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The following story is fiction about spanking.  The story contains scenes of public spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  My story Fare Beaters Beaten is a prequel to this story.  It would be helpful although not required to read that first.

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The Club – 1


The day had started with a WHACK on the train into the city.  Not only did I learn about the immediate CP for fare beaters but had the fantastic delight of witnessing it in action twice on the same trip.  It was so exciting that I had to seek release on the train.  Fortunately the lavatory was available.  It was a double header in two ways.  Not only three strappings but I also met another spanko, Dexter.  I feel that I should call him Mr. Dexter because he makes me feel like I am still just a boy while he is the mature grown up even though I am much older than he is.

Mr. Dexter was the sort of young stud that I dream about except he is real.  He looks ordinary but he is super dominant as I learnt talking with him after the conductor strapped the dishonest man for presenting a child's ticket for his son.  By the time we reached the city, he had given me a Disciplinary Referral slip.  It was a visitor invitation for that evening at his club where I would role play a naughty boy to his father.

I was due at six and it was a good thing that I had not eaten since my stomach was was full of butterflies.  The Club was in a quiet, lower priced commercial district and I had to walk up the stairs to the second floor to get to the entrance.  It was exclusive for members and their guests only.  The major domo at the door explained a mess of details about the operation and that I was allowed, nay, encouraged to mingle until my scheduled time when I was to park myself in Naughty Corner #2.  I was to wait there with my pants and undies down and hands on my head as appropriate for a naughty boy until my disciplinarian fetched me.

Nothing had happened yet although I was terribly excited.  I had about an hour to explore the place.  I got a soda and watched the TV display in the lounge.  No surprise that it was spanking videos which also included the stuff that Mr. Dexter captured on the train that very morning.  I made a mental note to ask him for a copy.

In my excited state I needed to drain which I did.  It was probably a good thing to do before a spanking.  Then for the first time I heard the signal gong and headed to the public play area to see what was happening as did everyone else.  The raised platform which had been bare now had a rectangular backless seat and a background painting of a regular family room.  On one side was Naughty Corner #1 complete with a bare bottom naughty boy and on the other side the empty Naughty Corner #2 (which was reserved for me).© YLeeCoyote

A man fetched the 'boy' from Naughty Corner #1 and lead him to center of the platform.  He then proceeded to finish stripping the younger one who stood passively accepting his fate.  He made the boy step out of his pants and undies and then pulled off his socks.  After his shirt was removed he was starkers and I could see that he had previously lost his pubes so he looked more boy-like than his actual twenties.  As the man stripped the boy he lectured him about his misconduct for which he was going to pay a price.

The top sat on the bench, pulled the boy over his lap and held him down with his left arm.  Then he commenced spanking him with his right arm.  The sound was loud so that spanks were most certainly hard.  Of course, the boy's bottom turned deep red and he was howling.  I did not have any doubt that he was learning a lesson.

The first few SPANKS left handprints on the bare bottom which quickly turned red and then a deep crimson as the hard spanking progressed.  Then the boy was returned to the corner to show off his very hot, very red butt while totally naked and the watchers scattered.  I was even more excited now.  That was obvious to one and all for my pants were still tented.

I was disappointed that I did not see Mr. Dexter around for I needed to talk with someone and I did not know anyone else.  I didn't have the time to calm down for someone came up to me and said "It's time for you to get into your corner."  He lead me to Naughty Corner #2 and explained to me the setup and instructions in just a couple of sentences.  "You have disrespected your mother and are now waiting for your father to deal with you.  Drop your pants and undies, put your hands on your head and keep your nose in the corner while you think about what an extremely naughty boy you have been."  My excitement level soared.

I obeyed and knew that Mr. Dexter was going to follow through as he had promised on the train.  Once that thought had passed I slipped into my role and started to regret my supposed unacceptable behavior.  I knew that everyone – absolutely everyone – including myself was contemplating my butt and was wondering how red it was going to get and how.  It was both exciting and terrifying.  I was transfixed as I worried what 'father' would do.

I heard the gong again and knew that the audience was gathering.  My emotions were wondering all over the place.  I was scared and nervous and anxious and excited and more.

The corner was on the side the platform and after a while Dexter spoke.  "Turn around Boy."  Of course, I did but could not see much because of the bright lights although I knew that there was an audience watching me.  "Your mother tells me of your most unacceptable conduct.  Do you have anything to say?"

"No Sir.  I'm sorry." I mumbled.

"Remove your pants.  We are going to the woodshed to finish this discussion, Boy."  I removed them along my undies also.  After which he grabbed my ear and lead me to the center of the stage and I saw that the backdrop had been changed and now showed woodshed with stacked split logs and in front was a sawhorse with a folded blanket over the bar.  "Hand me the STRAP, boy and then get into position." he commanded and pointed.

It was only then that I saw it hanging on the end of the shed.  I grabbed it and observed that it was a heavy, thick ​four foot​ (​one and a quarter meter​) long leather strap.  I handed it to him and bent over the sawhorse like a naughty boy must.

"Don't move until I tell you to get up." he said commandingly.  There was a pregnant (at least to me) pause before the folded strap landed on my totally vulnerable ass with great vigor.  It was an intense blow.  Most assuredly far harder than those I saw on the train.  The pain swelled up in my tail and quickly filled me entirely.  I tightened my grip on the sawhorse near the floor so as to stay in position.  I howled from the pain.

But the pain was just starting.  Again and again that strap was raised and brought down hard on my soft and tender bottom.  I was better prepared now that I knew how hard the cuts were so I managed to suppress the howls as the pain repeatedly filled my body and soul.  I did not dare move.  I was wondering if this was really what I been dreaming of.

Then it stopped.  The wicked, evil and violent yet erotic strap stopped what it was doing.  The pain was not increasing by the second any longer.  I was told to get up and as soon as I did my hands grabbed my roasted cheeks and tried to rub out the pain.  I was led back to the corner.  I stood there for ages with my toasted butt warming the room for all to admire.  Mr. Dexter had made what I had confessed was my fantasy happen.  The question was "Was it what I truly wanted?  Or really needed?"  That my rock hard rod was bumping the wall proclaimed it was true.

Mr. Dexter and I talked for while before he gave me back my pants.  I left with an invitation to join The Club and with my ass still glowing as I rushed for my train.

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