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The following story is fiction about CP.  The story contains scenes of spanking and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I am recovering the previously unpublished stories that I wrote more than a quarter century ago before the internet spread its tentacles everywhere and before personal computers became common place using an early office word processor – The Wang.  Although I'm cleaning up technical things, I am leaving the stories as they were then.  I am grouping these stories as “Classical Coyote”.

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Cocky Lad


Cocky.  That what I was, cocky.  I had recently graduated from high school and now had my own rented room away from demanding square parents.  Through the rose-colored glasses of an eighteen-year-old I did not see the drab reality of the dead-end job, crummy room and junky car that I had nor even that I didn't have a girl friend.  Nevertheless I thought I was really hot stuff.

I had gotten off work early one day but I was broke so I spent the evening by the pond near the house with my boombox and a six-pack.  When it got too cool by the water, I moved to the porch with my last bottle of beer.  Although I was definitely dragging my butt, the boombox was still going loud and strong.  Far, far too loud, however, for my landlord, TJ, who barked at me: “KILL THE NOISE KID!”  He sounded (at least in my wasted state) just like my stepfather so I uttered an expletive, turned up the volume to full, killed the last of the beer and tossed the bottle into the bushes.

At this point my life started to change just as if I had plunged through a space warp gate into a brave new world.  TJ came out.  He was furious.  He was really mad!  In rapid succession he killed the box, griped me by the scruff of my neck, sat down, flipped me over his lap and began to spank me – very hard with a leather paddle which somehow appeared in his hand.  After a few blows, he stopped but only long enough to pull my trunks down to totally expose my butt to the paddle in his strong and avenging arm.  I tried to get away but he held me down so firmly and securely that I couldn't move.  Initially, it was nothing but, suddenly, there were changes.  The repeated hard blows against my naked ass sent increasingly urgent messages to my fogged brain which started to clear.  Then the messages began to register: pain; and no way to avoid addition pain.

I felt like I had when I was ten and my stepfather was giving me the ‘spanking of my life’ and my reaction was just the same.  I bawled just like a sissy little kid – long and loud.  It was humiliating.

Even when he stopped and stood me up before him, I continued to cry.  I was, to say the least, very embarrassed and ashamed.  To make matters worse, I had a hard-on that wouldn't go away.  “The crybaby likes being spanked.” he sneered and without warning gave my oozing tool a sharp rap with the edge of the paddle.  It collapsed, like a pricked balloon, leaving me even more mortified now for losing the hard-on I hadn't wanted in the first place.© YLeeCoyote

And then he lectured me; just like a father would about responsibility, respect, etc., etc., etc.  He finished up with: “You need to learn a lesson, boy, really badly.”  Saying that, he grabbed my cock and balls in a tight grip and ordered me to be still.  I was, as you would expect, very still, in fact, petrified.  Then he took a small hair clipper (such as a barber would use) out of his pocket and proceeded to remove my splendid pubic bush of which I was so proud.  In just three short minutes my pubes were as hairless as those of a little boy.

“Now pick up that bottle and go to bed, naughty boy.  And I don't want to hear a sound from you.” he commanded, tightening his grip somewhat menacingly.  And I, totally and completely cowed by him, did exactly as I was ordered.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next evening, after I returned from work, I knocked on TJ's door.  “Yes, boy, what do you want?” he asked.

“Please, Sir, I regret having disturbed you yesterday.  I'm sorry and I apologize.  I won't forget that well-deserved spanking for a long, long time.”

Smiling he replied: “I'm sure you won't, boy.  Apology accepted.”

“Please, Sir, may I have my radio back?” I then asked very timidly.  He invited me inside and explained how he felt and gave me several options.  I could move and get it right back or I could stay and be a good neighbor and tenant.  In that case he would return the box when I had grown my bush back or ‘paid a forfeit’ for it with a week's growth.  He was both judge and jury and the appeal court did not exist.

After a week without my radio, I saw that it would be six to eight more weeks until I met TJ's requirement to get it back ‘free’.  I felt that a slightly longer regrow period would be preferable to not having my box for so long so that I decided to I would ‘buy’ it back.

So after a few beers to boast my courage, I gently knocked on TJ's door.  “Sir, I would like my radio back.” I said when he opened the door.

“Are you ready to pay the specified fee, lad?” he enquired.

“Yes, Sir.” I replied somewhat sheepishly while staring at the floor.  He then lead me down into his cellar.

My box was there and he invited me to turn it on to whatever I liked as he collected the fee.  After he had me strip, he told me to put on a couple of padded leather wrist straps that were hanging from the ceiling.  When I hesitated, he grabbed me by my equipment (like he had the previous week) and I promptly complied.  He pushed a button and some cables tightened and soon I was stretched out.  He completed the restraints by tying my ankles apart so that I was helplessly spread eagle.

Then with great care he gently washed my entire crotch coincidentally constantly managing to man-handle my dick until it was hard and hot.  He was the first man ever to play with me and evidently it was a turnon.  After that he lathered me up with hot shaving cream and started to shave me.  Initially, I was scared but he was so tender I soon just savored the sensuous feelings even when he washed and dried me.  He had gotten me so very excited that I had been on the verge of coming for some time.  He kept playing with me all the while but never letting me cum.  I could see myself in a mirror and I was ‘nice and clean’ just like he had kept saying.  I think that I even looked bigger bald then when I had a hairy bush about my now rampant and dripping cock.

While TJ continued to play with my now hairless cock and balls he also started to play with my nipples.  Soon I was in a daze of sensuous pleasure enhanced by the earlier beers.  It was then he asked seductively: “Finish the job, my boy?”

“Don't stop.  Please don't stop” is what he told me I had said when I asked later.  And he didn't stop.  He shaved my chest and pits with that same care and soon I was completely smooth like a boy.  He finished up by jerking me off.  By then I was so primed that, in less than a minute, I shot.  More accurately, I exploded as I never before had shot so much at once.  I collapsed into his arms when he let me down.

* * * * * * * * * *

TJ easily carried me to his bed and after he stripped got in with me.  I was still in a relaxed daze when he got on top of me and gently, but irresistibly, pressed his man-cock against my virgin butt hole.  As he thrust forward he easily busted my cherry.  I loved the new sensation as his man-cock kept hitting my prostate.  I loved it so much that I even came again without even touching my prick.  Soon after, he exploded into me, crying out “My good boy.”  We fell asleep in each other's arms.

In the morning he started to teach me to be his boy.  His was the first man-cock that I ever tasted and I found that I loved it.  I sucked it as enthusiastically as a hungry baby does his mother's breast.  My enthusiasm must have made up for my inexperience and I even continued after TJ filled me with his ever so sweet cum.

* * * * * * * * * *

Daddy is really good to me.  Every night Daddy fucks his little boy's ass.  Every morning Daddy's juicy man-cock is happily sucked by his boy.  Daddy keeps his boy hairless so that he is nice and smooth all the time.  Daddy helped me get a better job with a future.  I've stopped whacking-off as Daddy says that boys are not allowed to play with their hairless pee-pees.  Daddy spanks his boy whenever he is naughty (and his boy is very grateful for such correction even though it hurts).

Oh, gotta run now, I hear Daddy calling me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. 1995 & October 2, 2020

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