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Dating and Spanking – Part 1/3


My parents were quite old fashioned and traditional.  Among other things this meant that if I had any brothers they would have been spanked although as a girl I was spared that indignity.  Also, they were very belated about letting me date and when they finally allowed it, initially it was only weekend afternoons that were permitted.© YLeeCoyote

Now, years later, I know that the girl’s father (usually although it could be her mother) subjects the boy to a blistering interrogation before he is permitted to lavish favors such as a meal and a movie on their princess in return for her company.  It seems that such questioning is even more rigorous than that for applying for security clearance not only asking about the past but the future and even the next world.  Need I add that even the mere thought of intimacy was strictly verbotene with horrid punishments threatened?

Additionally, when my date and I returned we were interrogated about how intimate we had been.  Of course, we minimized that as much as possible.  However, it was only a couple of dates before Robin and I ran afoul of Dad’s strict rules by returning late.  We both got lectured and then Robin was ordered to lower his pants and get over Dad’s lap for a spanking.  We were both shocked.

“But Sir you can’t do that.” he declared quite astonished.

“I most certainly can and will if you ever want to date my daughter again.” snapped Dad.  “Now get your butt over here immediately, boy.”

Robin was most intimidated to say the least.  Reluctantly, he moved over to where Dad was sitting.  Dad grabbed him by the belt and pulled him into position before opening his pants and yanking them down.  Robin’s undies followed immediately giving me a full view of his family jewels which I had been joyfully fondling in the movie to his delight.  He was over Dad’s lap in seconds and then it was SPANK, SPANK, SPANK!  That was then followed by even more hard spanks from my father.

Dad spanked hard and for some time.  Robin’s butt was bright red and almost glowing when Dad stopped.  Robin quickly pulled up his pants as soon as he could.  I could see the tears in his eyes as I showed him the door with a whispered “Sorry Robin.”

It wasn’t the first spanking of a boy that I had ever witnessed for although I don’t have any brothers several of my friends do.  I will admit (perhaps I should confess) that I found it very exciting.  That night in bed, I replayed the extraordinary sight over and over in my head while I played with my engorged pussy.  I actually cummed several times.  This was absolutely fantastic for sure.

I was pleasantly surprised that Robin asked me out again a few days later.  Naturally, I accepted being most flattered that he would risk getting another tail roasting.  He did take the precaution of making us start earlier so it would be easier to get home before my curfew.  When we made out in the movie, it was even better than the previous time although I limited what Robin was allowed to do.  Apparently, it was for Robin also since he was harder and larger than the previous time as I groped him through his pants.

When we stopped on the way home (since we were early) for a bit more in a private spot behind the maintenance shed in the park I learnt that he also really enjoyed it more for he had worn a condom which prevented a wet spot that Dad might have noticed.

“That was very naughty, Robin.” I said.  “I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell Dad.” I scolded.

“If you do not only will he beat me again but probably forbid me from seeing you again, Iris.” he reasonably noted with male logic.

“But you deserved a spanking.” I countered.

“It was your fault as much as mine.”

“But you deserve a spanking, Robin.” and then I proposed “I will spank you then when I fail to tell Dad I can do so without lying because, as you know, spanking clears the slate.”  That was a common meme in almost all the spanking stories I had read.

Robin agreed which was somewhat of a surprise but I guessed he figured my spanking would not hurt like one from Dad.  I sat on a stack of wood chip bags and Robin stood still as I lowered his pants and even his undies.  I most certainly got a better view of his stuff then when Dad exposed him.  I pulled him over my lap to be the very first boy I would spank.

I gave him a few spanks and saw my handprints spread as I turned his tail pink.  I quickly discovered why a woman’s implement of choice was her hairbrush rather than her delicate hand and I got mine out of my purse.  It was a great improvement.  The pink quickly darkened to red while Robin reacted to each hard WHACK much more than from my hand spanks.  The big advantage was that I did not hurt my hand.  However, I did feel my heart rate go up as I was genuinely  greatly excited.

I stopped spanking and told Robin to make himself presentable.  When he got up I saw that he was excited also.  I used my hand to give him release so that his pants would not bulge so much.  I even gave Robin a great big kiss on his lips which he really appreciated as we moved out of the private space.  Happily we made it home on time and through father’s third-degree questioning without difficultly.

I’m sure that you can guess what I thought about and did in the privacy of my bed that night.  It was even more wonderful than the previous time when I just observed.  That afternoon I learnt that I absolutely loved spanking a boy and resolved to do it as often as I could.

I’m anxiously looked forward to my next date with Robin.  He did not make me wait long at all before asking me.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

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