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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of humiliation, spankings and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is a continuation of the story College Boy – Part 1 which must be read first to learn about the characters.

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College Boy – Part 2/2


It was with great trepidation that I made my way to Joe's room, six pack hidden in a paper bag, as his note had ordered.  I really did not want to go but I was afraid of what they might do if I did not follow their instructions.  Of course, bringing beer as required would just give them more power over me.  I had already been laughed at in the showers when someone noticed my bare pubes.  I had lied that it was to win a bet and the guys just laughed more.  A couple of days later I got pantsed in the gym locker room and now almost everyone knows that I've lost my pubes.  It would be ok if I was a freshie pledging a frat but I'm not.  As you can well imagine, I had nightmares about how they treated me last week.

I knocked on his door at the appointed hour and was pleased to find that the room was not full of people ready to make fun of and humiliate me.  Only Joe was there.  He took the bag and said "thanks" but his smirk belied his appreciation.  "June will he here shortly, slave-boy".  That term made me shudder but I nodded and he added: "You can wait in the corner, boy." and he pointed to where he wanted me to go.  I did as he commanded and stood there watching him.  He did not look pleased.  "Turn around and face the walls, stupid slave-boy."  I did as he said feeling very stupid.  We both knew that he was in command.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door.  He welcomed June and Ken.  They all hugged and I even heard them kiss.  Joe called me from the corner and I get my first look at Ken.  He looks a bit younger than Joe.  June speaks: "Well, brother, this is our slave-boy."  Ken smiles as he looks me over.  "Strip so that your visiting MASTER can see your miserable body, slave-boy."

Ken watched as I did his sister's bidding.  He looked me over carefully, even walking around me and slapping my butt – hard.  Then he felt my checks which were very smooth and my pubes which were bristly from last week's shave.  "I thought you said he was smooth here.  This is rougher than his face."

June and Joe checked me out.  "We told you to shave, boy." Joe barked at me.© YLeeCoyote

I touch my face and said I did.  "Are you really that stupid, slave-boy!" snared June.  I realize that I fucked up and that they are mad.  June digs into one of the bags that they brought back. "It a good thing I got this stuff." taking out a bottle.  Then she squeezes some of the stuff out onto her hand and rubs it on my pubes, cock and balls.  It's some sort of thick cream and it takes several applications to cover me to her satisfaction before she washed her hands at the sink.  "We better eat before it gets cold.  Slave-boy serve us."  For the next half hour they eat and drink while I serve them the take-out they brought and the beer I brought.  They ignore me as they talk but I can feel my crotch getting hot.  I wonder what I'm doing here, naked and obeying the whims and wishes of three teens.  Something is wrong but I am aroused and shamefully it very evident.

They finish eating and I clean up the mess.  Then June drags me over to the sink and using a wash cloth wipes me off.  It takes many passes with the cloth with rinses between each one.  The guys are watching how she is treating me like a baby.  It takes me a while to realize that my hair is gone.  When she finishes, Ken gives me a feel.  "Smoother than a baby's butt, sis.  That's the way a slave-boy should be."  They all laugh and I hang my head in shame.  This is even worse than last week.

"This slave-boy needs to punished." says Joe cheerfully.  June agrees and in less than a minute I'm pushed over Ken's lap for a spanking.  Everything is getting worse even fast than I could have imagined.  Last week it was two freshmen with a razor and this week they added a high school senior and depilatory.  What the hell is going on I wonder as Ken's hand hits my naked butt with a loud SPANK!  This kid is as strong as his friend.  Soon the spanks are raining down hard and fast.  My bottom is hurting and I start to beg him to stop.  That was a mistake for he just continued to spank me but harder and faster.  I try to promise that I'll be good but I can not talk right.  The pain is getting to me and the tears are flowing out of my eyes.  I realize that this kid is making me cry and then the flood gate open.  I start to bawl.  Even this does not stop the hard spanking but just provoked glee from my masters.

I was crying when Ken stopped spanking me and stood me up.  "Back into the corner, crybaby."  I went back to the corner still crying.  At least I can hide my face for a bit.  "How about that tour you promised me?" asked Ken.  Then they talked about me and agree to leave me standing in the corner.

Because Joe is worried that I might mess his room, Jill leads me to the sink.  "Crybaby must make pee-pee for mommy."  She was holding my cock.  "Mommy will aim baby's little pee-pee so he does not make a mess."  I could not pee and then Ken turned on the water and I peed a little bit.  "Good baby; making pee-pee for mommy."  I peed some more and then was put back into the corner.

"You stay in the corner slave-boy or you'll get whipped.  You may leave only for a fire.  We shall know if you disobey."  Then the three of them went out.  I stood there in the corner a long time.  I rubbed my hot bottom and even my super smooth pubes.  I wondered if I could just sit down until they got back.  How would they know as long as I heard then key turn in the lock.  But something told me that they would know.  Little boys who get in trouble are always found out.

They returned and called me from the corner.  I told them that I had not left the corner.  I watched Joe as he got the camcorder that he has setup and started to view the tape.  It took them only five minute to fast forward the tape and see that I had been obedient.  They told me that I had been a good boy and I would have been severely punished if I had moved and lied about it.  I still don't understand but I felt better then.  I wonder how much they have already taped of me and then the horrid realization that they will tape more hits and then have even more power over me.

Then, June and Joe began to kiss and strip each other and Ken also stripped.  I was allowed to watch them and admire their nice bodies.  Very quickly June and Joe were at it on the bed and I saw that Ken was rolling a condom on his hard shaft.  He was generously endowed and I knew what was going to happened next.  "Ken, please don't fuck me." I pleaded.

He just laughed.  "I course I'm going to fuck you.  That what this party is all about.  If you did not want to fuck around you should not have come, boy."  He easily forced me to the floor like I was a dog.  He got behind me and grabbed me by the hips as he pressed forward leading with his steel like rod.  There was something very exciting to this.  A boy had taken charge of me and I liked it.  I pressed back and his shaft entered me.  There was no possible way to stop him now as he fucked me hard with long thrust each one of which hit my prostate and felt great.

Then I was aware that June and Joe were watching as they encouraged Ken to "Hump the Bitch Harder".  I felt very small but I could not stop the great feeling of arousal that I had.  My cock felt like it was going to bust because it was so engorged and then I exploded blasting by baby batter over the floor.  "Damn he creamed on MY floor" yelled Joe.  "Make him lick it up.  Ken stopped his thrusting and lifted me up and managed to move us both back at least two feet.

Ken pushed me back down onto all fours again.  "LICK THAT MESS UP, SLAVE-BOY!"  I stuck out my tongue and moved forward and began to lick my cum from Joe's floor.  As I kept moving forward, Ken continued to fuck me.  Somewhere along the line he must have cum as was proven later.

Ken pulled out of me and flipped me over.  June sat on my chest and leaned forward pushing her cunt to my mouth.  Joe's cum and her juices were running out.  I did not need direction but just licked her as long as I could.  When she was clean, Ken knelt beside her and emptied his condom into my mouth so that I was forced to eat his cum along with Joe's and June's juices.  One of them quipped: "It's a party and we all eat."

Actually, they did give me some real food and some soda, while they each had a beer.  Then Joe explained that he was going to take June back to her room while Ken had a man-to-boy discussion with me about the family honor.  At that time I could see Ken taking my belt out of my jeans.  He finished up with that I had better "cooperate" or I would regret it.

As soon as Ken and I were alone he started lecturing me like he was June's guardian and I was just a kid who had overstepped the bounds of good behavior.  The end point was that I was to be strapped;  strapped hard and long.  Seconds later I was bent over holding my ankles waiting for the first of many strips from Ken with my own thick, wide heavy garrison belt.

The wait was very short.  THWACK!

"OW!", I felt it and it hurt.  The belt was stiff and Ken swung it with a vengeance.  THWACK!  And another 25 square inches (161 square centimeters) of my bottom was on fire.

THWACK!  THWACK!  THWACK!  Now my entire butt was aflame.  The (my!) belt continued to repeat the discussion over my painful bottom.  I don't know how I kept hold of my ankles and I lost track of the number of strips I had received.  Then I let go of my ankles and fell forward bawling like I had before when he had spanked me.  Ken let me cry for a while and then picked me up and laid me over the end of the bed.

"Just ten more, slave-boy." he stated calmly like he was counting out subway stops.


"Just five more." he said.  I was numb and crying.


"That it for today.  I've hope you learnt your lesson."

I sobbed for a long time.  Then Ken pushed me off the bed and sat on it.  "Suck, slave-boy." he commanded and suck I did.  His young cock was steel hard and ready to go again.  He stopped me time after time when he got close so as to prolong things.  Then he exploded and blasted a large load into my mouth which I swallowed.

He was not finished with me though.  He lay back and lifted his legs so that I was staring at his rosebud.  Please don't make me do that, Ken, I though to myself.  Maybe he was just teasing me.  Then he spoke.  He was hard and commanding.  "Rim me, slave-boy."  I tried to resist and move away, but I couldn't.  He flexed some muscles and it was like the hole winked at me.  The little bit of resistance I still had faded and I leaned forward.  I could smell the musky scent.  I stuck out my tongue tentatively and made contact.  A wave of feeling passed through me.  He repeated the command: "Rim me, slave-boy." and I started to do it.  I licked and licked and he enjoyed it.

Then came the next order: "Put your tongue in, slave-boy."  Here I was a twenty one years old college man with a hot red ass and hairless pubes pleasuring a sixteen year old high school student as if he owned me.  "Pay attention to what you're doing, slave-boy."  I concentrated on pleasing the master.

I was still at it a few minutes later when Joe returned.  "Teaching our slave-boy new tricks, Ken." he laughed.

"Yep. And it feels real good too." said Ken.  Then Joe made me blow him.  I could taste June's juices on his fuck shaft when I licked it.  He took a long time to cum and I assumed that was because he had fucked June again.  When he shot, I again gained a few calories.

"Our slave-boy is horny." noted Ken pointing to my boner.

"Let's jerk him off." laughed Joe.  "Get up on the bed, slave-boy."  I did as I was ordered.  They each held one of my wrists and started to jerk me off.  I was helpless and I responded to their hands.  It really felt good as they played with my hard pee-pee.  I wished that it was June doing it but I did not have any choice in the matter.  After a while, I shot my load.  Some of it was caught in Ken's hand and the rest went on my chest.  Ken put his hand over my mouth and I licked it clean even without any directions.  Joe wiped my chest with his hand and also feed me my own spunk.

Joe told me to dress.  He gave me the bottle of depilatory with the order to use it once a week.  I returned to my room and collapsed on my bed.  Even in the morning was ass was still afire.  I covered it with Sportscream several times that day and most of the week.  I dreaded that June and Joe would make me service them again.  But I also knew that I could not resist for I could not help but to jerk off every night thinking about it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 6, 2001

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