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The following story is fiction about schoolroom spankings.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The illustrations are by the artist Bella Mon2 on Pixiv and are used with her kind permission.  (Free registration is required.)  Click to open the images off-site (NSFW).  This is a different vision of the fictional classroom than in the first story.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

The Classroom from Hell – 2/2


I’m Erwin and I go to North Side Elementary School.  I don’t like NSES at all because they allow corporal punishment but only the boys receive it.  I’m in The Dragon’s sixth grade class and for the littlest of transgression – real or imagined – she spanks us boys right in the classroom.

Ms. Mondragon, a.k.a. The Dragon, has various spanking ways but they all require that the boy to be punished loses his pants and briefs and gets his bare butt whacked.  I’ve seen her use her hand, her thick heavy ruler (which is like a narrow paddle), the stick (like a cane) or the old flip-flop (which is like a small rubber paddle) that she treasures.  The girls never get spanked although on rare occasions they get scolded ever so gently.

It must be noted that everyone – including the girls – gets to see the punishments including the unfortunate boys’ nakedness.  They get to see his butt before she turns it bright red and then afterwards.  They also get to see his no longer private boy parts.  It is very clear that the girls love all of this especially since they know they are safe.  Not one of them will ever lose her panties and skirt and get her derriere turned bright red and her very private slit exposed even to the other girls not to mention us boys.

Need I say it is all so unfair?  Nor that the boys hate this school while the girls love it.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

One Friday afternoon finished off a horrendous week for me.  Ms. Mondragon got ticked off again (don’t ask what as I don’t know) and decided that Hugo, Willy and I had earned (her word) spankings.  We were ordered “Lose your pants and come to the front for your just rewards you very naughty boys.”

Hugo was in the front row and she got to him before he could do anything but stand up and drop his pants.  She grabbed him and held him bent over his desk and paddled his rear end with her heavy ruler.  Willy and I got it at the front of the room.  Willy got pushed over his desk next to Hugo while I got it while over Becky’s desk and I could hear her giggle at my misfortune.  She even joyfully held me down with her hands on my shoulders.  There was some sort of nice feeling about her holding me.  As I rubbed my flaming butt and headed back to my desk she said: “This is the third time this week?” savoring my misfortune while staring at my bat and balls.

It’s just not me that Becky loves to see spanked.  Another day she was seated next to Hugo in the front row when he was the unfortunate victim again.  I could see her smile as the Dragon used her heavy ruler on his unfortunate bottom turning it a painful red.

There are many more examples but I think that is sufficient to prove my point.

* * * * * * * * * *

Today things got even worse if you can believe that.  It started when a few of the girls got rowdy (something that would have gotten all of us boys spanked within seconds) but the girls are unfairly exempt.  Unfortunately Nina fell and hurt her ankle.  She could not even stand much less walk.  Ms. Mondragon just scooped her up and announced:  “I’m taking Nina to the nurse.  Becky is the monitor in charge.  You are to listen to her.” and rushed out.

We were stunned.  Of course, things got noisy immediately and some things got thrown.  I should have sunk down in my seat and played it safe but that error on the blackboard had been bothering me all morning and I rushed up front to correct it by changing the time zone count from “25” to “24”.

Becky pounced on me like a tigress protecting her cubs from some vicious attacker.  She grabbed me and yelled to drop my pants for a spanking.  I protested and she said I could wait for Ms. Mondragon and her stick.  That was very scary so I opened my shorts and let them drop.  She pushed me to the chair and sat down on it.  Then with a huge grin she pulled down my briefs.  Of course, I knew that she was very familiar with my privates so that did not bother me.  Then I was over her lap with my butt fully exposed.

“You are a very bad boy, Erwin.” she said and started spanking me with her hand.  It didn’t hurt like the Dragon’s much harder spanks.  Until – she kept at for a while so my butt turned red and I kicked off my briefs.

Becky also doomed Cory to a similar humiliation.  “Susie please spank Cory for throwing stuff.”  Before Becky got back to spanking me, several girls grabbed the unfortunate Cory and pulled down his pants and undies gleefully and bent him over a desk.  Susie was there immediately and started spanking him with the dreaded ruler.  He yelled but he was trapped.

Don’t think for a second that Becky had finished or forgotten about roasting my butt for she quickly resumed spanking me once she had sicced Susie on Cory.

Then one of the girls was ever so helpful and said: “Use this, Becky.  It will get his full attention.”  The next thing I knew was in great pain for I got a hard WHACK on my tail.  I gave a howl!  She was using the flip-flop.  It was like a little rubber or leather paddle and it truly hurt.  Becky was having a field day with my sorry butt which she set ablaze super fast and made me cry shamefully.

When she decided she had beaten me sufficiently, she got me up and into the corner.  I was not allowed to rub my flaming tail.

Ms. Mondragon returned shortly after that.  She explained that Nina was being treated for a sprained ankle and would be OK.  Then she asked Becky for a report.  She told of Cory's earning and getting a spanking and about how I dared to write on the blackboard which earned me my thrashing.  Becky received great praise especially for how well she tanned the bottom of a worthless boy

I’m stuck here in NSES until the summer when I move on to junior high.  I’m sure that Becky will make sure that I never forget that she spanked me in front of the entire class.

The End

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