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The following story is fiction about youth who learns about some adult things.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, cuckolding and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is a sequel to Cuckolded and Demoted to a Boy – My Point of View which needs to be read first.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Cuckolded and Demoted to a Boy
A Different Point of View


I wanted something different than the usual for my fourteenth birthday present.  Since I made it known months earlier my 'rents actually thought about it in a very serious manner.  They discussed it with Uncle Chuck (and got his OK) before responding and we made a deal.  If I got good grades finishing up eight grade I would be allowed to go – alone – to visit Uncle Chuck in the big city.  My uncle says that I'm just like him and we always have fun when we are together.

Except for one B+ I got all A's.  I got my birthday present.  I was thrilled!  Uncle was great to visit and we did a lot together and I explored a lot on my own thanks to a great transit system.  But, that is all common place.  What you what to hear about is the other stuff – the stuff that I didn't tell my parents about.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was a knock on the door and I went to open it.  There was a man there who was pretty much a shrimp.  He started to say something but only got a couple of words out, "Mr. Lyton, I have…", before he saw me.

That's when I yelled: "Uncle, there is a little man to see you."  The visitor said he'll come back when Uncle didn't have company but Uncle insisted he come in.© YLeeCoyote

"Dougie, this is my nephew Rex.  He's not company but family.  What brings you here?"

The guy looked very unhappy but eventually mumbled: "Mr. Layton, I have been a bad boy.  Please give me a good hard spanking." and Uncle replied he would be happy to.  I expected to be sent to my room (so they would have privacy) but Uncle indicated that I should stay.

It was a fascinating experience.  Uncle stripped the guy completely like he was just a little boy.  He was puny and hairless – not even a single pube about his teeny tiny dicky.  In short order he got flipped over Uncle's lap and was spanked.  Uncle obviously spanked very hard.  The initial handprints quickly blurred into pink and then bright red.  The guy was sobbing.  I had never witnessed a spanking before.

"Give him a few, Rex." Uncle said.  I did not waste any time helping.  I raised my hand and brought it down hard.  My spanks were not as hard as Uncle's spanks judging by the sound but the guy still howled.  I gave him a dozen on each check.  In just an instant I learnt that spanking can be fun – when it is not my own ass getting it.  When it was over Uncle asked me to "Please take Microdick back to Ms. Morlan next door, Rex."

I then took him, still naked, sobbing, carrying his clothes and apple-butted as directed.  "Here is your spanked boy, Ms. Morlan."  After I explained that I was Chuck's nephew, she thanked me and said to thank my uncle also.

I was quite surprised when Uncle explained that the 'boy', who he knew from high school, was chronologically a couple years older than he was, thus twice my age, and married to the lady and a cuckold.  Since Uncle's eyes twinkled and he adjusted his package when he said that I knew that he was screwing her.  That night I dreamt of being in charge of Dougie.  I definitely wanted to do more than a few spanks while he was over Uncle's lap.  My boxers were very stiff in the morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a few days later and Uncle was late getting home from work when the bell rang.  It was Microdick again and I asked him if he was here for another spanking.  He was.  I led him in and then told him that Uncle was late but I would deal with him.  He made some pitiful sounds about coming back but a sharp "SHUT THE FUCK UP, BOY!" not only silenced him but cowed him.  That was just as he had behaved when Uncle spoke with him back when they were in high school – he had not changed.  I finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it off.  "Kick off your shoes, boy!" I ordered and he did as I opened his pants and shoved them down.  "Lift." I ordered and I slid them off one leg at a time.

Just as the time before he was wearing briefs but this time I could see the cartoon character printed on them.  I had a bigger bulge when I was seven then he did now.  He just stood passively as I pulled them off along with his socks leaving him totally starkers.  I got him over my lap and held him tightly in place.  I then I started to give my first real spanking – to a dude twice my age.  I was half hard as I raised up my arm and fully hard by the time I saw my hand print form on his sorry butt.  «This is great!» I thought as I spanked away.

It was a whole new set of experiences for me.  Each time I delivered a spank it was a new charge.  When his butt was bright red and swollen and he was bawling I stopped.  I pushed him off my lap and onto his knees.  My cock was trying to burst through my jeans so I opened them.  I pushed them down along with my boxers and my hard shaft struck him in the face.  That got his attention and he gave it a lick.  Well, a lick certainly was not going to satisfy me so I grabbed his head and filled his maw.  It was great for apparently Microdick knew how to suck.

I was just exploding into his hot mouth when Uncle returned.  It was clear what I had done.  "Very good, Rex.  After you pull up your pants, take him back home.  It's clear that you gave him a good spanking."  He was smiling when he said all that and that he was proud of me.  "You acted like a real man, Rex." he said smiling broadly.  "Microdick has had lots of experience making guys happy starting in high school."  Uncle had a broad grin when he said that so he must have remembered something.

* * * * * * * * * *

The relationship between the Morlan's and my uncle was certainly not at all the usual one as I have mentioned but I had only seen a part of it.  Ms. Tisha Morlan invited us to dinner.  Uncle told me to wear a dress shirt and slacks like he did, rather than my usual T-shirt and jeans, so that I would look like a proper young gentleman.  This made me aware of clothes so I saw that Tisha was in a simple dress while Dougie was in a little boy's outfit of a babyish T-shirt and short-shorts.

Even if I had not spanked him and fucked his face I would have felt superior to him but the feeling was enhanced.  I was pleasantly surprised that Uncle gave me a bit of wine (watered down, of course) like Trisha and he had while Dougie was given juice.  It came with the admonition to make it last the whole dinner.  Dougie did all the serving and clearing as if he was a servant rather than the man(?) whose name was on the door even though he did eat with us.

His low status became even more apparent after dinner when we just talked.  Uncle sat next to Trisha and they acted like a couple of teenagers making out.  I would have thought that Dougie would be outraged but he accepted it.  The only thing that was otherwise noteworthy was that Dougie dropped some stuff he was clearing away.  Trisha then spoke. "Dougie, Chuck and I want to discuss something privately.  You are to ask Rex for a spanking for making that mess."  She turned to me and added: "I'm sure you will do a good job."  Uncle gave me a big wink as they stepped into the bedroom.

I watched Dougie carefully.  Several times he looked like he was about to say something but he remained silent.  I decided that the longer he took to follow Trisha's order, the longer his spanking should be.  I liked watching him squirm as he fought with himself for I had already spanked him and heard him ask for a spanking.  It took him some ten minutes before he could say the required words: "Mr. Rex, I've been a naughty little boy; please spank me."

"Of course, naughty one." I said with a smile and beckoned him over.  It was easier then the first time to strip him and I knew what I would find.  I took him over my lap and got a good grip on him.  Over and over I raised my hand and brought it crashing down on his ever reddening bottom.  I knew to take my time so that the spanking would last longer and I would not wear out my hand.  Just like the first time it was exciting to be the spanker especially of an older guy.  I was very hard long before I was finished.

My excitement was enhanced knowing that in the next room my uncle was screwing Microdick's wife – something he certainly could not do with his teeny tiny worm.  I need relief desperately.  I pushed Dougie to the floor and he stayed there crying.  That gave me time to dash into the kitchen and grab the bottle of salad oil and a dish towel.  I got the crybaby on all fours and applied the oil to his bottom and kindly worked my fingers in.  He yielded easily so this could not have been new to him.  Some oil on my hard fuck rod and I was able to easily and quickly ram it into him.  He was moaning with pleasure as I fucked away.  He shuddered a couple of times so I guess he came.  I, of course, shot my babymakers deep into him.  They walked in on me as I was cleaning up.  Tisha commented that I was better hung than Uncle.

Trisha sat in the big easy chair and spread her legs.  "Come get your desert, Dougie, while it is nice and fresh."  Dougie crawled under her dress.  It was not difficult to guess what he was doing.

I felt very grown up being treated more like an adult than a kid.  Uncle explained that a young gentleman needs to be worldly.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was an unexpected result of that dinner beside seeing what a total wuss Dougie was.  Uncle was going to take me to the big amusement park with the monster rides and it was going to be a two day trip.  Trisha thought it was a great idea as she wanted to do rides which Dougie was too afraid to go on.  Uncle suggested that they join us.  He changed our reservations and we left early Saturday morning.

It seemed like a very strange arrangement, with Uncle driving, Trisha riding shotgun and Dougie (in his kiddy clothes) and I in the back like we were a regular family.  The hotel room had two double beds and you can guess who was to sleep with whom.  There were some great rides which were lots of fun.  There isn't very much else to say about them except Tisha used them to cling to Uncle a lot.  Dougie did not say anything and skipped a lot of the rides as he was too scared to go on them.  On a few rides we shared a seat and his knuckles were white gripping the safety bars.

Once we were all ready for bed, Trisha asked me to spank Dougie for the trouble he had been throughout the day.  I was delighted to oblige her since I expected to be able to fuck him in the comfort of the bed so after and this would make it more fun.  To make the spanking harder I used his flip-flop rather than using my hand.  It was most effective and he cried faster than when I used my hand.  I definitely like to spank.

Then Trisha surprised me with a very special birthday gift.  In many places it is traditional to take a young man to have a sexual experience.  I was being given such a gift by her with Uncle's approval.  Perhaps it would have been better with a young lass in private but I certainly was not going to pass up such an opportunity just because there were two witnesses.  Then I realized that one was her husband and he would know who she preferred.  It did not matter that Uncle was watching as the extra charge of cuckolding Microdick made it extra exciting.  She was satisfied with my performance.

I had to yield her to Uncle but I got to fuck Dougie while we watched them.  I taunted him that he was a cuckold and a pussy boi.  I took him again in the morning.  We did more of the rides and then headed home.  Dougie was very subdued all afternoon.

* * * * * * * * * *

All good things come to an end and so did my visit with Uncle Chuck.  It was great in the city with so much to do and so easy to get to beside the stuff I already told you.  Unfortunately, my parents have chosen a dull suburbia existence rather than an exciting city life.  Need I say that I loved the spanking and all that sex with adults.  My horizons have been expanded as I will be checking out older people as well as my peers for partners.  There are a couple of women that I rate as MILF's and it should be worthwhile to try.  I hope to visit Uncle again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 11, 2014

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