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Cousin Luke Visits the Twins


Dangers in the State Park

The twins, Bill and Tom, were thrilled.  Their cousin, Luke, was visiting and had agreed to take them to the state park.  It was an hour drive away and there was not any public transportation that would enable the now fourteen-year-old twins to go by themselves (even if their parents would have allowed it).  But they could go with their twenty-year-old cousin.  Of course, there was a long list of dos and don'ts but they were not interested in that but just getting into the car with Luke and going.  They had even decided (by lot) who would ride shotgun in advance.

It was a hot day; a scorcher!  Even the wind from driving at high speed felt hot and they really were looking forward to being at the lake.  They had, of course, been there before but on weekends when it was always crowded and not, like today, midweek when it would not be because so many people had to work.  They were not disappointed.  They got lockers so that they could shower off at the end of the day.  They were early so it was even quiet for a weekday.  The lifeguard did not even yell at Luke when he did cannonballs off the float several times.  Needless to say, the twins copied him.  After a long swim, they rested a while (at least twelve minutes) on the beach before getting restless and started to play catch with their frisbee.  The twins both decided to make their cousin work hard at this and always threw to his side so that he would have to run to catch it.  This turned out to have some unpleasant consequences.

Although the place was not crowded, there were other people there.  Of interest now was a man with his daughter and two little grandkids playing in the sand.  The first time that Luke ran by, almost trampling the little ones, the man yelled at him.  When it happened again a few minutes later, the man stood up and told him in no uncertain terms that he had best stay away or else!  Luke said he would but just a few minutes later ran by again.  This time he tripped over the man's bag and fell right there.  "You need to be taught a lesson, young man.  I've told you twice to keep your distance." said the man quite angrily.  Although he was a grandfather, the man was only in his forties and it was clear that he was in good shape.  Luke was lying in the sand near him where he had fallen and he just reached out and took hold of Luke's wrist and dragged him across his outstretched legs.  Luke was too surprised to react before the man took hold of his other wrist and brought his arm up into a hammer lock.  Luke was effectively immobilized!  Tom and Bill watched in amazement as the man next grabbed the waistband of Luke's trunks and yanked them down to expose his untanned butt cheeks.  He then proceeded to spank Luke with his hand.  Even from a distance the sound of the one-handed clapping told Tom and Bill that the spanks were very hard ones.  (They had frequent experience in this matter.)

As you would expect, Luke was not pleased by this situation at all and was quite vocal about it.  Many on the beach turned to watch the impromptu show.  The man kept raising his hand and bringing it crashing down on the target with great force.  Luke's butt was gaining color like the rest of him had but rather than tan, red; crimson red.  He was also finding it harder to protest as the spanking was inflicting so much pain.  He was practically crying when he gave up the ineffectual resistance and went limp only to absorb the force of each hard spank and turning it into pain.  The man was lecturing him but he really was not registering what the words were.  The pain was well recorded however.© YLeeCoyote

Luke made two discoveries when he was released.  First, that he had lost his trunks during the spanking.  Second, that every kid from miles around had gathered to watch him being spanked bare-assed.  He started to look for his trunks in the midst of the laughing kids when he spotted his quest.  Unfortunately, a kid picked them up and asked: "Looking for these, Redbutt?"  As soon as he headed for the kid, his trunks were balled up and tossed to another.  He changed course and they were tossed again.  He was in the middle of a game of salugi.  Now he was embarrassed that the kids, especially the little girls, were studying his crotch.  It seemed like an eternity before Tom managed to get hold of the trunks and toss them to him.  He then raced into the cold water to cool his bottom.  Tom and Bill followed and immediately started to tease him about this.  He retaliated by dunking them and they were friends again.

It was later in the day that Luke managed to irritate some other people.  He did a cannonball off the pier.  Unlike earlier in the day, there were now lots of other people about including a parent and his kid nearby.  They yelled at him and he swam away so they did not do anything except to snarl about how the youths of today were terrible.

The rest of the day passed without incident until they were in the locker room.  The three of them had showered when Luke started to show off again snapping his towel at his younger cousins.  Unfortunately, several of the men about who saw recalled that Luke had been a pain during the day and commented about "That hooligan again."  This quickly reinforced the negative opinion of Luke and led to his downfall.  He was surrounded by three men – the one that had spanked him on the beach, one who had been upset by his cannonball and the one who had caught his flicking towel just moments before.  Luke knew that he could not get away.  They had the brawn of older men so that they out weighed him even though he was about the same height.

They immediately started to tongue lash him in turn.  Luke's attempt to get away was definitely the wrong thing to do.  It angered them all and he was reminded that he had already been spanked once that day.  They agreed that one spanking was obviously insufficient.  Luke tried to change his tune but it was too late.  "YOU NEED TO BE TAUGHT A LESSON, BOY!" they snarled at him.  It was easy for them to force Luke to his knees and then to bend him over a bench so that his butt was sticking up.  A corner of his  towel was stuffed into his mouth to keep him quiet.  Luke was horrified as a hand reached under him and opened his belt and pulled it from his jeans.  The jeans were then yanked down exposing his now pink ass.  They each gave him ten cuts leaving his ass very hot, very red and very painful.  It also made him cry.  Tom and Bill watched with horror and fascination.

When he was finally allowed to stand up, the man that spanked him earlier in the day commented: "This kid acts like a little boy.  He was spanked like a little boy.  He cries like a little boy.  He should look like a little boy."  Although Luke and the twins did not understand where this was leading, the other two men did.

"I got just the thing." said one and went digging in his bag.  He brought out a battery powered shaver/trimmer and turned it on.  "Hands behind your head, boy!" he snapped.  Luke obeyed out of fear and the man proceeded to use the device to remove Luke's pubes.  First he used the trimmer edge to close cut them and them the shaver side to make Luke's pubis as smooth as a little boy's.

"We hope that you will behave better in the future, boy." said the man.

Tom and Bill were then surprised.  A man they had not noticed, addressed them by name.  They recognized him as a friend of the family.  "You two have not been such angels today either."  He said.  "You have encouraged your cousin's misdeeds.  I think that you can expect a spanking from your dad this evening."

The twins looked at each other uneasily.  They knew that their father would do exactly as the man said.  "Please don't tell him, Mr. Wackingforth."  Then after a pause, "We promise to be good."

"Well, perhaps if they were properly punished you won't need to tell their father, Wackingforth." said the man who had spanked Luke on the beach.

"Right." said the man with the razor.

"You're supposed to be in charge of the boys are you not, young man?" asked the third man.

"Yes, Sir, I am." responded Luke who was finding it difficult to be dignified with his own jeans and briefs about his ankles, his tail red and his pubes shorn.  But he did not dare bend over to pull them up without permission.

The twins looked at each other.  They realized that there was one alternative to their father being told of their misconduct (which would mean a spanking) and probably Luke's misconduct as well.  This would not bode well for another trip.  They would have to get spanked now.  The question was by whom.  There was a quick whispered exchange and they said: "Cousin Luke, Mr. Wackingforth is quite right, we were naughty and deserve to be spanked.  Will you please spank us so that Father does not have to?"

The four men were all smiling.  "Pull up your pants, Luke and do your duty."  Luke pulled them up before the words had a chance to echo off the walls.  Luke really did not want to spank his cousins but he knew that this was the best option available.  He sat down (carefully) and the twins came over.  He pulled Bill over his lap and began to spank with his hand (not so very hard).

"NO!  That's not the way.  You got to take his pants down." said one of the men.  Luke lifted Bill up and undid his shorts and pulled them down along with his underpants.  With Bill back in position, Luke gave him a spank.

Again he was interrupted.  "NO!  You've got to hit a lot harder than that."

"Yes, Sir." said Luke.  Again he raised his hand and brought it down hard on target.  He was not interrupted again so he continued.  After about ten spanks he stopped.

That again drew a rebuke.  "That's not nearly enough.  You got to make the spanked boy regret his misdeeds.  Now continue."  Bill was not happy about this whole situation.  Having Luke being instructed as he spanked was terrible.  Luke resumed the spanking.  This time he spanked with vigor for he had learnt that he could not go easy on his little cousins.  For a short time Bill thought it was not too bad and then he passed the threshold and the pain exploded in his butt.  He burst into tears.  A few spanks later Luke lifted him up.

Tom had his shorts lowered and was pulled over Luke's lap.  Just as Luke was about to start, one of the men said: "If you need any instruction with this one, you'll be spanked again."  That inspired Luke much more than Tom would be happy with.  Luke had more than enough spankings this day and certainly did not wish another.  He got a firm grip on Tom, caressed his bottom and started to spank.  He spanked hard like he was just taught.  He spanked Tom as long as he had spanked Bill for he knew he had to be fair.  Tom was soon crying like his brother had been.

They were allowed to leave for the four men were satisfied.  "Let's wait a little before starting home." said Tom whose butt was the hottest.  The others agreed.  Of course, they were all uncomfortable on the ride back and at dinner.

After dinner, their dad asked about it.  Tom gave the perfect but incomplete answer.  "We were naughty and Luke spanked us like we deserved so that you would not have to be bothered."  None of them mentioned that Luke got spanked and shaved.

"That's good." responded their dad.  "When you're out and do naughty stuff you should get spanked."  They all agreed to this knowing that it would encourage their dad to let them go out more together with less monitoring.  A couple of days later it proved to be a mixed blessing.

Dangers in the Multiplex

They had gone to an evening movie at the multiplex and Luke was in very up mood.  On the way out, he gave a young lady a slap on her most shapely bottom.  In all fairness, it should be mentioned that most attractive bottom was truly inviting such attention because it was covered with spray-on jeans.  Nevertheless, she was most unhappy with the attention and the twins were making Luke apologize when her boyfriend caught up with her.  He was quite a hunk – big, hairy wearing a wife-beater exhibiting his big muscles and six-pack abs and tight shorts that indicated he was packing big meat.  He showed every sign of wanting to wring out Luke and hang him up to dry.  Even though he was still in high school he looked like he could actually do it.

What calmed him down was Bill saying: "Luke, you've been very naughty and disrespectful and should be spanked.  Remember what my dad said: '…be naughty and get spanked…' well it applies to you as well as us.  Let's go to the woods behind the parking lot and take care of it."

Luke really did not want to agree, but when the gorilla-like boyfriend indicated that would be fine, he acquiesced.  They started to go and Wolf said they would watch.  There was no way out.  The girl liked the idea but insisted that Wolf promise only to watch.

A few minutes later they were in the wooded area away from other moviegoers.  A quick exchange and the twins decided that a belt was the way to go and they directed Luke to drop his shorts and to bend over.  Wolf objected and said that it should be on the bare.  Only Luke disagreed but he was out-voted and quickly lost his underpants.

The girl immediately started to laugh for she saw that he was hairless.  "This hairless little boy is surely a trouble maker." she said.  Naturally Luke was terribly embarrassed and turned red.

Wolf also taunted him.  "It's a good thing he doesn't have hair or he couldn't find his pee-pee."  He cupped his own big package to emphasize that he did not have that problem.

"I never have any problem finding yours even with all that hair you got, Wolf." said the girl sweetly and gave him a peek on the cheek

Even though Luke's equipment was quite within normal range, these comments made him feel like he was undersized as he assumed the position.  He felt even smaller as the doubled up belt struck his naked bottom.  Because he was blushing, the red stripe showed up immediately.  The twins alternated – one on the left and one on the right – and each gave him ten hard cuts.  He was practically crying when they stopped.

The young lady and her boyfriend were satisfied and left.  Luke had to deal with having been strapped by his young cousins publicly like they had been in charge.

Later, in the privacy of their bedroom the twins confided to each other that it was a lot more fun spanking Luke than being spanked by him and thought that he submitted to their discipline very easily.  "Well, he always has been such a goody-goody and does what he was told." said one and the other agreed.

Dangers in the Amusement Park

The three cousins were off on another day trip.  Again it required a driver so that the twins could not go by themselves.  They all loved the rides at the park and the twins were especially happy to go without a parent.  That had been fine when they were little but now they wanted more freedom.  Being with Luke was very special since he was an adult with a driver's license yet still very much a kid when it came to playing.  Even the twins had recognized that Luke did not seem to have grown up like their other older cousins had.  Of course, there had also been that special bonding on this visit because Luke had spanked them and they had strapped him.

The drive had been uneventful and faster than had the twin's father been doing the driving.  It was Luke's first time in this park and he wanted to do all the rides so as to "collect" them.  He favored the wildest ones but also wanted to do the tame ones.

What the three did not know was that they were being watched.  Wolf, the guy he had encountered at the multiplex, was just a couple of cars behind when they drove into the parking lot and noticed the way Luke was driving.  He commented about it to his two buds with him about what a rude and terrible driver Luke was.  At the time, he did not know it was Luke who he still wanted to punish for taking liberties with his chick.  He saw that it was him when they started to walk to the entrance gate and recognized him.  He told his buds about what had happened and they were in agreement.  "Let's watch this guy and see how he behaves." he said.

Their clandestine activities were most successful since the park was crowded.  At least twice they noticed that Luke managed to get ahead faster than others in the line.  He had, evidently, managed to cut ahead of other people in line which was not very nice behavior.  They saw the solution when the three got in line for the Ferris Wheel.  They slipped around to speak to the guys controlling the loading whom they knew.  They kept out of sight until they were ready to spring the trap.  The loader made sure to put the cousins into an empty car and then Wolf and his buds join them.  By the time Wolf was recognized, the door had been closed and the wheel advanced.  There was not any escape – they were all locked in the steel cage.  And there were so many screams from all the rides, that would not help.

Wolf took a walnut out of his pocket and crushed it.  As he ate the pieces, he mentioned that he thought about Luke's nuts every time he did that.  Luke turned pale.  "Please, Sir," said Tom, "don't hurt Luke.  He's really very, very sorry for what he did and we strapped him for it which you approved of."

"But Luke is not a very good boy at all.  We saw how he cut people off when he drove into the parking lot and then how you cut lines unfairly." said Wolf.  "Come sit next to me, Luke."  Luke, scared to get close was even more scared to not obey so he moved.  Wolf's two buds then sat next to the twins.

"And did you tell Luke he was driving rudely?  Or not to cut into lines?"

"No Sir." they said very quietly.

"Then you should be spanked as well.  The two buddies then stood the twins up and positioned them to their sides.  "Take your pants down.  Please." said Wolf gently and the twins pulled down their pants and lay over the waiting laps.  Since the car was narrow, they could not kick their legs and they were head to chest.  They each got twenty hard spanks and they were unhappy but it was well within a reasonable range.  They carefully pulled up their pants and chose to stand rather than sit.

Everyone knew that it was now time for Luke to get it.  Wolf lectured and berated him for this terrible conduct all day starting with the driving problem and concluding with his cowardly failure to protect the kids especially since they were being spanked for his faults.  As Wolf lectured, he was also stripping Luke of his pants before pulling him over his lap.  Even before the first spank, Luke was wiggling a lot.  This disturbed Wolf who reached between Luke's legs and grabbed his nuts.  "Be still or I'll really give you something to wiggle about.  Luke, petrified, froze and Wolf released the grip and caressed his well-positioned ass.  "You obviously did not get punished enough last time based on today's unacceptable behavior.  With that he raised his hand and brought it crashing down on the target very hard.  Luke yelled but that did not stop the pain.  Over and over the hard as a rock hand smashed onto the target butt.  Each impact caused the pain receptors in Luke's butt to overload and his brain to feel great pain.  By the time his ass was bright red and blazing hot, Luke was bawling like a baby.  The twins were ashamed by his immature behavior.

Wolf pushed him off his lap and Luke was kneeling between his legs crying into the spanker's lap.  "I think the cry-baby needs his pacifier." said one of Wolf's buddies.

"Definitely!" agreed the other.  The three of them laughed and Wolf opened his pants and let his shaft spring free.  It struck Luke in the face, who, without any more encouragement, quickly engulfed it bring a huge smile to Wolf's face and grins to his buds' faces.  Noting the quiet, the buddy again commented: "Yes, he just wanted his pacifier."  They all laughed hardily.

The twins did not quite know what to think.  They accepted that Wolf was correct about what he had said about Luke (and even their own) behavior and Luke certainly was NOT forced to suck Wolf's cock.  They heard Wolf orgasm and knew what it meant.  As the ride was drawing to a close, Wolf stopped Luke and made him pull up his pants.  He wiped Luke's face with his own T-shirt.  It was pointed out that Luke had managed to cum without his dick being touched.

The twins expected that Wolf and his entourage would let them go, but that was not the case.  He kept them all together and they went on several rides together.  There wasn't any doubt that Wolf was absolutely in charge but it was fun.  The three high-schoolers treated them like kid brothers to entertain and protect.  They had an especially great time with the bumper cars where they all picked on Luke.  Wolf insisted on knowing why Luke did not have his pubes and learnt about the events in the state park.  It was also apparent to him that Luke was very well-behaved when watched.

Wolf's charisma was such that when he suggested that they all stop in the mall on the way home for dinner they agreed.  They did not know what he planned but they no longer felt threatened.  As they ate dinner, Wolf told Luke and the twins that it was obvious that they would do better if the twins were always in charge and Luke was the little boy that he acted like.  They were surprised but he explained they were almost doing that already.  After all, they twins did strap Luke at the multiplex and behaved better today once Luke had been reigned in.  None of them could argue with that observation because it was true.

There was a definite positive gut reaction in both the twins.  They loved their cousin a lot but the idea of being really in charge was absolutely awesome especially since he was an adult.  Luke had mixed feelings.  He thought of himself as an adult and therefore should be in charge of his young cousins but Wolf had gotten to see the little boy that was inside of him.  The adult part of him wanted to object but he could not get up the courage to so for the boy-spirit was very powerful and kept him quiet.  "Luke, go over to the drug store and get a razor and some shaving cream now."

"Yes, sir." said Luke.

While Luke was shopping, Wolf asked the twins what they though the razor was for.  "To shave Luke." they answered in unison.  "Like he was in the State Park." added Tom, "So he'll remember that he's a boy."

When Luke returned, the twins got up and led him to a family restroom.  Inside they told him to drop his pants and they proceeded to shave his crotch.  They were surprised that Luke was totally compliant to their directions just like he had been with Wolf's.  As a spur of the moment thing, they made him remove his T-shirt and did his pits also.  They were surprised that they both got very hard.  They opened their pants intending to jerk off but Luke did not give them a chance to do so, for he dropped to his knees and started to blow them alternately.  This was the first time for them and they did not last very long.  Within two minutes Tom blasted into Luke and Bill followed just forty seconds later.  The pressure off for the instant, they returned to the table after closing up all the zippers.  The twins were sporting huge grins.

Back at the table, Wolf saw their huge grins and they happily reported all that happened.  Their new friends congratulated them.  After the chitchat about that was done, Wolf got serious and gave them further instructions.  The twins were in charge with the right to spank and shave to symbolize their authority.  They were to act reasonably and fairly.  Luke had to promise to be their good boy.  He seemed happy with doing that with almost all of the summer vacation still to happen.

As they left for home, Wolf got them a present of a dozen condoms.

Dangers in the House

Responsibility is a strange thing.  Once the twins were truly in charge of Luke, they changed.  They quickly modified their behavior to exceed the standards that they expected and demanded of their older cousin.  It did not happen over-night but relatively rapidly over a couple of weeks.  Once they accepted control of Luke, they kept him on a short leash quickly making him keep to the straight and narrow.  They made sure that he did his chores (and some of theirs) promptly.  Failure and other misdeeds resulted in spanking(s) as soon as possible after the transgression.  This actually changed his behavior also as made him act much more like his age although he still was the little boy.

Luke's submissiveness let them both be quite aggressive with him sexually.  Within two days he was sucking each of them twice a day.  They were soon joking that maybe they should put him on a diet because of the extra nutrition he was getting.  It took a little longer before they started to use Wolf's gift which effectively reduced the diet question.  Luke, it must be noted, was happy with all of this.  It let his inner little boy be free and did not have to yield his grown-up side to watch the twins.  He was able to luxuriate in being an eleven-year-old almost all the time.

The twin's parents noticed their improved behavior and, shortly before the end of Luke's visit, planned a night out special celebration.  Their father sensed that they were hiding something but waited until the next day to talk to them about it figuring that a man-to-man chat would be best.  Confronted, Luke simply said that he was not responsible for everyone's improved behavior.  Little by little the twins explained that Luke wanted to be a little boy and they had taken charge to allow him to do so.  Since they had to behave better than little boys to be in charge of one, they did.  The alternative was losing the ability of going lots of places with Luke.  Finally Bill said: "Dad, we've been good and we had lots of fun.  It's been the greatest summer"

Tom added: "And when Luke's been naughty we spanked him like he needed to be and we've been good.".  And it has been good for Mom and you also since you weren't worrying about us and needed to spank us."

"They are telling the truth, Uncle.  I've also been happy this summer and they were very fair about how they spanked me.  I've given this a lot of  thought.  I think this is because I wasn't able to be a boy from seven to thirteen because Mom and Dad were always fighting and talking divorce or separation and it was something I missed.  Whether or not I'll want to do it again I don't know now."

"Somehow I think that you deserve a spanking for this." said Father still confused.

"Oh, NO!, Sir." the twins said immediately.  "Luke hasn't done anything wrong and doesn't deserve to be spanked.  We never even tried a beer.  It's just that you didn't know why we were so good."

Their father looked very confused.  When they asked to be excused, he nodded and they rushed out figuring that distance would reduce the risk of any spankings.

Luke returned to college a few days later.  The twins had a couple of weeks before they would start high school.  They were a little unhappy with having only local stuff to do after a summer with a private chauffeur to take them to great places.  They knew that they needed to work out some stuff with their dad for the year – rules.  It had been long promised that the topic would be revisited when they started high school.  They decided to ask for the rules that they had been using for the summer.  They knew that would never happen but they could argue, honestly, that they had been following them just like Luke.  Their father reacted as expected but they were able to get more liberal rules because of their good summer behavior but not 'no rules' as they had fantasized.

Luke decided to visit for a week during the winter break and he was very welcome.  He told the twins in advance that he wanted (needed) to play like they had during the summer and they were most happy to do so.  Since their parents knew about Luke's special needs, they could be open about it.  After he had arrived they made a quick inspection and saw that he had let his pubes regrow.  They immediately decreed that he had been a very naughty boy to allow that to happen and quickly shaved then off after they clipped them short with a scissors.  Of course, Luke was also spanked by each of the twins for the transgression.  Each of them spanked him quite hard.  This made them both very horny (not that it takes much to do that for a fourteen year old) and Luke relieved them both twice.  They were all most happy with the reunion.

The twins had another surprise for him – a special little boy's outfit.  It was a T-shirt with the legend: «I'm a naughty boy and need a spankin'»,  tight fitting short shorts, new tighty-whities, low socks and a baseball cap to wear whenever possible.  Luke was very happy with how they treated him.  Their parents (his aunt and uncle) also treated him like a ten-year-old boy.  He really knew it when he had to go to bed at 8:30.  Luke required a few swats on his bottom to convince him to go the first night.

The special treat was the holiday costume party Wolf was hosting.  Luke went dressed in his little boy's outfit.  Wolf was Santa and everyone was invited to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted.  The twins (the only ninth graders at the party) were elves.  Most of the guests did not bother but a few did.  Some found that they were on the 'naughty' list.  The boys got a few hard spanks over their clothes.  The 'naughty' girls got their skirts lifted and gentle spanks on their panties.  A couple of girls were said to be on 'good' list and were each rewarded with a long [French] kiss from Santa.  Of course, Luke got to sit on Santa's lap but he did not know of all the special plans made for him.  Everyone watched as Luke whispered to Santa what his wishes were.

"Only good little boys and girls get what they ask for, Lucas.  You have not been a good boy so you will get a spanking." said Santa.

Luke reacted as a ten-year-old boy should.  "Noooooooooooooooo!  Not a spankin', Santa."  But mere words were not going to save Luke and his butt. Wolf easily maneuvered Luke from sitting on his lap to lying over his lap.  Somewhere in the middle of that procedure, Wolf opened the button of Luke's shorts so that now he could yank them down exposing  his tighty-whities which were also yanked down to expose his behind.  At least for the nonce, his front was hidden.  Wolf did not require anything other than his hard hand driven by his strong arm to thoroughly spank a boy (or a pretend boy).  And spank he did.  The spanks were real and hard as Luke required.  Those who watched closely could see Santa's hand prints form on Luke's behind and then blur into redness to match Santa's suit.  As he was spanked, Luke managed to kick off his shorts much to the delight of the watchers.  When Luke was crying properly, Santa lifted him up and the elves helped him into the corner.  He remained there, his little hot red bottom on display and his briefs and shorts lost underfoot.

After he had spent some time in the corner, Wolf's girlfriend, dressed in a very sexy Mrs. Claus outfit, came to give him some motherly attention.  She led him, pantsless, to the bathroom where she washed his face and made him go pee-pee while she aimed.  Then, she jerked him off because he had gotten hard while peeing.  "Let's go find your pants, Luke." she said now that he was somewhat more presentable.  He wanted to wrap a towel about himself but she said little boys without hair don't have to worry about such things.

While this was happening, one of the other guests complained to Santa that his elves were naughty.  As mere ninth graders they dared to come to a senior party (that they had been invited so that Wolf could spank Luke was conveniently ignored).  Everyone agreed that they should be spanked for their audacity.  Bill was pushed to Santa first and knowing he never had a choice, let Santa pull down his tights and pull him over his lap.  He got ten hard spanks putting a very nice glow into his butt.  Tom got the same.  They were both glad that they had decided to wear jock straps rather than briefs under their tights for they realized that they would have had those pulled down with their tights exposing a lot more than just their butts.  Their lack of resistance impressed many of the guests which would prove nice when they returned to school.

During his short stay for the winter break, Luke and twins went on several day trips and had lots of fun together.  On that special night, Luke hung a stocking from the mantle and left a glass of milk and a plate of cookies out for Santa.  He got presents at two levels.  A gift card for the popular clothing store at his college and boys' toys.  He was quiet, pleased with both although he seemed more pensive for the next couple of days.  On one of their outings, he made a detour to the local hospital and left all save one of the boys' toys for kids.  "I'm sure that there are some who will like to play with them."

The day before he returned to school, he announced that he felt that he worked out the missing part of his life and thanked them all for their help.  Later, he told the twins: "I will always think of you as older cousins and you shouldn't hesitate about giving me guidance when I need it like you had last summer.  But, please, remember I'm not a little boy anymore."

The day he left, the three had a group hug.  The twins told Luke that they were honored by what he said and that they would be delighted to roast his tail when he needed it.  They each gave a few spanks then.

"Whatever, guys."

The End

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Last updated:  September 15, 2023