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The following story is fiction about a pseudo-judicial strapping.  The story contains scenes of a public strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Community Patrol


It was a hot summer night with several hours yet to dawn.  The park was filled with people of all sorts in search of love or more likely sex.  It was nowhere as crowded as it was in the afternoons when many families came to get respite from the heat and great hoards of tourists came to visit the famous park.  There were members of the Community Patrol group lurking (in a good way) to provide an immediate response to trouble.  For the most part the trouble makers had learnt to avoid this park.  Of course, there was the occasional drunken lout to deal with but, fortunately, the homophobes were now rare.

Things were happily peaceful but then the phone at the CP's HQ started to get reports about a couple of noisy guys who were yelling slurs.  Most knew to give them wide berth so fortunately, nothing physical occurred.  The CP, however, took notice and beefed-up its force.

Although one could never know what actual offence would occur members of the CP expected that a young gay man showing off his bubble butt in tight shorts would get a hard SPANK and rude a proposition as the offender grabbed his crotch and boasted of its contents.  When that happened they would swoop in and deal with the offender immediately.  Most of the trouble in the park was of this sort but it would not be this night.

The soft buzz of the night and the singing of the birds was interrupted by a LOUD SLAP immediately followed by a sheik of "FRESH!"  A couple of CP member heard and immediately observed but as the young lass seemed to have dealt adequately with the excessively forward young man they stayed back.

She started to quickly exit so that it was just a few seconds later that she was rushing by the two noisy guys whom she did not notice.  They noticed her, however, and one reached out and gave her a hard SPANK while grabbing her crotch.  She had barely screamed again when the CP was in action.  Three members grabbed the offender while two others restrained his buddy to prevent interference.© YLeeCoyote

The aggressive lout was surprised at how quickly he was under control.  "That's no way to behave, man!" snarled the CP leader.  "You shall be punished."  Struggle as he might the lout could not get free.  As the CP leader opened his belt and pulled it from his shorts there was lots of light as many cell phones illuminated the scene.  The offender's pants were opened and yanked down.  Then his boxers quickly followed his pants to his ankles.

That provoked lots of laughs for a rolled sock fell out revealing his false advertising.  Naturally, he was greatly embarrassed.  "To the table." ordered the leader and the man was dragged to the nearby games table and then forcefully bent over it.  Held tightly to the immovable table his butt was a perfect target.  Many phones were both recording and illuminating this most entertaining scene.

The leader folded the man's heavy leather belt and took careful aim.  The first cut connected with a loud WHACK!  The man yelled.  A schoolboy would have died of shame had he yelled like that his classmates could hear.  But that was just the first cut.  The belt was raised and swung again provoking another yell.  The crowd watched and approved.

The Leader continued with the third hard cut.  Something was added to the WHACK and yell – a count.  Someone in the crowed yelled out "THREE!"  This set the precedent and the crowd counted each cut.

Each hard cut was just a replay but the appreciative crowd did not get bored counting the cuts and responses.  After a bit the lout's screams changed to whimpers and crying.  When the count reached twenty, the CP leader stopped and  the miscreant was released.  He slipped to ground and his belt was thrown at him.  "Get out of here and never come back." was the curt order.

His buddy helped him up and lead him from the park.  The pair was never seen again.

The park soon returned to normality.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 14, 2019

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