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The following story is fiction about a married couple whose new neighbor is the guy who bullied the man in high school and bullying continues from where he left off more than a decade earlier.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Cuckolded and Demoted to a Boy
My Point of View


I just had gotten home after a day at work and as I stepped out of the elevator I saw a new neighbor.  He recognized me first.  "Hello Microdick.  I haven't seen you since you graduated high school."

I was horrified.  It was Chuck Layton who had tormented me for two years in high school.  He was a year behind me and was my private bully although I never knew why.  I was delighted that I had not seen him for more than a decade.  I mumbled a weak hello.

"I see that we are neighbors now.  I thought I recognized your name on the directory.  I'm in Unit B right next to yours.  See you later, Microdick."  He got into the elevator and disappeared.  Unfortunately, he would be back although I wished that the elevator had been a one way express right to fires of Hades.

I had put those two years of torment behind me when I went off to college and even more so when I went on to be a productive adult with a job and a few months ago, even a beautiful loving wife, Tisha.  It did not bode well how he addressed me but I hoped it was just his twisted sense of humor.  I would soon learn that it was not and that he was as evil as ever if not more so.

I guess that I should explain his moniker for me.  I was what was politely called a late bloomer not achieving puberty until I was almost eighteen when I was a senior in high school.  When we first saw each other in the showers I was a junior and he was a fifteen-and-half-year-old sophomore with a cock that everyone admired surrounded by a big thick bush.  He quickly laughed at my pitiful thing saying he had more when he was only nine.  It was then that he first called me Microdick.  Everyone else was amused.© YLeeCoyote

He kept it up for two years, even managing to pants me five times so that the girls could have a good laugh.  Obviously, I was most happy to get away from him.  Fortunately, my dear wife accepts this limitation of mine and we even plan to have children with the aid of a syringe to deposit my sperm deep into her since my penis is too small to do the job properly.

It was a week later, that after my after work shower, I saw that the table had been set for three rather than two.  "Oh, I've invited our new neighbor, that nice Mr. Chuck Layton.  He said he knew you back in high school."  I was horrified.  I wanted Tisha to immediately cancel because we were not friends.  She refused and said: "I'm sure that he's has changed."

I was arguing when the bell rang and she let him in.  Even then I was still objecting.  He handed some flowers to Tisha and said: "Is the little boy having a temper tantrum?  Does the widdle bitty boy need a spanking?"  Tisha giggled.  I shouted back that I did not need a spanking and to get out of my house.

That was counter productive. "Dougie behave yourself." said Tisha with an edge in her voice, "Mr. Layton is a guest."

Then Chuck acted swiftly.  He grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to the couch.  I tried to get free but he was stronger and bigger overall, just like he was in the genitalia department, than I so my efforts were quite futile.  Once he was sitting, he yanked open my belt and even my pants.  I continued to yell but he was quite undeterred.  With one more yank my pants and briefs came down and then he pulled me over his lap like a little boy.  Yes, I'm ashamed to say, he then started to spank me with his hand.  He spanked very hard and I was begging him to stop just like I did when my father spanked me when I was a boy.  He did not stop for a long time and I was not just crying but bawling like a baby.  When he was satisfied, he frog-marched me into the corner and ordered me to stay and think about my rudeness.

I objected and he ordered me to be silent even giving me another hard spank on my hot ass.  I stayed in the corner with my hands on my head like a little boy until I was called out.  Tisha told me to go wash my face.  I ran to do that so I could hide my embarrassment and get dressed.  When I returned, Tisha said it was dinner time.  It was then that I noticed that Chuck was wearing tight slacks so that his enormity of his endowment was evident.  Damn it looked even larger than it had back in school and far bigger than when I was hard even though he was still totally flaccid.

There was some harmless chit chat until Tisha asked Chuck to pour the wine.  He filled her glass and his and declared that little boys with hot bottoms don't get adult drinks and filled my glass with juice.  He was already making some stupid toast before I could object.  Later, he talked about how much fun it was to tease me in school and noted that I was still just a little boy not having grown any.

Eventually the evening ended.  It was more than horrid and then Tisha lectured me that I shamed her by acting like a little spoiled brat rather than a man.  She felt that I really deserved the bare bottom spanking I got.  "Chuck is a real man and I'll remember that he offered to spank my naughty little boy any time that I think you need it."  I spent a long time pleasuring her with my tongue for she was very horny.  When she did play with my hard little cock, she mentioned that Chuck said it looked a little bit bigger before it had any hair to hide in and that I should be hairless.  I did not sleep well that night.

I constantly worried that I would encounter Chuck in the hall just like when I was in school.  During the next couple of weeks I did meet him and he always flashed me a smile (sneer?), called me Microdick, told me to kiss Tisha for him and gave me a swat on the ass.  I wasn't safe even there were others in the elevator because we got off on the same floor.  It was even worse than when we were in school.

Then one evening, the bell rang and it was him.  "Tisha asked me to drop in, Microdick." he said as he pushed past me.  It was obvious that he had just come from the gym because he was in a wife beater and shorts, sweaty and stank.  Tisha welcomed him and then said.  "Thanks for dropping in.  I'm afraid that Dougie is not behaving well and needs another spanking.  He was good for more than a week after the first one you gave him."

"NO!" I protested, not that it would do me any good.  Chuck could easily manhandle me and Tisha obviously was encouraging him.

He told me to undress and when I refused he grabbed me.  He held me still while Tisha undid all my buttons and zippers and then pulled everything off me.  "Stop fighting little boy or you get extras." he snarled and gave me a warning swat on the butt.  I knew that I was defeated by then and didn't fight as he turned me over his lap.  I tried bracing myself for the spanking but I still yelled each and every time his hard hand whacked my little bottom.  Just like the first time, I soon succumbed and was bawling like a little boy and promising to be good.

When he stopped spanking me, he turned me over rather than putting me into the corner.  Then there was pain about my groin and I complained.  "Be quiet, boy.  I'm just getting rid of this silly hair so maybe, just maybe, we'll be able see your little itty-bitty pee-pee.  We'll be done in a minute."  He was using my wife's epilator.

"Be quiet, Dougie.  Little boys like you are not allowed to have pubes."  said my wife.  When he was finished plucking me, he pushed me to the floor.  I lay there on my back watching as he took Tisha into his arms.  "Oh you're so strong and manly, Chuck.  I love that cologne you're wearing." she cooed.  I saw that they were hugging each other and then kissing.  I watched as they caressed each other.  It was terrible yet frightfully exciting, especially when she put her hand on the huge bulge in his shorts.  "Is this all you, sexy stud?" she asked sounding surprised.

"It sure is, woman.  Take a real look."  She didn't need a second invitation and undid his shorts.  His monster cock sprung free.

Tisha dropped to her knees to get a closer look and then let herself be guided by his hands to kiss and then lick his monster.  As I watched in horror, she managed to get it into her mouth and started to suck it.  Chuck kept pushing forward until she started to choke.  After a while, he pulled out and jerked off.  His hot spooge landed on me.  Right on my face.  It felt like a lot.

Tisha leaned over.  "WOW! That's a lot of man cream."  Then as she rubbed her fingers in it, she added: "Dougie does not make that much in a month." She brought her cum covered fingers to my lips.

"EAT MY BABY MAKERS ALL UP, BOY." he ordered.  I was afraid not to so I licked her fingers clean.  She repeated this until I got all of it.

Chuck helped Tisha up and they kissed again.  He put his shorts back on.

"Thank you, Chuck." she said, "Thank you very much for disciplining my naughty little boy."

"My pleasure, Tisha.  Any time.  And we can make a cream pie for the little boy" and he left laughing.

Later after we had showered I again spent a long time pleasuring my wife while she praised Chuck for being so manly.  She insisted that I looked much better without any pubic hair.  "You're not man enough to have any.  You're just a little boy.  Chuck was right to give you that name, Microdick."

A few days later, Tisha was yelling at me for failing to do some chores.  I told her that I was very sorry and would get to them right away.  "That you will do but first you will go next door and ask Mr. Layton to give you a good hard spanking since spanking a boy is a father's responsibility."  I pleaded with her but she was adamant and even added "And you better ask polity."

A few minutes later I was ringing his bell.  He asked why I was there and I whispered the request.  He made me repeat it louder.  "I have been a bad boy, Mr. Layton.  Please give me a good hard spanking."  Tisha had told me that I must say it exactly that way.  He smiled to put the Cheshire Cat to shame and ushered me in.

He quickly stripped me and then paused to look at me.  "You look much better without hair, boy, just like I first saw you in school.  You needed spankings then and now you're going to get them regularly."  With an evil grin he then hauled me over his lap.  I howled as soon as I felt the first hard spank.  I continued to howl for each spank until I was crying.  He continued until I was bawling.

I felt so very tiny and helpless.  I never expected what came next.  I was still naked and crying when he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes and took me back to my apartment like I was a lost puppy.  "Here's your well-spanked little boy, Tisha." he said and he dumped me on the couch.  Tisha thanked him with words and then a hug and a kiss while he grabbed her ass.  A few minutes later, still naked, I was doing my chores with a hot red ass.

Ever since Chuck spanked me at that first dinner, my life had gradually been changing.  Tisha was treating me more and more like I was a boy rather than a man.  She even spanked me a couple of times but usually delegated that task to my nemesis.  Of course, Chuck always treated me like a boy but now he was doing that physically as well as verbally.  Tisha even had me stay naked after I put my work clothes away.  "Little boys don't need to be dressed, they don't have anything to hide."

Things got worse one evening when Chuck was coming to dinner.  He did not ring the bell but used a key to open the door.  I questioned this and Tisha explained that she had given him the key because he was like 'family'.  I held my tongue knowing that I always got spanking for disagreeing.

After dinner, Chuck and Tisha started to cuddle on the couch and I was told to play with some video game.  I couldn't take my eyes off them.  It was horrid!  They were kissing and caressing each other all over and after a while, they were naked.  I kept telling myself that they wouldn't go all they way, but they did.  Tisha lay on the floor with a cushion under her hips as he mounted her, like a stud bull, slowly driving his manhood deep into her sex.  Something that I could not do for my thingy was short and skinny like a finger.  Soon she was mooning with pleasure and then had an apoplectic orgasm like I had never given her.  I was transfixed by the scene.

But Chuck was not.  He withdrew and stood before me.  I was on the floor and he just grabbed my hair and pulled my head to his messy cock.  "Clean it off, boy."  I knew I must obey and I could taste Tisha mixed along with his semen.  After a while he was satisfied and stopped me.  But things were not over.  He pushed me down between Tisha's legs and ordered me to eat.

"I made a cream pie for you, boy, now eat it.  A little boy needs his protein snack."  Again, there were the mixed secretions of them both.  Tisha loved me to do this and I made her come twice more.

My fall surely had come to an end – for not only had I been reduced to a boy but a cuckold.

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© Copyright A.I.L. December 6, 2012

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