  In the first month, Jimmy got his jeans and briefs taken down at least ten times for spankings.  He was carefully shaved at least once a week as a reminder that he was just a little boy.  Surprisingly, it was only in school that he was not under close scrutiny.  This was an accident because he was in high school (ninth grade) while his three mentors were still only in middle school (eighth grade).

One thing Jimmy was very thankful for was the discretion shown by the three for they only used their power privately.  JJ had told him that if he did not want to get spanked in public, he had better be most obedient in public.  This was good training for Jimmy as he was generally better behaved all the time.

At the beginning, JJ would check up on Jimmy most days after school.  In the privacy of one of their bedrooms, JJ would assure that Jimmy was keeping up on his assignments and keeping out of trouble otherwise.  After a couple of times stating that all was good, JJ would 'remind' him of something.  Jimmy would then get two spankings – the first for the transgression and the second for lying.

They developed a definite ritual.  JJ would strip Jimmy completely; everything would come off even his socks.  Then Jimmy would get shaved so that he was baby smooth.  This was not yet a problem in the school showers for fewer than half of Jimmy's classmates had pubes.  All the spankings ended up with Jimmy over JJ's (or Matt's or Vito's) lap and getting spanked with a bare hand.  For more serious transgressions, a belt was used.  The belt was folded double, wrapped about the punisher's hand and used with great vigor.  This never failed to make Jimmy cry.

As was already mentioned, JJ got hard whenever he disciplined Jimmy.  It was only after a couple of weeks that JJ decided that he would make Jimmy provide relief for his hard need.  The first time it happened was at JJ's house.  They were alone and Jimmy had gotten a hard strapping and was lying naked on JJ's bed crying.  JJ also stripped down to his birthday suit and slipped on a condom.  Then he lay beside his friend and gently played with the red-hot cheeks with some lube.  He made sure to get deep into Jimmy's crack and then butt hole.  Jimmy was not truly aware of what was happening but it felt nice (especially after the hard spanking).  When Jimmy was relaxed and dilated, JJ gently mounted him.  He grasped Jimmy under the arms and fucked hard.  Jimmy liked it and acquiesced to JJ's increased dominance.  Jimmy even came during the event.

The next time Jimmy's transgression was less and he only got a hand spanking.  JJ told him to kneel between his legs.  Jimmy's eyes were immediately transfixed on the hard bulge in his disciplinarian's jeans and he eagerly obeyed the order to open the confining jeans and free it.  As soon as it popped free, Jimmy greedily took it into his mouth.  JJ could hardly believe how enthusiastic Jimmy was but he was pleased.  With time and practice, Jimmy became very proficient at this task and it was not always proceeded by a spanking.

It was after Jimmy had become accustomed to giving JJ something in return for his spanking efforts that Matt and Vito were filling in for JJ.  They had been following the protocol that JJ had established and had stripped Jimmy.  He was extremely docile by this time so that he cooperated completely and Matt quickly had him over his lap and spanked him.  Although both of them always got horny, even just watching JJ spank Jimmy, this time they were extra hard, especially Matt.  After the spanking was over, Matt stood up and Jimmy, who had his head bent forward to stare at the floor, noticed the tenting in Matt jeans.  He quickly dropped to his knees and nuzzled him while grabbing his ass to keep him from pulling away.  Matt did not let the opportunity pass but immediately ordered Jimmy to open his jeans.  Jimmy did things so fast that he was sucking before Matt could direct him to.  Matt quickly exploded much to his and even Jimmy's delight.

Vito, by this time, had gotten his own hard cock out and quickly offered it to Jimmy who greedily wolfed it down.  He, too, quickly exploded to his joy and also to Jimmy's.  After that Jimmy told how JJ always got off with him.  Matt and Vito realized that they would also.

Jimmy soon became the perfect boy, absolutely obedient to his monitors and his parents.  He was glad that his school work was improved but he was not so sure about being so well controlled.  However, his parents and monitors were very pleased indeed.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L., May 7, 2008

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