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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of school corporal punishment.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Classroom Missiles


It started the first week of the term in the freshman classes.  At first it was just paper missiles.  Stern warnings were issued that this was not the way high school boys behaved and such childish behavior should have been abandoned back in elementary school.  It did not help at all.  Even the principal's comments on it in the first assembly had negligible effect.  Even worse, the virus spread to the sophomores who refused to let the freshmen outdo them in any way whatsoever.  The arsenals grew to include chalk, rubber bands and other convenient items.

After the first weeks it seemed that goggles and smocks were necessary.  More warnings were issued and, to emphasize the point, straps and paddles suddenly appeared hanging on the walls.  That very day five boys got it– in three separate classes.

Mr. Kenwood was a couple of minutes late to get to his third period class.  But two minutes is plenty of time for twenty-five fourteen-year-old boys to raise a rumpus.  Mr. Kenwood entered through the rear door and saw two of the miscreants in flagrante delicto"Peeper! Towgood!" he roared and the room quieted down instantly.  Mr. Kenwood had what the army calls command presence.  The two students faced the angry teacher.  "Empty your rear pockets and get to the front of the room."  They were too stunned not to obey.  When Mr. Kenwood got to the front, he took the strap from the wall.  You could have heard a pin drop in the room.  The new rules were in effect.

Each lad got six cuts with the heavy strap.  With their classmates watching they could not yell or jump or allow the slightest indication that this was any more significant than a poke from a bratty kid sister.  In truth both lads would have cried had they been in private and knew, absolutely for sure, that they did not want a repeat session.

At about the same time, Mr. Abbott walked into his study hall classroom and felt a well chalk-ladened blackboard eraser strike him in the chest as Mynard sidestepped to avoid being stuck by the missile Reinwall launched.  Reinwall was ordered to the front of the room and Mynard made the mistake of laughing.  There was clear evidence on Reinwall that he had been a target of an earlier sortie.  Mr. Abbott felt that the chalk-covered hands were sufficient evidence.  He too was ordered to the front.© YLeeCoyote

It was certainly poor form to strike the judge and jury as these two lads were about to learn.  They both were immediately condemned to six on the bare.  To add insult to injury, they were required to provide their own implements of punishment.  They were given fifteen minutes to go to the empty lot next to the school and to each return with a proper switch.  Additional time would earn extra cuts and a detention.  Reinwall and Mynard dashed out using care not to be seen running in the halls.  It took some four minutes to get to the lot, a few more to find suitable growths and cut it.  They made it back in fourteen minutes each bearing a fresh cut, whippy bit of vegetation.

Mr. Abbott removed his suit coat and placed it on his chair.  Not only was he a tall and large man but one could tell, even through his shirt, that he had well-developed muscles.  The two convicts dropped their slacks and briefs and assumed the position presenting four round buttocks for their classmates' enjoyment and the two freshly-cut switches.  Mr. Abbott was angry and that translated into a dozen very hard cuts for the two.  As much as they would have like to remain silent and stoic they were not able to.  The fresh switches were most supple and flexed a lot on each swing so that there was maximum contact.  Actually they each got double for Mr. Abbott used both switches at the same time.  Each lad had twelve tracks on each check which they were required to show off standing in the front corner of the room with their tails exposed.  Not much studying (of school stuff) was accomplished that period.

Bunyan was caught by Mr. Mareno and forced to bend and bare in the history class he was repeating.  Since he was the only sophomore in a class of freshmen he was particularly unhappy to do this.  The riding crop that Mr. Mareno used made six lines across his bottom that were most unpleasant.  Needless to say, his classmates thought that they looked very nice.  Bunyan was particularly annoyed since the chalk he hurled missed his intended target who had just gotten a good strike on him.

Several days and several more hot butts later the problem seemed to have been taken care of – mostly except for a few sporadic incidents.  The Principal and Vice-principal were pleased as they went off for the week's assembly.  Unfortunately, the head coach, Mr. McGuiness reported that he retrieved a batch of keys that had been thrown through a window just a few minutes earlier.  The principal decided that this miscreant shall be the first punished in front of the entire school for this most serious of infractions.  He delayed his planned remarks and gave a long lecture on the vileness of such an act that was worthy of a fired up evangelist preacher in top form.

"SUCH ACTION BY ANYONE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!" he thundered, "Even it they were my son Alex's keys he would be up here for his just punishment."  The curtains were drawn back to reveal a frame that was just right for someone to lean over for a paddling.  In case one had any doubts, Coach McGuiness was standing by with a heavy paddle.  There was no doubt someone was about to get it.  The Principal was very glad that he had it set up for his planned speech.

Mr. McGuiness pulled out the incriminating keys and there was a gasp from the middle of the room as he looked at the tag for the first time.  "Wilfredo!" he read.  Everyone knew that unique name which matched that of the gasper.

"On the stage, please.  Immediately."  Wilfredo Wyndham was the least liked teacher at the school, bar none.  A couple of the other teachers took the liberty of "helping" him to the stage.  Once there he was pulled over the frame.  This was bad but someone reached under him and undid his belt and pants.  Someone yanked his pants down.  The students burst into applause which only stopped after the principal called for order the third time.

"Six of the best, please Mr. McGuiness."  The coach smiled as he swung the paddle.  There was a loud crack and a yell before the echo died out.  The target turned red immediately.  Each additional pop was similar and by the fifth Mr. Wilfredo Wyndham was yelling like a sissy.  The sixth left him crying.  The students gave a thunderous standing ovation.  The principal could not remember when an assembly remained so quiet as he went through the agenda.  Of course, all eyes were watching the bright apple butt stage center.

There were not any more throwing incidents for the rest of the school year.  Wilfredo Wyndham resigned the day after the assembly.  He was not missed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., August 11, 2006

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