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The following story is fiction about babysitter who brings justice to a wronged boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The spanked nine-year-old boy
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Corrected Father


I showed up at the Sandler's right on time.  Mrs. Sandler was starting her third week with her ill parents so that it was Mr. Loren Sandler who had fed the two boys their supper.  There wasn't anything to do except to make sure that they got their baths and were in bed by their bedtimes.  I had this babysitting gig because Kyle, the eleven-year-old, has problems with girl sitters.  They insist that he can't shower by himself and always over wash his junk until he gets a stiffy.  His younger brother, nine-year-old Jermey hasn't reported that problem yet but he is not so shy; at least not yet.  The boys know and love me.  Now, please, don't get any ideas about sex, for it is platonic love.  That is just to say they like me very much and that we get along famously.  Definitely Kyle and increasingly Jermey much prefer to have me sit them as we can do guy stuff.  Yea, there are some girls who would but these boys haven't met them.

Being a Friday, I expected the two not to be concerned about homework and wanting to play in the yard or on the computer or to watch TV.  Instead they were in Jermey's room.  Kyle was trying to comfort his little brother who was most distressed.  It was immediately evident why.  Jermey was naked, lying prone, showing that he had just been spanked quite hard as his little bottom was practically glowing and he was sobbing.  His pillow was wet enough that it was clear that he had been bawling quite a while before I came in.

It took a while before I learnt what was going on.  Jermey had not done an assignment, there was a nastygram from his teacher, and things had escalated with his dad culminating in a major spanking.  Both boys, but especially Jermey, were good students.  They got good grades and liked school.  After a while longer, the details emerged.  The previous week had been a school break although there were some assignments to do over the vacation.  Both boys had worked long and hard to do them the first weekend of the vacation because they were going to Orlando for a long anticipated trip to 'you know where'.  They had a great time down there but the disaster happened when school resumed.  Jermey had forgotten to do the vacation report.  He made some silly excuses to his teacher fully intending to do the report.  There was a problem.  The vacation had been so overwhelming that he just could not recall stuff in an organized way needed to do the report.  He even thought that he was sick which became another excuse to put things off.  The end result was that he got his butt busted for the missed assignment, the follow-up mendacities and the note from school.

I started to help him organize what his overfilled week was like and Kyle helped.  It was easy to block out the days – Monday and Saturday were travel, the aquarium Tuesday and then a couple of the theme parks Wednesday through Friday.  Jermey could recall a lot of the fun stuff but it was a jumble.  I helped him on the web sites to see what was in each place and organize his memories.  As we surfed, both boys recalled more and within a couple of hours we had a good outline of the week.  Jermey's big worry that he did not remember was gone.  He now had the confidence that he could do the assignment.  But it was past their bedtimes so we had to stop.  A little later they were in dreamland and I was downstairs thinking about what had gone wrong.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

By the time Mr. Loren Sandler got home I was furious and I knew why.  He had failed to do his job and then took it out on the little boy.  That his wife was with her parents was not an excuse.  I gave it to him with both barrels and then reloaded to repeat it.  Some of the more critical questions:

"DID YOU check before the trip that the boys had done all their assignments?"

"DID YOU make sure that Jermey was reminded of his continuing assignment everyday?"

"DID YOU provide him with the time and equipment to do his work every day?"

"When you returned DID YOU make sure that he wrapped up his daily efforts?"

"When he claimed not to be feeling well doing the week, DID YOU get to the root cause?"

"When you got the letter from school DID YOU help him to catch up?"

Of course, all the answers were NO!  There was one question which did have a YES answer:

"DID YOU beat the little lad for your own failings?"

In order to get Sandler to take appropriate punishment from me, I had to resort, shamelessly, to blackmail using the threat that he would have to deal with social services including explaining the picture of Jermey's brutalized bottom.  "Drop them and get over the end of the couch, pronto!" I commanded.  I had bamboozled him and he complied.  "Lose the undies too!" I added and he did.

I pulled my thick, heavy, wide garrison belt out of my jeans and folded it in two.  I found the right position and started to give him the spanking of his life.  One that he would never forget.  Over and over I raised that belt and brought it crashing down on his butt which soon turned bright red as well as becoming swollen.

Sandler was yelling after a dozen cuts and by the end he was crying.  I was delighted for this was the retribution that he deserved for mistreating Jeremy.  I must have given him at least four dozen cuts and even though I still was angry, I stopped.  Sandler's butt was sorer than the boy's.

As I was returning my belt to my jeans, I heard a noise.  The boys had heard their father's howls of pain and came down to investigate.  I did not wait for them to ask any questions but quickly satisfied their curiosity.  "Your Daddy was very naughty so I spanked him.  Tomorrow he will help you finish your assignment."  I got the boys back to bed.  I also told them not to talk about it to anyone including their father.  I told Sandler to get to bed and I left.

* * * * * * * * * *

I can't believe how much my butt hurt after Tyler strapped me last night.  Like a naughty little boy I had to sleep on my tummy.  It certainly was a wake up call to make me realize that I had messed up and even pushed Jermey over the cliff so I had a reason to spank him.  I hope I have not done this in the past.  It has been very difficult for me with their mom away so long.

My butt still hurts this morning but I don't want to tell the boys for I am very ashamed.  As usual, I'm making breakfast and know it is going to be difficult to speak to them.  As we eat, my discomfort sitting reminds me of what I must do.  "Jermey, Tyler has explained about your school assignment and how he got you restarted on it.  Well, I'm going to help you more so you can get it done quickly."  That was the easy part.  "I'm also going to write a note to your teacher explaining things and that I failed to provide the opportunity each day for you to work on your vacation report."

The boys were delighted to hear all that.  "Oh, Dad, that will so great." said Jermey.  "Tyler got me on track and it will be easy to finish now with your helping me."  Kyle was nodding in agreement.

There was still the hardest thing left to say.  "Son, er, er, I was, er, a little hasty in, er, spanking you.  I'm sorry; very sorry.  Please forgive me."

I was not prepared for his reaction.  Jermey just jumped up, bounded over to me and gave me a great big hug.  I had tears in my eyes.  Kyle was smiling at me.  We got to work and finished it that morning.

We all had fun in the zoo that afternoon.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 14, 2012

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