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Cousins Become Brothers


I was fourteen when the disaster happened.  My parents and kid brother Jason, who I loved most dearly and who looked up to me like I was a god, were killed in the fire that swept through our house.  I was spared because I was staying with a friend for the weekend.  It was, of course, devastating.  I was a happy son one day and a homeless orphan the next.  I was taken in by mom's brother, my Uncle Milton, to live with him and his family.  Within a week, I went from a small town where I had known everyone to an apartment in a big city, half a continent away, where I knew just four people – my uncle, aunt and my two cousins, fifteen-year-old Seth and little Homer, just past his eleventh birthday.

Seth knew (according to him) everything and was an extremely busy high school sophomore (tenth grade) including both sports and social stuff as well as his studies.  He hardly talked to me and then it was usually to order me about as he was the eldest.  He was actually in charge when the adults were elsewhere.  Of course, I was the country bumpkin who did not know anything at all except, perhaps, how to shovel manure.  Unfortunately, my new school system agreed with him and I was put into the eighth grade rather than the ninth where I had been.  That meant I was in the same middle school [grades six to nine] as Homer rather than the high school [grades ten to twelve] with Seth.

A couple of years earlier, Seth had changed rooms to have the former maid's room, in the old apartment house, so that he would not have to share with his kid brother and would be further away from his parents' room.  It was actually a smaller space than the bedroom so I was required to share with Homer.  I had mixed feeling about this.  Bad because I wanted to be grouped with my older cousin but good because I was not the youngest one in the room.

I quickly learnt that Uncle Milton believed in spanking as the primary discipline measure.  I had only been there only a couple of weeks, when Uncle came to the bedroom where both Homer and I were doing our homework.  There was a brief conversation about some misdeed and Homer quickly owned up that he had earned a spanking.  I was dumbfounded.  Uncle said that I should stay and see the procedure as it might teach me something.  Homer did not seem to care that I watched.  Latter, Homer explained, that Seth and he usually watched each other get spanked although Seth had been promoted to the strap two years ago.

Homer quickly stepped to his father's side, dropped his jeans and boxers, and lay across his father's lap.  Uncle Milton got a grip on his second son's waist and then immediately started to spank him.  It seemed very hard to me and Homer's tail quickly turned red.  I could see Homer's knuckles turn white because he was gripping the chair leg very tightly.  He kept quiet for a while and then yelled a little and even sobbed some.  When Uncle stood him up, he also pulled up his pants.  Homer thanked his father and promised that he would behave better in the future.  Then they hugged each other.© YLeeCoyote

It was clear that both were satisfied with the procedure and that there was not any resentment.  Homer told me that his was far better than grounding or loss of allowance.  Also that he did his very best not to cry or yell like a little boy (i.e., baby).  Uncle, he explained further, expected his sons to take their punishments in a dignified and grownup manner.  Also, too much yelling or crying was punished especially after pubic hair started to show proving the onset of manhood.  Homer emphasized the later point because he had a nice bush (albeit still small) already while I only had a few hairs.

It was a couple of weeks later that I got my first spanking – ever – my father (may he rest in peace) never spanked me.  I had stayed to see a movie twice and thus came in well past my curfew.  Uncle caught me coming in and told me to get ready for bed and that he would see me shortly.  My stomach was all aflutter with a combination of fear and excitement.  Homer was watching TV at the time and grinned broadly through the entire procedure.  I got it exactly as he had except that it was my bottom that turned red.  I tried to be quiet like a man – or at least a big boy – but I failed miserably.  I howled a lot more than Homer had, starting from the beginning and even cried.  I cried so much that I did not remember to promise to be better in the future.  After Uncle had left, I lay on my bed trying to rub the pain away while I had to listen to Homer call me a baby, a wimpy baby, a sissy crybaby.  "Seth never cried like that even the first time that he got the strap."  Of course, I knew how little he had cried when he was spanked and he was three years younger than I.

It was a few weeks later that I was surprised once again for Homer had earned another spanking.  It was on a weekend that his parents were away and Seth was in charge of us although he was not called a babysitter.  Seth gave Homer the option of getting spanked immediately or waiting until Uncle returned and he chose not to wait.

When Seth came to spank Homer, he also got a surprise.  Homer insisted that he was too old to be spanked OTK like a little boy but old enough for the strap.  Seth said: "You got more than a year before Dad makes you get the strap.  The strap hurts a hell lot more than a hand."

Homer was adamant, however, and insisted.  "I'm old enough to decide how I'm spanked since a got a real bush like a man."  Seth accepted this and, in retrospect, I understood that they both considered that it was a sign of growing up.  Then  Homer dropped his jeans and boxers and got into position with his hands on the bed.  Seth gave him six hard cuts with the heavy belt.  Each cut left a wide red stripe and they quickly blended together.  It was clear that Homer had a lot of trouble not yelling although he definitely did not cry.

Homer thanked Seth for correcting him and Seth complimented him for taking it so well.  "My little brother is quickly becoming a man." he said with obvious pride.

Even though I had been living with them for almost half a year, both my cousins still thought of me as a rube and they were constantly telling me stuff about city life.  I did not mind so much when it came from Seth since he was older but it didn't seem right from Homer because he was younger.  It was made worse because Homer and I shared a room and went to the same school.  This helped my aunt and uncle, as well as Seth, think of me as one of the little ones – Homer and I – rather than the more grown up ones, more like Seth.

There was another issue as well.  Homer, like Seth, was much more aggressive than I was.  I don't know if it was city living or that he started puberty so much earlier than I had but he was.  He was also stronger than I was and he liked to prove it by wrestling with me.  Although Seth always beat him (because of his four-year advantage) I was different.  I was much slower to develop and had barely started into my growth spurt.  The result was that several times a week, I was flat on my back with Homer sitting on my chest with us both knowing that he was dominant.  In this position, I could tell if his cock was hard by whether or not there was a tent in his boxers.  It always was hard when he was on top of me.  I'm sure he knew that I was eyeing it enviously since he had a lot more than I did.

It was another one of those weekends when Seth was in charge of us.  He was on a date and I was supposed to be back by nine.  I was due back early because I was supposed to watch Homer.  Unfortunately, I forgot and wandered in well after ten (my own normal curfew).  Homer called me on both points and said that he was honor bound to report my irresponsible wrongdoing.  I knew that would earn me a spanking and Homer added that my curfew would surely also be changed because of my irresponsibility.  I probably should have been much more mature about everything and told him I would confess when I could but instead I asked, perhaps implored would be a better word, him not to tell.

"Sure!  I'll keep quiet but you need to get spanked to wipe the slate clean." he chortled.  The evil grin on his face should have told me that this was not the way to go.

I was, to put it in simple terms, ambushed (perhaps even hoisted on my own petard).

Homer quickly sat on the chair used by Uncle for spanking us, patted his lap and ordered me to strip and get into position.  It was pretty stupid of me to obey him rather than to act like a man as I would never be able to undo it.  Naked, I got over his lap.  He gave me a few hard spanks with his hand and it was not bad at all.  At that time I thought I had made the right choice and then suddenly without warning, there was a raging inferno in my butt.  He had switched to using a flip-flop and that amplified his effect tremendously.  I howled and he laughed and whacked me again even harder.  All the time he was spanking me, he was also lecturing me about how irresponsible I was and that I was a sissy wimp of a baby.  After a while he stopped but did not let me up.  He explained that I was due two spankings because I had a double fuckup.  I was not able to objected because I was crying.  He told me to stand in the corner to rest before the second spanking.  I moved over and stood there with my hands on my head, my hot red ass heating the room as my younger cousin enjoyed the view.  Of course, my head was spinning with confusion at how I had gotten into this ridiculous situation with my young cousin disciplining me like I was the little kid.

Eventually, Homer called me back for the second spanking.  I dreaded it but I was trapped.  I got over his lap again and he started spanking me again.  I was soon howling and crying once again as he beat my already seared butt.  Even when he switched back to using just his hand, I continued to howl.  When he stopped and told me to get up I was bawling and when Seth spoke I was surprised.  Homer casually explained my transgression and that I tried to avoid punishment which allowed him to spank me twice.  Seth commended him for being so responsible and for proving that I was just a baby.  Homer then ordered me to bed.

In the morning I learnt the full extent of the changes that had occurred.  Seth concluded that Homer was more responsible and mature and even stronger than I and therefore should be in charge of me, rather than the other way around.  I objected but it was far too late.  Homer had proved both his dominance and maturity and Seth was totally supportive of his younger brother.  The crushing blow came a few days later when Uncle Milton learnt what had happened since Seth was not bound by Homer's promise.  First, he changed my rules to be the same as Homer's, second, increased Homer's privileges while putting him in charge of me.  He explained that it was very simple.  "You acted like a little boy so it is appropriate that you are treated like a little boy while Homer proved that he was a responsible, mature, young man and therefore will be treated as one."

Within a few weeks, there were definite changes in my life.  Homer watched me like a hawk even checking that I did my homework and studied for tests as well as doing my chores and kept all the rules.  There was not any way to avoid him as we shared a room.  He was extremely strict and I was over his lap at least once a week.  I tried to get promoted to the strap like my cousins had been but I was told that as long as I yelled and cried from OTK spankings it was not possible.  I was now the kid cousin to both my cousins – both the older and the younger one.

My two cousins wanted to have more freedom from their parents and they figured out a way to do that.  Homer had actually stumbled on it a few months earlier when he decided to be strapped by Seth rather than wait for his father do it.  It was a matter of being grown up enough to accept responsibility for one's actions and the corresponding consequences.  It was sort of easy since Seth was in charge of Homer.  Together, they came up to the idea.  They would become each other's disciplinarians even when their father was about.  The message was that we are mature enough to take care of ourselves.  Well, it worked because their dad went along with it.

It was somewhat strange that Seth – some four-years older than his brother – would willingly bare his butt and bend over to get strapped by Homer.  But the advantage of gaining privileges for both of them was apparently well worth the embarrassment of being strapped by his kid brother.  Of course, I could not gain by being part of this since Homer was very strict with me and would always go to his brother for his own strappings.

Homer was also pushing the limits of his power and authority over me.  My uncle had already stated that I would be treated as a little boy since I acted like one and Homer decided that I should look like one as well.  He made this a two-step process.  Step One was to confiscate my boxers and make me wear tighty-whities.  Seth got a good laugh at this and told him well done.  Uncle's reaction was devastating because Homer carefully instituted this new rule as part of the punishment for some very childish nonsense I had done.  Uncle said it was an appropriate punishment and should help me remember that I had been acting like a little kid.  Unfortunately, I did not change my behavior and Homer went on to Step Two.

I begged Homer not to implement Step Two but I could not move him.  He was totally encouraged by his Dad's most affirmative response to Step One.  To make matters worse, he invited Seth to watch.  Seth brought his camera to record the horrible event.  I was required to lie on the bed and Homer used a small scissors to clip my pubes to stubble.  I did not have very much a bush and I was so looking forward to having one.  (I've already told you that Homer was way ahead of me on this count.)  He then covered me with shaving foam and used a safety razor to remove the stubble.  After a few minutes I was baby smooth.  Then I had to get over his lap for a long hard spanking.

Homer used his hand to deliver each hard spank.  He was not even twelve but I felt each spank like a little boy does when his daddy is mad.  He paused between each and every hard spank to lecture me and reminded me that I was just a little boy with smooth-crotch who wears tighty-whities because I'm just a naughty, irresponsible baby.  It made me feel terrible and I was crying.  Seth was encouraging him throughout and taking lots of pictures.  Pictures of my bottom turning red from my young cousin's hand spanking and the tears that ran down my face.  It was a relief to get into the corner for at least then the spanks had stopped raining down on me.

* * * * * * * * * *

That happened almost a year ago and started me on the big change.  I now look up at Homer even more than Jason looked up to me although he is just twelve-years-old and I'm now fifteen.  I love him most of all of my new family and he loves me more than any of them.  I'm absolutely so fortunate that he takes such great care of me.  I've come to depend on him for a lot of stuff (especially about the city) and, of course, he is in charge of me.  That means he takes the time to make sure that I do the stuff that I should (both for school and home) and when I mess up it is over his lap I go for the well-earned spanking.  He never spanks me with my having giving him cause first.

He has suggested that maybe I should move up to the strap a couple of times but he quickly backs off when he see how fearful I am about it.  Every week, he shaves my pubes nice and smooth because if I have them he would have to use the terrible strap.  For the same reason, I still wear thighty-whities.  Although most of my classmates have pubes and wear boxers, there are a few others little boys like me so I don't get hassled very much at school.

I now understand why Jason looked up to me so much for I have come to regard Homer as my older brother and do the same.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 22, 2010

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