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College Boy – Part 1/2


I'm a junior at State U and I had gotten a date with this really cute, pretty freshman, June.  Sure I know that it not much to brag that at twenty-one I was taking out a under eighteen year old girl (I should say young lady) but, alas, I don't do to well in the date department.  Actually the afternoon was going quite well as we picked up some takeout for dinner back at her dorm room, I really expected to get into her pants.  We had the room to ourselves since her roommate was away for the weekend.  I had even brought back some beer to make it special.

We were talking after dinner, she on her second and I on my fourth beer.  I was shooting off my mouth about what a great guy (i.e., stud) I am and boasting that I would defend her against any and everyone and she just smiled.  I was trying to get real close, when there was a knock on the door.  It was Joey wearing his freshman beanie.  He was the best friend of her younger brother and even younger than she was.

She introduced us and explained that I was a BMOC and was going to protect her from the world.  Joey laughed at this and suggested that she need protection from me who was breaking the law giving her beer and probably just wanted to get in her pants.  Then he added with a sneer: "Probably couldn't get a date with a sophomore much less a junior."

I could not let these insults go unchallenged particularly as I was a bit high.  I was not worried for I was bigger than Joey at 5′10″ and 190 pounds (178 cm; 86.4 kg) to his 5′8″ and 140 pounds (173 cm; 63.4 kg).  What I quickly found out – by painful experience – was that Joe was a lean, mean, fighting machine having been on his high school wrestling team.  His hard muscles and well honed fighting skills made short work of my fatty flab and I don't think that it was even five minutes before I surrendered totally just to stop the pain.

For a few minutes after that, he sat on my chest pinning my arms with his knees.  It hurt and I could not breath properly so I had to lie panting and helpless – being humiliated by this boy, er, young man.  To make matters worse, his shorts had pulled tight and I could see his large hard cock straining to get free.  He was very aware of it for he cupped it a couple of times.© YLeeCoyote

June leaned over us and gave him a kiss right on the mouth.  "For my big hero; my shining knight."  They exchanged smiles and laughed at me.  June took something out of the dresser and then pulled my wrist.  In a couple of seconds she had handcuffed me to the steam pipe.  Joe stood up and then the two of them embraced and kissed long and hard.  After they broke for air, they stripped each other fully revealing their great bodies.  Even if they had not been caressing each other's engorged erotic parts, I knew what was about to happen and I wished I was elsewhere.  I even closed my eyes but that did not help as the images were even more vivid in my mind's eye.  I watched Joe fuck my date until they both exploded in orgasm.  They talked awhile deciding what to do with me.

It was Joe that made the announcement.  "You wanted some pussy today, boy, so you're going to get some."  Then he proceed to remove my shorts and briefs.  My hard and oozing cock popped up.  The wet spot in my briefs was very apparent.  "You seem quite excited.  Fear not, you won't be disappointed, boy." stated Joe coldly.  He took the condom I had in my short's pocket and smiled.  "I see that you came prepared, boy.  It was so thoughtful of you."  I watched helplessly as he rolled it his still hard cock.

I feared what he was about to do.  "Please, Joe, don't, please." I begged.  June laughed and he smiled.  "To the victor belongs the spoils." he said, "We fought for mating rights and I crushed you.  You are MINE!"  He raised my legs and pushed my knees to my chest.  He pressed forward.  There was not anyway that I could stop him.  I was glad that I had a lubricated condom for he did not use any other lubrication.  I tried to relax as he rammed his rod deep into me.  Technically, it was rape but when he struck my prostate I was lost in pleasure.

He pulled back my legs and suddenly June sat on my face.  She leaned forward pressing her wet cunt onto my mouth.  I could hear them kiss.  "Tongue, boy," said June, "lick my pussy clean."  I could feel her grab my balls.  I knew that I must obey.  I started to lick and lick and lick.  She was jerking me and Joe was fucking me.  I was feeling wonderful and hating it both at the same time.  I had fantasized about a threesome but nothing like this combination and certainly not with me the helpless slave of two teens.  I loved licking her but not with his semen running down into my mouth along with her juices.  It would have been great having June jerk me off but I was also finding Joe's cock was driving me up the wall as he fucked hard.

As much as I hated what was happening it was very exciting.  Between smelling and tasting June's sex, feeling Joe's hot, hard cock ramming into my prostate and June jerking me off I shot my load right on my own stomach.  June pulled my T-shirt back down to dry me.  Even after I came they continued what they was doing until they were both satisfied.  Then Joe remained plugged into my butthole.

"He does not have very much," June snickered pulling on my cock, "you had more when you were ten.  It's just a little boy's pee-pee."  She paused as my pee-pee lost any semblance of turgidity.

"It would be easier to find without this."  Joe chortled while pulling on my small bush.  June needed no more encouragement than that and in seconds had gone to the bathroom and returned with a wet towel, shaving cream and a razor.  There was nothing I could do or say that could possibly stop them so I just watched in horror and Joe made pass after pass over my pubes with the razor.  In less than five minutes I was wiped dry – clean and smooth as a little boy.

Joe pulled out of me and June undid the handcuffs so that I was allowed to stand.  I reached for my underpants but Joe said there was one more thing.  I had broken the law by giving alcoholic beverages to minors.  I don't know how he said this with a straight face for he continued to drink one of my beers.  For that I had to be punished.

"College men get paddled." smirked June.  "But he's not a man; just a hairless boy."

"In that case, I'll have to spank him like a little boy."  They both laughed.  Joe grabbed me and pulled me over his lap.  As he was sitting on the bed, my torso was supported by the bed.  He put one leg over mine to hold me in place.


He hit hard.  It feel like dad spanking me many years ago.  I started to beg him to stop but he just laughed and gave me another round of spanks.


Then I snapped inside and started to cry like a little boy – just like I had when dad had spanked me.  I felt like a naughty little boy with smooth pubes getting his due.  And when a naughty boy gets his due, he cries.  I don't know how much he spanked me, but bawling I was when he put me in the corner with my hands on my head and my hot red butt heating the room.

Eventually, I was allowed to turn around. They were both dressed.  They warned me that if I complained, I would be in deep shit because of the beer.  I dressed silently as they watched.  Just as I was leaving, they said that they both had lots of fun, thanks for the beer and all.  And, of course, we'll have to get together to do it again next week.

* * * * * * * * * *

Right now I'm really worried.  I just got a note from June and Joe.

Special party at 7 tonight in Joe's room.
Be there or else!
Dress: informal.
Be sure to shave and BYOB.

End of Part 1.  Continue with Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L., June 6, 2001

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