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The following story is fiction about an athletically incompetent high school youth who gets the better of the big jocks and even the coach.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Please note that in this story, the narrator uses a lot of questionable stereotyping in a negative way.  Such is the right of fictional characters.  It would not be wise to believe all he says.  Need I suggest that you start with Part 1.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Coach, the Jocks and the Locker Room Boy – Part 2/2


When I wrapped up my story, I fully expected that it would be all I would write about it.  However, unexpected things happened and I'm forced to add an additional chapter.  It all started in the school break when I had a guest.  Louie, my pest of a cousin, was staying with me for a forthright.  He's two years younger than I and, to be honest, just a runt.  His parents wanted a couple of weeks off and I got stuck with him.  Cousin Louie did not even rate the guest room but was billeted in my room to my great displeasure.

After a couple of days, my folks went out for the day and I left little Louie alone while I went to see Lofgren.  "I've been helping this jock with his school work and I got to make sure he doesn't slip during this break.  I'm sure you can take care of yourself for a few hours.  You probably got some school work to do also." I explained to Louie.  It was the truth as far as it went and the one excuse the folks would accept for my abandoning my (uninvited) guest.  Of course, I spent a lot of the time with my prong up Lofgren's chute between his freshly whipped up hot stripped cheeks.  Because Lofgren did not have to worry about the other jocks seeing his butt, I was able to give it to him harder than usual.  He had been willing to try a cane but we did not know where to get one, so I used a couple of switches.  After his ass was very red and striped from the first one, it broke and I continued with the second one.  Being fresh and really springy, it was very effective.  He was practically crying by the time I pushed him flat onto his bed and rammed my hard shaft deep into his back hole.  It was exquisite!

I was not prepared for Louie's questions when I returned.  Louie obviously knew the real reason I was at Lofgren's.  I tried to insist that it was just school work but he told me to log on to my PC.  Well, I tried and discovered that I could not for Louie had put passwords on both mine and the admin accounts.  "I've been reading your reports about these faux-studs that you been fucking.  It's really most interesting, cuz."  It was then that I noticed how his jeans were bulging – it was clear that he wasn't a runt in that area.

Louie came right to the point.  He wanted me and if I didn't yield to him, then a lot of people would be very mad at me for blabbing.  Strong people who could easily break me into itisy-bitisy little tiny pieces.  Of course, they wouldn't get to me until Dad had roasted my bottom more thoroughly than a burnt roast.  "Metaphorically, I got you by the balls, cuz, and you know it." he said as he rubbed his big bulge.  "When you accept that, strip and put them right here (he held his hand out)  and we'll can talk terms.  The sooner you do this, the nicer I'll be.  Promise.  You gotta to trust me like the Coach trusts you."

I was confused and scared just like Coach Kingwell must have been when he got my letter.  Louie was right, Dad would roast my tail and the other guys would take me apart for betraying them.  I stripped down and went over to my cousin.  He reached out and I flinched when closed his hand about my nads.  He had a great big grin as he tightened his grip so that it was very clear how I was in his power.  "Is it necessary to hurt you or do we understand each other, cuz?" he asked.© YLeeCoyote

"We understand each other, cuz." I said knowing that I had fully surrendered.  I was amazed that he did not squeeze hard even for a second but just let go.

He indicated that I should sit on the bed and then explained that he wanted my ass just like I wanted the Coach's and those of the big jocks.  Then he when into the details.  "First, your ass is mine – to spank and to fuck whenever I want to.  Second, you'll write this up just like you have the others.  Third, you give me your balls on demand to prove you trust me.  I'll be nice, really.  No other changes in your life, my dear cousin."

I had terrible thoughts of how he could be a ruthless guy but he seemed not to want to go that way.  I really was not in a position to bargain.  I took his hand and guided it to my crotch and let him grab hold of me.  "This is what testifying was about a long time ago, cuz."  That got a laugh from him.  He asked me to get the lube and rubbers and then to get over his lap as he sat on the bed.

"Your first spanking will be with my hand."  Louie got up and stripped.  He was a runt, as I said before, but he had a most respectable package and it looked even larger on such a small, skinny body.  He sat on the bed, leaning on the head board and I got across his lap.  He quickly trapped my stuff between his thighs and I could feel his hard rod between my side and his abs.  It took me a while to realize that my heart was racing and I was excited just like when I was having my way with the big jocks.  It was confusing as this was not anything like I fantasized about.  Was this the way those jocks felt?

It sort of snuck up on me as Louie spanked and spanked.  As I said, he's a runt and not so strong but he was very persistent so slowly although most assuredly I was feeling very spanked just like I did when I was a little kid and Dad roasted my little butt.  Yet, it was different.  I was hurting but yet I did not want to cry any more than those jocks I spanked did and I gave it to them much harder than Louie was giving it to me.  Also, I was incredibly hard even though I had a good workout with Lofgren only a couple of hours earlier.

Louie suddenly stopped spanking me and pushed my legs apart.  Then he started to invade my hole with his well-lubed up fingers.  Although my cheeks were on fire, he was very gentle with his digital invasion.  I could hardly believe that he could be so delicate as he opened me up.  He even asked if what he was doing hurt and I could honestly tell him that it did not.  Then it was time and he made me lie prone and gradually eased his monster into me.  It was heavenly when he hit my love nut.  He kept at it for a long time and did not cum until after I did.  He insisted that I clean him off with a blow job and then he filled my gullet when he came again.  It was later that Louie told me he had made sure I was really wide open using all four fingers so that he could get his fat schlong into me without ripping me apart.

I had to confess that I enjoyed it as much as I figured my jock friends do when I fuck them.  He gave me the password to my account and told me to write about it, which I have just done.  Of course, I knew that this would go on as long as he was visiting.

At the beginning I said that I was forced to write this implying that it was circumstances.  That was not exactly true.  It was Louie who insisted that I write an honest report.  What you have read is the revised version.  I had to revise it because I was too flattering about Louie.  "You have not been honest, Cuz." he said angrily, "For that you shall get a strapping."

I was dumbfounded, but in a short time, I was naked and bent over with my hands on the bed and my butt high up so as to be well presented for the strap.

Louie really swung that belt hard.  He used my own heavy belt, doubled and with a will.  He gave me ten hard cuts with long pauses in between.  He even documented how my butt changed using his camera.  The second shot showed the first cut's well defined stripe picture perfect.  Each cut added to the stripe until the end when I was uniformly apple cheeked.  Careful inspection showed that I was also swollen.  That I was also hot did not show but I assure you that I was.

I was whimpering at the end but Louie made me stay put while he carefully prepared my butt hole for his huge rod.  I'm most grateful for his consideration since he meant that he did not hurt me as he had his way with me.  Of course, he pounded my love nut hard and was even jerking me as he fucked me with vigor.  I certainly exploded with extreme pleasure.

In some ways life certainly was different after Louie forced me to submit to him.  Truth be told, he really did not have to force me very much after that first time but we both pretended that he did.  Surprisingly, he totally kept his word that he would not interfere with my life otherwise and I continued to have my big jocks and the coach as before without any of them being aware that there was a bottom side of me.

One thing I learnt for sure.  Stature is not any indication of manliness.  Louie may be short but he had a schlong that most guys would give their eye teeth for and, most important, knows how to use it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 19, 2010

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