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The following story is fiction about consensual spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is a continuation of The Club which should be read first.  The spanking scenes were inspired by this video clip from Consequences of Cheating - Bailey and Karl (2012).  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Club – 2


I got another detention slip from The Club.  I was ordered to report to the 'Vice Principal' on Friday.  Of course, it was an order from Mr. Dexter that I knew I would enjoy following unlike when I was really in high school.  I made sure to be a couple of minutes early at the designated place near the stage.  I was the second of a trio of guys.  All three of us were clutching a 'dreaded' detention slip ordering a visit with the VP and his monstrous paddle.

The first guy, Tobin, was called and joined the 'VP' on the stage with a school office back drop and a desk.  There was a big vicious, evil paddle on the desk.  I began to have doubt about continuing yet I did not want to flee like a sissy.  I resolved to stay and spent the time studying my fellow 'students'.  There was the expected lecture about the student's misdemeanors before the order to get into position.

"Yes, Sir." said Tobin as he dropped his pants and leaned on the desk.  "Undies too, Peabody." snapped the VP.  He pushed his boxers down exposing his pristine butt to everyone.  It did not stay that way for long.  The VP quickly moved into position testing with the paddle to be sure.  Then came the action.  The paddle was raised and came crashing down with a loud WHACK.  I could see the pink forming even as the paddle was pulled back and the globes curved out again.  Tobin took it most stoically without a sound.  I hoped I would not embarrass myself when it was my turn.

I could not help to count as the heavy hard paddle was swung over and over for six pops.

"Next time it will be twelve, Peabody." said the VP.  "Go."© YLeeCoyote

Now it was my turn and the VP called me just seconds later.  I entered the 'office' and handed him the detention slip.  He examined it with all the gravity that a real VP would have and proceed to lecture and berate me for my horrid conduct.  It was positively scalding and it made me cringe.  It was almost a relief when I was told to get into position.  "Get them down and bend over, Flewellen." he commanded as he picked up the gigantic paddle.

I opened my belt and pushed my pants and underpants down below my knees before bending over the desk.  I tightly gripped the far side as I felt the VP get his position placing the paddle on my tail.  I braced myself for the first blow.  It was good that I was gripping the desk tightly and clenching my teeth for the pop was most memorable.  It took a lot of will power not to scream.

The second blow was just as bad.  I was sure I was turning bright red already as the pain spread from my toes to my scalp.  It got worse for blows three and four.  I was having trouble keeping track when the last two struck with greater vigor.  I yelled even though I had tried my best not to.

The VP had no patience and barked at me to get dressed quickly – unless I wanted more.  I certainly did not want more and quickly pulled up my pants.  He made me sign his paddle as a remembrance before I dashed away even before zipping and closing my belt.  My ass was on fire.  I made my way through the crowd heading for the bar to get some ice.  But I paused for I had to watch the third guy get his licks even with the novas exploding in my ass.  My empathy for him was greater than for the first one.

As soon as it was over, I continued to the bar, grabbed some ice and found a stall in the john where I could cool the flames a bit.  I knew I would feel it for days to come.

* * * * * * * * * *

When I was trying to mingle and met others, both before and after my paddling, I noticed one guy dressed in a private school uniform – blazer, dress slacks, white shirt, tie and shinny black shoes.  He was obviously with an older man who was casually dressed.  I, of course, didn't know their exact relationship but the older one was definitely in charge for the lad was a gofer.  He was still required to fetch stuff even though he had a cast about his left ankle.

The school lad, Reggie, must have displeased the man because he got spoken too sharply and dashed (albeit hobbling) into a corner where he put his hands on his head and his nose in the corner.  I thought he was lucky to get off without a spanking for whatever misdeed he committed.  They were continuing to socialize when I went to see the VP for my paddling.

I saw them again after my whacking and then it got very exciting.  It was even enough to take my mind off of my freshly roasted tail.  This time I was closer and I heard the exciting/dreaded words: "You have just earned yourself a spanking, young man."

Reggie did not make any objection but removed his blazer and then opened his pants.  The man, however, was very impatient.  He did something that regularly is done with little boys but that few can do with a young man.  He picked him up and held him under his arm.  He then commenced to spank him on his tightie-whities and thighs which quickly turned red.  The spanks were hard judging from the loud one-hand-clapping and how red the boy's exposed thighs got almost immediately which must be expected from a strong man's spanking.  Then he dragged him over to the wall and stuck him in a corner.  The Club is full of corners because of the construction with the columns at the walls.

I knew that I would have hated being picked up like that and surely would have blushed all over surely making me look like a boiled lobster from the humiliation of being handled like a tiny toddler.  I guess that I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I was not paying any attention except to that unusually positioned spanking.  That proved to have significant consequences.

I was suddenly brought back to awareness of others when the strong man spoke to me sharply.  "Staring is rude, boy.  I've noticed you earlier watching and now staring like we were entertainers or waxworks."  I just started to absorb that when he continued.  "Like Tweedledee said: 'If you think we're alive, you ought to speak.' rather than just stare." I stood there like a dummy.  "I know what you need." he said with conviction and moved like lightning.

In just a second he had lifted me up, tucked me under his arm and gave me a dozen hard spanks like he had Reggie.  "Reggie, turn around.  This boy found your spanking interesting." and put me down.  But that was only a pause for he quickly opened my belt and pants so that he could yank them to my ankles along with my briefs.

Then he picked me up again and resumed spanking me hard on my now bare butt while I flailed helplessly to do anything but howl in pain.  I was crying when he stopped and parked me in the corner which Reggie had been in.  He put my hands on my head as he commanded: "Stay, boy.  No need to be a staring voyeur when you can be a player."  Reggie was told that he might dress.

Perhaps it was good that I was in the corner so I could hide my face for a while I was so embarrassed hoping that the red would fade from my face although it certainly would not from my rear for a long time.  When I was called from the corner, not only was the strong man and the school boy there but so was Mr. Dexter which was the start of a sequence of surprises.

"I was planning to introduce you to Tom and Reggie but apparently you met already."  They laughed although I did NOT think it was funny in the least.  The four of us sat and talked for a while after Reggie and I fetched some drinks.  Fortunately there were soft cushions to use for those with red-hot butts.

They turned out to be nice guys and Tom had been told about me so that he knew spanking me would be all right and extra exciting for me.  Mr. Dexter was right.  They also decided that my experiences should be expanded by introducing me to a cane.  Fortunately, they did not mean on top of the paddling and spanking I had this evening but in the future – the near future.

"I would be delighted to cane you." said Reggie surprising me.

"But you're just a student." I protested.

"Yes, but a PREFECT with caning authority." he countered pointed to the Prefect's Bar pinned to his blazer's pocket above the school shield.

I'm thinking about getting a school boy uniform.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 26, 2020

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