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The following story is fiction about a young man who gains control of adults and then loses it to younger youths.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving with role reversal.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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College Boarder – Part 1/2


It started simply enough.  I needed a place to stay that was inexpensive and close to the university for my second year.  I did not like the dorm because it was a noisy place and full of distractions.  I saw the ad for a room with board and after inspection decided to rent the place.  It was simple room, the house was clean, close both to the school and transit.  Above all it was cheap and they offered a lower rate if I did some babysitting.

The owners, Milton and Mandy Merion, were couple about forty-years old with two lads – Milton Junior who was thirteen and Seth who was eleven.  I knew that they kept close tabs on the two boys because my first sight of Junior was of him in the corner, hands on his head with his very red, very hot butt hanging out to cool after an obviously thorough spanking.  After seeing that I think that I would have taken the room even if everything else was not so good.

They apologized for their son being naked in the corner but I brushed that off as a very familiar sight back home.  They assumed that I had seen my brother Ryan, in that position and that he had seen me.  Mandy even joked that if I misbehaved they would be happy to deal with me the same way.  Everyone had a good chuckle about that.

What they did not know or even suspect was far more interesting.  Yes, just the week before I left for school two corners of the family room were occupied with hot red tushies cooling off.  The Merion's would have been most surprised to have seen my well-chastised parents in those corners after I had spanked them long and hard.  I had left my younger brother in charge of them when I went off to college.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

I settled in very quickly soon becoming part of the family.  When the parents went out, about twice a week, I watched the two boys as if I was an older brother or cousin.  They were well-behaved lads and rarely needed to be spanked a punishment that I was definitely authorized to administer.  One such evening, Junior was rambunctious and was playing with his ball in the house.  I reminded him that it was against the rules and then when he continued told him to stop.  Finally, I took the ball from him and told him that he could get it back from his father.  He looked at me in horror and quickly protested.  "Please don't do that.  Dad will spank me."

"Well," I answered, "You should have remembered that and obeyed the rules.  I told you three times to stop."

"But tomorrow is Friday and it's party night.  Dad won't let me go after a spanking."

"You have earned a spanking, young man.  You will be spanked."  Milt would not spank the boys late as it interfered with their sleep.

"You can do it." he said.  "You can do it NOW …  please."

I had a hard time to control my emotions for I was thrilled.  Yes, I could have spanked them several times before but that he asked me to was a big bonus.  Junior was accepting my authority and thus he would not resist.  I noticed that his brother was observing this all.  "I'll still have to tell your parents." I warned.

"They won't spank me again, so that's OK." he rationalized.

I agreed, feigning reluctance, to spank him.  I quickly stripped the boy and pulled him over my lap.  I got a good grip on his waist and began to spank him.  I saw that Seth was watching closely.  I started slowly to warm him up and let him think he would be getting off easy.  When his butt was a nice shade of pink, I stepped up the power and let him have it like a thirteen-year-old deserves and not like a seven-year-old.  Junior started to howl and then he was crying.  I gave him some more and put him into the corner.

I called Seth over.  He was nervous and immediately defensive when I asked if he found the spanking interesting and wanted one of his very own.  "I didn't do anything wrong.  We are allowed to watch each other get spanked, … Sir."

"Did I do it right?" I asked.

"Oh, yes Sir.  I think you spanked Junior harder than Father spanks him."

"It's your bedtime.  Take your brother to bed also.  You may put some lotion on his butt if he wants."

I went to bed early and jerked off several times thinking of that spanking and others that surely would come.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of months later, that I got that pleasant opportunity.  The parents had taken a weekend trip to properly tend to their basic animal needs leaving me in charge of their spawn.  Seth went with Junior to watch him play baseball with the league team he is part of as their parents had authorized.  They were supposed to come home immediately after it.  They drifted in some two hours late explaining: "We were just at the soda shop in the mall."

"That's all very well and good, but you did not call and I was worried.  Another five minutes and I would have called the police."  They were apologetic and promised not to do it again.  "I'll accept your apologies after you are spanked." I said simply.

Seth surprised me by starting to strip right after I said that and his brother looked scared.  I called Junior over and began to strip him.  Soon they were both naked.  Although, there was a two-year age difference, Seth was as well developed as his big brother as they both were on the verge of puberty.  Since I had stripped Junior, I took him over my lap first and roasted his tail like I had the first time.  He was crying as I parked him in the corner.  Seth immediately came to my side and lay across my lap.  "Sorry, Sir." he said simply.  I spanked him the same way as I had done his brother.  I felt that he would have been insulted if I had done less even though it really was his big brother's responsibility to have kept the rules.  He cried less to my amazement.  I parked him in the other corner.

I was convinced now that Seth was much more mature – both physically and mentality – than his older brother.  I liked him more for being more grown up than his older brother.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was a big change on Saturday night or should I say Sunday morning.  Milt and Mandy had gone to a party, the boys were properly in bed and I was up late doing a paper when they got home.  That would not be noteworthy except they were both high – too high to have been driving having been drinking at the party.  They had responsibilities.  I was upset and lashed into them verbally for their dangerous and irresponsible behavior.  I had zero tolerance for this shameful and disgraceful behavior since a friend is now an orphan because of similar horrendous misconduct.

I yelled at them and they crumbled at the verbal lashing proving that they were not in condition to have driven.  One word led to another and soon I ordered them to put their hands on their heads.  Then I went to Milt and opened his pants and pulled them down along with his underpants.  One shove and he was over the end of the couch with his naked butt exposed and raised up.  I pulled off my belt – a nice thick, wide heavy leather one – folded it in half and gave him a dozen hard cuts with it.  He howled even though he was intoxicated.  He had a hot red butt that I figured he would remember not just in the morning but for a long time.

It was then Mandy's turn.  I opened her skirt and it fell to the floor.  Then I yanked down her panties and pushed her over the other arm of the couch.  She got only six cuts which left nice stripes until they merged covering her hot rump just like had happened on Milt's butt.

I parked them in the boys' corners to cool down.  I got my paper and worked on it until I sent then to bed.  It had not occurred to me that the boys might have seen and heard what was going on.  The irresponsible parents certainly would not have noticed them and I was too busy being a disciplinarian to even think of checking for young spies.

It was not anything definite that I could point to, but the boys seemed a bit different in the morning.  They treated me with a little more respect (perhaps awe) and asked their parents how they felt.  The two adult miscreants fidgeted in their seats at breakfast.

It was a couple of weeks later when Milt was taking the boys a movie a bit further away than the boys were allowed to go by themselves.  I was invited to join the excursion and I did.  It was a guy-flick so Mandy did not go.  I observed that Milt was careless slipping through a stop sign and speeding on the highway.  I commented at the time although I did not admonish him.  Back at the house, the boys came to see me in my room.  I was quite shocked when Seth asked: "Are you going to spank Dad for those driving violations?"

"It's a pretty serious thing." added Junior.

I really did not know what to say.  I guess that I was looking pretty shocked since I felt that way.

"Why do you ask?" I responded hoping to buy some time to decide what to do. "Well you spanked them when they drove drunk.  This is just as serious." explained Seth.

"They weren't drunk.  Just high." I corrected but that confirmed that it had happened.

Seth continued to explain: "No difference!  We heard and saw you do it and even give them corner time."

"So you think that your Dad should be spanked?" I asked not knowing the future.

"Definitely.  He drives like that a lot.  And it is very dangerous.  We don't want to be orphans."  Seth not only punched one of my buttons but jammed it in the punched position.  Of course, I did not have any idea where this would lead.  It was one thing to have spanked the adults in private (or what I thought private) and doing it openly and with the boys' active encouragement.

A few minutes later, the four of us were in the family room.  "Dad, Junior and I have complained about your careless driving and this time Mr. JB agrees with us that something needs to be done to make you change before you make us orphans."

Milt was confused and I understood why.  "Milt, the boys think and I agree that your driving was substandard and that you have earned a spanking."  Please drop your pants and get over the couch." I said maintaining an aura of calm.

Milt made objecting noises but the boys said that they had seen the other spanking so that there was not anything to hide.  When he questioned his sons, they explained that we had made so much noise that we woke them.  They investigated and saw it all.  Milt was pretty well backed into the proverbial corner.  If he refused, then the boys would not listen to him because he did not follow his own advice and if he agreed then he would be spanked knowing that they were watching.  He was, as the saying goes, between a rock and a hard place.  No matter what he decided, it was bad for him.

He tried to negotiate to get it in private, but the boys objected as he spanked them in front of their friends.  In the end (excuse the pun) he gave in.  The boys were grinning from ear to ear as I opened his belt and lowered first his pants and then his underpants.  I ordered him over the end of the couch but Seth said: "Stop.  Do it over your lap."

I objected that I could not use the strap that way and Seth handed me a flip-flop.  I knew that would work, so I sat down and Milt got over my lap.  I raised the flip-flop, effectively a mini-paddle, up high.  I hit hard because I did not have the advantage of a long strap and saw from how his butt turned red very quickly that this was a very effective implement to use.  It was an effective spanking although he did not cry.  After I stopped, I sent him to the corner.  The boys sat there admiring their dad's glowing hot butt.

Mandy come home and saw him still in the corner and heard the whole story.  She smiled a little but she realized that it could happen to her also.

* * * * * * * * * *

I soon became aware that the boys had divided the people in the house into two mutually exclusive classes.  Those that got spanked and those that did not.  Since their parents were naughty at times, just like they were, and got spanked it did not seem like they should do any spanking.  At least that is how they explained it to me.  I became their spanker.  It was a position that I liked.  Of course, I was expected to also spank their parents when they strayed from the proper course.  I liked that position even more.

It was shortly after that when the seating arrangement changed at the dinning table.  I got the head of the table with the boys on each side near me.  Milt and Mandy were at the foot of the table.  I got to crave the roast when there was one to carve.  I felt very much at home with the Merion's as it was very much like at home and I was seen as the head of the family rather than a boarder.

Although I did not do it the first few times, I soon instituted the practice that the spankee was totally stripped and remained that way for corner time (if any) and until the next morning.  The boys took this in stride since neither of them had actually started puberty but the adults disapproved that the boys were seeing their pubic hair.  Their lip was excessive and I decided that they should be taught a lesson and some humility.

It was a couple of weeks later that the adults again behaved in a very childish fashion earning spankings.  It was before the boys' bedtime so they were able to watch the entire proceedings.  I had the two naughty adults stand in front of me in the family room and I stripped them.  Then I took out the hair clipper and grabbed Milt by the cock and quickly reduced his bush to mere stubble.  I had made some three passes of the six or so major ones required before he whined: "Please don't, JB."  But, of course, it was too late.  I then clipped Mandy but to make it easier I had her lay on the coffee table with her legs splayed.  As I clipped, I got a good view of her cunt.  The boys were bug-eyed.  That task done I took the subdued parents over my lap and made two rump roasts.  Before sending them into the corners, I slipped on a plastic glove and rubbed a thick layer of depilatory on each stubbled crotch.  I set the timer and when it rang told them to shower and then go to bed.

I then explained to the boys that their parents had said that it was improper for them to see their pubic hair.  I acquiesced to their feelings by making the necessary adjustments.  They asked what the cream was and I let them examine the container and learn what it was.  I had the Merion's use the cream regularly so that they remained hairless like children.  Once I did that, I realized that they acted like they were still children and should be that way.  There was an interesting side effect – they were more docile and well behaved in way similar to my own parents' behavior.

The school year was coming to a close and I wondered what would happen over the summer while I was away.  There was little I could do from afar so I told them to be well behaved and that there would be a catch up week when I returned.  I also ordered Milt and Mandy to continue to use the depilatory as a reminder to behave well.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. April 3, 2011

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