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I challenged Tony (a.k.a. cute_brat24) to complete a story which I started using his characters.  It did not seem fair to ask him to do something that I was not willing to do.  The result was that we both wrote stories without any further interaction and with his kind permission, both are posted here.  We hope that you enjoy the pair.  Interestingly, his is written in the first person and mine in the third person.

The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of shaving, spanking and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Cody's Awaking


Cody was depressed.

Lance would not be back for another couple of days and Cody knew he had already fucked up significantly several times.  He had promised his lover that he would be the responsible adult that, at age twenty-five, he claimed to be and that he would not act like a rowdy pre-teen juvenile delinquent.  Unfortunately, he did that at least three times in the five days that Lance was on the business trip.  His boss was pissed at him for mouthing off at the clients.  The apartment house super did not appreciate his know-it-all maintenance directions (which were wrong).  And then there was the new dent in the car about which he had no idea how it happened.  As much as he wished Lance was back, he also dreaded what would happen when he did return.

Things got worse on Friday.  He was a monster – again – at work.  While he was out for dinner three messages accumulated on the answering machine.  First, his boss left a message that he should not come in to work on Monday unless his attitude was a lot better.  Second, Lance called heard the first message and said that they'll talk about it tomorrow.  Third, the building owner called and wanted to talk to Lance about excessive noise that the neighbors had complained about.

Cody was even more depressed.  Lance had said he would have to grow up or he would really become a little boy in every way.  It was not a fun discussion when Lance returned.  Cody confessed to his faults and promised to do his best and to be more adult and responsible.

"So what should we do about you and your childish behavior, Cody?" asked Lance.  "I want you to decide.  What sort of punishment is fitting to get you to act in a more grown up manner?"  Cody immediately suggested the usual spanking but Lance indicated that he should think about it awhile.  Lance then went out to take care of some things.© YLeeCoyote

Cody was not happy with no response at all.  He was fairly certain that he knew what Lance was after.  For a few months he had been talking about making Cody look and feel like a boy.  Far more than he did with his baby face looks.  Cody was dreading what Lance had spoken of – losing his pubes.  That was the only hair on his body and without them he would look like a teen about to start puberty.  He remembered the nasty teasing in the high school locker room many years ago.  The idea of it made him shiver in trepidation.

But, truth be known, and in all honesty a spanking was not really a punishment that he feared or even dreaded.  Sure they hurt but they were very erotic and afterward there was cuddling and sex.  In some ways he actually looked forward to them although not quite as much as an exotic erotic spanking.

Lance returned and they had dinner.  Cody could not get himself to say it.  It was just a couple of simple words – "Spank and shave me."  He tried a couple of times but fear blocked him.  The best that he could do was: "Do what you talked about, Lance."  But Lance did not make it easy for him for he pretended not to know what he was referring to.  He was making him take responsibility for himself.

It was two hours later when they were cuddled up together watching a video, that Cody finally was able to say the words.  In a very quiet whisper he said:  "Shave me."  Lance was pleased and proud as he hugged his boy.  He knew how hard it was for Cody to utter those two words and did not make him repeat or elaborate.  After the movie was over, they went into the bedroom.

Lance prepared the necessary stuff and then gave Cody the lecture that as needed about responsibility and growing up.  As he lectured his lover, he also slowly stripped him down to his birthday suit.  Being a swimmer, Cody was lean and sleek and Lance loved looking at him.  But it was time to do the deed.  "Cody, you been acting like a boy, rather than a man, lately?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Then you should look like a boy; and feel like a boy until you grow up."

"Yes, Sir."

"What needs to be done, boy?"

It was a very tough question emotionally and Lance knew it.  But he wanted Cody to say what had to be done so that it would be an effective treatment.

Cody took a while and with teary eyes bravely said it:  "I've not acted like a man.  I don't deserve to have man fur.  Please shave me."  A few tears ran down his face.  Lance had second thoughts about doing this but he was certain that it was necessary.  Lance picked up the mustache clipper and turned it on.  Cody shuddered.  Lance held his lover by the genitals and started.  He slowly slid the clipper down Cody's skin from his navel to the base of his penis.  He repeated this several times until the entire pubic region had been clear cut.

He turned off the clipper and hugged his lover.  The tears were heavy in his eyes but he managed not to cry.  Lance had Cody lie down on the bed.  He lovingly wiped the pubic area with a wet wash cloth and then covered it with shaving cream.  Cody was somewhat aroused even though he did not like what was happening.  Using a new sharp razor Lance carefully shaved the entire region baby ass smooth.  By the time he had rinsed the shaving cream off, Cody was fully erect.  Apparently, despite how much he hated this, it was still erotic.  Who could say if it was the result of Lance handling his cock with the slippery smooth shaving cream or the new sensation of the razor sliding over his sensitive skin; perhaps both.

It was now time for scene two.  He glided Cody over his lap, being careful not the crush his erection.  He gently rubbed the smooth buns.  Then he gave each one a couple of light pats before really spanking his love.

He did not say anything as he had said it all before.  Cody's buns were turning bright red from the spanks.  Lance repeated the sequence three times so that Cody turned a deep red and started to cry.  As this was a serious punishment spanking Lance continued with a final set of spanks that were real hard.  As he had wanted, Cody broke and was sobbing like a little baby totally out of control.

Lance stopped.  He lifted Cody up and placed him in bed and quickly joined him.  Cody continued to cry as Lance held him for a long time.  While he was holding him, Lances lovingly caressed the hot buns and shaved pubes of his lover.  Eventually, when he stopped crying, Cody felt his own now glabrous pubes.  Initially, he felt very sad and even a little angry at his new state.  However, he knew that he deserved this punishment and it certainly fit his transgressions.  He was surprised to find that it was strangely erotic.  Actually, both of them did and they had great sex with each other before falling sleep entwined.

Monday Cody acted as he should and his boss was pleased.  He was able to maintain his good behavior for the entire week.  At dinner Lance indicated that he was proud that Cody had acted properly the entire week and decided that he did not have to shave Cody again.

When he went to bed, he saw that Cody had placed the shaving stuff by their bed.  He smiled in anticipation of keeping his lover nice and clean.

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© Copyright A.I.L., November 10, 2000;  This is a derivative work using the copyrighted characters Cody and Lance with permission from Tony (cute_brat24).

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