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The following story is fiction about a young uni man who is curious how he would look in a school boy uniform.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Curiosity Has Hot Consequences – Part 1/2


I was back at home for a week break from uni when disaster struck.  My house and a tree had a violent altercation.  Unfortunately the tree aided and abetted by the hurricane force winds rendered the house unsafe.  My family and I could not remain in the house.  We had to split up for a bit for some shelter.  I went to stay with the Gillow's as they were old family friends and had a spare bed in their son's room that they generously allowed me to use.

The Gillow's were a small family consisting of just the couple and their twelve-year-old son, Marc.  Surprisingly although Marc is five years younger than I he is just as tall.  Regrettable, I am a runt at the very bottom of my age group for stature since I am just ​sixty-five inches​ (​165 cm​) tall (or should I say 'short').  Marc loves this as much as I hate it but for a while it let me save a bit by just paying kid's prices although now I'm carded trying to do almost anything for adults.  Such is life.

So it was shortly after I got there about noon when Mrs. Gillow got a horrid phone call just as she was about to go out.  It was from Marc's school that he had gotten hurt.  She, properly, rushed to the hospital to be by his side.  I was left alone.  It is said that the devil finds work for idle hands and for me this day he did.

After I used the facilities in the bathroom, I noticed Marc's school uniform from the previous day in the laundry basket and wondered how I would look in it.  I took it to the bedroom.  I first looked at myself in the mirror and tried to honestly assess myself.  I was dressed like a uni guy but my face was very young looking for I hardly needed to shave and, of course, I was so short.  I stripped down and looked even younger for I didn't have any body hair.  I did not even have any pubes for the second-year students had attacked all of us freshers and covered us completely with hair remover leaving us without even stubble a day before the break.

I started to dress in Marc's clothes.  It was a weird feeling as I put on his vest and pants.  It was the pants that were most strange because they were little boys' white Y-fronts rather than the boxers that I normally wore.  Although the waist was a proper fit, they were loose in the front indicating that Marc was bigger there in addition to being so tall for his age.  Next came the knee socks and finally the traditional grey school shorts.  The image looking back at me was certainly unfamiliar but intriguing.  But it was incomplete.  I went into Marc's closet found and put on a school tie and his spare blazer.© YLeeCoyote


Now there was a really smart looking school boy staring back at me who was tall, for a twelve-year-old, but certainly within range for a lower form boy.  I went into the kitchen for a snack and was enjoying some biscuits and milk when he unlocked the door and walked in.

He in this case was Karl.  Karl explained that he was filling-in for his cousin Kent who was 'my' after school sitter.  I laughed and told him that I was not Marc but Willie Treadway and seventeen-years-old not twelve and was just a guest.  Also, that unfortunately Marc had an accident so he could go home as I did not need a sitter.  Mrs. Gillow had surely been much too preoccupied to call to cancel Marc's sitter.

"Not funny, young man.  There you are having your after school snack while still in your uniform which is exactly what you should be doing before getting to your homework."  I insisted that I was telling the truth but he would not be persuaded.  He even pulled back my blazer and pointed to the name label showing "Marc Gillow" on the inside.

"I've had more than enough of your lying young man.  If you don't stop immediately, I shall spank you."

"But I not lying, Karl." I continued to insist.  "I am Willie Treadway."  That was a mistake for he towered over me by some ​five inches​ (​thirteen cm​) and was at least ​eleven pounds​ (​five kg​) heavier.

"That's it, boy!" he snarled angrily.  He grabbed me and yanked off the blazer.  The shorts quickly followed.  His height and weight advantage along with his strong athletic muscles allowed him to do as he pleased with me for I'm quite weak.  He was not satisfied for he continued to strip me.  The tie and shirt followed leaving me in just Marc's underwear.  Alas, that state did not last very long and soon I was starkers except for the socks which emphasized the rest of my nakedness.

"You sure do look like a twelve-year-old.  Not even a single pube yet and as weak as infant.  No way are you seventeen, boy."

"Please, please…" I pleaded not very articulately for I was scared.  The memory of the second-year students' attack was still very fresh in my mind.

His onslaught continued for he pulled me over his lap.  I tried to fight back but that just made him madder and he got one of his legs over mine and one of my arms pushed up my back so that I was helpless laying over his lap.

Then he started to SPANK!

He hit hard!  I yelled.  He kept spanking hard and I keep yelling in pain.  Under the repeated hard spanks I soon turned into a blubbering little boy.  He continued to spank.  It was agony and there was not anything I could do but suffer.  Eventually he stopped spanking but the pain and my crying continued.

I don't recall how I got there but the next thing I recall was sobbing in the corner, my hands on my head and two novae blazing in my bum.

After a while Karl called me from the corner and asked who I was.  I was afraid to say anything but "I'm Marc."  Then he asked how old I was and I said: "Twelve, Sir." I said fearing another session over his lap.

"Good.  I'm glad we got that sorted out, boy.  No seventeen-year-old would blubber like an infant like you did.  Now get to your room and do your homework or we'll have another discussion and this time it will be with my belt.  Now!" ordered Karl emphatically.  I did not dare to disobey and did as he ordered in double time.

I cheated a little and got one of my own text books and read stretched out on the bed and studied as best as I could with my blazing hot tail for I was fearful that he and his belt would check up on me.

And check up is exactly what he did.  He just walked into the room belt in hand.  He got my attention my snapping it double.  He was not pleased I was on the bed and swung the belt against my already blazing bottom several times raising the temperature to solar standards.  "Get up and work properly at your desk, boy." he ordered.  I obeyed, of course, as quickly as I could not wishing to feel the kiss of that strap again on my fiery bum.

It was an hour later when the Gillow's got home.  I heard the discussion between them and Karl.  How he explained who he was, that he had to spank the naughty, lying boy and that I was upstairs working.  He even pointed out the uniform that was there.  This presented a problem for they had brought Marc home since he hadn't been showing any serious effects of having banged his head.

"Boy, get down here." he yelled up, "Immediately."

What could I do but obey?  I rushed downstairs naked as he had forbidden me to get dressed.  I stood there with my hands covering my crotch and said a weak "Hello."

The Gillow's were not pleased with me for violating their house.  I explained that the clothes were mostly in the laundry basket but that only helped a bit.  Mr. Gillow said he would have strapped me for such misconduct but obviously I had already been well spanked.

Karl took his leave without even an apology for what he did.  "If you are going to role play you must be consistent, boy." was all he said.  Marc had to suppress a giggle.

Dinner was quite awkward to say the least since I remained naked which was the rule for a spanked boy in the Gillow's house.  Marc managed to whisper to me that I was just a hairless little crybaby.  I'm sure his parents noticed also but did not say anything.

The doctor had advised that Marc should stay home for a day as a precaution because of the hard bang on his head and I was to stay with him for support.  I could not refuse considering their hospitality.

By midday it was clear that Marc had enough of taking it easy and doing school work so he turned his attention to me.  Like his father, he felt that I violated his privacy putting on his clothes not withstanding that the most intimate stuff was in the wash and the blazer was certainly not very private.  He also felt much more grown up because he had a nice bush and even a puberty mustache while I was hairless.

He made me get redressed in his used uniform again and he put on his.  He made sure that I saw his luxuriant bush.  I was surprised that he had also had some long trousers.  He explained that he had convinced his parents that when he had to dress up but not for school, longs were more appropriate since he was so tall and thus looking older was teased in shorts.  Once we were dressed, he said we were 'Prefect' and 'fag' and that I had to obey him.  That I was supposed to be watching him did not matter – he was the more grown up one and that was what mattered.  He had both the aggressive attitude and muscles to ensure his opinion held which also matched our clothes.

Pretty soon I found myself kneeling on the floor polishing his shoes as he stood with his foot on the foot rest of the shoe shine kit box.  This quite impressed our new relationship on me with him in charge.  When I was finished with that, he went back to the violation of his privacy issue.  "That requires real punishment, boy." he said most definitively.  I argued that I had been severely punished already but he disagreed.  "You were spanked for lying, boy.  You need to be punished for disrespecting me."

A few minutes later, I was naked again.  "I wish I had a proper cane to swish you with, Treadway, but, alas, I don't.  I will have to use my ping-pong bat which he fetched immediately."

He had me lie on the bed on a pillow so that my bum was up for his pleasure.  He started easy but continued for a long time with increasing force.  It really, really hurt as I was still very tender from Karl's spanking and strapping.  I tried to be manly and not yell or cry but I failed miserably once again proving I was just a little boy.

It was when he stopped paddling me and I was just crying that I felt him caressing  my bum.  It actually felt good for he was rubbing in some cream.  I tried to relax and mumbled "Thanks" between my sobs.

What I did not notice was that he was also creaming my bum hole and even getting a finger or two inside of me.  Then it happened without any warning.  He mounted me!  He took me like I was his boy toy which I suppose I was.  "You're mine now forever, Willie!" he said.

My unplanned and unexpected transformation was now complete.  I had been simply interested in how I would look in a lower form school boy uniform and now I was seemed to be one.  Not just a lower form boy but a fag to a strict prefect who, although actually only a lower form boy, demanded – and was getting – great respect from me.  For the rest of the week every day after school Marc treated me as his fag training me to be more and more submissive to him.

I would never be the same again.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. November 21, 2017

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