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Cheaters Get Their Due


In times long past, we settled personal disagreements with physical combat.  Fortunately we have stepped over the shattered bodies for more civilized methods of courts and arbitration presided over first by chiefs and rulers and then learned and wise persons.  Such tribunals not only exist on Earth but in other places.  Many religions speak of them, usually in a 'next life' or 'final judgement' situation.  Here we get to the power of such an extraterrestrial court where our limits on space-time travel do not apply so that the Court does not have any doubt as to what happened.

Rather than report the court details, we just give the actual facts.  They have all been recorded in the official court record which are in the public archives.

This case concerns two adult males (defendants) and their three juvenile sons.  These are Mr. Hartwell (43 years) who is the father of Roscoe Hartwell (17) and Darron Hartwell (15) and Mr. Tonkin (42) who is the father of Reggie Tonkin (16).  The three juveniles are pressing charges against both adults.

In the Hartwell's residence on Day 1/evening

It was a discussion/argument that had often occurred in the past and was becoming more frequent between Roscoe and Darron and their father.  The two youths were insisting that they were too old for spankings now that they were seventeen and fifteen-years-old.  There was nothing different this time.  "You still need guidance." Mr. Hartwell had insisted.© YLeeCoyote

Well, this time Roscoe had a proposal.  "Give us a chance to prove we are responsible and don't need spankings like we were little boys, Father."  Darron totally backed up his older brother's challenge.

This time some reason intervened and Mr. Hartwell, somewhat exasperated, agreed rather than brushing off his sons as he often had in the past.  "OK, if you both can stay out of trouble for a fortnight, then spanking is off the table, if not, then we won't have this discussion again for a year.  OK?" "It's a DEAL!" they immediately accepted with the confidence of youth.

Back in their room the two youths happily talked of the deal.  They also promised each other to be super careful not to get into trouble of any sort.

After thirteen days of being really careful and even rejecting several marginal activities with their friends, the two reminded each other how close they were and renewed their promises to each other to be super, super careful for this final day.

In Mr. Hartwell's den – Day 13/evening

Mr. Hartwell was worried.  His sons both had been perfectly behaved for almost the two weeks of the deal.  He was totally amazed and decided that he would insure that the boys failed.  He called his friend, Mr. Tonkin and discussed his evil plan after explaining the deal that he now regretted making.  After some discussion Mr. Tonkin agreed to an evil plot.

In Mr. Tonkin's den – Day 14/afternoon

After showing his son three things – the new video game he had been wanting, some faux pot and some faux pot laced brownies he explained.  "Reggie you are to call Roscoe and invite him over to play your new video game.  Then later offer to smoke some of the 'pot'.  If he refuses, then go for eating the brownies."

"But that's all wrong, Father.  And it's betrayal as well." reacted a most stunned Reggie delighted at the game but not the terrible price set by his father for it.

His father was ready with bad rationalizations and dire threats.  "This is a test.  You will do as you are told or you will pay a great price.  Make the call right now!"

Reluctantly, Reggie called Roscoe on his cell and invited him over to play the new game.  Roscoe responded with "Great.  Darron is with me.  May he come?"

Mr. Tonkin nodded and Reggie answered: "Sure.  See you soon."

It did not take very long for Mr. Tonkin to activate the spy system and connect with the waiting Mr. Hartwell.  The trap was set.  The two adults were smugly pleased with themselves although Reggie was greatly disturbed.

Reggie was certain this was all wrong and dishonorable.  It was not just a test but entrapment and he was being forced to betray his friends.  Again he protested but he was warned that he must follow the plan.  "It is wrong and evil." he repeated once again to no effect except repeated threats.

But what could he do.  He was being watched closely and everything was being recorded and transmitted.  He had only a few minutes before the innocent victims would be arriving.  Then he had an idea and went to the bathroom ostensibly to urinate.  There he wrote a brief note and left it on the sink for his friends with the hope that his father would not see it.

In Reggie's Bedroom – Day 14/afternoon

Immediately after his friends arrived they set up the game, Reggie said: "Better go pee, guys.  I don't want you interrupting the game when I'm whipping your sorry asses."  Both Roscoe and Darron were surprised but (fortunately) did as suggested.  They saw the note and were rightly furious.  They agreed not to smoke but to accept the brownies and Roscoe pocketed the note.

An hour later Roscoe suggested a break and Reggie, following his father's orders, offered a joint.  "Oh, no way man.  Dad will smell that on us when we get home."

"We'll be busted for sure." finished Darron.  "We'll settle for cookies and soda."

"Well, how about a brownie guaranteed to send you on a trip?" said Reggie.  "Nothing to show when you get home."  After several exchanges, the two accepted the brownies.  Then things got loud for Mr. Hartwell shouted (through the computer link) that they were to come home immediately to be spanked for using drugs.

"You have been spying on us which is disgraceful and this is NOT pot.  This is entrapment since none of us had any thoughts of drugs and conspiracy for criminal activities." countered Roscoe who was a big fan of police dramas in TV.

By then Mr. Tonkin was also in the room and he was angry that Reggie had told his friends of the plot.  "And as soon as they you leave, you are getting a spanking as well for telling."

"I told you that it was a terrible thing to do.  I do not betray my friends and you should be spanked for trying to make me into a pusher or worse." insisted a disillusioned Reggie at least as unhappy as his father.

Before the Court

Suddenly, without any warning, the five humans suddenly find themselves in a courtroom.  The two adults are before the tribunal as defendants and the three juveniles as observers in the public section.  The arrangement is if it was on Earth in the time and place that they are from.  They hear the charges read of unethical conduct, setting a bad example for the children they have a duty to nurture and protect and more.  "How do you plead?" the presiding officer of the Court demands.

The two are confused and the Court appoints advocates.  In private the advocates and the charged discuss the matter.  They chose a trial rather than plead guilty.  This seems to take place instantly for the three youths.

There is not any dispute about the facts as the Court can easily review all the events described above as they take place however the interpretation and motivation is not as clear.  The prosecution calls the three youths and then three experts.  The youths all testify that they were surprised and disappointed by the conspiracy and disgusting behavior.  Of the three experts the first are the leaders of the two houses of worship the accused belong to and the third is a world renown expert in ethics.  All testify that the adults acted unethically and improperly on all levels.  The defense cannot find any rebuttal.  The verdict is clear: GUILTY as charged.

Just as suddenly as they were in the court they are back in their usual places.

In Reggie's Bedroom – Day 14/afternoon

Suddenly there is a change in the atmosphere in the room.  It was perceived by all although none could understand what had happened.  The arguments abruptly stop.  It was like the two men were errant school boys up to some mischief and principal suddenly appeared so that their behavior changed instantly.

"Yes, you are right.  What we did was wrong." the men say almost in unison.  "We are sorry."

"Sorry does not cut it as you have told us many times before." respond the three youths.

"We are coming home, Father.  You know where you should wait." said Roscoe.

"Father, you are to wait in your room while I decide what is best." said Reggie.

In Mr. Tonkin's bedroom, Day 14/evening

It took Reggie a while to decide what to do after the shock of his father (and also his partner in crime) yielding to him and his friends.  He tried to think of himself as Justice's partner in order to give himself confidence as he went to his father's room more with the feeling that 'this must be done' rather than 'this is going to be fun'.  He remembered how his father often said: "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you." when his own tail was going to be roasted.

Whatever transformation his father underwent apparently was pretty through for he was in the corner, hands on head and with his pants down.  Mustering all his courage, Reggie gave the order.  "OK, get the strap and then into position leaning on the bed.  You got a dozen coming for your most reprehensible and unethical conduct."

Mr. Tonkin shuffled to the closet, got the strap, shuffled to his son and after handing him the strap leaned on the bed with his bare butt up.  Reggie folded the strap, took a deep breath, raised and swung the heavy leather strap.  As the echo faded, Reggie observed a pink stripe forming.  Although the man did not yell, Reggie could see from his body language that he had felt it.

Reggie again swung the leather with a similar effect.  He now knew that he could continue with the punishment.  Another ten times he raised and swung the strap at his father's ever reddening tail.  "That's it.  You may get up." he said.

Like most well strapped boys, Mr. Tonkin immediately said: "I'm sorry."  Then after a pause added: "Never again."

"I hope not ever again." said Reggie as he returned to his own room to work out the conflicts he had about understanding all that had changed.  Mr. Tonkin rubbed his hot red tail and tried to figure out how this had all come about.

In Mr. Hartwell's den, Day 14/evening

By the time they had reached home, the brothers had worked out the details of the punishment they felt was proper.  They carried great resentment for the actions of their elders but were also disappointed at such disgusting behavior.  Roscoe favored the paddle and Darron the strap.  They felt that a dozen each was correct but since they were in the same session, they would reduce it to nine each.

They found their father at his desk with his head in his hand sobbing.  When they entered, he looked up briefly and spoke.  "I'm very sorry.  I just don't know what made me do such a terrible thing."

"Perhaps when your tail is roasted you will think of why.  But now you are getting nine from me with the paddle and nine from Darron with the belt.  Get into position, please." Roscoe said sternly.  His father complied.

Roscoe took the paddle from the wall and gave it a couple of swings like a batter approaching home plate.  Then he found the spot to stand in and swung for the first pop.  It landed with a loud WHACK and Mr. Hartwell reacted with a yelp as his sit spots turned pink.  Roscoe was pleased that his message was being delivered.

Roscoe thought that was a good start and raised the paddle again for the second pop.  The response to all was the same.  He felt no joy as he continued with the seven additional pops leaving his father's butt bright red and beginning to swell.

"You may wait in the corner five minutes before the strap, if you wish." offered Darron.  He thought that there should be a gap between each of the punishments.  Mr. Hartwell decided to go the corner.

"Time for your strapping.  Get into position, please." said Darron after five minutes.  Darron was initially very enthusiastic but after a couple of hard swings at his father's already red-hot ass he wasn't so certain of his feelings.  That was not enough to deter him from delivering the remaining seven cuts with due diligence.  He could not help admiring how the red of the target became even redder.

"That's all, Father." he said when he was done.  The youths left their father alone.

They, like Reggie, had things to resolve about the changes everyone had experienced.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 10, 2018

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