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The following story is fiction about a young uni man who is curious how he would look in a school boy uniform.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Need I tell you that you should read Part 1 first?

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Dominant twelve-year-old
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Curiosity Has Hot Consequences – Part 2/2


I hadn't any idea how much a few days with a twelve-year-old would change me.  I had just innocently tried on his uniform and starting the very same day I found that I was subjected great indignities which only got worse as the week progressed.

Since I was available and needed to do my own school work, Mr. and Mrs. Gillow decided that I should be Marc's sitter for the rest of the week not knowing how our relationship was developing.  Marc was delighted for he already knew that could thoroughly dominate me even though I was five years older.  However, there was nothing that I could do about the situation.

The next day when Marc returned from school, he changed into his long trousers and made me again don his used uniform with the short trousers.  This time his pants were still hot and the pouch fully stretched so it was loose on me emphasizing how he was more developed than I was.  He carefully pointed out that I could not fill his pants to my great embarrassment.  He made me serve him his milk and biscuits snack, enhancing our dominant/submissive relationship.  I did not think that things were really so terrible at this time but that quickly changed.

Once we were back in the bedroom, he surprised me by checking how well I had done my assignments.  Alas, he found (correctly) that I had not been working as I should.  Of course, slacking off, wasting time and being irresponsible all were disciplinary offences.  Since he was the prefect, he was responsible to deal with the despicable lower form slacker who also happened to be his fag – the deficient me.

He decided that the proper punishment for a naughty little boy was a spanking.  We removed our blazers and both my shorts and pants were lowered to my ankles before he took me over his lap.  I felt so strange being over his lap for he was only twelve to my seventeen but somehow I already knew that he was, properly, very much in charge.  Things got worse when he started to spank me with his hand.  He was not as strong nor as big as Kral but he still could hit hard.© YLeeCoyote

After a few of minutes of hard spanking, I was really feeling the effects.  There is something about being in this position that makes one feel so babyish that it is easy to cry and soon I was sobbing.  That is when he switched to using a slipper.  The pain level soared and my sobs quickly turned into hard crying.  He put me into the corner for a while with the shorts and pants still about my ankles.  It was clear that I was just a little boy now and no longer a uni man.  This made my self-esteem plummet.

When he called me from the corner, he commanded me to get on my knees and open his long trousers which exposed his rampant cock rising from amidst his lush pubic bush.  Now I could see exactly how much more developed he was in his aroused state.  There wasn't any doubting what I was expected and required to do.  He gently pulled my head forward and just seconds later I was sucking him like a starving baby at a juicy nipple.

Soon I was rewarded with a large load of sweet tween boy cum.  Somehow, I just swallowed it all down for that was the natural thing for me to do.  It was even more exciting as I also had a release which had made a much smaller mess on the floor which I was required to clean up.  As the wrap up, he insisted that I polish his shoes again and clean up the room as those were the fag's duty.

In less than a couple of hours, he had reinforced how he was the potent perfect and I the lowly fag boy.  How he was the one in complete charge and how he could punish and use me.  Strangely, as I thought about it all, especially later in bed, it did not seem wrong but the natural way things should be although I was confused by it all.

* * * * * * * * * *

This has been the strangest week of my life.  I wonder if it is because I banged my head and I'm just dreaming how I have turned seventeen-year-old Willie Treadway, first-year uni man into my little tween fag.  A fag who I have spanked and fucked and made to clean up my room and shine my shoes.  It is absolutely fucken fantastic.

It sort of started on Monday for when mum got me home from the hospital, we learnt that Kral my substitute sitter had found Willie-boy in my clothes and spanked him.  We all got to see him naked and what an underdeveloped crybaby he was.  Since the doctors had ordered a day of rest for me I was staying home and he was to be my sitter.

Well, somehow I got the cheek to challenge him.  That really paid off because I roasted his tail a couple of times and then lost my virginity by just mounting him.  I had read the old stories about how prefects used their fags in the old days.  Well, I am horny youth so what can you expect from me?  The best part was that he never complained but accepted everything that I did.

I was firmly in control.  That I loved it is the understatement of the year.  I most certainly wanted more.

One thing was definitely missing however.  All the stories talked of canes and six-of-the-best.  Although the cane was usually used by masters, there were many perfects who broke the rules and did caning.  I wanted to do that also for it sounded so fucken hot.

On the way home from school, I stopped in the junk/second hand shop and found a cane.  The proprietor was surprised but I told him it was for prop for a play and I got it.  I hoped that my hard on was not noticeable.

Back home I found that Willie was as submissive as he had been the past few days.  I made him change into my used pants and shorts and I put on my longs to set up the proper roles.  I could see how he kept his eyes down in deference.  Of course, I made him serve me my snack and then we went to my bedroom to check if he had done his work.

But surprise – NOT!  He had not done very much and the place was a mess.  I lectured him as best as I could and then ordered him to strip completely for he was getting six-of-the-best from my cane.  I dug it out of the sack and let him see me flex it.

He was scared but did not dare to disobey my orders.  The last few days had evidently reset his mind to that of an obedient little boy who must obey his school prefect absolutely.  I was delighted that it was.

Once he was in position, I got into mine and swung that cane.  Of course, I hadn't developed any technique but I swung anyway.  He yelled to my delight.  I watched a tram line that I had made appear for the very first time on his arse.

"Please, Sir…." he started to beg but I ordered him to be silent and to keep still and gave him a second cut.  It got the same reaction but I was disappointed that it was not parallel to the first.  Not very classy but it still hurt him good.

By the time I got to four he was crying but I gave him the full six just the same.  I did not try for a gate since the first five were not so neatly placed.  I realized that I would have to practice like the stories mentioned.  Need I say that my trousers were most uncomfortable so I dropped them and rammed my shaft into his arse hole where it would find great joy and comfort.  This time was even better than the first.  I was sure that he liked it also because of all his moaning mixed with his babyish sobs.

I pulled out and made him suck me clean which he did without hesitation.  I even came a second time and watched how eagerly he swallowed my man cream.

We dressed and after he shined my shoes cleaned up the room.  Having a guest like him is a stellar joy and delight.

I was a man and he was just a little pussy boy.

* * * * * * * * * *

My arse was terribly sore after Marc caned me.  It was the first time I ever felt the cane and it was very painful.  Much more painful than the hand, the slipper and even the belt were.  I really could not understand it but I did not feel any resentment that this twelve-year boy (is that the right word – maybe young man would be better) was in control although I was supposed to watching him.

I suppose I was being very irresponsible not doing my assignment and he properly called me on that.  One might ask if such corporal punishment was the correct thing but he was in charge and made the decisions.  I was not consulted at all.

Yet even more that earlier in the week this relationship seemed quite normal and proper.  Marc was as tall as I was, more developed, apparently more mature so it was natural that he would be in charge.

I may have learnt something this week.  While Marc was at school, I really did work on my assignments.  Perhaps more to avoid the inevitable punishment for continued neglect than because I should.  The important thing is that they got done.

I was even ready with his snack when Marc returned and properly dressed in his uniform.  He was surprised that I had done my work although perhaps disappointed that it did not give him a very fair reason to spank me again.

Back in the bedroom, he made me shine his shoes again.  A simple act but it just reinforced how he was the master, the prefect while I was merely the servant, the school boy fag.  Then he gave me a treat to suck him off and enjoy his young man's cream.  I've gotten to like doing that and, of course, he loves it.

He found some small faults with my conduct so he got me over his lap and spanked me.  It was the gentlest spanking of the week.  I managed not to cry for the first time.  He was happy that I still had the cane marks.

Marc was up early the next morning and did not have to go to school so he got into my bed and woke me.  He asked if he had the right to spank his little fag and I could not disagree.  So he gave me a gentle hand spanking while I was stretched out.  That naturally was just the prelude for what he really was after for he then proceeded to give me a long and through fucking.  I must admit that it was great.

I even went down on him before he told me to.  I guess I must like that.

I received the news at breakfast that the temporary repairs to my house were made and that I could return home for one night before going back to the uni.

Marc had a discussion with his parents about the need for a sitter after school.  As all young men do, he did not like having one and insisted that he did not need one.  I was invited to talk with his father who questioned me about things.  I had to confess that Marc kept better track of me and got me to do my work than I did for him.  Mr. Gillow pressed me about his techniques and I admitted, red faced, that he had spanked me several times with good justification.  Marc directed me to show my arse so his father could see the tram marks.  I could not avoid doing so.

Marc did convince his parents to discontinue the sitter.  I returned to the uni not sure about being a school boy or a uni man.  My roommate saw the track marks on my arse and easily made me confess about my experiences.  He quickly took over my discipline and my life was never the same again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 25, 2017

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