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The following story is fiction about a young man who gain control of adults and then loses it to younger youths.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving with role reversal.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is Part 2 of the story and you should begin with Part 1.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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College Boarder – Part 2/2


After the summer break, I resumed being the head of the household.  Things were pretty much the same and I continued to be strict.  One thing had changed however and that was that both boys had started puberty and boasted a few hairs which I observed when I spanked them.  Seth was very proud of having caught up with his older brother in physical development.  He was also concerned about keeping them since he was sure that he would earn additional spankings by getting into trouble again.

I asked him "Are you ashamed of your pubes?"

"Oh, no.  Just the opposite – I'm proud to have them, Sir.  It just that Mom and Dad don't have them now that they get spanked."  He had incorrectly assumed that I would want to remove them.  I explained carefully that his parents thought that he and his brother should not see their pubic hair, so I removed it as they wished.  He was much relieved at that.

Things continued just as before the summer break except that the spanking rate had declined.  I felt that was good since it indicated that there were fewer transgressions.

I went home to spend the winter break with my family.  Like I had before the summer break, I admonished my charges to be well behaved.  When I returned I asked each of them if (s)he had been good all but Seth answered "Yes, JB."  I decided to discuss this with him in private.© YLeeCoyote

Seth quickly confessed to a few minor transgressions and asked if I was going to spank him immediately or in front of the others.  Rather than answer him, I asked him a question.  "Was everyone as good as they claimed?"

If you had been here, everyone would have gotten spanked." he replied and went on with "And my spanking, JB?" he said obviously needing one to assuage his feelings of guilt.

"In a few minutes, Seth

Back with the others, I told him to strip and gave him a real, but short spanking telling everyone that was for his holiday transgressions which he confessed.  I had him get dressed rather than do any corner time.

"Seth," I asked in front of the others, "if I had been here, would I have spanked Junior for any transgressions?"

"Yes, JB." he replied.

"Please get the mini-paddle, Junior." I ordered.

When he returned, I told him to give it to his brother and to ask him for the spanking he would have otherwise had.  Junior was hesitant but I encouraged him and soon he made the request.  Seth was delighted.  There was never a younger brother who did not harbor some animosity to his older brother.  Seth instantly figured out how he should handle the situation.

"Junior, give me the paddle and strip." Seth ordered in a very stern tone.  Junior hesitated and when he looked to me, I gave him a nod indicating that he should comply.  Reluctantly, he did and Seth pulled him over his lap as smoothly as if he had done it before.  I couldn't help but to wonder if he had fantasized doing this in the past like I had such thoughts about my brother.

"Junior, this is for being out late twice, not shoveling the sidewalk and not owning up when asked." said Seth as he began to spank his brother for the first time.  By citing several reasons, Seth justified a long spanking and he was smiling discretely as he delivered it.  Junior was not nearly as pleased as his bottom was turned bright red by his kid brother in front of their parents and me.  Seth stopped when he thought he had sufficiently spanked him and sent his brother to the corner.  I was encouraged that Seth made a lot of decisions on his own.

"You did that well, Seth, carry on." I said.  I hoped that he would continue and take the next logical step and spank his parents without any more encouragement from me.  That certainly would be a big step to take.

Instead he asked: "Continue?"  I nodded and he took the big step.  "Father, you are next.  Come over here." Milt did not move.  It was a test for both of them – who was the beta male (after me – the alpha).  "FATHER, get over here for your spanking.  NOW!" Seth ordered much more authoritatively.  "You have broken the rules several times and, like a child, have not owned up."  Milt was cowed and walked over to his son who as he stripped him, enumerated several transgressions.  He then sat and pulled his father over his lap, picked up the paddle and began to use it.

My heart was racing as this made me vividly recall the first time that I spanked my own father when I was fourteen.  Seth was younger but had the advantage of seeing me take over the household and also giving him encouragement.  Seth was really spanking hard and Milt was howling.  Seth finished and marched him over to the corner.

Mandy was standing and watching but afraid to move.  Seth did not need any more encouragement for he ordered: "MOTHER, it is your turn.  Get over here.  NOW!"

"But … this … isn't … right." she whined.

"Don't be silly Mother.  I've seen you from both inside and out.  Stop this nonsense immediately and get over here."  That worked because she moved as required.  Seth quickly stripped her and took her over his knees while listing her transgressions.  She made even more noise than Milt had.  She was crying by the time that Seth marched her over to the corner.

I wondered about them having pubes again.  Actually, just a bit of long stubble since they hadn't used the depilatory cream in almost a month.  It really was not a rule that they should be bald but just a response to their desire not wanting the boys to see them.  I wondered what Seth would do about them.  He had done beautifully so far with truly minimal guidance and the less I directed, the more confidence he would have in the future. Seth looked at me and whispered:  "How did I do?"  I gave him a thumbs up and a smile.  He then dashed upstairs only to return in a couple of minutes.  He walked over to his mother, and smeared a mess of depilatory cream onto her crotch.  She was shocked but Seth was ready.  "Be still, Mother.  I know that you don't want me to see your pubes and this will take care of them."  He then proceeded to do the exact same thing to his father with a similar comment.  When corner time was up, he sent his parents to shower and told Junior since he had behaved like a little kid he was going to look like one also.

I was amazed and delighted.  I was looking forward to Seth keeping his family in line which would allow me more time for my studies.  I was not disappointed at all and his parents quickly accepted him as their superior.  I knew that there would be a showdown between the brothers within a few months.  I decided not to interfere nor play favorites although I figured that the sooner it happed the more likely that Seth would prevail.

It was only a couple of weeks later that I got home and found Seth and Junior in a heated discussion.  Since they were in their bedroom, I could just observe while staying out of sight.  There was the usual male blustering and challenges in a fight for dominance.  Then it happened.  Seth went physical and managed to get control of his older brother.  Although two years younger, Seth was sightly taller and apparently stronger.  He had gotten control of Junior.  When I peeked, Seth was sitting on the bed holding Junior down with a hammer lock and a leg over Junior's legs and had him in a spanking position.  Junior was not wearing pants so when Seth began to spank him he did not have thick jeans as padding but felt the full force of spanks from an angry Seth.

Junior was yelling and howling.  The howls came with each hard spank and the yelling the rest of the time that this was wrong and to stop.  Seth told him to stop acting like a baby.  After a while, Junior was definitely feeling the pain.  He was whining and begging Seth to stop.  Seth was smart enough to insist that Junior admit that he was in charge which he did.  Seth then parked him in the corner.  Junior was sobbing.  His tail was red hot which I could see since Seth had pulled down his underpants.  Before Junior was let out of the corner, he had to agree that he was staying home and studying that evening and reiterate that Seth was in charge.

It appeared that Seth had taken control of his older brother.  I figured that life was going to be nice and simple for me since the power struggles within the family were concluded.  In the next few weeks, things were very quiet and I saw a younger me in Seth.

* * * * * * * * * *

The spring break was only a week and I stayed at school for I had a lot of studying to do.  School required a great deal of effort and I had gone to a few parties to many.  It was Friday morning and as luck would have it, Seth stopped by and saw the papers I had laid out on my desk.  I was trying to use them as both motivations and guides as to what to study.

He picked up the paper on top.  It was one that I did want anyone to see.  It was a test from the Monday before which I had gotten back the previous day.  Unfortunately the grade was below par to put it gently.

"This is terrible, JB." Seth commented on seeing the excessive red marks.  I agreed adding that is why I'm studying.  He was about to put it down when he noticed the date.  "This is from last Monday.  You were partying all last weekend rather than studying."  He paused.  "That was most irresponsible.  If I brought home a test like this my tail would be toast and properly so."  He paused and added: "It would be doubly roasted for going out rather than studying for a test."

I gulped.  He was right.  I immediately got a terrible feeling but before I considered it, Seth pounced on me.  "You have earned a spanking, young man.  A long hard spanking for such neglect of your studies so that you could irresponsibly party."  I was mute for there was not anything to say.  "Your parents did not send you here to party but to STUDY."

He picked up one of my sneakers from the floor and tossed it on my bed.  Then he grabbed my arm and pulled me out of my chair.  He easily pulled my T-shirt over my head, then yanked open my belt and zipper and pulled my jeans down.  "Lift your foot so I can slip this off." he commanded and I obeyed first for the right and then the left.  He sat down on my bed, yanked my boxers down and pulled me over his thigh.  It all happened amazingly fast and then that first spank landed on my bare butt with a vengeance.

I yelled.  It had been a long time since I had been spanked and Seth meant business.  Then came the next spank and this one reverberated right up my spine and rang in my head.  Over and over he pounded my tail with that sneaker and reduced me to bawling little boy in just a few minutes.

I lost track of things except the pain I felt in my butt and its reverberation.  Although he had stopped spanking me, I continued to bawl.  He must have left me for he turned me so I was on my back and hot butt.  He buzzed my pubes off even before I knew he had started for I was crying so much.  By the time I realized what he was doing he was already lathering me up to use the razor.  I whined and pleaded but he pulled the razor through the stubble making me smooth like a little boy

I was a most thoroughly spanked, well-chastised little boy when he lectured me a couple of hours later when I could be rational even though I was still, shall we say, uncomfortable.  He explained that now that I was old – twenty-two – it was time that I was properly under the control of a right thinking twelve-year-old (meaning himself) since I had proven myself to be most irresponsible.  I was to spend the week studying and doing my assignments (especially the long term ones).  Also, I had an early curfew and my free surfing days were at an end as he was going to install a nanny program on my computer.  I was no longer entitled to have adult hair so that he would keep me shaved until I finished school.

I wondered out loud about his sophisticated language and he explained how he frequented several web sites where mature teens were in full charge of their parents and other elders which was the proper order of things.  Once that was clear I had to agree to all of his rules and to obey him all the time.  He was so dominant that I agreed that he was in full charge.  Strangely, I felt much more relaxed as soon as I had.  At dinner, Seth took the head of the table and I was demoted to be next to his brother on one side while his parents remained on the other side.  Of course, I had to publicly confess my misdeeds and acknowledge that Seth was in charge.  That I had lost my pubes was obvious as I was naked since I had been spanked.  Seth was definitely the alpha in the house no.

Seth paid extra close attention to me making sure that I did my work and stayed on the straight and narrow for that first week.  By the time school resumed, I was well settled into the new routine.  Fortunately, unlike Junior, I did not have to be naked in school so I did not have to explain the loss of my pubes or the occasional red butt after Seth's hard and thorough spankings.

I was surprised at how well everything was going once Seth had taken over.  I stayed more focused on my school work and my grades improved.  I missed my pubes but I knew that I would have to earn the right to have them again.  It was also easier not to party and date since I did not want others to know of my loss of status.

* * * * * * * * * *

Before I returned home for the summer, my brother Ryan came for a visit.  He was able to get away because some teacher training closed his school for three days.  I will confess that I actually missed the little brat while at school.  I say 'little' metaphorically because of the eight years age difference meant that he was significantly smaller than I until he shot up last year.  Since my school year was over, I thought that it would be safe since Seth would not be monitoring me to see that I did my work.  However, there were several things I had not counted on.

The first issue arose the first day at bedtime.  Ryan was to share my room and even my bed.  The first hint of a mistake on my part came when we went to bed.  I stripped down to my briefs and he questioned me about that since I had been wearing boxers before Seth had decided briefs were more appropriate for me.  I made some flimsy excuse and returned from the shower wearing a fresh pair.  Ryan had showered first and when it was time to get into bed he stripped completely.  He was surprised that I did not.  I could not help but to notice that he was not a little boy any longer.  Not only had he grown but had been going through puberty.  He showed off his most respectable package which reminded me that I used to have a nice luxuriant bush like he was sporting.  I had figured that I would be able to keep covered for the few days but that was not to be.  Ryan saw me start to get into bed overdressed (as he put it) and that he could not believe I thought that briefs were more comfortable in bed.  He acted quickly.  He just swung about, reached out and yanked my briefs down. It was over in a second.  He saw that I was as smooth and hairless as a little boy and immediately demanded: "WHAT HAPPED TO YOUR PUBES, BRO?"  He paused a few seconds and added:  "I've heard about it happening to frat pledges but you're not one nor a freshie either."

"It's to help me study by keeping me from going out." I said telling part of the truth as I got into bed.  Ryan seemed satisfied and we stretched out together under the covers.

I thought that was the end of it but Ryan reached out and gave me a feel.  "You're as smooth as a baby, Bro."  Then he grabbed me by the balls and held on tight.  "Tell me the truth, Bro.  The whole truth!  Your exams were over two days ago and you ain't got any hint of growth so you were shaved today.  Who shaved you?"  He had gotten me unaware and was also leaning on my chest.  I was trapped.  I hesitated and he applied some pressure."

"Please…" I begged.

"Talk!" he demanded, "I'm your brother!"

"It was Seth, Ryan."  I went on to explain how I had taken charge (just like at home) however, during the summer Seth had gotten control of his parents and older brother.  I found that it was difficult to tell how a few weeks ago I had slipped and Seth also took charge of me.  He let my balls go and was laughing.

He put my hand on his pubes.  "This is the hair that a MAN has, boy."  I sensed that I was trapped.  "Well, if you can't stand up to a twelve-year-old you're certainly not going to stand up to me.  I'm in charge of you just like I'm now in charge of the 'rents."  We lay quiet for a while.  I tried to think of something but I couldn't.  Ryan had me by the balls not that he was squeezing them but I was behaving like he was.  I should have resisted him but Seth had trained me well and I felt like a little boy while seeing my brother as an authoritative and powerful man.  The longer we lay this way, the more intense the feeling became.  Every time I tried to resist even just in my mind, I failed and slipped further down into the abyss of helplessness.  "You know what you need to say, little brother."

I knew all too well what I had to said.  It was what we both already knew but it was necessary to admit.  "You're in charge." I said softly.  He let go of my balls and hugged me.  I felt safe, warm and loved.  I continued to feel that way even as he told me that he was going to spank me for not being completely truthful.  He sat up against the headboard and I lay across his lap just like a naughty, although obedient, little boy should when he is to be spanked.  Ryan did not spank me very long or very hard but he spanked me more than enough that I knew he could effectively do so using just his hand.  I wished that I could run away rather than be spanked but that would have been very naughty so I just accepted my well-deserved spanking from my younger brother.  I was amazed at how much my butt hurt from this simple spanking.

When the spanking was over, we again stretched on the bed.  We were on our sides and Ryan wrapped his arms around me and held me tight with my back to his front.  It felt wonderful.  This was like when he was little boy and came to me in middle of the night when he was scared except then I was doing the holding.  There was one other difference for I could feel his hard cock poking my tail.  At first, I tried to ignore it but I could not for it was between my legs and was long enough to push my balls up.  It just emphasized that I was a weak little boy and he was a potent, powerful man.  It was this way that I fell asleep.

When we weren't sightseeing, Ryan spent a lot of time talking with Seth.  I was sure that Seth was telling Ryan all about how he was in charge of me and disciplined me.  My new relationship with my brother had become crystal clear by the time Ryan and I returned home.  It was quite simple: Ryan, just like Seth, was in complete charge of me.

I really was not that concerned about Ryan being in charge of me for I figured that he would leave me alone most of the time just making sure that I did my share, and probably also his share, of chores about the house.  That was true for less than a week.  Things changed the day that my grade report arrived in the post.  It was not like I had failed even one course but just that my grades were down compared last year's.

"JB, you are not going to loaf this summer.  You are going to review this past year's work and then try to get a head start on next year's.  Tuition is a lot of money and you have make sure you get the most for it.  Since you haven't got a job for summer, you will spend six to eight hours every weekday studying."  I started to object but he cut me immediately.  "If you had worked properly during the year you could play now but you goofed off so now you have to make it up."

He made this proclamation at dinner and the 'rents beamed.  In the past, when they had tried to make me study, I gave them grief but I did not dare to say anything to my younger brother except: "Yes, Sir."  I knew that he would spank me long and hard if I did.  He also told me to get all the school papers and books from my luggage set up on my desk so that I could get a good start in the morning.

Right after breakfast, Ryan laid out the rules for me.  I had four two-hours study sessions each day with a half hour lunch break and two quarter hour "coffee" breaks.  My study uniform was my birthday suit so that I would not get hot as we did not have air conditioning.  I was to do four of six subjects a day and make sure that each subject got equal treatment.  I had to follow the course syllabus, of course, and expand it to the full chapters.  Ryan also said he would check up on me and pointed out that my uniform made it easy to roast my tail if I did not live up to standards.

Unless I went to the library, I was to be naked for the full nine hours.  "We all have seen your little boy bits so get use to it." Ryan essentially said.

It only took three days before I got a spanking.  I yielded to temptation and was playing a game when Ryan came into the room.  He yelled at me and I had to get over his lap for a spanking.  That really hurt for he used a little paddle (one of those souvenirs things with cute sayings).  After ten minutes of getting spanked with that thing, I no longer thought that it was cute but a real effective spanking implement which reduced me to a crying boy in a few minutes.  I had to spend a half hour in the corner with my hands on my head.  That was just as well as I surely could not have sat on my well-spanked butt immediately.  When I was told to resume my studies, I also learnt that I would have to put in a makeup session after dinner.  My parents saw how my bottom was red but did not say anything about it.

A couple of days later, while Ryan was out, I tried to play a game and discovered that Ryan had installed a nanny program on my 'puter for I got a message that access to such a site was prohibited during school hours.  I hoped that Ryan would allow me one try without spanking me so I returned to a school work related site.  He did not mention it, but I'm sure he checked the log.

I've also been condemned by my own words since Ryan used a depilatory every Tuesday and Friday to keep me hairless.  "Two reasons, boy.  First you're just a little boy who's naked most of the time so pubes are inappropriate and, second, you won't want to let any date see that you are as bald as a baby."

I figured that it was going to be a rough summer and when I returned to school for my senior year, Seth would be watching over me.  I was not wrong and looking back I know that it was all for the good.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 3, 2011

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