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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of parental spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

After I read Ms. Wright's story, I though of a very different ending.  Her original story and my alternate ending follow.  My ending does not invalidate her's but is just a different fantasy.  Hopefully, both are enjoyable.

Each part of this work is copyright by the respective authors and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  The author has given explicit permission for her story to be posted on my site.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Curfew


Sarah Wright, Y Lee Coyote <>

As Sarah prepared for her second date with Bobby she felt so happy she was literally dancing around the room.  Tonight they were going to a high school dance and she knew how close she would get to hold him.  She dressed carefully in a simple white short sleeved blouse and a nice full skirt.  Her ankle socks were folded just so and her saddle shoes were freshly polished and free of scruffs. She frowned slightly into the mirror and wished for the millionth time that her daddy would let her wear just a little makeup, maybe just some lip gloss and a tiny dab of rouge…  She licked her lips and pinched her cheeks again.  Her dark brown hair was brushed up into a nice high ponytail and tied with a red ribbon that just matched a color in the skirt.

At exactly 7:00 the doorbell rang and she heard her father get up and let Bobby in "Hello Robert", Mr. Wright's strong voice sounded, "How are you tonight?"

"I'm fine, Sir, and you?"  Oh, just hearing his voice made her heart leap.  She was tempted to peak down the stairs (since her room was the first one, right at the top), but she resisted.  Better to make an entrance of course.

"I see your father has allowed you to drive his car this evening."

"Oh, yes Sir, I'm a good driver and I'll be extra careful with Sarah with me."© YLeeCoyote

"Yes, I'm sure you will."  Sarah listened to her daddy try to make Bobby squirm for a few minutes – asking him about his grades and always calling him Robert.  Daddy was acting as if he hadn't know Bobby since Bobby was a small child.  He had lived around the corner as long as Sarah could remember and he was a constant playmate of her brothers.  «But now he only wants to see me!» she gloated to herself.

"Sarah Jane, come down here.  Robert is here."

At this Sarah almost leapt down the stairs but managed at the last minute to contain herself and walk.  "Hi Bobby."  He looked up at her and grinned still not believing how beautiful she had become and why he hadn't noticed it earlier.  He half expected to see the skinned knee of the tomboy she had always been poking out from under her skirt.

"Hello Sarah."

"Ummm, I'm all set to go if you are, I'll just grab my sweater."  He looked so cute in his letterman's sweater.  If only she could get him to let her wear it to school…  At the same time he was thinking how cute she'd look in his varsity sweater with the too big sleeves pushed up on her slender arms.

"You kids have a good time and be careful.  Sarah Jane, you must be home by 10:30, not one second later."

"Okay Daddy," she reached up and gave her Dad a kiss on the cheek and practically skipped out the door.

The evening was magical.  They danced and sipped punch and talked to all their friends.  Two of his friends asked her to dance, but she was always glad when Bobby cut in and she was back in his arms.

At 10:00 Sarah realized sadly that her magical night was almost over.  Bobby noticed the look on her face and asked if she'd like to leave a few minutes early so they could stop for a soda on the way home.  She happily agreed and off they went.  The soda shop was crowded.  «Probably with girls who can stay out later than 10:30 on a Saturday», Sarah thought unhappily, «I wonder if Bobby will come back here after he drops me off to talk to some of them.»  She sighed, «I'll have to talk to Daddy about a later curfew – I am fifteen now and not a child anymore.»

As they scrunched into a booth with some friends and made their orders, Sarah forgot her dire predictions and joined in the fun and conversation.  The time was so perfect it seemed to have stopped and when Bobby glanced at his watch he was stunned to see that it read 10:45.

"Sarah, we have to go now, your Dad will kill me."  The two grabbed their sweaters and sprinted for the car.  Bobby carefully maneuvered the car home, disguising his nervousness at meeting Sarah's father again.  Once in the driveway Sarah said, "Bobby you don't have to come in if you don't want to.  Dad will probably throw an awful fit and I'll understand."

"No, s'okay.  We might as well get it over with."  Their feet dragged as they walked up the driveway and entered through the front door.  There on the davenport sat Mr. Wright, scowling.

"Are you two aware of the time?  Clearly your watch must have stopped young man.  It is five minutes to eleven and you are 25 minutes late!"

"Daddy, I…"

"Sarah Jane you hush your mouth.  Go on up to your room right now so Robert and I can have a little discussion on punctuality."

Bobby swallowed hard and Sarah fled up the stairs to her room where she sat listening.  Mr. Wright went on for ten minutes on the virtues of timeliness and so on, while Bobby's face got redder and redder.

"Young man, do you intend to take my daughter out with you on another date?"

"Well, yes Sir, I'd s-sure like to," he stammered.

"Fine then, I will deal with Sarah Jane and you may sit right here and wait until I return if you ever hope to have my permission to take her out again."

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Original ending by Sarah Wright

Sarah heard her fathers footsteps as he entered the kitchen and yanked open the door to the broom closet.  Disbelief and horror filled her mind and Bobby's as Mr. Wright stalked through the living room and up the stairs carrying a brown leather belt that it appeared he had no intention of wearing.

"Sarah Jane, you disobeyed me and I am going to punish you.  You may lean over your bed and lift your skirt."

"Daddy," she cried shocked, "Not while Bobby is here."

"Yes, young lady exactly.  I'll not punish him, he is not my child, but he can surely hear what happens to you when you disobey.  Now bend over."

Bobby could hear muffled weeping and some rustling of clothing as Sarah did as she was told.  His heart was hammering as he pictured Sarah's fear, but more importantly to him at the moment, her panties.  Sarah knelt on her footstool and leaned over the bed with her full skirt flipped up to reveal her pink panties.  She buried her face in the bedspread to muffle her sobs of embarrassment.  Mr. Wright placed his hand on the small of Sarah's back to hold her skirt up and began to whip her bottom and thighs with the belt.

She held back mostly, but cried out loud as the belt struck her bare legs.  "I'm sorry Daddy, please…"  He continued for a good twenty-five whacks while she whimpered and sobbed alternately.  Finally he stopped and ordered her to change into her night gown and get into bed immediately.

He descended the stairs back to the living room where Bobby sat stunned and silent.

"Well, Robert, I hope that helps you to remember to get her home on time in the future."

"Yes, sir," Bobby responded as he stared at the belt on the davenport and imagined where it had just been.

"Sarah Jane, are you in bed?"  Mr. Wright called up to her.

"Y-yes," she called in a half-sob.

"Robert, you may go up and say good-night, but you will want to recall that I will be right here in the living room.  You have two minutes."

Bobby flew up the stairs and pushed open the door with a gentle knock.

"Sarah", he whispered as he looked at her laying there on her tummy under the covers with her brown hair spilling loose around her face.  He walked over to the bed and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.  "I am so sorry, Sarah.  I promise I won't tell anyone," his voice lowered to a whisper, "Can I see?"

She murmured an okay and he slowly pulled back the bed covers trying not to rub them on her bottom or make any suspicious noise.  She reached back for him and raised up her short nightgown.  He stared in awe at her bright red bottom that shone even through her pink panties and at the stripes on her white thighs.  He tentatively reached out a finger and stroked it down her bottom and legs to feel the heat and the welts.

"Okay Robert.  That's enough.  Say goodnight."  Mr. Wright ordered from below.

Bobby jumped in guilt and pulled the covers back up.  He leaned over a placed a gentle kiss on Sarah's teary face and whispered: "Good night."

He turned and left quickly closing the door behind him.  Sarah was finally left alone in the dark to think about the burning in her bottom which she decided paled in comparison to the heat left on her cheek from his kiss.

© Copyright by Sarah Wright, January 22, 1997

Alternate ending by Y. Lee Coyote

Sarah heard her fathers footsteps as he entered the kitchen and yanked open the door to the broom closet.  Disbelief and horror filled her mind and Bobby's as Mr. Wright stalked through the living room to the stairs carrying a brown leather belt that it appeared he had no intention of wearing.

Bobby was horrified.  Being friends with Sarah's brothers he knew what Mr. Wright's would do with that belt and the horrible injuries and marks that would result.  His beautiful Sarah could be marred for life.  He had only a second to act and he did.

He dashed to the bottom of the stairs.  "Mr. Wright, You can't do that to Sarah.  It was my fault, not her's.  I'm the one that should be strapped, not her." he blurted out almost incoherently but feeling like he was Robin Hood and Mr. Wright was the wicked Lord High Sheriff of Nottingham.

Sarah's father paused.  This was something new to him.  Although his kids had complained about spankings and had blamed each other at times they had never said: «It's me, not him, Dad.».  "Do you want to get strapped, Robert?"

"No Sir; but if there's a strapping it should be on my ass and not Sarah's."

Sarah was thrilled hearing all of this.  She felt like she was Guinevere and Bobby was Arthur.  Feminism and PC be damned as the plots of dozens of romantic novels rushed through her head.  No matter what happened, Bob was no longer a boy but a young man fighting for her with her father.

"I can't do that without your father's permission Robert." Mr. Wright stated very gravely.

"I'll call him, Sir." and picked up the phone.  He told his father that he had been late bringing Sarah home and to please tell Mr. Wright that he had the OK to punish him."

Bobby's father was immediately proud of his son.  He hadn't specified any of the details but obviously was taking responsibility like a man.  "Are you sure son?"

"Yes; very sure dad."

Robert's father told Sarah's father that he had the OK for this evening to punish his son.  He had confidence in both Mr. Wright and his own son.

Sarah was summoned back from her room and told what had happened (although she had heard it all from the top of the steps).  She was ordered to stand to the side, watch and be quiet.  Robert was ordered to remove his sweater, drop his trousers and lean over the end of the couch.  Sarah could see how his butt filled out his thin cotton briefs.  Her father walked over to the brave but very vulnerable boy lifted his shirt up and pulled down his briefs fully exposing his ass.  He would have had the lad drop his own briefs, but his experience with his own boys had taught him that this was more effect as a punishment particularly with Sarah watching.  Sarah had often seen her brothers' tails and they hers.

"Count them, boy." he said and started.


"One" yelled the boy through the pain.  He knew he could not cry or yell in front of his woman no matter how much it hurt.




"Twenty-five." Bobby managed to say somewhat weakly through clenched teeth.

Each stroke hurt Sarah also although not physically and she knew how much it really had hurt her hero.  Neither she nor her brothers had ever managed to avoid crying but her brave Romeo had.  She wished she could help him but she did not dare move until her father gave his permission.  All was still for a while until Mr. Wright told Robert to pull up his pants.  After he did, he told the two that they had just two minutes to say goodnight but to remember that he would be in the hall.

The young couple used the entire two minutes for a very deep French kiss and just one "I love you, Bob."

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The End

© Copyright A.I.L., January 26, 1997

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