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The following story is fiction and contains a scene of a parental strapping.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Cost-Benefit Analysis


Elmer was not a happy lad as he walked home from school on Monday.  He was truly regretting that he had spent so much time with his friends all weekend that he barely had time to find his books and stuff to take to school Monday morning not to mention his failure to study for his history test.  Only fifteen minutes into the exam he realized that he was going to fail.  By the time the period was over, he knew that not only had he failed but he still would have failed even if his grade was doubled.

But that was past now and Elmer was worried about the future.  The test would be returned tomorrow and he would have to have it signed by his dad.  There was a fee for this trivial, half-minute task – a visit to the woodshed.  Actually, it was the garage but the semantics were not important.  It was what would happen that was important.  Just thinking about it made Elmer wince for he remembered past times.

The strap hurt a great deal more than his father's hand although both were applied to his bare posterior.  At fifteen, Elmer preferred the strap over the hand for several reasons.  It was only since he had become a teenager that he gotten the strap.  Before that he had been spanked by hand.  It would be in the family room that he would get lectured by his father and then have his jeans and underwear lowered before being hauled over the parental lap.  Then in this most undignified butt up position he would feel his father's wrath descend from above to transform his tail into a red hot pain center.  After that he would be parked in the corner, like a pie on the window sill to cool, with his red tail hanging out.  This would have been tolerable except that Jack and Jill, the twins who were three years younger, would watch the entire show with great glee.  Afterwards, out of parental hearing, they would tell how his behind turned pink and then red and bright red and crimson and deep crimson.  And how his dangling bits bounced about.  And how they saw where the sun never shined.  Mercifully, the garage was private with just his father.

Elmer made a decision by the time he got home.  At dinner he asked his father if they could have a talk.  After dinner, Elmer led his dad to the garage – for privacy, he explained.  "Dad," he said, taking the strap off the wall, "I failed a history test today.  No excuses."  He handed his dad the strap, turned, dropped his jeans and boxers and assumed the position over the work bench.

His dad was surprised but pleased with his eldest for taking responsibility for his mistake.  The penalty was set.  "Six is the usual number.  Any reason to deviate, Son?"© YLeeCoyote

Elmer thought a second.  "Yes, Sir.  Eight would be right."  Elmer knew that he had really fucked up without cause.

"Very well, eight then." replied his father understanding his son was trying to grow up.  He raised the strap and let it connect with his son's naked bottom.  He swung hard each of the eight times.  He well knew that easy cuts would be insulting to Elmer who was trying to be grown up.

"That's it, son.  You may get up."

"Thank you, Father." said the lad rubbing his painful hot seat.

"And of course you're grounded for four days."  As they returned to the house, he told his son that he was proud that he was taking responsibility for his own actions.

It was the next day, that Elmer got his horrid grade back and after dinner asked his father to sign it which he did with a brief lecture.

On Friday, Elmer waited until exactly ninety-six hours after his strapping to go out.  He was dressed sharply by his peers' standards for the big party.  His ass did not hurt any more.  It was a wonderful party.  There were a few new chicks to meet and dance with.  Raven was the one he found most attractive and they spent a lot of time together.

It was past midnight as he made his way back home and he decided that he made the right decision – to get strapped on Monday rather than waiting for Tuesday.  He was already looking forward to the next evening for he had a date with Raven.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., May 28, 2008

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