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The following story is fiction about boy who falls under the control of his younger sisters.  The story contains scenes of spanking and shaving by both his mother and sisters.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Corner Talk


Hello, I've missed you, my dear friend but I have to talk quietly to you because I'm stuck in the corner once again.

Yes, I'm sure that my bottom is bright red and it definitely hurts.  That's why there are tears on my face and snot dripping from my nose.

Yes, sixteen, almost seventeen is very old be spanked and put in the corner but Mom believes that is the way that naughty little boys should be punished.  I HATE it!  It is embarrassing to be treated like this.  But Mom says that as long as I act like a little boy that I'll be treated like one.

Yes, you are right, Mom isn't in and my little sisters won't rat me out to her if I leave the corner early.  Although that would be better than what would happen if I dare to leave this corner early.  Then Niki will just spank me AGAIN and I already hurt a lot.

YES!  Niki – my little sister – who is only twelve and four years younger than I.  She was the one who spanked me already today and I don't need another spanking – certainly not today.  That's right.  You been gone for half my life now and there have been some unpleasant changes.© YLeeCoyote

You know that I got my first spanking when I was four and even after Dad passed away, Mom kept spanking me.  Over the years as I have grown Mom has kept up it up but she promoted me to the big wooden spoon, a hairbrush and even a heavy, wide leather belt she brought especially for the purpose just a few months ago.

Oh, you want to know about Niki spanking me.  That is a long painful tail.  It began some two years ago.  My older kid sister, Anita, was twelve at the time.  She had a nasty cold and Mom gave her a big dose of some over the counter remedy.  I got that a few times myself.  It's strong stuff and I don't really know if it helps the real problem but it knocks one out so one falls into a deep sleep.  I had just gotten pubes a few months before and I was curious if Anita had them.

Yes, even though she two years younger than I because girls are said to mature earlier.  And I wanted to see what a girl's hairy slit looked like, so I peeked.  I folded back the covers, lifted the waistband of her panties and looked.  My timing was terrible, for Mom walked in just then to check on Anita.

Yes, not good at all for she went ballistic.  "I'll deal with you in the morning, young man.  Now get to bed."

As I rushed to my room, Niki said: "The naughty boy going to get a HARD, BARE BOTTOM SPANKING!" and she giggled.  I wish it had just been that.

Anita was outraged at what I had done even more than Mother was and she wanted a hand in my punishment.  My objections were brushed aside partly on the excuse that I had not afforded my sister the same privacy I was now demanding.  To make things worse, Niki was also given a part as well as watching.  With the three women surrounding me, Mother gave me a long, boring lecture telling me how terrible and evil and perverted I was.  Then I was stripped.  Until then, Mom usually just pulled down my pants and boxers but this time was different.  My sisters worked together to remove all my clothes – shirts, pants, sneakers and socks.  They saved my underwear for last and then studied my naked body, especially my male parts.  Niki even ran her fingers through my pubes and said how soft they were.  I was blushing all over.

Yea, I got hard when they played with my dick.  A guy is supposed to get hard when a girl does that – even if she is his sister.  Mom took me across her lap and gave me a few hand spanks.  Then she told me that Anita was going to spank me with the hairbrush.  I objected but Mom held me in place as Anita beat me with the brush as hard as she could.  My objections quickly turned in howls of pain as the hard brush did its thing on my exposed bottom.  Niki was not satisfied just to watch and so she had her turn at my now hot red tail.  Anita had gotten me sobbing and Niki drove me over the edge so that I was bawling like a little boy.  I was so ashamed that my littler sister made me bawl.

Mother lifted me up and stood me between her legs and held me.  I was not in any condition to even protest the coming horrors.  My sisters used a hair clipper and a safety razor to remove my pubes.  I was bawling so much that I did even realize it while was happening.  I saw that it had happened a few hours later when I went to pee.  It was after that I learnt of the rest of the horrors of my punishment.  My sisters both had full spanking rights to keep me in line.  They also both had the authority of full time babysitters and thus had control of me.  It was an absolutely devastating turn of events.

I objected but was shown a video of the spanking and shaving that would be distributed if I did not submit.  Both Anita and Niki were grinning so broadly as to put the Cheshire Cat to shame as they had spanked my naughty little boy bottom and removed my pubes.

Yes, my pubes did grow back but Niki did not like them so she shaved them off again a month later and has kept doing that ever since.  All three of them agree that little boys don't have pubes and since I act like a little boy I'm not entitled to them.  I'm trapped for they go further and say that since I am bald down there, I look like a little boy and should be treated as one.  My curfew is hours earlier then those of my friends and if I'm late then that's another excuse to spank and shave me.  They even replaced my boxers with tightie-whities some of which have cartoon characters on them.

Yes, it is awful to say the least.  Niki promised me that she would be the bestest baby sitter that a little boy could have and would make sure that I never missed a spanking that I deserved as long as I was a little boy in her charge.

What do you mean that she's right?  I'm not a little boy!  I'm seventeen – almost.

Oh, big boys don't have imaginary friends so therefore I must be a little boy.

Editors' Note:  The boy started to cry again as he realized the awful reality of his situation.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 27, 2011

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