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Curfew Violations in Triplicate


It was a surprise call at four in the afternoon from Mr. Merling.  He needed a babysitter for that evening desperately.  I told him I had plans and he made an improved offer.  The money was irresistible so I accepted after he promised to be back before eleven.

I showed up as scheduled at six.  We went over the details and he left.  His second son, ten-year-old Mickey was waiting for his dinner which arrived shortly after.  I was glad of that because it was also my dinner.  He had permission to watch a movie and promised to be in bed at his specified bedtime.  "I'm a big boy and I can do it all by myself – you don't have to call me or anything." he bragged.

"OK, Mickey.  I'll treat you like a big boy but remember that if you're not in bed on time there are consequences."  I did not have to explain what those would be.  He laughed that off and went off to watch his show.  I cleaned up and got to work on my homework.  Ten minutes after his bedtime, he was still watching the TV so I went into the family room and killed the TV.  Mickey was outraged but I pointed out the time to him, he dashed upstairs and got ready for bed.  I waited for him to be ready and then entered his room.

I sat on the chair and patted my lap.  "You missed your bedtime, Mickey.  You know the price."  He argued a bit pointing out that he went immediately when I told him but I reminded him that he had told me not to call him.  He conceded the point and got over my lap.  I made him get up, lower his pj's and get back into position.

It was a cute little bottom that I looked down on and caressed a bit.  Then I started the spanking.  A few light warmup spanks which turned that cute little tail pink before the real event followed by ten hard spanks.  He howled and was crying by the time his bottom turned bright red.  I stood him up and he hugged me while crying.  I pulled up his pj's bottoms and got him into bed.  He said he was sorry.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

I went back to my homework.  I hoped that his almost thirteen-year-old brother, Lenny, would be on time in a little while.  He wasn't.  He was thirty-five minutes late which was more than thrice a reasonable grace time.  When he came in, he raided the refrig before even making a greeting.  "You are very late, Lenny." I said.  He grunted.  "You got a choice boy – I'll can tell your father and he'll deal with you in the morning or…" I paused for effect.  "…or you can fetch the hairbrush and I'll deal with you now."

Lenny looked amazed.  I stopped him from trying to negociate.  "No discussions, boy.  Either from me now or from your dad tomorrow.  Chose!"  I sensed that any discussion would not lead to anything but trouble.  "Meantime go get ready for bed.  Then come down with the brush or not."

Lenny went up stairs and I heard him preparing for bed.  He actually surprised me when he came back down a few minutes later.  It wasn't that he came down ready to get his tail roasted with the hairbrush while over my lap but that he made an offer.  "I'm not a little boy any longer so how about the belt rather than the hairbrush?"  He was carrying both, however.

I liked that idea.  "Very well, the belt it is."  I said.  "Drop your pants and get into position."  He did so without another word after handing me the belt so that in just a minute he was bent over the table with his bare ass open for the belt I was now holding.  I folded it double and got into position.  "Ready?" I asked.

He grunted and I raised the belt.  Seconds later it came crashing down on target and left a red stripe and he grunted suppressing a yell.  I repeated the action and with each cut his ass turned redder as the stripes merged.  I could tell he was having trouble maintaining his self control.  His knuckles turned white as he gripped the table tighter to maintain position in spite of the pain.  I stopped with the thirteenth cut.  His ass was a surely a blazing infernal and glowing bright red.  When I told him to get up he immediately started to rub his fiery tail which really did not help at all.

"Thank you." he said as he returned to his bedroom.  He surely slept prone that night.

* * * * * * * * * *

A few minutes before Mr. Merling was due back, I packed up my stuff so I could head home immediately after getting my money.  When he was fifteen minutes late I called home so my folks wouldn't worry.  I had to call three times because he was an outrageous fifty minutes late.  I was furious for I needed to get a good night's sleep for the next day.  He didn't even call which indicated either he forgot his curfew and to call.

I told him that he missed his curfew and that it was a terrible example he set for his sons.  I probably went too far by saying: "Such faults deserve punishments especially since the boys are subject to them.  I ought to take your old frat paddle down from the wall and use on your bare, forgetful, inconsiderate ass."  I was very shocked by his reaction.  I did not get immediately told that I was a disrespectful, insolent brat who obviously did not know his place but silence accompanied by his looking at the floor with a very guilty expression.  Next he covered his face with both hands as he sat down.

Only after a minute did he speak.  "I'm sorry.  You are right.  I've been bad.  I should be punished."  I could hardly believe my ears.  I took a minute to respond.

"Get me the paddle, drop your pants and get into position over the end of the couch." I said testing if he meant what he had said.  Apparently he did for a shortly after that I had the paddle in my hands and he was bare assed over the end of the couch.  I certainly could not stop now so I figured out where to stand and gave him a WHACK with the paddle.  He remained in position so I continued.

Now that I had the feel of the paddle, I swung it hard figuring that when he got it in college it was from guys at least three years older and thus stronger.  His ass quickly turned pink and then glowing red.  Even redder than Lenny's tail had turned earlier in the evening from the application of the belt.  I had thoughts of fifty pops but that seemed excessive so I stopped at twenty-five.  His ass was glowing nicely and I took my leave after calling home once more.

I had much to think about as I walked home.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 1, 2019

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