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The following story is fiction about a community school class with spanking.  The story contains scenes of strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Computer Basics with Strap


There was a computer class at the community center so I signed up.  I was hoping to learn about using computers now that I had gotten one.  I had heard that they improve life and I did not want to be a Luddite any longer.  The class was mixed with some old codgers and a few babies.  Well, to be honest, teens but at my age, there isn't much difference.  Apparently, contrary to popular belief, they all don't know everything about computers.

Mr. Geoffrey G. Gilthorpe, III was the instructor.  He was an arrogant man who recently graduated from college with an ordinary baccalaureate degree but you would have thought that it was one from Princeton or Harvard with high honors rather than from the local, second rate college only recently expanded to have four-year programs.  Part of his problem was that he went to a second rate prep school with some old fashioned ideas for they still used CP on their errant, although captive, students.  In just one way they had modernized since both cane and paddle were proscribed.  The former, even though the principal was from the UK, because it made too many marks and the latter because it could led to bruising of bone too easily.  Instead the implement of choice was a strap, a tawse if you will.

It was indeed a big surprise, when Gilthorpe showed it to the class at the first session and explained that he saw how effective it was when he was in prep school so he had decided he would use it in this class.   It would be an understatement to say it was somewhat of a shock when he asked for a volunteer so that everyone could see how effective it was.

The kids made fun of the strap as not really hurting as teenaged boys will do and, after a few minutes of adolescent machismo boasting, one of them got to be the demonstratee.  The grin that Gilthorpe was sporting was positively Machiavellian as young Mr. Lockman swaggered to the front and bent over.  "You won't feel the strap's sting properly through the heavy denim of your jeans.  Lower them." stated Gilthorpe apparently drawing on his own experiences.  Lockman then lowered his jeans and resumed the position.  He jumped and yelped when the strap bit him through his thin boxers but, to his credit (and fear of his buddies ridicule) returned to position for more.  Gilthorpe explained that the usual count was six but as this was only a demonstration it was only going to be three cuts.  Lockman quickly pulled up his jeans and was willing to admit that it "stung a bit" as he returned to his seat.  I noticed that he did not swagger as before.

The class was peaceful until the third session when a major prank was disrupted the class.  I was not surprised that Lockman was furious and gave the class a long lecture and after rebooting the system decided that someone had hacked into his own account.  This was a serious affront at the very least.  Apparently, he could tell that Spike was the culprit and he was summoned to the front of the room.  His buddies were all quite happy for two reasons.  First that he had gotten the better of Gilthorpe and, second, that they were going see him get strapped.  Spike acted it was an honor to be in his position.  Rather than being ashamed for being a trouble maker and concerned about being strapped, he was proud that he had bested the teacher and that his buddies knew it.  He was nonchalant when ordered to lower his jeans and bend over.  Gilthorpe was quite angry and gave him eight.  From the sound of each cut, they were, as the old sentences ordered on naval ships specified, "well laid on".© YLeeCoyote

Spike must have felt them as he reacted strongly to each.  He managed to stay in position by keeping a death grip on the desk (his knuckles were white) but he remained silent for all of the cuts.  When he returned to his desk, it was clear that he was in real pain.  His macho pride required him to hide it from his buddies.

Gilthorpe promised dire consequence for any more such disruptions.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was another two class sessions when another prank happened.  Gilthorpe was absolutely livid about it.  He was able to recover a lot more quickly than the first time but he had a big problem.  The clique was all grinning like a destruction of Cheshire Cats.  I'm sure he had thoughts of flogging each of them like Captain Bligh would have but he had to settle for a lot less.  He commanded Rex come to the front of the room and gave him a lecture.  He was too frustrated to make it searing or even very coherent.  Finally, he ordered Rex to drop 'em and assume the position.

I was just as surprised as Gilthorpe was when Rex refused to and insisted that Gilthorpe should be on the receiving end.  While Gilthorpe was stammering, Rex pointed to the relevant saying on the wall.

Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

"Geoffrey" (note the use of his first name) "you have failed to do your job as I was able to penetrate your account.  This is the second time just in this class.  Now, YOU drop your pants and get into position."

"You can't do this…" he started but was quickly shut up when Spike said:

"Our buddies will help you get into position.  And don't forget that." he pointed a another saying on the wall.

The second mouse gets the cheese.

The five teens who advanced to the front looked very menacing.  Gilthorpe quickly accepted his fate for he let Rex take the strap from his hand without any further protest.

"Position!" Rex commanded pointing to the desk were everyone had bend over previously for strapping and Gilthorpe complied.  I was not certain that it should be young Rex strapping Gilthorpe but I thought he fully deserved a strapping for his conduct in general.  The murmurs through the class seemed to give approval to what was happening.© YLeeCoyote

I thought that Gilthorpe was experienced getting the strap and would take it like a man but I was quite wrong.  Rex raised it up for the first cut and brought it down with a resounding WHACK!  It certainly was a hard cut but no more so than Gilthorpe had given to others.  Gilthorpe yelled loudly like a little boy does and even stood up.

"Back into position.  That cut doesn't count and if you get up again it will mean extras." snapped Rex.  I wondered how he knew all these things to say but that did not keep me from thoroughly enjoying the pompous young whippersnapper getting his fat seat roasted by a youth who was just fourteen.  Rex was young but athletic and with a good body meaning he had the strong muscles needed to properly chastise Gilthorpe.

With his jumping up, so that he got repeats and extras, Gilthorpe got a full dozen and was sobbing before it was over much to the delight of the kids (and others such as myself).

There were not any more pranks for the rest of the course.  Regardless, the strap seemed to have disappeared and Gilthorpe was a lot less pompous.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 13, 2010

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