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The following story is fiction about a privileged youth and spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired by this image of a sexy youth with full frontal nudity in the chart room.  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Chart Room Release


Charles Vane Throckmorton III was incredibly horny.  He had just returned from the University very late yesterday and was confined to the house because the of the ragging storm.  His confinement was not terribly oppressive, however, since the well-stocked mansion was over ​ten thousand square feet​ (​one thousand square meters​) and with an obeisance of servants at his call.  Well, not all of them such as the stuffy old butler, Tanner, who would not tolerate any of his nonsense and had even spanked him when he was a mere boy.

The last beating was burnt indelibly in his memory although it had been seven years ago when he was but a lad of fourteen.  Charles remembered it vividly and with mixed emotions.  The boy had greatly annoyed his father at dinner who had directed Tanner to deal with him in a most old fashioned and undignified way.  “Come along Master Charles it is time.” said the stuffy old servant as dinner finished and he gripped the lad’s collar tightly.  That just added to the indignity but several previous times the boy had run and hidden and was a mess of trouble so the precaution was considered necessary to Tanner.

Once in his room, he cooperated and undressed rather than suffer the additional indignity of being stripped perhaps with the aid of a junior servant.  Then he got the small wooden paddle from his dresser and presented it to the man and lay over his lap.  It did not take long for Tanner and the paddle to reduce him to a blubbering boy who was very sorry he had offended his father.  He remained hidden in his room until the next morning ashamed to show his face.

Now was a very different time.  Charles was in the chart room which was his favorite as a boy.  All those wonderful things that had inspired hundreds of adventures around the world in his imaginative mind.  He had had his lunch in this marvelous room and was talking on the phone with a friend while waiting for Paulie to come to fetch the tray and more.  Charles had removed his trousers and underpants because they were just far too uncomfortable with his super hard cock pointing up and howling for the action it was certain was to come soon.

The knock came and Charles yelled “Enter.”  Paulie came in.  He was an attractive lad who wished to please for he loved working in the great house and especially tending to Charles’s needs.  Poor, barely eighteen, gay and just out of a second rate high school he did not see any future elsewhere.  As soon as he saw Charles’ rampant tool, he licked his lips in anticipation for he knew its power well.© YLeeCoyote

The young Master pointed at the floor by his feet and Paulie understood what was expected and was delighted to comply.  He rushed to the spot, dropped to his knees and began to lick the rampant phallus.  Soon it was in his mouth and even down his throat as the Master gripped his ears and fucked away giving the young servant a protein snack just as he had to the pliable freshies in prep school just a few short years before.

After a short pause, Charles began to lecture Paulie about some trivial failure in his duties ending up with “And for that you will be spanked.”  He pulled the lad to his feet and a few steps across the room to an ottoman.  Charles sat on the ottoman and opened the docile servant’s trousers and yanked them down along with his tightie-whites exposing his spankable bottom and hairless crotch.  Paulie would have preferred to wear boxers and have his pubic hair but his master wanted to emphasize his boyishness and he obediently complied.

“You have been a very naughty boy, Paulie, and you will pay the price and be spanked.”  He pulled the boy over his lap and began to spank him.  He gave him a few warmup spanks until the target was nice and pink and then switched to full spank mode like he had learnt in prep school bullying compliant young freshies.  Hard spank after hard spank crashed down on the boy’s ever reddening bottom.  Paulie sobbed softly as the Master liked.  Charles wished that it was Tanner’s bottom but that could not be.

Charles got Paulie off his lap and repositioned leaning on the ottoman.  His cock had fully recovered from its earlier release and he did not have any trouble driving it deep into the lad's red-hot rump which was begging for it.  Charles gripped Paulie’s waist tightly and fucked hard and furiously.  Paulie came from his love nut being pounded before Charles was finished.  Charles continued until he found release again.

Charles sprawled in a great chair while Paulie again used his mouth to pleasure his master before drying him off.  He cleaned up his own mess and restored his clothes before departing his well-pleased master with the lunch tray.  The cook would question why the task took so long, however, he could not explain except that he was with the Young Master.

Charles also redressed and resumed talking with his buddy boasting about his latest escapade.

The storm raged on but neither cared.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 12, 2020

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