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The following story is fiction about crime, mind control and discipline.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and paddling.  GTA is legalize for "grand theft auto" which is a felony.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Consequences of GTA


With crime rampant The-Law-and-Order party was swept into power.  The scope of crimes and the state's retribution increased as expected.  There was a problem in that prisons are expensive so alternatives quickly developed.  Rather than just warehouse criminals they began to rent them out as unskilled labor for dirty, dangerous and unhealthy jobs which turned them into a revenue source for the State.  Bio-engineers quickly developed control collars which could implant feelings and desires directly into the wearer's brain and make the convict labor extremely compliant and thus far more valuable.

An extrajudicial industry also developed.  Often using honey pots, they actively sort out minor law violators and trapped them much as much as carnivorous plants attract insects.  Then they treated them at high cost so they could never be free.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tyler and Frankie were both eighteen-years-old and lazy good-for-nothings.  They did poorly in school and found joy in many petty crimes and in bullying.  They thought very highly of themselves and could not understand why so many of the girls (that is not the word they used) declined going on dates with them.  Of course, they were not interested in entertaining (with a movie or dance) nor dinning with the young lady but only in course sex.  They were probably guilty of date rape.

It was late after a pointless evening and they were walking back home when they saw the car parked in the very deserted factory district where they had gone clubbing.  It was a late model sporty car with a powerful engine capable of far exceeding the speed limit.  "Let's go for a ride, Tyler." said Frankie.  Tyler quickly agreed.© YLeeCoyote

They never made the connection between the smaller crowds where they went hunting and the new government taking office.  They surely did not give any thought to the announcement from the authoritarian law and order government that they were cracking down on amoral, criminal leaning perpetrators as they started to execute their criminal plan.

It was a surprisingly easy matter to pick the locks first on the door and then the ignition.  They made themselves comfortable and drove off.  A few minutes later they got on the highway.  They quickly confirmed that driving more than ​one hundred mph​ (​160 km/hr​) was far more exhilarating than watching someone else doing it in a movie.  They hadn't any idea that the dashboard display was greatly overstating their speed.  It was not long before Tyler demanded a turn at the controls of the fantastic machine.  After some yelling, Frankie gave in and they switched places.  Tyler claimed that he drove faster than Frankie had.

Without warning things started to change.  The car slowed down and took the next off ramp.  The controls were totally nonresponsive as the car drove itself.  When the car stopped for a traffic signal they tried to get out but the door handles did not do anything.  Their panic and fear levels rose quickly as the car took them to … er … somewhere.  After a couple of hours the car entered a building and turned itself off as the heavy steel door clanged closed behind them.  They were in the dark both literally and fugitively.

Desperate and totally scared, they tried the doors again.  They were still locked.  They tried their phones figuring even calling the police would be better then the unknown.  Their phones showed zero bars for there was not any signal in the tightly secured holding pen.  In a couple of hours their phones exhausted their batteries and they were in the dark.  They were scared.

There was but one thing they could do.  They waited in the pitch dark.  All they had for company were each other and the night monsters of immature little boys in bed without their teddy bears thanks to the odorless drug in the sealed car.

* * * * * * * * * *

They were awoken by the clanging of a loud bell and the place was glaringly brightly lite.  They tried to move but found that they were restrained.  When they demanded to be freed they were told to be silent.  "You voluntarily and irrevocably committed yourselves for rehabilitation here at the Rehab Center."

"Nonsense!" declared Tyler and Frankie quickly concurred.  "We did nothing of the sort."

"You entered our mobile office / transport vehicle and accepted these terms and conditions by operating it." said a machine voice as a mechanical arms snapped bio-unit mind control (popularly known as slave) collars on their necks.  "Please exit the vehicle." and the restraints were released.

When they did not move they were punished by brain waves emulating from the collars.  Although they were sitting they believed they experienced hard whacks on their buttocks.  Hard and painful whacks better known as spanks.  The order was repeated and this time they exited the car.  They entered the facility and were required to strip so that they were totally naked except for the collars about their necks.

They were treated to haircuts from an auto-barber machine that had one setting – crew cut.  Then they were washed and emptied.  A washing machine enclosed each of them and they felt hot soapy water being rubbed about by mechanical pads.  It also got them to defecate, urinate and ejaculate.  When they were ejected from the washers, they saw that they were pinkish and hairless.  They felt totally helpless after being processed.

A technician then implanted id chips and attached id bracelets to each.  They had lost their names and were now X34 and X58 for short which were the last three characters of their ids.

It was only then that they encountered a person who welcomed them to the Rehab Center and told them most essential of the rules.  "You will do as you are told immediately be it work or study.  You are on a strict schedule.  Any and all disobedience shall be severely punished."  Both X34 and X58 were dumbfounded.

"We will start with your spanking for GTO (that is stealing the car) and reckless driving.  Get on the spanking bench in the machines." he said pointing.  They hesitated.

"Immediate obedience is required." and they both fell to the floor in agony as the psychic punishment was applied.  After they had some time to recover, the order was repeated.  This time they each quickly ran to the machines and got into position.  The restraining clamps were closed and they could not move although the machine could and did.  Mechanical arms swung so that leather straps flew and struck their buttocks repeatedly.  Each hard painful stroke caused a yell and soon they were bawling like babies from the harsh spanking.

They were then fed.  Because they were starving they ate although they did not like the food for it was some horrid machine made stuff but they were hungry like the others.  Then they were taken to the dormitory and found hard shelves to sleep on.

There were others naked, hairless and collared like they were.  They asked questions but only got signs to be silent.

* * * * * * * * * *

A loud klaxon woke them along with all the others in the dorm.  The others, knowing the routine, rushed into the next room having learnt that slowness was punished.  The two newbies followed and were horrified that the others were squatting over openings in the floor and relieving themselves.  There was a computer voice that gave the order: "X34; X58: Empty yourselves."  As humans they were repulsed but the animal nature in them told them they had needs so they did as the others were doing and, of course, they could be punished if they did not.  Then they were fed again.  It was the same tasteless biscuits as the first time.  This time they noticed the product name – Slave Chow – embossed on the dry biscuits.

After they ate everyone filed past the assignment terminal which issued each individual's assignment for the day.  The terminal told them to follow the green line on the floor while others had different destinations.  They hurried to their assignment wanting to avoid any punishment for any delay that the terminal warned about.

They soon found themselves in a classroom with several other new rehabs including a couple of females who obviously been treated just like the guys for they were also naked and hairless.  There was a human in charge.  He gave the initial lecture explaining that they were all to be transformed into useful and law abiding citizens and congratulating all on joining the program.  "You will find that the training will be rigorous and any and all missteps shall be punished."

A couple of guys insisted that this was all wrong and demanded to contact friends, family or lawyers.  They were told they had agreed to all terms and conditions and that the Rehab Center was obligated to complete their training according to the contract.  When one would not accept his situation and kept complaining, the collar delivered harsh punishment.  After he stopped writhing on the floor, he was ordered to the front of the room.  "You shall get six pops." and told to present his butt.

Everyone watched as the instructor used the large paddle.  A school boy back in the days when the paddle was in general use knew what it was all about and how to be brave and stoic.  This guy did not.  The first pop generated a very loud yell and an imitation of a jumping bean.  As the red stripe formed, the instructor calmly ordered the guy back into position and explained that jumping about nullifies the pop.  Eventually, the paddling was finished and everyone was invited to examine the roasted and swollen butt.

"As part of your training each of you shall get one pop so that you know what it is like." said the instructor so one by one each went to the front and received the demonstration stroke.  Then they truly knew how much pain the paddle could inflict.  The bruising would last for days.  The rest of the day was spent at computer terminals being tested about everything to determine their placement in every aspect of the program.

They were fed again and had a brief free time period before being returned to the dormitory.  Although talking was permitted, few of the others wanted to.  The conversation between X34 and X58 essentially could be reduced to: "What have we gotten ourselves into?"  The answer was far darker than they could have imagined in their worst nightmares but they would not learn that for a long time.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day they started to receive instruction.  They both found themselves in front of computers and being drilled in basic arithmetic and spelling.  If they lagged or wandered or repeated an erroneous answer they were punished.  The punishment felt exactly as if they had been spanked which was physically impossible as they were seated.  It was less noticeable but they were also rewarded for correct answers.  The Rehab Center had found this was a very effective method and in a few months they would complete primary school subjects.  This was the education level necessary for most work opportunities.  An eager to please attitude and to be obedient was also instilled.

They were also scheduled for PE just like in a regular school.  Of course, at the Rehab Center the emphasis was on getting toned, to the proper weight and for some increasing strength.  The exercise machines all could inflect virtual punishment just like the teaching computers did but the Gym Master carried a big heavy leather punishment strap.

The Gym Master particularly liked newbies and as soon as they failed a task he would pounce.  The GM would grab the offender and have them bend over and whack them with the strap as hard as he could.  They always howled much to his great delight.  It was a great motivator.

The enrollees would also be taught useful skills so that they could return to society as proper and productive citizens.  The skills taught were all low end ones such as various unskilled laboring, janitorial and gardening.

* * * * * * * * * *

Several times they were taken to remote sites to practice their new skills.  They were told that escape was impossible since going passed the indicated boundaries triggered extreme punishment from their collars.  One rehaber, Z34, did not believe that and foolishly tried to run away.  Of course, wearing nothing but the collar and not having any money there was not any place to run to and anyone he met would call the police to claim to reward for a runaway.

After he was allowed to suffer for an hour (as an object lesson to the others) Z34 was dragged back to the dorm area by a couple of other rehabers.  He was tied to the whipping post and with all the others watching received thirty strokes from the dreaded cat-o'-nine-tails which made him howl.  Worse it left him with an extremely sore and bloody back.  It is safe to say that even the least developed thought of escape was shattered for all the rehab inmates as they heard Z34's screams.

* * * * * * * * * *

After the typical two years of rehab both X34 and X58 were ready for return to society.  At the exit interview their collars were removed and they were presented with a bill for rehab services, training and room and board.  Of course, they did not have any way to pay the excessive bill for they did not have any resources nor know of any family that would help.  (Part of their training was to forget their unfortunate past.)

If they left without paying they would be both debtors and vagrants which the courts would deal with most harshly.  The Rehab Center offered to help them find positions as indentured servants.  Their new benevolent employer would pay the fees and provide both work and quarters.  It was not pointed out that the pay was minimum wage and that room and board were expensive.  What was pointed out was that they were free to walk out but there was a police officer just outside who would detain them for public nudity and by the time they got to the police station a complaint of nonpayment would be on file.  They would be auctioned off within a week by court order to pay the debt.

They were trapped.  Just like in the song "Sixteen Tons" they were going to be Another day older and deeper in debt for a very long time.

They were no better than cattle for they were now mere chattel.  New collars were snapped on as they turned away from the exit door and stayed.  They felt good as the interviewer said: "Good decision, boys."

However, society was protected.  It had figured out how to protect itself from the criminal element without expensive prisons.  Those antisocial persons were given extensive reeducation and training and became useful members of society mostly like the Deltas and Epsilons of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 23, 2017

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