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The following story is fiction about schoolroom spankings.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The illustrations are by the artist Bella Mon2 on Pixiv at and are used with her kind permission.  (Free registration is required.)  Click to open the images off-site (NSFW).

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The Classroom from Hell – 1/2


It was a couple of months into the school year when Dad was reassigned.  After a whirlwind of activity lasting just a couple of weeks I was reporting to my new school.  I was not prepared for what went on in my new sixth grade class.  It was a lot different from my previous schools.  Within a month I realized it was “The Classroom from Hell” and presided over by a Wicked Witch (certainly from Hell).  Now excuse me for talking so crudely but those are the correct words as you will see reading my report of the terrible things that happened in that class.

Spank the First

It was midmorning of my first day when I actually entered the Classroom from Hell for the first time.  I was stunned by what I saw.  Right in the front of the classroom was Ms. Minogue with a half-naked boy over her lap.  She was spanking him with a thick heavy ruler, with all my fellow pupils watching intently.  He was yelling in pain as she brutally destroyed his bottom with that ruler.  By the time she stood him up his bottom was a throughly bruised disaster area blazing red.  I shuddered to think how it would turn black and blue in a few painful hours.  I had seen some things like that although not from an adult’s brutality so I knew what would happen.

The Wicked Witch assigned me to the desk front and center so “I can keep a close eye on you, boy.” and warned that I had seen what happens to naughty boys in her class.  I was scared and just said “Yes, Ma’am.” when I thought she expected it.

Davy, the spanked boy, was standing facing the class and the girls were giggling at his little penis.  He was required to apologize to the class for wasting valuable time and then he was stuck in the corner with his blazing hot bottom on display for an hour.© YLeeCoyote

At lunch I tried to get my new classmates to tell me about the Wicked Witch but they were scared to talk about her.  Davy just stood to the side of the lunch room to eat using a windowsill a table.  I felt very sorry for him.

Back home I told my parents.  They explained that in this state teachers were allowed to spank naughty pupils although it seemed excessive to them.  I recalled that some of my friends got spanked at home.

Spank the Second

Nothing of note about spanking happened for a couple of weeks.  A few girls were admonished but not spanked and certainly not stripped half naked.  Obviously, I did my very best never to cause the Wicked Witch to take a spanking interest in me.  There were a couple of quick open hand spanks on the trousered bottoms but those were quite minor.

Freddy and Nicky were the next two boys I saw subject to the Wicked Witch’s wrath from my front row seat.  The two friends had been fooling about in the hall as we returned from lunch.  They continued their pushing and shoving after they got into the classroom where Wicked Witch saw them fooling around.

Wicked Witch felt that was the crime of the century and dragged the pair to the front of the class.  I could not understand all her screeching about fighting but in short order both boys were starkers.  Yes, in their birthday suits just as they had been born.  The girls were, as before, giggling a lot.  Freddy got it first.  He had to bend over and the Wicked Witch whacked his bottom a zillion times with a paddle.  He was brave but no match for the paddle so was soon bawling.  He was sent to a corner to show off his bright red tail to everyone.

The Wicked Witch then beat Nicky.  He got the same vicious paddling.  Just before he was sent to the corner he managed to get a few rubs in trying to ease the pain.  I doubt that it helped but rubbing was apparently of higher priority than covering his junk.  He seemed to be able to hold back the tears better than his buddy Freddy.

The pair spent an hour is the corner before being told to return to their seats.  They were not allowed to dress until dismissal and many of the girls watched them dress increasing their embarrassment.

Spank the Third

It was another week before I learnt how the Wicked Witch’s ruler felt when it was sharply used on a boy’s – this boy’s – naked butt.  I did not like it at all as you might have guessed.  This is how it happened.

The lesson for the afternoon was time zones.  Now let me explain that because of Dad’s being in the military I was very familiar with time zones.  I chatted with friends all over the world for many of them moved around just like I did because their parents got relocated also.

When I sat down, I saw what was written on the blackboard.

World Time – 25 zones of 15 longitude

I was shocked and made the mistake of saying “That is wrong!” out loud.  Very loud in fact.  It had the zone count wrong and did not make sense.  What it should have said was

World Time – 24 zones each of 15º longitude width.

The Wicked Witch was furious as if I had committed blasphemy.

That is when she attacked and assaulted me.  She barked orders like bullets spew from a Gatling Gun.  “I’ll will not have such disrespect from a naughty little boy like you.  Stand up.”  I was very confused as I stood up.  I could not imagine what disrespect I was guilty of.  I wanted to ask but I could not have gotten a word in even edgewise.  Next was “Push down your pants and undies, boy.”

I was afraid not to obey for she was already angry and was waving that thick ruler in her hand.  Once my pants were down (and most of the class could see my naked rear end) she pushed me down on my desk and started to swing that horrid ruler at my butt.  This was the beginning of my first spanking.  I gave a yelp at the first hit for it hurt.  The next five minutes were absolute torture as she swung that ruler over and over as hard as she could at my tender little behind.

I confess that I cried.  I was required to remain in that position until recess so everyone could see my glowing red bottom.  Perhaps it was best as I would not have been able to sit comfortably and it was not any new embarrassment.

When I stood up I immediately had company.  Kacie, the nice girl with the long hair who has the seat to my right, was standing right next to me.  “Oh, your bottom is very hot, Ronnie.” she said as she touched it gently.  “Let me help you pull up your pants without rubbing it.”  Like girls are, she did not wait for an answer but immediately started to pull my pants.  I was fast enough to guide the fronts so they did not snag on my junk.  “I help my big brothers like this…” she added as explanation “…when dad spanks them.”

I really did not know what to say beside “Thank you.”

It was really hell sitting after recess and even worse on the bus’ unpadded seat as it bounced on the rough roads to home.

I shared this awful experience with some of my friends.  One of them mentioned that some dads have an unfair rule that says “If you get spanked at school, you get spanked at home.”  That certainly is terrible.

I was very glad when I moved onto the next grade and left the Wicked Witch behind.

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