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The following story is fiction.  Unlike most of my stories this one does not have any spanking or shaving but gets into fantasy that for the lack of a better story code is 'magic' and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Dancer


I was thrilled that my favorite Russian Ballet dancer was coming to town to perform.  The day the tickets went on sale I rushed to the concert hall to get my very own ticket.  The house was dark this night but not the shop and, far more important, the box office was open.  There was not any line and it took the clerk only seconds to pull my ticket to Shangri-la from the thick bundle.  My shaking hands took much longer with counting out the small bills I had been hoarding for my indulgence.  There would be many more days with day-old bread and home cooked hamburger for this.  Then I turned to look around.  The advertising poster caught my eye.  I moved closer and stared at it for a long time.

I could not believe my eyes.  He; my dancer; my personal deity was more beautiful and even handsomer than I had recalled.  I tore myself away to go to the shop.  Unfortunately, they were not selling the poster and everything else I had gotten long ago.

Back in the lobby I stared at the poster.  It was a photo of my god with a couple of other dancers.  Set in a practice room, he was leaning on the barre.  I could see the photographer, and his gear reflected in the mirror, giving directions to pose the dancers.  It was almost like I was looking through a window into the room.

I have no idea how long I stood there, practically pressing my nose up against the glass case with the poster with my precious Russian Ballet ticket clutched tightly in my hand.  I realized that I no longer heard the noise of people moving about the concert hall lobby to and from the ticket window and the shop with the snotty clerk.  I carefully studied each and every detail of the image.  Then I realized that my god was different!  All three had towels about their necks ready to wipe the perspiration as they worked out.  The other two were in tights and shoes.  My god was nude!  I intently studied his body.  He looked totally at ease.  His muscles rippled under his flawless skin.  He was sleek, strong and powerful.  I could see both sides of him because of the mirror.  The way his tight bubble butt curved and the way his great phallus hung down over his large balls.

Then the realization struck.  It was not that he was nude but that I was not surprised that was in a poster in this sedate concert hall and even outside on the public highway.  Also I had seen the poster before and I was certain that he was in tights like the others were.  As I continued to stare the frame about the poster seem to fade as if each corner was being drawn outward letting the image grow.  It even seem to grow in depth.  Then there was a FLASH of blinding light.© YLeeCoyote

«Thank you.  That will be all.  I'll have the proofs tomorrow.»  Then I heard a door open and felt the draft.  SLAM.  It closed – a heavy wooden door.  The concert hall had glass and metal revolving doors.  I saw the reflection of the door move in the mirror. Although it was Russian that was spoken I understood it even though I don't know any Russian.

The other guys said «Let's go for tea.» and then he and the ballerina left leaving just my god.  He stepped from the barre and I was sure that he smiled me.  I looked about and there was not anyone else there; it must have been me that he smiled at.  I watched him practice a few steps and seemed to be getting closer.  Even just his practice moves were poetry in motion.  The floor was wood – for dancing – under my feet not the terrazzo of the concert hall lobby.  I was mesmerized by my own personal god dancing – dare I even think it – for me; by his muscles flexing under his beautiful skin; by the scent of this virile alpha male in his prime; and by his magnificent phallus which had grown hard and now jutted out from his perfect form like a rod of steel covered in rich velvet.

He was the center of the universe and there was nothing else.

Then he stopped in front of me.  I was like a statue; naked and immobile.  (Where were my clothes?  How did they disappear from my ugly form?)  He looked into my eyes; deep into my eyes.  I tried to turn away like Shere Khan had to before Mowgli but I could not move; my body would not; could not respond to my will any longer.  My own god looked deep and long into my soul.

I lost track of time.

I felt his towel; his towel wet with his quintessence about my neck.  He was holding the ends and pulling down.  I was on my knees with my eyes; my entire being transfixed on his great hard shaft.  I saw a drop of his essence at the tip.  Impulsively I stuck out my tongue and licked it off.  Ambrosia does not; could not come close to describing it.

Then I realized what I had done.  I had touched my god.  I had touched my god without his permission.  Surely I have sinned greatly.  I had proved myself unworthy.  I was crushed.  I fell forward and my head hit the floor between his feet.  I started to cry in my pain.

Then my head was gripped between his ankles and feet.  My god had deigned to touch me.  Was I to be saved or to be crushed like some vermin not worthy of existence?

I was saved for he turned his toes in so that they were under my lips.  I kissed them.  I licked them.  Dare I move up?

I sensed permission.  I started to lick the tops of his feet without daring to look up.  I was not snuffed out so I continued.  I could feel the strength of his tendons and power of his muscles under his skin glowing with his perspiration.  As I approached his knees, I thought a little, fervent prayer that he would not stop me.  The towel had disappeared.  I continued upward to the great muscles of his thighs that enabled him to make those stunning leaps on stage even carrying the ballerinas so fortunate to be in his hands.

As I continued, I saw his sack holding his great testes.  Did I dare to lave that; that which I had so long longed for without any hope of seeing much less touching.  By now my hands were holding the back of his thighs, gripping his powerful hamstrings.  I licked that wonderful pouch for a long time which was drawn up tight against his great manhood, no, godhood.  His orbs were too large to take into my mouth.

As I licked them I also continued to his steel hard shaft.  I finally felt the hardness and the softness, the details of the veins that carried away the blood.  I took hours to get to the crown.  Then as I took the head into my mouth I could taste the wonderful juices that come out of the snake's one eye.  As I worshiped my god, he filled my mouth with the copious secretions of his perfect body.  I would have expected that I would swallow but miraculously I did not nor did I choke.  His powerful hands gripped my head and I let my hands fall to my side.  I tried to reach my own erect shaft but I couldn't even though it ached in its hardness for attention.

I kept my lips tight about his shaft as he slowly and gently moved his huge godhood in and out of my small mouth.  Each time it went deeper.  Far deeper than any other had gone before, yet I did not gag nor choke.  The wonderful juice that had filled my mouth was now spread all over his own godhood and coated my lips, mouth and throat.  He fucked my mouth long and hard, fast and slow, shallow and deep.  I was thrilled beyond words.  I hoped he would never climax so that he would never stop but then he stiffened.

He BLASTED his seed into me while his head was just in my mouth.  I could only taste his sweetness from what splashed back from my tonsils.  He spurted many times; each time from a bit deeper forcing everything down to my welcoming stomach.  He held me with my lips on his pubes for sometime.  I don't know how I kept breathing.  The wonderful stuff that lubricated everything slowly drained from my mouth and down my gullet to become part of me.

I was frozen with awe.  My cock was still aching for relief yet I could not touch it.  What would my god do next.

He withdrew his shaft and pressed my lips against his torso and again I could feel his hard muscles.  I licked his six pack; I put my tongue into his navel and continued upward to his pecs and nips as he guided me.  I sucked his nips for a long time imagining that they produced some wonderful nectar.

Eventually my lips touched his.  He kissed me.  He kissed me hard.  He drove his tongue deep into me.  I swooned.  He caught me and carried me over to the mats and laid me down.  Then I saw the reflection in the mirrors.  He was kneeling between my legs and his massive rod was still hard.  «He was going to fuck me.  He'll rip me apart and kill me.» I thought, «What a wonderful way to go.» but that was not what was going to happen.  He took his hand and rubbed the head of his shaft and then he rubbed the head in my crack and particularly on my fuck hole.  He was coating everything with that same pre-come that filled my mouth not so long ago.  I knew he was not going to hurt me.  He centered his cock on my hole and as he pushed forward I pushed back.  Never before had anyone entered me without pain even with tools half his size.  I was his.  I thought that I could not be more his but I was wrong.

Slowly and forcefully he fucked me as he wished.  I was helpless under him.  His strong arms held me still.  Everything felt so good – his chest on my back and his cock in my butt. He was even licking my neck.  Then I could feel his teeth and they sank deep into my neck as he thrust and shot into me.  Then he was licking my neck.  The wound was healing as his tongue touched it.  I could feel my own wetness on my belly.

He withdrew and I watched him walk out of the room.  His cock still swinging proudly and his muscles, especially his gluts, flexed under his skin.  I was entranced.

"Sir, I have to ask you to leave sir.  The shop and box office are closed."


Eventually, the security guard got through to me.  "I see you have your ticket, Sir.  Please leave so I can lock up."

"Sure."  I said starting slowly to the door he was pointing to which was one the only one still open.  The chill of the winter caused me to close up my coat for protection after I slipped the all important ticket – front row center for the ballet next month – into my shirt pocket nearest my heart.  More than I could really afford but I wanted to be as close as possible to HIM when he danced.

As I walked down the steps to the street, I realized that my underwear was soaked and sticky with my cooling come.  There was another poster for the ballet on the outside wall.  This one was different – my god's great phallus was discreetly hidden in a dancer's belt under his tights – yet everything else was the same.

I stared at the poster as the wind swirled about me but that extra special magic was gone.  I could not get back into my wet dream.  I turned up my collar and headed to the station.  I knew what I would dream of tonight and many nights after.

* * * * * * * * * *

At long last came the performance.  I was waiting more than an hour early not daring to risk any travel delays.  I stared at the poster once again but my god was covered as always except that one special time.  Oh, how I had dreamed and re-dreamed that wonderful experience.  With one exception, the rest of the audience was just a sea of bodies.  The exception was a young man who had been the first one on line for a standing room ticket.  His jacket proclaimed that he went to the High School of Performing Arts.  I guessed he was eighteen but when I looked at him all I saw was a young version of my own personal god; he even had the same features.

The performance was super spectacular.  My god was beyond fantastic.  I was elated and the last one up the aisle.  The young student was still there apparently enthralled like myself.  "Magnificent!" I said.  Words were not adequate.  He nodded still beaming.  "Join me for coffee?"


We talked dance for a long time.  At one point he put his hand on my neck and his fingers slipped under my collar to rest precisely on the spot where my god had marked me with his teeth.  Although the skin had long since healed, inside there was a special sensitivity.  Our eyes locked and I could feel his dominant aura.  He pulled me forward and kissed me on the lips.  As he held me with just one arm, just one hand, he forced his tongue into me.  My resistance was useless and then faded quickly.  My body felt like I had been struck by lighting.  Inside my head I heard his voice «Yes, you are the one.  You are mine now.»

And then my own voice: «Yes, I am yours.»  I could not believe what I was thinking; I was twice his age and I had just surrendered to his will not knowing anything about him except that he was another god-in-training.  We continued to talk and when the cafe closed we went back to my place to talk more.

At least that is what I thought we would do.  As soon as we got inside he commanded: "Let me see you; strip."  Some how I never thought to question or disobey him.  I was glad that I had kept in shape as I quickly pulled off my clothes.  He lay on the bed as he watched me intently.  As I stripped and exhibited myself I did not feel shame, embarrassment nor humiliation but pride that I had been chosen to serve.  My cock stood tall and high to confirm all this.  When he was satisfied with my display which was appropriate for being on the block, he pointed to the floor at his feet.  Immediately, I dropped to my knees and kowtowed.  It felt right and proper.  A god-in-training must be obeyed and respected just as he would be in the future.

"Take off my shoes and socks."

I raised up a little and undid his laces and removed first his shoes and then his socks lovingly.  He rewarded me by allowing me to kiss and lick them.  Still on my knees, I unbuttoned his shirt and saw his beautiful trim form as I removed it.  He was perfect.  I undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans and as he raised up pulled them down over his muscular legs.  His dancer's belt bulged with his ample equipment; I leaned forward and kissed it.  He tousled my hair and laughed.  The bulge got larger.

"Take it off."

I reached up and grabbed the waistband and slid the belt off.  His cock popped up, hard and proud, striking me in the face.  I kissed and licked it.  He put his hand on my head and pressed me closer.  I licked and kissed and sucked.  His pre-come was copious and tasty.  He slipped into my throat and soon my lips were pressing on his pubic bone.

"This is a good start.  I'll have to teach you how to suck properly."  Again, he took hold of my head, but much more firmly and proceeded to face-fuck me.  He sent his seed directly into my stomach.  I had never before deep throated anyone and usually gagged even on much smaller tools.  He was special.

I thought that I knew what he would do next.  I was wrong, for he cuddled me for more than an hour and it felt better than ever before.  Then inside my head I heard him ask: «Are you ready?»

The most important decision in my life and I made it instantly.  I laid prone and he mounted me.  His cock provided the lubrication necessary and soon he was fully in me.  I was elated for this was real.  I surrendered completely with body, mind and spirit as his cock exploded in my ass and his teeth entered my neck.  We fell asleep coupled and woke up the same way.

We made tender love and I worshiped him.  Few are so fortunate to have a personal god.  He told me that he was moving in.  All the obvious questions and worries did not occur to me.

He returned later that day with his things and moved in.  I was thrilled that we would be together but was worried about his family and support.  It turned out that his step-father was a monster and had thrown him out.  He gave me a lottery ticket that would more than take care of us for a long time.  The monster could not go for money which was in my name.  In public we would be uncle and nephew; it was already very clear what out relationship would be in private.

A month later, when the lottery money started, we moved to a nicer apartment.  I left my job to be able to tend to his needs.  After his graduation we moved to New York so that he could study and pursue his dance career.  I was his worshiping acolyte tending to my personal god's every need.

Our anniversary was approaching.  I thought about my relationship with my god.  We wanted for nothing material; his success as a dancer was the object of our existence.  There was only one thing that I missed – and that was an orgasm from my own cock.  Oh, I had plenty of sex; of great sex for he was constantly horny and I came frequently but only when he fucked me.  To be with anyone else would be a betrayal and for me to …. well, that would be unthinkable and blasphemy.  It was then that I realized that I had not jacked off for a year.  I found that I could not even try.

After our anniversary dinner, we cuddled up together and he told me that I was to decide if we should continue together or not but first I was to tell him of anything that disturbed me.  I was sure that he already knew as he always knew my mind so I explained.  In my head, I heard him explain the three options: separate, lose the desire but that had some very unpleasant side effects or continue with this permanent sacrifice.

"I freely accept whatever you decide for you are my very own god."  It was total and complete bliss as I felt his teeth pressing on my neck.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 25, 2002

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