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The following story is fiction about corporal punishment in a fantasy setting.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Claus Enterprise Imperiled by Corrupt Elves


It was two weeks past the frantic holiday with its billions of stops in just one night and Kris Kringle, the CEO, and everyone else were all still recovering from that and the months of extreme work leading up to it.  Headquarters at the pole was now eerily quiet as almost everyone was on vacation and resting as they well deserved after such intense times.  There was one lone elf on duty in the mail room who greeted KK nicely and asked if he wanted his mail now or in the morning at the regular time.  KK took the small accumulation and headed back to his office.  What a difference it was from a month ago when every bin was overflowing with children’s wish lists letters.

These letters were a particular joy to read for they were the thank you notes. They were not demands that were easily reduced to:

Dear Santa,
I’ve been a VERY GOOD boy/girl ALL YEAR.  Bring me this and that and the other thing.
P.S.: I also want that other thing.

To be fair, it should be mentioned that there were a few letters that were polite and nondemanding and some even suggesting giving gifts to others like siblings, orphans and the poor but they were few and, alas, very, very far between.

The first 2748 letters of the after holiday batch that KK read that morning were pretty much the usual form.© YLeeCoyote

Dear Santa,
Thank you ever so much for the wonderful something you gave me and my little brother was delighted with that other thing.  I will do my best to be a good boy again this year.

It was letter #2,749 that was different and made KK’s blood pressure soar to new heights.


You’re CORRUPT!  On December 11, two weeks before Xmas, I went to see you at the Mall without my parents who don’t think that I should believe in you anymore.  You were on your lunch break but Zoodle and Snowflake, the elves on duty, offered to help me because I had to get back to school right away.  I told them about the junior telescope kit that I wished for and they checked my record.  “No way, lad.  You’re on the NAUGHTY LIST.” they grinned.  I was greatly disappointed but they said they could help and get me on the nice list.  Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to be redeemed.

“A spanking clears the slate.” they said so I let them spank me.  First I went over Zoodle’s lap and he WHACKED me with a heavy hairbrush a zillion times after he pulled down my pants and undies.  Then Snowflake made me bend over the chair and used a paddle which even made me cry like a baby.  Zoodle checked again and said I was now on the nice list.  I ran back to school before I was late for Mr. Keltsch’s class for he has a paddle he loves to use on us fifth grade boys.

But came Xmas morning I got nothing from you!  Zilch!  Nada!  Bubkes!

Highly disillusioned,
(Age 9)

Santa, to say the least, was dumbfounded and upset that the reputation of his organization was at risk.  Several things did not fit.  A spanking from the elves surely would have made the difference especially as it was voluntary for repentance even though the elves were not authorized to do that on their own.  KK wanted answers and he gave orders that things be investigated immediately.

A few days later the reports came in.  Ralph’s basic facts were verified by the official work records including that his file was accessed.  It was noted that he was on the nice list before and then the naughty list after the reported spanking.  After much more digging it was determined that an overworked clerk made the change because Ralph had voluntarily joined a corrupt troupe (which was under investigation).

KK was outraged at what had happened and set about making amends and more.  He studied Ralph’s files and ordered some presents prepared, ASAP.  Also that his sleigh be readied with the full compliment of eight reindeer for a special run and for Zoodle and Snowflake to be his emergency assistants that evening while out making amends.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once Ralph got over the initial shock of being awakened in the middle of the night he was over joyed.  There was no denying that Santa was real with him in the room and his sleigh and reindeer parked on the fresh snow in the yard.  “I’ve come to apologize for the wrongs you suffered because of these two.”  He pointed to two elves standing with their noses at the wall and their hands on their heads.  “I’m delighted that you still believe in me and thank you for your letter so that I can make amends and improvements in my organization.  These two deceived you for you were on the nice list.  Unfortunately because of them you were incorrectly moved to the naughty list.”

Santa snapped his fingers and two very remorseful elves rushed from the wall and stood in front of Ralph studying the rug.  They were each holding their hats and wearing very contrite expressions.  “We were very, very naughty and tricked you into letting us spank you for which we are ashamed.  We deeply regret what we did and beg you to spank us very hard to help us repent.”  Zoodle held out the paddle.

Ralph was very familiar with spanking.  First of all because he got spanked when he was naughty although that was very rare but also because he played spanking games with his friends.  He knew exactly what to do.  He took paddle from Zoodle and sat on the end of his bed.  When Zoodle came to him when he patted his lap, he immediately yanked down his green tights before pulling him over his lap.  The elf  wasn’t wearing any underpants to pull down.

Ralph got a good grip on the paddle and delivered the first SPANK.  Zoodle howled and his butt started to turn red.  Ralph did not think he had hit so hard but then he saw the ‘Made in Santa’s North Pole Workshop’ on the paddle he realized that it must be magic.  After a dozen WHACKS he stopped for the elf was bawling.  He got him up and Snowflake replaced him.  The second wayward elf got exactly the same treatment with the identical results.  Ralph decided that giving a real spanking was great deal more fun than just a play spanking.

Zoodle and Snowflake thanked Ralph though their tears for helping them atone and went to wait by the sleigh as directed.  They sat bare bottom on the snow trying to cool their hot posteriors.  Santa made his apologies once again and explained that the naughty pair will be mucking out the stable for the next hundred or so years and suggested that he check the porch in the morning.

Ralph watched the sleigh take off and wondered why it was passing in front of a full moon like in so many pictures.  Of course, none of the pictures showed a couple of elves standing on the runners in the back.  When he got back into bed, Ralph discovered that they had left the paddle.  “This should be a fun toy but best not to let the folks see it.” he thought.  He prudently put it in the bottom of his toy chest.

In the morning when he went out to play in the snow he found a box addressed to him on the porch.  It was from Great Uncle Kristopher who he did not know existed although he was thrilled with the senior telescope with the large accessory kit.  When he asked each his parents who his great uncle was they each said to ask the other.  Ralph decided that he better write a thank you to KK who surely existed no matter what his parents believed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 29, 2020

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