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Recently a ball boy interrupted a tennis game by running onto the court prematurely during the French Open Tournament.  That misadventure inspired this short story.

The following story is fiction about a father disciplining his sons.  The story contains scenes of slippering and caning.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Courting Trouble


Tennis fever had engulfed the entire school.  While most other schools were crazy about football this one was nuts about whacking a sixty-four mm diameter ball.

It was the day of the big intramural matches.  Seventeen-year-old Eric was facing his arch rival Derek.  Regardless of who won the match they would both be on the school's team.  Perhaps the winner would be more likely to be voted captain.

Because of the hype about tennis at the school, one could have easily thought that this was one of the televised-live-around-the-world national open tournaments.  It was hard to tell that the stands were filled with school kids as they watched the close match in awed silence.

Included in the gaggle of officials on the court was ball boy Kelly, Eric's thirteen-year-old brother.  He was thrilled to be able to both participate as well as watch from such a close range as his brother played such an important match.  It was now down to the last game of the last set of the match.

Then DISASTER!  Kelly dashed onto the court to retrieve a ball before his brother could swing and make the winning point.  There was a loud collective gasp from the watchers.  Eric yelled some very mean things at his brother.  The judges ruled that this was a do-over.  The match continued with Eric losing the point and then the tiebreaker.  Of course, he blamed his brother.© YLeeCoyote

Kelly did not witness the finish for after his brother yelled at him, he was replaced and hid for several hours.

It was many hours later that he returned and gently knocked on his brother's door.  "What do you want?" was the snarled greeting.

"I'm sorry.  I've come to apologize."

It was good that Kelly was persistent for it took many tries to gain admittance to his brother's castle.  Then even a longer time to even consider the sincere apology and which was not considered very satisfactory.  Eric insisted that Kelly accept a spanking as penitence for his horrid deed.  Reluctantly, Kelly acquiesced for he was truly sorry and craved his brother's forgiveness.

A couple of minutes later, Kelly's shorts and pants were about his ankles and he was bent over with his arse presented for the trainer held in his brother's hand.  That hand was attached to an arm that was strong from long hours of whacking a defenseless tennis ball.  The first smashing SMACK caused Kelly to howl in a painful reaction.  There were two yells following the second SMACK.  The first was from the poor spankee in reaction to the pain.  The second was from their father demanding to know what was happening.

Eric explained that they had agreed, as part of Kelly's apology, that he would accept a spanking.  Kelly agreed that was true and that there had not been any coercion.

"Pull up your shorts, Kelly."

"But I haven't received the six I agreed to."  The lad saw that his father was adamant and complied.

"This is not a slippering offense but is more of a caning one.  I had been thinking it was time that you two learnt about the cane.  Eric, please go to the lumber room and in Grandpa's old trunk you will find exactly what we need."  The lad rushed off, excited at the new prospect.  Kelly was not at all anxious as he too had heard about the cane.

Kelly was surprised that his father had him also in on learning-how-to-use-the-cane-in-just-an-hour course.  The two lads quickly mastered the basics and thoroughly trashed a couple of pillows so that they could never again sit comfortably.  It was time to move onto a live target.

There were a few rules that had to mastered by the canee about staying in position and doing the best not to yell like a baby.  After this, their father said that the caner should have some experience on the receiving side first.  "I want you in position for a cut, Eric."

The older lad would have preferred not to but it seemed reasonable to get one cut in order to give six.  He quickly got into position and for the first time felt the bit of the cane.  It was most painful.  As he waited for permission to stand, the pain reverberated throughout his body.  Kelly watched wishing that his brother had completed the six with the slipper.  Perhaps he could get "credit" for the two he had gotten.

Both lads were surprised by the lecture delivered by their father.  He agreed that running onto the court was a very bad thing but that paled in comparison to the tantrum showing loss of control in response.  That resulted in a loss of concentration causing the loss of the match.  Additionally, another carnal rule was broken about hitting each other rather than accepting a sincere apology.

"For these two transgressions, Eric, you shall receive five more cuts."  Then, out of the sight of his older son, he handed the cane to his younger one and indicated that he should use it.

Kelly gave his father a questioning look and then made a noble decision.  He got into position and then raised and lowered the cane on his brother's arse and watched the tram line form.  His was not parallel to the one placed by his father and he saw that he would have to practice a lot more.  Eric had managed to keep control better and not yell as after the cut from his father.

Kelly was feeling mixed emotions.  All this was because of his own fuck up yet it was terribly exciting caning his brother.  He could not lash out at his big brother for he too was guilty.  He delivered the remaining four cuts gently.  After those, his father gave permission to stand and dress and left.

He was proud to hear Eric ask for forgiveness and thank his brother for not hitting hard and Kelly's response.  The two boys hugged for a long time.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 6, 2011

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